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  1. Is it true that KAJ referred to the face on the t-shirt and Heo Im? Is it confirmed she actually said that? If yes, then I think it speaks a lot about her and them! She’s giving out HI funny face. She loves him! Reminds me of SHK’s 20th fan meeting that many things also dropped hints of SHK’s relationship with SJK. Like she had games. And she gave out candles as gifts. And after that SJK also gave our candles to his battleship crew members. They start doing suspiciously similar things. Haha. OK! Our girl is definitely dropping a lot of hints, whether intentional or not. Now really must get hold of KNG to see his reaction. Is there a way to stalk him? Haha
  2. Thanks so much @etherealk408 for the hard work! Really appreciate it! Read every word of it! She’s such a real and warm person!
  3. When is KAJ’s Japan fanmeeting?
  4. She’s not giving details. But neither is she hiding her happiness! Girly happiness of being in love. Oh! I’m girl crushing her too. I like them both individually and as a couple. But I don’t think I will chase KNG’s works since they are so dark and he died in most of them. I also don’t think I will watch KAJ’s other works too. Maybe at most 200 Pounds Beauty that’s all. Because just can’t move on from LUTYN. The drama is so good! It’s even more awesome with their excellent acting! So I really hope they get together in real life. But even if they don’t, I also hope each of them get to settle down happily with people they truly love.
  5. Happy 103 pages! We’re all doing so well! Haha. Just a few random thoughts after reading what happened on her VLive tonight. I agree that she sounds like a pro this time doing VLive when the first time she didn’t really know much. I bet SOMEONE must have explained in greater detail to her recently. Haha. And she remembers him clicking “likes” so she does it too! And during her A vs B segment, the part about what kind for roles and what kind of genres, do you realize she is opting for the softer roles and less dark genres? She says she wants to show a more feminine side of her, maybe cos LuTYN brought out that softer and feminine side of her and she wants to do it again. And she was surprised her audience preferred stronger characters for her and darker plots. Haha. But KAJ is in love. And remember, she said when she falls in love, she will be very feminine. And now she’s looking into portraying that side of her. It can only mean she’s in love with the feeling of being in love. Haha. Ok i’m not making sense. But even if KNG are not dating, i’m Very certain her choices have some thing to do with him, however little it may be. Haha. It’s called love. And the gifts are LUTYN-related. The T-shirt with the HI look print. Haha. Even her IG thank you post that she put that sign over her head with her photo in it. That photo was the one she took with the coffee truck. So she hasn’t gotten over the drama yet. Hehe. And of course, the raised level of interest she showed to Busan. Haha. Is KNG still there? Maybe she missed him when he was there and started thinking a lot of Busan that’s why. Haha.
  6. Maybe waiting for special guest to appear. Delulu mode again...:
  7. Yes, I agree with you @etherealk408! She seems torn between wanting to do more rom-coms for TV (since she enjoyed so much for LUTYN) and wanting to be in love and date. But since many of her friends are married already, and she’s not dating, so she wants to get into work ASAP. So I guess that means she and KNG aren’t dating yet. But still promising due to her answers in the interview. She’s still very much in love with Heo Im. And I don’t think KNG is playing hard to get and not seeming to make any move. I think he’s just not being rash (one of the characteristics traits KAJ looking out for in her man). And I think he’s just taking time to get to know AJ better first apart from knowing her as YK. And same for her too. Let’s just hope the getting to know better process will really reap good results for them!
  8. The post that mentioned they still keeping in touch now. Omo! Millions of apologies. I just realized I misread it. Haha. Didn’t see the line “I wish the interviewer would ask...” sorry for the mis information. My heart missed many beats reading that too. Was so excited that I didn’t read carefully. Sorry once again, chingus! Too delusional already.
  9. His eyes say it all. He has similar love vibes.... it’s just his distracting moustache that makes it hard to see his facial features and expressions clearly. Hahaha.
  10. Thank uou @siena for explaining again about the Busan and SYJ business. I got a weak shippers’ heart sometimes. Haha. Thanks for clarifying so that the weak heart will have more faith. I also think KNG didn’t avoid KAJ. He possibly avoided eye contact with her during cake cutting cos was in front of so many ppl. He looked plain shy yet happy. But not as though he didn’t want to mislead her. And the fact that she sweetly admitted to being still in touch with him is already evidence of their continued friendship. Though I don’t think he will appear in today’s fan meeting, BUT u never know sometimes. Haha.
  11. My heart dropped slightly when I read about KNG and SYJ possibly at Busan at the same time and possibly he’s there to support her and etc. Of course I was worried that would mean he and SYJ were still together (oh so drama rite?), but on second thoughts, I recalled that not too long ago, SYJ said in her interview that KNG was someone she would like to keep as a good friend for a long time. So she has already dropped him out of her list. Haha. And even if KNG is there to support her, we shouldn’t be too worried or jealous because he is a loyal friend in friendships. And that makes him more a gem! Anyways, I think it’s more possible he’s there for filming.
  12. You know what, fellow gummers? With more snippets of her interview, and all your comments, my sixth sense tells me they have already conveyed their special feelings to each other. And they are already special to each other. “Good friends” is just a very safe term to describe themselves. Haha. Cos I think KNG in real life is too warm hearted to lead a girl on if he doesn’t have any feelings for her. And come on, the girl has already indirectly expressed her feelings publicly. 1. She wouldn’t do it if she has no confidence that it will work out. 2. KNG would not bear to turn down such a sincere lady who has so much genuine appreciation, love, admiration and support for him. So I think they are at possibly an episode 11-12 of LUTYN. Love each other and support each other but NOT dating YET! Cos KNG got stowed away with new drama. BUT! Do not lose hope! They’re still texting each other! Which co-star will be always texting u when u’re sick? Ask once or twice good enough. And don’t they meet almost everyday on the set? Do they need to rely on personal text messages? so based on that, I think KNG is too gentleman and warm hearted to lead a lady on if he himself is not keen on developing a relationship. He’s Heo Im remember? And he only has eyes and heart for Yeon Kyung who is KAJ. He only avoided YK when he was disillusioned with the unfair world. But once he got back his senses, he was ever faithful and true to her. And I just think they’re at episode 11-12 of their relationship status. Going to kiss soon! Hahahaha. But let’s give the man some time. Maybe after his drama he will have more time to proceed with kiss scene with her and dating scene.... ok! I’m delusional again. BTW, Happy birthday, KAJ! You’ve had a very sweet and memorable year! Keep making sweeter memories for the year ahead!
  13. Omo omo! My heart just skipped many beats reading that! Thanks so much!!
  14. Thanks for some more tidbits. Her ideal type really seems to fit into KNG!! I think she is also at a wait and see stage because she needs to know him more in real life and as KIM Nam Gil, not Heo Im. I also think it might be a slip on her part when she said KNG loves YK! Hahahaha. She’s getting confused too! KNG! Quick finish ur new project and go look for KAJ!