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  1. Lee Min Ki 이민기

    LMK is kyot today...interaction again with Jiwon
  2. Lee Min Ki 이민기

    Any reviews on Minki’s perf?
  3. I actually thought it was black on her shooting photo yesterday. But on a closer look now, its red. lol I just hope she doesn't cut it shorter anymore as it is hard and has limitations with short hair. And yes, watching her old videos, she has this long black hair, but now she keeps on dying it with different colours. LOL Ahn Hyo Seop looks good and determined, do we get videos of the script reading?
  4. I like that AHS is working hard, I hope he does well.First Jtbc drama that I watched is Just Between Lovers, and I fell inlove with their female lead’s performance, which is also a rookie and beat out others in the auditon. So AHS and KYJ, hwaiting! I dislike Yoojung’s hair color lol (Im glad she is still beautiful and it is now dark) but they look good together, I hope they have a strong chemistry too. Waiting for the videos.
  5. Just dropping by to say that I love this drama! I watched this in 2 days and ruined all my plans for the weekend lol Junho is amazing! First time I watched him and now I think of him as an actor before an idol.Gang Doo is my favorite male lead! Won Jin Ah, knowing that this is her first full length drama and she was a rookie, She exceeded my expectations. This girl has depth in acting, and also very charming and has her own screen presence. She reminds me of Kim Go Eun for some reason, maybe because they are both good actresses. I also love most of the characters in this drama! Grannie, noona, second female lead, Sang Man!, parents and even the sister...Such a character driven drama, pulled my strings. Beautiful! Thank you JBL team! I will look forward for Junho and Jinah’s next works!
  6. Oh so web novel is different from webtoon? I am new to this so bear with me But CWPFN is pretty hard to find, my friend said it is not on her webtoon app but maybe and hoping that it is popular in Skorea for more viewers. I know Yoojung has positive response, even 3 months ago when the offer was announced. AHS, as far as I know, Knetz dont know him much, so there are only a couple of reactions on his articles, tho it wasn’t negative.So Yoojung will mainly carry the weight as per popularity here, and maybe Jae Rim. Im a bit nervous but at the same time excited and missing Yoojungie on the screen, been too long. goodluck to the team, the director and script writer, hwaiting!
  7. I have read the first part until about 50 something epi, thank you to the one who posted the Kakao link here. I realised its quite hard for the romcom dramas to rate these days, the current trend are those medical, legal and serious dramas. I hope YJ and the other casts, plus the webtoon fans will support this drama. The jtbc drama JBL, despite of good reviews, suffered in ratings. And I read some of YJ fans in twitter are worried because of the late timeslot plus Mon/Tue, SWDBS is during Fri/Sat. I am happy if this drama hits 3/4% and above. Hmm correction, I havent read the webtoon, instead I just skim the pictures but I kind of understood it.Lol.It was fun in the first part, I find the germaphobe CEO funny carrying his hanky and spray around. This CEO also has a past, he keeps on dreaming about him in a cabinet when he was a kid. Then O Sol, she has a phobia of a super clean and shiny space, she remembers her parents death. She passed out when locked into a shiny and clean space. Then the latter part, was quite cliche for me.O Sol worked for the CEO’s house as a helper instead (like Full House, cohabitation) so I hope they put some twist on this or deliver this in a unique way. Or even simple, I hope it becomes heartwarming.And yes, she cut off her hair, but YJ’s hair is not too long now as she cut it off last year, I hope she doesn’t cut it too short, I dont see the big need to do so and it will limit her looks for other events. But yeah, the premise is about two opposite characters, with traumas and phobias with their pasts, that maybe will try to heal and accept each other.
  8. I have a question, how popular is this webtoon in Korea? I mean Cheese in the Trap webtoon, I suppose was really popular right? because aside from it has pretty strong ratings for a cable drama, I kind of read somewhere that webtoon fans strongly against an actress initial offer? then the story was also controversial because it deviated too much from the original source? I wonder what is the reaction of the webtoon fans on Yoojung leading this? On Ahn Hyo Seop and the addition of Jae Rim’s char? Well Moonlight was a webtoon too, actually.
  9. Lee Min Ki 이민기

    Yipee there are some cheers for LMK Kim Ji won and Lee Min Ki small interactions http://twitter.com/jiwonsdream/status/958807213702709248 LMK and Jiwon are talking I hope we can get some reviews of DK3 movie? And I really hope to hear some casting of LMK soon again.
  10. Lee Min Ki 이민기

    Lee Min Ki ahjussi attended the VIP premiere
  11. I am happy to purchase it but its hard because its Korean. Can I purchase it in Kakao? Seems like Oh Sol is getting some anxiety attacks whenever she sees a very clean, shining room/place because she remembers her parents. Im not sure how they died because of clean and shiny spaces. The second lead in the webtoon is the workmate, I am at chapter 25 and they had a couple of cute moments in the comic strip (e.g bus stop), but seems like it was taken away from us because Jae Rim doesnt fit the young cute workmate in the webtoon. Still didnt have any cute scenes with the CEO, hope there’s a free complete link lol. So the worry of some KYJ fans in the timeslot is because its a Mon-Tue drama? I will pray that it will still do well despite the TS.
  12. @happysloth I hope she dyes her hair back to black for the drama.As per the character description, she shouldnt have time to dye her hair to red.She has always been beautiful but I prefer her hair black as it emphasizes her milky white skinned face. There is a tweet and interview from AHS, credit to taiwando: He mentioned about people getting hurt and how they cope, if the webtoon post here regarding Oh Sol is correct, then I hope they played it right with her story, her parent’s story, her pain, and coping.