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  1. Welcome to the new posters. My day is a bit hectic today, sorry I will not have a chance to create the accounts, whoever wants to do it, could do it. Otherwise, I will create it tomorrow. Welcome to the new posters, feel at home and please be active for LSK :). I was able to contact her DC gallery instagram, its quite hard to communicate but she is trying her best to respond. @cmoirae2 I might need your thoughts later before I respond to them. I think that the unique names will be cool, e.g SunnySideUp or anything catchy however I also think we need to put Lee Sung Kyung on the accounts for easy searching. Everyone, please feel free to coin in your suggestions. Group name and strategy. Also please start signing up for Naver and leave positive comments to LSK posts. Also, if there is anyone who can create like a simple banner, that will be good or logo. I am quite technical so I don't really have tools to create this for our account. lol
  2. Credits I miss Bokjoo while watching this I think this is a bit old? Her hair on the airport pics to Swiss is kind of dark red: LSK is cute with this short hair, but personally I want her hair to grow. She is more beautiful with her long hair. I love her but her short hair makes her face bigger. And its awkward to tie it up with a pony tail as it is too short. I really hope to see her tomorrow, Im keen to see if her hair grew longer than before and the fringe too, hope it grows longer and get rid of it. Mommy Bokjoo. Aww I miss Bokjoo.
  3. I'm fine with her taking bright/romcom roles. It does not also mean that she will be Bokjoo all over. I have watched Oh My Venus, that's a bright/romcom but in a more mature way. LSK will fit that kind of genre. I guess at this point of her career, she is not in a position yet to take risky/villain roles. That's one of the reason why Knetz are commenting that she is not a lead role material, because they are used to seeing her as a "unique"/"risky"/"second lead b i t c h". Romcom and bright roles will be good for her image, she will have a lot of time for risky roles once her career is more stable.
  4. Yep, only 16. I am using my work facebook as well so I cannot comment. I will try to start the accounts tonight if I dont get tired or busy bringing work home hehe, otherwise I will do it on the weekend.
  5. Can we practice? Log in to Naver or if you do not have an account, kindly press the thumbs up on the positive comments: http://m.entertain.naver.com/photo/read?oid=076&aid=0003067144&cid=846241 @day2708 She'll be fine, don't worry. And this interview was before that SBS drama ruccus happened. I am more worried on the producers if they back out once another casting announcement happens, then LSK will reap again bitter comments. So those who believe in her ability, maybe we can do our fair share of creating an account in naver, thumbs up positive comments and leave positive comments too.
  6. @Libera Han Ji Min was most likely to decline as she is shooting her movie. I think its safe to say that we can move on from this drama and prepare ourselves to battle those knetz the next article of LSK casting in Naver . I hope they cast an idol tho, lol so they will be oriented of the true definition of "she can't act". @ladyid Thank you for this, I was thinking of creating a social media account called LSK International or Global and give permissions to those who can commit to be an active and sensible admin. So we can post these kind of stuff. I think our first main project is to counter act and push good comments in Naver, we have to move as soon as possible. I have contacted LSK's dc gallery IG, unfortunately she cant speak in English. I hope we can get someone who can speak in Korean, I really want to beat up these bitter Knetz in naver lol.
  7. http://m.entertain.naver.com/photo/read?aid=0000953584&cid=846241&oid=213&lightVersion=off she made it on Naver, and there are positive comments but some has lot of thumbsdown.I dont get where the bitterness is coming from. Is it because she has a strong personality and her confidence can sometimes be mistaken as arrogance? Geez, LSK should really stop getting villain roles and carefully choose her next characters. @Libera your idea is good. We can create a facebook page for that and encourage international fans to comment. I have contacted her DC but unfortunately she cannot speak english. How can we communicate? I learned to like Kyun Sang as well, I like all those who are nice to my biases. lol In a running man episode, LSK was clinging to Kyun Sang and they are genuinely friends too along with LJS. I cant wait to slam and shade these bitter knetz in naver. lol
  8. Glad that Sungkyung broke her hiatus today although I was hoping for a non throwback post with her dark red hair. All good though, thread has been quiet but hoping to see everyone back on board again once LSK gets another drama in the future. Goodnight from my side of the world.
  9. Hello @MaysoonD , thank you for appreciating LSK, before I met Bokjoo, I was inlove with Grim Reaper in Goblin. I am also hoping that one day they will be given a chance to work, they are on my list too as Wookie's height will match with her. Wookie can be a strict handsome bachelor/boss and LSK can be a bubbly junior crushing on him type of romcoms. Cross fingers, but for now LSK needs to work hard first. @Libera LSK is really popular in the Philippines, however Weightlifting Fairy have not aired yet in free TV. The hype is dying now, Moonlight is currently airing but I heard (not confirmed yet) WLF will air after Moonlight this April/May. I hope that the hype will come back that time and lets see what will happen. Lee min ho is the only Hallyu Star who has been popular in the Philippines, and Lee Dong Wok also during his MyGirl days. My first move to help is actually to cover up Naver, I really wanted to contact her Korean fans in IG or in DC gallery to be active in Naver, 2-3 positive comments at least in her next articles, how can we do that? Can we plan a strategy on that? I feel better than last week. I have accepted the fate of what happened to that SBS drama. I have also analysed that JCW is quite a big and established star already hence the multiple hates from Naver, its quite the same sentiment that we have if LSK will be given a newbie idol as a leading man. I will pray for a good material for her and Ill be happy for her to be paired with someone in her league for now - Kang Ha Nuel or someone who is not as big as JCW. I also agree with quality over quantity, she can take her time taking care of her health, relax and rest, maybe join the Seoul fashion week (and grow her hair lol). I missed her in IG but I wish her well, Im sure she'll be OK and she'll get throught. She has been through worse criticisms during CITT so this lost opportunity will be a piece of cake to her. I hope more international fans will be active here, we can at least make her international fanbase strong. We can share some ideas on how to help and counter attack those Naver comments the next time she has articles. As we move on, hoping we can bring back the positive and more optimistic ambiance of the thread. When a door closes, another one opens, it may take long sometimes but hopefully its all worth it.
  10. Im open with LSK doing other things but personally I fell inlove with her as an actress so I agree that she needs to choose one and establish herself at it. I am really really rooting for her to become one of Korea's leading ladies (yes an A lister) but it seems that it will not be easy for her and for us but I am still hoping because I can see her potential and I believe that she is capable of being one. Again, what she needs is a chance, one chance! Sigh. I am really sad for the news today, I would honestly say that this is a huge missed opportunity as I'm sure she will be able to move forward in her career if she just locked out this drama. But oh well, no point of crying over spilled milk. The hate in naver is irrational, unfair and unreal. I was trying to create an account there to lambast those idiots, I might do next time. But reading through dramabeans, soompi, facebook, I can really say that LSK has gained a handful of international fans. She is quite strong online because of the international fans - unfortunately it seems like they don't recognize it as she is still a striving actress locally. Might rest for a while, I was stressed with this waiting game lol I will watch new kdramas now and immerse myself in other dramas until I heard any good news from LSK. Will be praying for our girl.
  11. @Libera I cant read the translation properly and sometimes its inaccurate so Im not sure if the media or "sbs" means that she was replaced. That's not fair on her part but oh well, hopefully bigger blessings will come her way. We can't really blame YG alone here, there are a lot of factors involved such as SBS and JCW camp.
  12. @Libera that's what I read too from SBS, that she was one of the potential candidates so Im thinking if they offer it to different actresses at the same time, it would be unfair for LSK as she will kept hanging by the SBS production. I though usually they will court one actress, then move on to another if declined. Oh well, I dont know what to think anymore. http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=213&aid=0000952459 not sure I think in this article it was said that she was "misplaced".
  13. @Libera I'm really dissapointed but yeah what can we do, we move on from it.There might be another door that opens. I just missed her and I dont know, I am really rooting for her and her potential as a lead actress but its gonna be a tough road for her and for us. But I am wondering, the offers, how does it work? Do they offer a lead role to different actress at the same time? Like when they offered the role to LSK, if she accepted it, can they retract it? Don't they have a contact? Or has LSK really accepted it or not? Its been a month since the news is out that she had an offer but she has not really confirmed it.
  14. Hah, this SBS drama waiting and cycle has been a roller coaster ride and has been stressful to me. Unfortunately, the results did not favor us. My heart is saying that those Korean negative comments on naver has been a factor too of the change in production, I hope not because if it is, it will be hard for LSK to land a lead role when every time they will announce an offer to her, Knetz will rob her the opportunity because of their unfair judgment that she is not a lead role material, or she can't act. On the other side, there has always been a blessing in disguise, like Moon Chae Woon who rejected the Bride offer (although there was an announcement that she rejected it unlike this SBS drama that seems like LSK has been robbed in favor of JCW camp's demand), I hope there will be a good news soon for our Bok joo. Spreading the good vibes. Please more blessings for Sungkyung,