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  1. @angel2013 thankyou @supergal99 but I feel seem like u're laughing at me everyone on this thread can read and write in hangul more than me, I knew it so. just want to join, not else. please don't take up my prev words, Im really so shame
  2. @supergal99 did I make a mistake? uaah Im so shame I just wanna to join with all fellow fans of hyunjinie, share all happiness, smile and spirit. but now I think, to be a silent reader is better than leave some comments or thoughts for me. *bow 90degress to all sunbaenim
  3. I try to translate it, I can write/read in hangul but don't understand. so I translate hangul to english by googtranslate. (1) which of the following is the most trembling moment? 1. drama 1st broadcast 5 minutes ago 2. drama transcript reading (hyun jin choose this) 3. speaking of the award ceremony 4. when you see the wonderful scenery in your travels 5. when I open the courier box just arrived (2) 2016 sbs when you're talking about a good acting performance award on a performance subject, write down what you thought when busted it accidentally Hyunjinie wrote : "oh? ijin mwoji?" only two questions, hihi if I have enought time I try to translate it again. I hope some of us can translate it too. Sorry if I'm wrong or bad translation
  4. @Pointree what that article is talking about? about oh hae young drama, right?
  5. i don't know why. it is just my childish feeling but I'm ok. I very enjoy too. i felt traumatic not bcos of "i hate it, or I don't want to hear it" is not like that yes, u are right
  6. now I felt so traumatic when I read some word in my sns, like "confirm dating, NHM, and dispatch." *please, don't take my quote so seriously, I just wanna to joke with u guys
  7. I'm waiting for new updates of her
  8. What cf isn't she get? Soju? Beer? It will be seo interesting she act with Ohy style when she make soju cf
  9. I never seen her with sporty wear like that before, she is seo sexy
  10. I'm still curious about kiss scene in barley field that eric said in happy together May I be delulu shipper again? *just for reel not real yeah