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  1. Who conducts the post drama interview? TVN or their agency? Will MinKi has one too? I like his mature answers from their Marie Clare interview.I remember him saying in the press conference that he is excited to take on this project and that he’a gonna give it his all - and he did.
  2. Instagram is toxic especially the shipping war and under Somin’s hashtag Insults here and there, main thread has been toxic lately as well due to their discontentment of the past two episodes, maybe that’s why I found myself here. Its a shipping thread but its pretty rational and comfortable here. Personally, I would be happy if their work will be more recognized. I hope they know how the drama is well rated online and from hallyu fans. Question, does it mean the Director’s cut will not have commentary? Only some deleted scenes? I personally liked a lot of dramas, but there are only 4 dramas that I would like to have a memory of (like a collectors item) - MLFTS, WLF, MDBC and this BIMFL, there is something in common in these dramas (except for MDBC, I just fell in love with the chemistry of the kids :D), the heroines are strong ladies, Songyi, Bokjoo and Ji Hyo. Somin is so lucky to meet a character like Ji Ho. Hope we can have detailed info about the D-cut.
  3. My bad,point taken and I agree. I have deleted my posts as well. To be honest, I am not in 100% shipping mode with LMK and JSM offcam, but I feel comfortable posting here than the main thread, dont know why. So please excuse me hanging around here sometimes, we all adore the show, LMK and JSM as actors. I am happy for both of them, being lowkey, not mainstream actors but blessed with a high quality material.I have other biases as well but these two have been added on my list.
  4. Oh, such a shame. But all good, If they are only in a non cable channel, Im sure they will bag an excellence award for their portrayal. I was reading dramabeans, LMK was quite loved there, well because personally, I dont know his existence as well before BIMFL. I stumbled upon his casting with Shi Min Ah last June 2016, and he received a lot of love from beanies. LOL
  5. So far as per google translate, its almost the same as what she said in her Marie Clare interview Hoping to get more of her insight about the show, about Jiho, See Hee, her girl friends and co stars. Is there gonna be TVN awards? I mean this show needs more recognition in Korea - which matters more. I hope to see more of LMK as well in drama. While Somin is this typical beautiful leading lady, I realise upon watching some of Spellbound clips that Minki has this charm that he looks good with this pretty actresses (even tho he is not this super good looking boy next door, I think its his manly appeal), also he is not the best dramatic actor but he is very distinct upon portraying his roles. He did very well as Se Hee, making me feel all the feels with his microexpressions and so does Somin. Somin looks very soft and fluffy.
  6. Oh yeah but I think Playful Kiss was a long time ago, personally I just learned her existence now. and also Minki. Oh I saw a photo of Minki last night on K3 shooting, I dont know if that is recent. Speaking of, here we go, Somin's post interview are up in Naver. I am actually more interested on her insights of the show and the good reviews.
  7. This is the most logical reason that I could think of as well. I have read that JSM just moved to Jellyfish Agency this year, and also read that it has been a good year for her. You can also see that there is a disparity on her Social Media response (in instagram for example, the most liked photo is the one with LMK) because of BTIMFL. She is gradually getting known to the Inetz too so I would understand why her and agency and her gets extra careful not to be involved in malicious gossips or write ups. Though, such a shame because that post is actually a memory of how much the show has impacted not only the viewers but also the actors. LMK is back to work! He is shooting Detective K3 movie. Hope he gets more rest and eat more. I think Somin deserves a break this time as she had been working this year non stop. Aren't they going to have post interviews? The show is too beautiful, I wanted to hear the actors POV.
  8. Oh, Somin had a change outfit. oh and my bad, its a different earing with a pearl.Thanks for this.
  9. @alivingparadox24 She didnt have long earings and seems like she was wearing a different top in the top photo.But maybe yeah, she changed her outfit. Somin was soo pretty in her wrap up outfit But on that top IG vid that I posted, if that was really her, seems like she was wearing Jiho’s earings?
  10. Question: Who is the girl beside MinKi? She has earings and Somin didnt have earings in the pictures.
  11. Thank you. Hmm I cant remember any rabid delusional comments on that particular post tho.Mostly praising the show. There are some looking for LMK which I think is normal because these comments are from the fans of the show. Also, I believe JSM has been in the business for a long time, if there will be comments on her posts from the fans of the show and their tandem, she should be anticipating it and actually be flattered, meaning they did a good job and their chemistry worked. I hope there is nothing serious going on (in a negative way) I love their work and hope they can at least maintain the respect and friendship built from the show. Question, is that Somin’s autograph dated November 25?
  12. May I know what autograph is this? I saw an autograph from LMK and Min Seok but not with JSM?
  13. Lee Min Ki 이민기

    He did very well as See Hee! Congrats!
  14. Jung So Min 정소민

    Hello, just dropping by to say that I never knew of Jung So Min's existence until This is my First Life I think she has been added to my bias list and Ji Hyo has climbed up to my top 3 heroines of all time (Songyi of MLFTS, Bokjoo of WLF and JiHyo of BIMFL). I love how she portrayed JiHyo, who wear her heart on her sleeves, transparent with her feelings and does know when to fight back when hurt. Congrats Somin and BIMFL as well, I think this work was quite a turning point for her especially to the international fans, they rave really good reviews and SeeHee and JiHyo's chemistry is too strong for me. I still have not completely moved on from BTIMFL but in the future, I wish Somin the best and looking forward for her next works.