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  1. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    @frozentundra I can’t stand the jerk confused male leads. Like in Full House and Goong (which I tried to watch lately), chemistry is strong but I can’t root the guys after watching that the female leads were already inlove but the male leads still haven’t sorted out their feelings with the second female leads, ugh! I finished and liked Coffee Prince tho, which I think has a good male character growth and writing too. To be honest, I didnt have plans watching BL, I haven’t heard about it, didnt know it was a big drama before and wasn’t a fan of LSG lol (tho Gumiho aired in our country before, I think BL too but in different channel), but I found this clip cute! And now, I am still in BL mode.lol @kaz11 let me re watch and digest lol, before I choose my Hwansung moments. But definitely the nuances - like he didn’t know how to say sorry but he said sorry to her, why he wanted to work in the second shop, how they are trying to deny that they like each other lol. Its funny because people around them knew theyre inlove but Eunsung has no idea until Hwan waited for her on the bus stop (?). they didn’t have much skinship here tho, not much kisses as well, but I feel like I am watching two kids who unexpectedly fell in love, its cliche and simple but realistic and warm.
  2. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    I am watching this again, I watched it last Monday and I keep on forwarding on HwanSung scenes because I am excited to know how they end up and how Halmouni would react.Lol Ill watch it properly now, thing that I have not done to W.lol I started W, and it has a promising strong start. I liked the first half, then came too many unnecessary twists and turns, I got tired at about ep11 and stopped it.Then I watched HHJ’s clips, interviews, bts, Love 911 and Beauty Inside instead. It took me almost two weeks before I came back to finish W. Lol The writing got entangled and the concept hasn’t wrapped up properly. I surprisingly enjoyed Brilliant Legacy more, Eungsung > Yeonjoo too.Haha. And Hwansung At first couple of episodes, I experienced a bit of lss. But I like how Hwan gradually developed and just found myself rooting for them as soon as they have sorted out their feelings - turning point was when Eun Sung dressed up and Hwan thought she was Jung.lol As I mentioned, I am a new k drama fan, I only heard about a couple of dramas who was aired at my home country before so I tried to re watch the popular ones like Full house and Goong but didnt manage to finish it because of the jerk male leads, confused with their exes and the lead girl. But Hwan is different, he is immature but it was clear how he actually developed his feelings for Eunsung and how his character grew up, it was realistic enough writing wise. And EunSung! She is so natural, I like that she was rich before, her situation is pitiful but she isn’t like other female leads who looks weak and pitiful. Even naive, she fights back to her step mother and sister, ignores the immature mom and daughter and even bickers with Hwan most of the time - that was refreshing, I cant stand weak female leads who keeps on crying. Oh is this a weekend drama that’s why it hit 40%? I heard LSG has been offered Vagabond, an action drama lol, Hyo seems to be free these days but I doubt if they can work together again in this lifetime.lol
  3. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    So many casting news here and there. Huhu even Jung Wu sung and Gang Dong Won moved on with their next projects. Hope to hear new news from Hyo soon.... @kaz11 agree with PSJ and LSG, but not really with LJH, he quite lacks appeal and ommphh factor for me. But of course, that's just me.
  4. Lee Min Ki 이민기

    LMK offered a drama! Beauty Inside is the movie of my another bias, Hyo joo.Lol But I hope he accepts, SHJ is good too!
  5. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    If Hyo Joo accepts another drama this year or next year, which leading man would you like her to work with? Yawwwn, Im so sleepy, I made a bad decision to watch BL during weekends, I didnt expect it to be this entertaining.lol But BL is quite huge during its run right? I dont have plans to watch Dongyi tho lol
  6. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    I have not seen her interaction with GDW yet so I can't comment. I feel a bit nervous for the possibility that its her dont know why lol As long time fans, for the sake of discussion, what do you feel about this? Haha Looking forward for Inrang promo
  7. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    @frozentundra I am sure Hyo's fans will get behind her whoever she ends up with. I have a couple of biases as well, and like others I have my favorites for my biases, but at the end of the day, as long as that person loves my bias and treats her well, I am happy. Lately, I am not really into shipping. I am a new Korean - ent fan, I started watching K drama (like watch from start to finish and read about K-ent) last year so I'm still quite new with these actors and how they work. I enjoyed some pairs, and will ship them for a bit, but Im quite observant and logical, so far I was not convinced enough to jump into a ship in K ent. But as Hyo is one of my bias now, I am happy if she is happy. Our shipping here is just for fun and also who we wants for her to work with. @kaz11 I discovered Hyo from W (I already know her as the pretty actress my friend is girl crushing on) and watched her interviews and read about her last month, so I might post a bit here if I need to react kindly bear with me lol. Ey ey, I was entertained with BL! I didnt expect that. I think I need to rewatch it as I am quite skipping some parts especially the evil mom part. @ohnoitscindy no worries. I like to skim in twitter and saw this article around. I think one of the reporters just mentioned that there is a co drama/movie actors dating then people are just speculating that it might be these A lister senior actors. Mostly they are saying that its Son Ye Jin- Ji Sub, SYJ- Hain, Gongyoo-Yumi, then Hyojoo-KDW. lol
  8. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    There’s even a Han Hyo Joo-GongYoo at Netizenbuzz comments Because GY sent a food cart for Inrang team lol. But how do you define huge dating scandal? It doesnt sound positive so I prefer Hyo to be out of the equation lol. It might be one of those senior A lister ahjussi dating news. People are also guessing at senior A-list actors, their list goes from Gongyoo, GDW, Jo Ji Sub, JWS. Then Son Ye Jin, Jung Yumi and HHJ. Lol Its fun to guess, I enjoy dating news its fun to be surprised as long as nobody is being hurt by comments or judgments. Regarding BL, I like Eunsung and Hwan’s awkwardness. Regarding chemistry, for me chemistry is nothing to do with offcam hence I was sold in BL. They’re best friends, Im happy HJ has a true friend in the industry like LSG. I have to finish BL quickly, 3 more eps to go!!! Hyojoo is soo pretttty and Eunsung is so natural despite the chopped hair. Anyway, Hyo is alive. Hehe
  9. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    For Tuna-Whale Shippers Credits to the owner My heart skipped a bit when I read a couple of tweets guessing that GDWxHHJ might be the A-lister movie couple dating Lol. Ehey Im a thread starter.Back to finishing B.I now, I only slept 2 hours last night because I couldn’t stop it.Its near official, my fave character next to Misuu (Love911) is Eun Soo.Its weird because I dont find LSG and HHJ physically matched but why do i feel giddy with eun sung and Hwan! Haha I like the writing of the development of their love arc, slowly but awkwardly warm. I discovered Han Hyo Joo in W, but seems like I enjoyed B.I. more.
  10. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    Yes, well Beauty Inside is quite of a “classic” in a way.But to each his own maybe, I was a bit bored by the storytelling tho I know a lot of people liked it. I can say she was really good as Yisoo too but my personal favorite performance of her is Love 911. She reminded me of Jun Ji Hyun there, it was strong and natural and real. Her breakdown moment saving the husband was haunting for me - I thought she kind of carried a big part of the movie. If she gets another drama, I hope she can play a character like that.
  11. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    @kaz11 for me chemistry can be associated oncam.Example, there are actors who do not even talk to each other off screen but are magnetic onscreen. I found GoSoo and HHJ’s chemistry magnetic in Love 911 - I felt like their interaction are real despite the loopholes of the movie. From Beauty Inside, I actually thought Lee Dong Wok and her look good together too. But as what I have read from different forums, seems like Hyojoo can create chemistry with her co actors even before, this just wasn’t magnified to Inet fans because she does more movies than dramas. Kaz, is she the one who suggested for JJY to sing the W ost? They met before W right from JY’s post? @frozentundra Haha, you are good to know that my wish list for Hyojoo to work with is JCW.Its just because I cant think of anyone else near her age bracket but yeah he is in military.He is a pretty good actor, subtle and has good physique. He is quite private too and same age with HJ. Healer is good, and his character is soo cool. I used to not like him before but I appreciate him after watching Healer. Lee Min Ho is Ok too but, well its only wishful thinking, Ill go with JCW.
  12. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    @frozentundra that was just a personal preference, but as I have mentioned earlier, I dont mind to be surprised of her marriage in the future. Hyojoo’s happiness is the most important thing here - I am just a mere fan/viewer. August? Awww that’s far Can’t KDW go back to Korea to promote? But I think if they are doing full blown promo for Inrang, we might see Choi Minho, JWS and Hyojoo if KDW is busy. @kaz11 Ive sent you a PM haha.Its random so dont take it seriously too.My reason was actually because of Love 911 This movie isn’t my favorite, material wise, I thought it has a lot of loop holes, but co actor wise, I thought Gosoo and Hyojoo has a strongest chemistry amongst all that she has worked with. (Maybe it helped that she killed playing Dr Missu, she was so good there, I wish that she can get another character like that so more people can see how good she can portray it). Then I thought, Oh Hyojoo fits someone who looks very manly and strong and rugged like GoSoo in Love911. So he came to my mind, he looks mature and dependable (and sexy lol), they are the same age and a good actor too. I’m a new fan so Im happy to watch her in anything, but if you were to ask me, I want her to work on a cable drama with a good quality script, personally, My top drama material are from cable dramas (Because this is my first life and Just Between Lovers) so I hope she can find one in the future. Saw also a lot of comments wishing her and PSJ to work again together, haha they have limited bts, they seem close but...awkward.Cute lol I love anyone who loves her hahaha
  13. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    Oh hey, thank you for answering my question. Cold Eyes - actually yes, I was surprised on how big her role is in the movie, I honestly didn't expect that because we have Jung Woo Sung there, actually, she appeared more than him. That was a good role and movie for her. Tuna is Gang Dong Won - ohhh, ok. Haha so some of you here are shipping her with him. I saw his interviews lately, and I feel happy that he has been mentioning Hyo joo a lot (with giggling reaction). Although, I can't say I ship them. Lol Lee Min Ho - I saw that this, a lot are rooting for them too, I guess because they are quite at par with each other, and they started almost the same time before, but as per my back reading, it seems like it was Kim hyun Joong who was "onscreen linked" with Hyojoo during that time. I have another "imaginary" ship for Hyojoo as well, haha but same with Lee Min Ho, he is also in military. LJS ship - this understandable as they just starred recently in a drama wherein social media is already rampant. They shared some sweet offcam moments and I totally understand why they have a lot of shippers. I adore them in W but cant also say i ship them. lol Hyojoo's personal life - I doubt as well that she is not seeing someone. We are not sure, but its highly possible that she is seeing a non celebrity or if its a celebrity, then she might be taking care of dispatch, I understand her position as well as K-nets have been harsh to her and like to bring back whatever she was involved in. Its fine, I hope she is happy with whoever she is with. Personally, I hope she is dating and happy, my fangirl selfish side saying that I hope to see her more on drama before she settles down and get married, but of course whatever will make her happy, I will be happy - she deserves that. I remember her admitting that she went to a blind date. hehe When is summer in Korea anyway? About June? They are showing Be With You in my country, if they show Inrang, I will watch hehe
  14. Han Hyo Joo 한효주

    What do you mean by tuna-whale ship? Sorry, I didn’t get it I watched Cold Eyes last night, I wouldn’t say its great but it was good. I personally think it lacks a bit of action, as they focused more of chasing. But I am surprised that Hyojoo’s role was quite big, I mean the story revolves around her. Special mention to Jung Woo Sung’s strong presence when they met at the cafe.Lol Overall, Im happy that she took it. I hope Inrang does better, better story, better quality, BO returns and of course hope Red Riding Hood’s character will not be overlooked as well in the midst of JWS and GDW. Hope they can start having promo soon for Inrang. Hyojoo has been out of the loop since last year, correct? I envy those drama casting news