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  1. credits to owners https://mobile.twitter.com/knoteepee/status/868760673567649792/photo/1 Haha. One of my first few times sharing links from other sites. Hope I did correctly about giving credits. That's news of DOTs park. link to DOTs statues: https://mobile.twitter.com/rhenkenmama/status/868890692231114752/photo/2
  2. The SSC statue... it definitely doesn't look like Kang Mo Yeon, though the guy statue can pass off as Yoo Shi Jin. Or could it be that the statues are a representation of present day Song Song Couple? Could it be that our Kyo chopped her hair in Hong Kong so that she and him can go meet the artist to do the sculpturing? I'm sorry for such far fetched speculations. Haha. In delulu mode again while looking at the pictures...
  3. I also think he looks a bit tired. But it could just be the lighting. Because when close up, he looks fine and quite radiant still. His skin is still flawless and his eye bags are reduced. So it may just be the bright lightings on stage and maybe also because he didn't put on a lot of make up as well.
  4. Yes yes! I also think wedding bells will be this autumn!! Korea is known for its beautiful autumns! He's so so so sweet to be always talking about marriage and setting up a home! That must be one of his hottest topics with Kyo whenever they're together! They probably dream and talk about wedding, home decor, how many babies, what are their names.... Omo! I'm in delulu mode again. And for doubters, this guy is definitely attached. If not, he wouldn't be ready for marriage! Oh my! For such a big hint.... sweetness overload! What would happen to us on their wedding day? I think we'll just "die" of being sugar high.
  5. This is purely my own opinion. I really think it's better our SSC doesn't appear in Dots 2. Because it's true that their story has already been told. What else do we want to watch about them? Get married and have kids? I feel that the ending for DOTs 1 was already very very satisfactory. None of them died. It was a happy ending. If they are to progress into Dots2, scriptwriters will be tempted to kill off one of the characters for the sake of drama. I certainly wouldn't want to see Yoo Shi Jin die. Or worse, if they have kids, for the sake of drama, they will let the kids or the family go through some catastrophe that might bring about death. Not sure if I want to see their characters develop that way. Haha. But that being said, it definitely does not mean I'm not dying to see them in another project. I think it'll be great if they can collaborate again in another drama, with a different story line. And we can see their sparks and acting chops again! And don't you think it's kinda weird that they hardly appear in public functions together. I mean why? Their couple appearance will definitely earn producers a lot of money. But why is it no brand endorsements get them both to be spokespersons for the same brand? Why do they not grace the same public events? Could it be because their respective companies turn the projects down? Could it be because they want to help keep SSC relationship a secret? Mmm.... just random thoughts. Have a good day, SSC chingus! I'm missing them a lot too and just feeding on whatever news you guys post. Hehe. Thanks in advance!
  6. Oh I see. Thanks, @yayaxele21! am clear now.
  7. According to the above post, has HK changed manager to a Mr Kim? I thought it was Ms Park all along?
  8. I feel Song Song may almost never confirm they are dating. But the hints they've been dropping like HK's deleted couple cushion post, and JK's WKorea interview on wanting to be good husband and father, is already a big hint that he's in love and ready to settle down. And that I think is already their "confirmation" or rather, preparation for us fans.... and they're preparing us for the actual big announcement of wedding or marriage! And I totally can't wait for that to happen!
  9. Can u see the watch? Is it that little piece sticking out from his sleeve? Not very clear. So sweet if he's wearing it....
  10. I think cos his hair grew a bit longer? And maybe he's too busy and meets his Beauty less, so can't eat her yummy nutritious food. he looks more tired than thin to me. Sighs.
  11. So did JK go LA to do photo shoot for WKorea? (Or was it done in another separate trip?) Or did he go there to meet wedding planner as speculated? Or did he do both? But I still like to think that both he and HK were at LA and the cushion pillows pic (whichever of them was on the couch) referred to their sweet romance.
  12. Thank you so much @kyonim! It's back to drought once our couple is back to silent mode. So thanks for your translations cos they keep us going! Hwaiting!
  13. Yeah I know @Karina Wong Kar Sinn I know they won't take such a major step without the presence of their parents. So I was half hoping some fan or shipper would have spotted Ki's parents or Kyo's mum taking a plane to LA.... Omo, see how delulu my mind has become! of course no one spotted the parents and I guess it would be hard to recognize them in the first place. Haha. Oh well, it's still suspicious that their friends and at least Ki ( if not Kyo) all went to LA at the same period. For vacation? Then LKS must really be free to just fly there for 2 days of holidays. For wedding plans? I've never heard of wedding plans that needed all the helpers to be present. Usually the bride and groom just planned with wedding planner and after that information is disseminated and everyone just appears and do their part at the rehearsal and actual day. Or maybe cos their wedding is really big scale and thus need all helpers to be prepared and kept in the loop? Or maybe this huge trip was really a wedding rehearsal itself that's why everyone had to be around? Many possibilities why they were all there. And of course, it's only speculation on our part that Kyo was even in LA. But I have always wondered and felt her ninja skills to be top notch since she can travel in and out of the country without being spotted! The joys of being petite! Can't wait for them to announce wedding bells!
  14. I guess as usual she always posts safely after the event has happened. So I guess they're all back in Korea. Whether or not he was on the couch or Kyo or some other girlfriend of Kyo's, I'm quite certain Ki and kyo are in love! Just look at that guy's T-shirt in the Paris croissant shop photo!! of course, still wondering why they still haven't made any announcement....
  15. I'm slowly buying this speculation too! But one question. Why must he sleep on a tiny black pillow? Whatever are they doing?!