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  1. PROMIZ IG Update New campaign video with Lee Min Ho ****************** PROMIZ Challenge Event
  2. PROMIZ FB Update 프로미즈의 2019 NEW 캠페인 영상 전격 공개!! 언제? 바로 내일! 5주년을 기념하는, 싱그러운 봄 선물이 될거에요 . . 2019 PROMIZ NEW Campaign Video release!! When? Tomorrow! It will be a fresh spring gift, remembering 5th anniversary of PROMIZ . . #PROMIZ #PMZ #PMZER #프로미즈 #피엠지 #피엠져 #Comingsoon #NEW_CAMPAIGN #Video #LeeMinHo #내일만나요 #캠페인영상 #이민호 #내일봐요
  3. PROMIZ FB Update 피엠져와 함께 한 프로미즈의 5주년! 꾸준히 나눔의 길을 걸어온 프로미즈 항상 마음으로 함께 하며 사랑과 나눔을 실천해 주신 피엠져 여러분들 모두 감사합니다. 앞으로도 계속 프로미즈와 함께 걷기로 약속해 주실 거죠? . . 5th Anniversary of PROMIZ with PMZers! PROMIZ has walked the path of sharing love with you. Thank you all for being with PROMIZ. Will you promise PROMIZ? . . #PROMIZ #PMZ #PMZER #프로미즈 #피엠지 #피엠져 #5th #Anniversary #Share #Love #Thankyou #5주년 #기념일 #나눔 #사랑 #감사
  4. [LEE MIN HO] 8 Letters #EP6. Infinity (∞) English subs https://www.vlive.tv/video/116615
  5. ZO IN SUNG Official Nominee for The Most Handsome Asia Faces of 2018 ****************************************************************** Zo In Sung for Dynafit - March 2019
  6. You have nice videos, @leeminhosha! Thanks for sharing them!
  7. All The Korean Celebrities Who Will Be Returning From The Military in 2019 Lee Min-Ho We'd take Lee Min-Ho over flowers any day! The Hallyu star is anticipated to be discharged on 25 April 2019 and fans are excited to watch him on the big screen again. https://www.eonline.com/ap/news/1020699/all-the-korean-celebrities-who-will-be-returning-from-the-military-in-2019
  8. PARKLAND 2019 SS FILM with ZOINSUNG ***************************************************************** Jo In Sung’s Agency Warns Against Online Impersonators Actor Jo In Sung’s agency warned against people impersonating him online. On February 15, IOK Company shared an official statement on their social media account. The statement reads: https://www.soompi.com/article/1304216wpp/jo-in-sungs-agency-warns-against-online-impersonators
  9. Minoz China' Official Fanclub Update Minoz Official Fanclub update Goodbase Update
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