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  1. I saw the trailer. Xia Chunyu married Yao Yao again. Xia Chunyu's mother is very beautiful and young.... and... I suspect Xia Chunyu has his own harem.... hm.... is he??? Noooooo TT.TT hm...what the usual novel said...uhm...bed warmer of girls? I am big fans of Yao Yao and Xia Chunyu. They are so cute together. Independent 20th century free spirit girl married to ancient China chauvinish strict with decorum and a gentleman Cinderella Chef and Prince James Bond Oh I see. The handsome evil Prince. Thank you for the spoiler
  2. I aready at episode 24 in skymovie site. But I still coming back to HLBN in youtube for english subtittle. *_* OMG.....Game of Thrones style happened. No!!!! TT.TT I hate when characters died. I love all of characters in Cinderella Chef. Writers team so cruel is it because they want to start story arc 2 and the wipe out people in story arch 1 TT.TT Noooooo!!!! Is it dream? There were no english sub in other sites. So many virus outside sites other than youtube. Youtube is clean. But for Cinderella Chef, I risk my phone lurking to the other sites.
  3. Thanks. I was searching Xia Chunyu pictures accidentaly found videos with big screen. I found it in skymovie
  4. Now HBN private their videos (sigh). Is there anybody know about spoiler? I want to know what happened after episode 12. They private their videos TT.TT Who is Xia Chunyu? At first I thought he was assassin because he was using secret weapon. But now I suspect him as one of the Prince or a General? If he was Prince then Cinderella did marry a Prince Why...why... the videos being private TT.TT
  5. Hai. I was watching these in HBn account in youtube. So funny. I love the couple The new 3rd Brother and The Cinderella. They always banter but care to each other. So far episode 7th without english sub. It was dark comedy and light romance. Not historical accurate but I love it. Ye Jinxuan the Cinderella and Qiu Chunyu the Bandit I was searching for spoiler but there is none. It really scary to see the funny drama end up sad ending or become angst. I avoided that. So far. Cinderella Chef is funny slapstic comedy and I really love it!!! Till know, I always keep coming back in youtube to watch it. Thanks you HBN for not blocking my country. I love you!!
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