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  1. And each time they decided to “just go with the flow” and be natural? that explains why we enjoyed the kiss so much! Haha.
  2. Something random just popped into my head just as I was checking in this thread today. Haha. Maybe both agencies will feel bad about the blunder and mismanagement of information to KNG and KAJ such that they couldn’t do commentary, AND they will agree on another project for them to work together on!! Haha! So that they can please us persistent and “angry” fans. wouldn’t that be great? I wouldn’t mind watching them in another piece of work, even if it means replacing couple commentary of LUTYN. in the meantime, let’s Just keep hoping, though we really need to protect our hearts in the process. have a good day everyone!
  3. The hopeful in me will want to agree with @ashia16 that AJ doesn’t contact her ex-co-stars while they are working on their own projects. And not forgetting, NG really went into filming Strange Family almost immediately (like 2 weeks’ break?). Even if they had something for each other, I don’t think he had time to let it develop too, and he had to faster move on from being Heo Im to be second son of the new family. So I guess that explains why a lack of contact. I guess so long as they do not dislike each other, it’s already hopeful enough for us. Haha. We can’t expect much due to such circumstances. Thanks @siena for sharing with us updates that the problem lies with the agencies’ mismanagement and not with our dear OTP. For a moment I had a negative feeling towards NG...(haha) thought he was the one who didn’t want to do the commentary. Now that it’s clarified that our OTP has nothing to do with the blunder, I think i’m Feeling a bit more hopeful. Really hope they can meet again. Am very sure going through their project together again would make them rekindle some (if not all) of the feelings that had for each other. Haha. Am I sounding too hopeful?
  4. ^ but I thought he enjoyed filming LUTYN and took some time to get over it? i’m sad too though I didn’t order the dvd. my realistic heart tells me they just didn’t see the need to do couple commentary that’s why. Probably, because they have moved on from the work already.
  5. Thank you all for the pics and videos and updates to rekindle sparks! Haha. I haven’t left the thread! I still come every night to check for updates. New school year means busy days for over-worried moms! but I guess I’ll settle into a breathable routine soon! And I’ll be refreshing this page ever so often again, especially when they start their commentary! I think their kiss was really the best and most true and sincere kiss. KNG’s face while leaning his head onto AJ’s is such a giveaway that he was really feeling every moment of it. I was thinking about what they said decided - to go “natural” with the kiss scene and therefore that beautiful effect. As actors and actresses, would you want to “go natural” and “go with the flow” or “be led” if you didn’t have good vibes and trust working with each other? I think they knew they were clicking well and the chemistry between them was just right, that’s why they could confidently say they would just go naturally for that scene. ok, in short, they really loved each other, while filming. Haha. Thanks for all the individual updates about NG and AJ. Many of you AJ fans have made me a new AJ fan too! I’ve become a silent lurker at their individual threads as well! Haha. Really hope they will rekindle their love for each other soon and reward our patient hearts! Haha. Good day to all of u!
  6. Happy New Year Gum Couple Chingus!
  7. ^^ My share of wishes is exactly yours, @iamemilykay! Since it’s a wish list, I shan’t be modest or noble and say things like “I’m happy enough that they settle down with whoever they like” and etc.... No! Since it’s a wish, I really really wish the two will end up together and they will have a wedding announcement soon! That’s why I’m still hanging on in this thread! Haha! One more day to wishing u all happy new year!
  8. Just a quick check in.... Thank you everyone for keeping the flame going! Shipper heart sometimes weak and shaky but it’s nice to know that our thread has quickly moved on 4 pages after we got to know the rumor! Hehe. Thanks everyone for being there for everyone else! I still think there were true feelings between them while filming. Of course whether these feelings had any chance to blossom, only time will tell. I also have a feeling that NG was single while filming. And until they announce anything definite, our ship still has hope to sail. But for the sakes of our poor hearts, let’s just keep our expectations low and enjoy the fun of digging for news! Haha. And AJ is winning my heart more and more. Am reading her thread too. Haha.
  9. Thank you @iamemilykay for always being so cheery in your posts! And I think even though our thread has gone quieter due to nothing much to spazz about, but we’re all still very optimistic shippers. All our posts are usually happy and positive. Yups. We’re all shipping them healthily. I guess we’ll be happy enough to know they have a place in each other’s hearts, whether it be good friends, close friends or significant others. But whatever happens, I know we’ll be there for one another. Hwaiting Gummers! Thanks too, @imkyeong 128! I just watched the hugs compilation you shared with us! Just when I thought I’ve gotten rid of that addiction, that unhealthy addiction... haha. After watching the hugs, I could feel the addiction coming back! Help! Haha. But it’s good to be reminded occasionally of their powerful chemistry! Thanks for making me somewhat delusional again! It was great!
  10. ^^ I would be furious too if I were the so-called rumored non-celeb girlfriend! To think my boyfriend who doesn’t even spend enough time with me, is allowing another woman (so what if it’s co-star) sit on his lap?!! I think I would have broken off with such a man long ago! Haha. I dun think any woman can stand for such things. So in conclusion, my verdict is, No, KNG doesn’t look like he has a non-celeb girlfriend. Maybe he had (as some of us theorized during Pirates) and ended some time before his interview for One Day. That’s why he’s been going on project after project these couple of years. (I would go mad if I had such a busy boyfriend!) So, I don’t think he was attached when he acted LUTYN. And I believe all his feelings as HI for YK were reflective of his feelings as KNG. And it speaks volumes when this busy and rare Pokémon says he wants to treat himself better next year. Because he really hasn’t been kind to his body and emotional well being. So I’m still hopeful for him and KAJ!
  11. Hello everyone! Don’t feel down! The thread has gone quiet not because we have given up hoping and shipping. For me, personally, it’s school holidays now! So a lot of me is taken up by family time! In a way I’m glad about it too because it really has cured my unhealthy addiction to the couple or the drama. I remember refreshing this page every few minutes for new info every day and I was always thinking about them and can’t focus well on real life. And that’s bad. But glad now that that’s curing. And I can ship the couple in a healthy way. Checking on the thread when I can and not letting it disrupt what real life is all about. Hehe. Thanks chingus for keeping the thread going with whatever news from either side or even with cute fan arts and fanfics! I do feel a bit down too whenever I read that NG might be dating a non-celeb. But as @scarleyerza says, it was a few years ago when such hints were suspected. And who knows, they might have broken up. Haha. Oops( that sounds too happy). But anyways, considering the way KNG jam packs his life with projects back to back, with little time for himself, his supposed “girlfriend” must be really super big hearted and tolerant to be able to date such a boyfriend who is largely non-existent in her life!! What’s more? She has to bear with his explosive chemistry onscreen with KAJ!! If he really has such a non-celeb girlfriend, I will really applaud her for her courage to love such a passionate actor who loves his craft so much (maybe even more than her). And of course I would hope he would reward such a great girl with marriage cos she definitely deserves it. But if this rumored girlfriend of his is fictitious, then we can safely say that our detective findings are quite reliable. Because LUTYN is such an impactful drama for both of them that it resulted in one saying she wants to date and fall in love, and the other saying he wants to treat himself better next year and look after his health more. Such big changes made to their lives because of the drama. So I believe even if Love sparks haven’t developed fully, we can be quite certain that they are both treasured friends to each other. Maybe when they reunite to work on DCut, love sparks may blossom finally? The earth is round. Everything is possible. Let’s just keep calm and carry on shipping.
  12. Hello everyone! Am back from my short trip where I had problems connecting to the WiFi in the hotel throughout my stay. Thanks @iamemilykay for your shoutout! So happy to be back and seeing all of you!! Managed to cut out the unhealthy “drug” addiction to Gum Couple. But never forgotten my keen interest in following and shipping them still. While speed reading the posts I have missed, I read about the wedding rumor. Can’t deny that my heart dropped too. But am hopeful again because of all of your hopeful messages! I guess one can never be sure about the credibility of a rumor. And I also think all of us will be happy for both NG and AJ if they settle down soon (even if it’s not with each other). Of course I will feel mighty jealous for AJ if the girl mentioned in the rumor is NG’s Pirates co-star! Hahaha. But then again, what can we say if that’s his happiness? Anyways, shan’t dwell on the “what ifs”. Will just wait with all of u for concrete stuff as to whether they are together or not, and hoping they are while we wait for the news!
  13. I seriously think the PP camp used votebots too! It’s unimaginable to think no matter how hard we vote, we can never keep up their pace. I just started voting for fun today. And as soon as I increased by 0.01%, it seems like PP camp was alerted and it started to increase while our camp decreased again! Anyway, given that it’s not a real real award, so it’s no more stress voting. Really just for fun. But that’s just my observations of what has been taking place so far. And thanks @prenchpries and @3z3zm3lp for the updates and pictures! Our OTP is so sweet! I can imagine many similarities between High Cut and Marie Claire poses too!!
  14. Thanks @busy_listening and @starrymaze and @sukbin! Forgot to check on the About us. Haha. Ok! Will continue voting for the fun of it, minus the stress level.... well, it seems like there are many awards out there that are based on just popularity vote and not real substance of skill.... this was one lesson I learnt in the whole process. We know deep down in our hearts KNG and KAJ are great actors and they have the best chemistry to date! That’s all that matters!
  15. Calling out to all gummers. It’s real emergency now! 48.88%!!!