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  1. Hello everyone! Am back from my short trip where I had problems connecting to the WiFi in the hotel throughout my stay. Thanks @iamemilykay for your shoutout! So happy to be back and seeing all of you!! Managed to cut out the unhealthy “drug” addiction to Gum Couple. But never forgotten my keen interest in following and shipping them still. While speed reading the posts I have missed, I read about the wedding rumor. Can’t deny that my heart dropped too. But am hopeful again because of all of your hopeful messages! I guess one can never be sure about the credibility of a rumor. And I also think all of us will be happy for both NG and AJ if they settle down soon (even if it’s not with each other). Of course I will feel mighty jealous for AJ if the girl mentioned in the rumor is NG’s Pirates co-star! Hahaha. But then again, what can we say if that’s his happiness? Anyways, shan’t dwell on the “what ifs”. Will just wait with all of u for concrete stuff as to whether they are together or not, and hoping they are while we wait for the news!
  2. I seriously think the PP camp used votebots too! It’s unimaginable to think no matter how hard we vote, we can never keep up their pace. I just started voting for fun today. And as soon as I increased by 0.01%, it seems like PP camp was alerted and it started to increase while our camp decreased again! Anyway, given that it’s not a real real award, so it’s no more stress voting. Really just for fun. But that’s just my observations of what has been taking place so far. And thanks @prenchpries and @3z3zm3lp for the updates and pictures! Our OTP is so sweet! I can imagine many similarities between High Cut and Marie Claire poses too!!
  3. Thanks @busy_listening and @starrymaze and @sukbin! Forgot to check on the About us. Haha. Ok! Will continue voting for the fun of it, minus the stress level.... well, it seems like there are many awards out there that are based on just popularity vote and not real substance of skill.... this was one lesson I learnt in the whole process. We know deep down in our hearts KNG and KAJ are great actors and they have the best chemistry to date! That’s all that matters!
  4. Calling out to all gummers. It’s real emergency now! 48.88%!!!
  5. Looks like the other camp is determined to overtake us.... i think we need to keep vigil every 1 to 2 hours. Maybe we try to visit the website every 2 hours? Best every hour.... and we vote furiously for 10-15 min? It seems like when there are about 3 or more of us at it (plus other silent voters) the percentage increases more and faster. It’s gone down again.... looks like we really need a plan to keep our votes there! Any ideas, Gummers, on how we can deploy ourselves effectively? If not, we’ll always be fighting fire only. In the meantime, we need people who are available at this moment to fight the new fire....
  6. Me too! Some votes went to Kim Min suk! And sometimes while trying to be faster, I almost voted for PHS!! but I didn’t. sorry everyone! Real life calls me now. Will come back and vote later!! Hwaiting!!
  7. Just keep clicking return to poll. And the faster u click the more effective the vote
  8. Am still voting.... until we have agreed on a feasible fight back plan, I will try my best to join in our emergency missions... like now...
  9. Me too keep clicking. But it’s going down. Cos they have many more at their side. it it will only make a difference if all the gummers and KNG supporters are clicking now too. But it’s a bit late to call on them. So how? I shall start first. I’m from Singapore. My most available time slot is 11pm to 1am (South Korean Time). If I can stay up longer, I will hang in there. let’s just say where we are from and our available time slot in SKT. 6am - 7am 7am - 8am 8am - 9am @leba 9am - 10am 11am - 12 nn 12nn - 1pm 1pm - 2pm 2pm -3pm 4pm - 5pm 5pm - 6pm 7pm - 8pm 9pm - 10pm 11pm - 12mn @leba 12mn - 1am @leba 1am - 2am 2am - 3am 3am - 4am 4am - 5am 5am - 6am The more people for each time slot the better. These will be assigned times that we must be there. If we can make it for other times throughout the day it’s up to us. But for these time slots we must be there to vote. What u all think? Or if 1 hour is too long, we can come up with another plan.
  10. They’re too powerful! I tried to fight back but we ended up dropping another 0.02%!! i think there are many of Park Park Shippers voting for the categories at the same time. That’s why we can’t beat them. shall we let them win for now, Dun worry, @capristar! I haven’t stopped clicking. But honestly speaking, I don’t think we can do much. we just got to strategize how to fight back.
  11. For those of us who are still awake at the moment, please go save KNG in Beat Actor Category. He is going to be overtaken soon.
  12. Me too. When I see that it’s impossible to push the numbers up because Park Park couple at work, I will move on to Best Actor category. But not long after, PHS supporters will be alerted and fight back. And I will have no place to go. i seriously think they have a robot stationed at the computer because their numbers are always steadily increasing. And when they see opponents coming they will start to up their speed and get more people to come together and vote. Sighs. It is frustrating to vote like that. I do not know if they will ever be complacent once they win over us. Or shall we wait until they’re tired and complacent before we fight back? Or will the margins be too wide by then? Sighs. @busy_listening, i also hope she went to recce and check out Napa valley for the supposed LUTYN trip! Maybe she’s the one planning since rare pokemon is busy at work? Hehe. Really hope his filming wraps up soon!! But I think the most rewarding thing for me today is King Ent and Gilstory updated something on their IG on the same day. Edit: One more thing to add, no offense to PHS likers, I trust we all are KNG lovers more because of Gum Couple, but how can PHS be winning over KNG in Best Actor category?? KNG has so much experience under his belt and so much confidence in his own style of acting. I mean I do not know much about PHS except that he acted in the Strong Woman drama. And probably he looks cute and etc. But definitely when it comes to real acting skills, it’s gotta be KNG rite? As for couple award, I know that is more of a popularity award too than say, chemistry. And LUTYN being not well-promoted, I understand that it didn’t gain as many supporters as the other rival couples. So I hope KNG can really get the title he deserves. And of course, I believe Gum couple’s chemistry beats all the other couples hands down. It’s just that there are too few of us compared to Strong Woman camp that’s why.
  13. My thumbs and fingers are ready!!
  14. ^^ Hi @busy_listening, is AJ working on a new project? What is it?
  15. Omo! Both sides have updates on the same day??!! I’m beginning to think it’s no more a coincidence already. Have they gone to Napa valley already? When? Why no sound from rare Pokémon? Nobody could catch him taking a plane out of the country?? He must have top notch ninja skills!! i’m frustrated too. I thought nobody would be there past 12 midnight. But there was I clicking till I dozed off and the other camp still going strong while our numbers were dropping.... Then I woke up early this morning to continue. And the other camp still going on.... I really think they have found a way to vote 24 hours round the clock. How to get more fans? I’m trying to convince my fellow KDrama watcher to give LUTYN a try. But she was turned off by KNG’s ahjussi look. Haha. And she went for WYWS instead. thanks for all the pics and the analysis and the small conversation here. Voting has made me a bit bonkers. It was refreshing to talk about our couple again!!