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  1. Oops! Were you referring to my post? I was away and only just checked on the forum today. Didn’t know what I wrote caused some unhappiness. I’m sorry if it was a careless remark. What I referred to was more of those who went overboard with their negative comments. It’s totally fine to ask her for a reason for what she was doing. And yes, it was irresponsible for her to change her mind about doing the commentary, after getting everyone excited and making orders to buy the DVD. I’m just coming from the perspective of not agreeing with those who went a bit overboard in their quest to get an explanation from her. I don’t think any of us in this forum did that rite? Once again, apologies if my comment offended you, @Melon_bread. Maybe it was too generalized a remark. Never intended to be offensive to Gum couple fans on this thread.
  2. Maybe just give them both time to develop whatever friendship or relationship they have for each other. We love them together, that’s just because of what we see onscreen.... life partners are real and for life... they need time and they need caution too in deciding whether to pursue such a relationship with each other or not. Of course I’m shaken whenever I see such suspiciously negative clues that may point to a sinking ship. But once again, seriously, only time will tell whether they even fell in love with each other. I’ve decided to place my expectations of them as a real life couple really low. And just enjoy reading and reminiscing once in awhile the great chemistry between AJ and NG that caught all of us and got us onto this lovely thread. And as I said before, they are great people to follow on their own. And I have moved on from the initial unhealthy addiction I had, so that I can now say that, I’ll be sincerely happy to see them settle down with the one they truly love. ( of course I’ll be on Cloud 9 if they chose each other!) but seriously, my heart goes out to poor AJ who seems to be bearing the brunt of this disappointment. She may really be shy as @siena mentioned. And she might not want to be placed in a vulnerable position where she has to comment on her kiss scenes and etc. And that alone could be a positive clue too! Haha! She probably doesn’t want to be caught in a embarrassing moment where her honest facial expression would have given her away and she can’t hide it no matter how well she speaks. Just a thought. anyways, just wish I could go to DC Gal and tell the unkind netizens that artistes really do NOT owe us any explanations for their choices in accepting or rejecting a project. And if they ever dreamed of seeing Gum couple be a reality, their negative comments are doing more harm than good to both AJ and NG. Even if they ever had a tiny inkling of a feeling for each other, now they have to feel pressured about that. Sighs... just give them time...
  3. Or maybe it’s because they ARE together that’s why they’re trying hard not to be seen together. Reverse psychology u know? Haha. Alright. Am I sounding too optimistic for my own good?? Haha. Oh well. Am disappointed with KAJ not doing commentary. But what can we do? Maybe we’ll be able to spot some clues from KNG when he does it?
  4. I’m still around! Haha. Am still reading all your comments. Just came back from a short holiday. So catching up with all the news and updates! Little flame burning is still a little bit of fire. We shall keep that going until we hear more news to confirm whether they are or not together.
  5. Thanks @siena for your contribution. I was just thinking whether there would be any new post on this thread today and saw yours! Hehe. just want to add on to the list of things that actually made us shippers a bit more excited in the earlier pages. Remember the number of coincidences we were counting on AJ’s IG and NG’s manager’s IG or his gilstory IG? Hehe. It came to a point that we were quite certain they weren’t mere coincidences. But of course, after that the postings died down. Haha. I have a feeling they really left a deep impression on each other. Am really hoping they will pursue and develop that friendship and it will go somewhere. Of course am afraid of disappointment. How? Haha. Oh well. Just hope they can still do DCut commentary together. Or just work on another project together then.
  6. “You never know...” hehe. That’s what I’m going to say for us who sometimes feel disheartened by the lack of development from our OTP. You never know... They might not be together now. But they might get together in the future. We never know. But it IS indeed tiring and trying to stay positive in a thread that is getting cold. For me, I just keep my expectations really low. I’m thankful that real life has really caught up with me beginning this year. Quite busy. So I just pop in whenever I feel like, just to see if I find new surprises from OTP. And in any case, it’s great to see you all, fellow Gummers once in awhile, and fun to see new fan arts even while everyone’s morale is low. Thanks to the fan artists! In any case, I feel KNG and KAJ are worth following or “stalking” even as individuals. Because not only were their couple scenes great, their individual scenes were top-notch too! So I will usually hop over to their individual threads to read updates on them as well. So EVEN if they’re not together NOW, (a little sad) but I still find satisfaction reading about them as great individuals and just want to wish them all the best in their lives.
  7. And each time they decided to “just go with the flow” and be natural? that explains why we enjoyed the kiss so much! Haha.
  8. Something random just popped into my head just as I was checking in this thread today. Haha. Maybe both agencies will feel bad about the blunder and mismanagement of information to KNG and KAJ such that they couldn’t do commentary, AND they will agree on another project for them to work together on!! Haha! So that they can please us persistent and “angry” fans. wouldn’t that be great? I wouldn’t mind watching them in another piece of work, even if it means replacing couple commentary of LUTYN. in the meantime, let’s Just keep hoping, though we really need to protect our hearts in the process. have a good day everyone!
  9. The hopeful in me will want to agree with @ashia16 that AJ doesn’t contact her ex-co-stars while they are working on their own projects. And not forgetting, NG really went into filming Strange Family almost immediately (like 2 weeks’ break?). Even if they had something for each other, I don’t think he had time to let it develop too, and he had to faster move on from being Heo Im to be second son of the new family. So I guess that explains why a lack of contact. I guess so long as they do not dislike each other, it’s already hopeful enough for us. Haha. We can’t expect much due to such circumstances. Thanks @siena for sharing with us updates that the problem lies with the agencies’ mismanagement and not with our dear OTP. For a moment I had a negative feeling towards NG...(haha) thought he was the one who didn’t want to do the commentary. Now that it’s clarified that our OTP has nothing to do with the blunder, I think i’m Feeling a bit more hopeful. Really hope they can meet again. Am very sure going through their project together again would make them rekindle some (if not all) of the feelings that had for each other. Haha. Am I sounding too hopeful?
  10. ^ but I thought he enjoyed filming LUTYN and took some time to get over it? i’m sad too though I didn’t order the dvd. my realistic heart tells me they just didn’t see the need to do couple commentary that’s why. Probably, because they have moved on from the work already.
  11. Thank you all for the pics and videos and updates to rekindle sparks! Haha. I haven’t left the thread! I still come every night to check for updates. New school year means busy days for over-worried moms! but I guess I’ll settle into a breathable routine soon! And I’ll be refreshing this page ever so often again, especially when they start their commentary! I think their kiss was really the best and most true and sincere kiss. KNG’s face while leaning his head onto AJ’s is such a giveaway that he was really feeling every moment of it. I was thinking about what they said decided - to go “natural” with the kiss scene and therefore that beautiful effect. As actors and actresses, would you want to “go natural” and “go with the flow” or “be led” if you didn’t have good vibes and trust working with each other? I think they knew they were clicking well and the chemistry between them was just right, that’s why they could confidently say they would just go naturally for that scene. ok, in short, they really loved each other, while filming. Haha. Thanks for all the individual updates about NG and AJ. Many of you AJ fans have made me a new AJ fan too! I’ve become a silent lurker at their individual threads as well! Haha. Really hope they will rekindle their love for each other soon and reward our patient hearts! Haha. Good day to all of u!
  12. Happy New Year Gum Couple Chingus!
  13. ^^ My share of wishes is exactly yours, @iamemilykay! Since it’s a wish list, I shan’t be modest or noble and say things like “I’m happy enough that they settle down with whoever they like” and etc.... No! Since it’s a wish, I really really wish the two will end up together and they will have a wedding announcement soon! That’s why I’m still hanging on in this thread! Haha! One more day to wishing u all happy new year!
  14. Just a quick check in.... Thank you everyone for keeping the flame going! Shipper heart sometimes weak and shaky but it’s nice to know that our thread has quickly moved on 4 pages after we got to know the rumor! Hehe. Thanks everyone for being there for everyone else! I still think there were true feelings between them while filming. Of course whether these feelings had any chance to blossom, only time will tell. I also have a feeling that NG was single while filming. And until they announce anything definite, our ship still has hope to sail. But for the sakes of our poor hearts, let’s just keep our expectations low and enjoy the fun of digging for news! Haha. And AJ is winning my heart more and more. Am reading her thread too. Haha.
  15. Thank you @iamemilykay for always being so cheery in your posts! And I think even though our thread has gone quieter due to nothing much to spazz about, but we’re all still very optimistic shippers. All our posts are usually happy and positive. Yups. We’re all shipping them healthily. I guess we’ll be happy enough to know they have a place in each other’s hearts, whether it be good friends, close friends or significant others. But whatever happens, I know we’ll be there for one another. Hwaiting Gummers! Thanks too, @imkyeong 128! I just watched the hugs compilation you shared with us! Just when I thought I’ve gotten rid of that addiction, that unhealthy addiction... haha. After watching the hugs, I could feel the addiction coming back! Help! Haha. But it’s good to be reminded occasionally of their powerful chemistry! Thanks for making me somewhat delusional again! It was great!