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  1. I actually liked this drama at first, but it is currently all over the place in my opinion so Im waiting for the main OTP (thinking its KS and DA) to actually start their story. After watching ep 1 and ep2, I found myself liking KS's character and annoyed at JK's character, I thought he was unlikable. But table has turned so far after watching ep 3 and ep4, I am liking the growth on JK's character and I felt a little tickle during the pinch scene with DA, JS is cute too but can't feel any chemistry with her and KS so far. I don't want to have a second male lead syndrome so I hope KS and DA's story will start to unfold next eps, for now looking at SDM hashtags I think majority of the viewers are starting to get drawn to Jin Kyu.
  2. Watching Strongest Delivery Man, ahhh Soobin's character is soo cool. It is now becoming a trend, like Kim Ji Won from FMW, underdog but strong. I hope Yoojung gets a role like this in the future. I'm missing Yoojung lol, I pray that her next drama if not a big production like Moonlight, will be more of a slice of life, heartwarming drama like Reply series. Simple but heartwarming and touching. If we are talking about romantic comedy/melodrama, I would like her to play a role like a daughter of the chaebol but with a twist lol, like she is the current heiress but his grandfather/grandmother dislike her because she is a girl, but they have no choice as her brother died (supposed to be an original heir as he is the male) because of her, maybe like saving her. So she is kind of rebelling and still blaming herself with a front of being a brat/rebel but broken inside. lol It sounds cliche but I just want to see YJ to a good drama.
  3. I personally think that Yoo jung made a great call of not joining School 2017. I miss her on screen but she has all the time in the world to wait and choose for a good and fitting project for her.
  4. Yup, I also loved Jiwon's Myung Ju in DOTS. Raon is fine until the second half where she lost her "street-smartness" because the story is more focused on how Lee Young will rise to the throne but I told myself its OK, YJ is still young and she will have a lot of opportunities her way. But because she is young, I still prefer her to do romance, com-melodrama as she needs it to penetrate Hallyu - these kinds of genre will lead her to maintain and gain popularity. I only know a little bit of actors, and I believe Sunjae can also hold is own opposite YJ and will be good with romcom (saw him in Goblin). There are only few young male leads that I can think of for YJ. I also think that a very good melodrama romance material will be good for her and Yeo Jin Goo, I believe people are really looking forward for them to work again together. Ahh, I hope YJ lands a good production drama soon that will fit her age and will maintain and add her popularity.
  5. Oh, I really want to see Yoojung in a new romance, comedy melodrama soon (as I am a new fan ) but I think she is really taking her time to choose a good project. Will be patient then... She really suits something like Goong or maybe she will play the daughter of the chaebol instead as long as her character does not go downstream as only the subject of the male lead, my dream pair with him is Yok Sun Jae (my knowledge of Korean actors is limited, pardon me lol). When she grows older, I like her to get characters like Cheon Song Yi, pretty aggressive in love.
  6. Hello! Thank you, I am also trying to know Yoojung so I will quietly read your thoughts and comprehend. Honestly, I wish to see her in a drama soon but if not, I guess, it will be ok. She can do a movie and when she gets back to small screen, she will be 18 going 19 which will be a better age for her to do romance. Personally, I see Yoojung as a "mainstream" leading lady. If she can follow the career path of Park Shin Hye, it will fit her. At her age, it will be good for her popularity or fit her bill if she does something like Heartstrings? A light/ romcom melodrama with a good strong leading man as well. If not this year then next year will be good too as she will turn 19. Romcom/melodrama fits her age at the moment, well School and campus drama too but she already did Moonlight so it will be good if she goes forward instead of backward. She can do and have more versatile role in the future in her 20s and in movies too, but personally in order to gain strong fanbase her age, it will be good to do fluffy but moving romance for now, it fits her too because she can easily create chemistry as she is very pretty.
  7. @mujay @SpiritGambler Thank you. I will be visiting the thread more often and hoping to hear a new casting news for Yoojung.
  8. http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=144&aid=0000495756
  9. Hello! I just happened to watch MDBC last week, I am a bit new to drama land but I have high hopes for this kid. She has the aura and talent to make it big, and her beauty is quite mainstream, she reminds me of my other idol, Jun Ji Hyun, and also Song Hye Kyo combined. I will be watching her from now on, fighting Yoojungie!
  10. Welcome to the new posters. My day is a bit hectic today, sorry I will not have a chance to create the accounts, whoever wants to do it, could do it. Otherwise, I will create it tomorrow. Welcome to the new posters, feel at home and please be active for LSK :). I was able to contact her DC gallery instagram, its quite hard to communicate but she is trying her best to respond. @cmoirae2 I might need your thoughts later before I respond to them. I think that the unique names will be cool, e.g SunnySideUp or anything catchy however I also think we need to put Lee Sung Kyung on the accounts for easy searching. Everyone, please feel free to coin in your suggestions. Group name and strategy. Also please start signing up for Naver and leave positive comments to LSK posts. Also, if there is anyone who can create like a simple banner, that will be good or logo. I am quite technical so I don't really have tools to create this for our account. lol
  11. Credits I miss Bokjoo while watching this I think this is a bit old? Her hair on the airport pics to Swiss is kind of dark red: LSK is cute with this short hair, but personally I want her hair to grow. She is more beautiful with her long hair. I love her but her short hair makes her face bigger. And its awkward to tie it up with a pony tail as it is too short. I really hope to see her tomorrow, Im keen to see if her hair grew longer than before and the fringe too, hope it grows longer and get rid of it. Mommy Bokjoo. Aww I miss Bokjoo.
  12. I'm fine with her taking bright/romcom roles. It does not also mean that she will be Bokjoo all over. I have watched Oh My Venus, that's a bright/romcom but in a more mature way. LSK will fit that kind of genre. I guess at this point of her career, she is not in a position yet to take risky/villain roles. That's one of the reason why Knetz are commenting that she is not a lead role material, because they are used to seeing her as a "unique"/"risky"/"second lead b i t c h". Romcom and bright roles will be good for her image, she will have a lot of time for risky roles once her career is more stable.
  13. Yep, only 16. I am using my work facebook as well so I cannot comment. I will try to start the accounts tonight if I dont get tired or busy bringing work home hehe, otherwise I will do it on the weekend.
  14. Can we practice? Log in to Naver or if you do not have an account, kindly press the thumbs up on the positive comments: http://m.entertain.naver.com/photo/read?oid=076&aid=0003067144&cid=846241 @day2708 She'll be fine, don't worry. And this interview was before that SBS drama ruccus happened. I am more worried on the producers if they back out once another casting announcement happens, then LSK will reap again bitter comments. So those who believe in her ability, maybe we can do our fair share of creating an account in naver, thumbs up positive comments and leave positive comments too.