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  1. @joyblack4, I am sure HD and KS will face a lot of challenges for sure. There will be a lot of episodes that they will not be together and doubt each other, but as the story goes, they will end up together my intuition tells me HJ will be just HD security blanket and comfort when things are still blurry and complicated. HJ and HD will probably be together somewhere in the core middle of the drama until the 3/4th's of it. True love is to that someone we experience extreme pains and joy. It is just funny that a lot of people are waiting for KS to commit another mistake and use everything that they see to build the conclusion that he does not deserve HD. It is like classmates watching each other to tell some offences to the homeroom teacher lol! In fact, in reality, people keep secrets from each other for multiple reasons including personal space because in the end, choices defines individuals. It is not like whatever you know, you'll have a catch up at the end of the day with some loved one and tell every secrets or happening of the day, or else you'll receive X marks lol. It is not a progressive idea to overlook personal freedom or spaces, here in the West, we don't expect our loved ones to tell things right away or at all! There are even husband and wife here who do not even know the amount of each others paycheck! Of course, we expect conflict on why did you tell me this or that, but the sin is not marked on the stone, because there is what we call individuality and we have to respect that
  2. There is a special news coverage last night. I saw it in dramawiki. You are Too Much also did not air it seems.
  3. I think there is a special news coverage last night. I thought only "Father I'll take Care of Your" was preempted (which i also watch) but it seems also YATM. So I guess there is no coverage.
  4. I still think KS and HD will end up in the end... I can see the end of their happiness for the meantime and I can bet that the middle of the story, HD and HJ will be together or even in a longer episodes and will be total pain for KS but also for HD as well. So, I still go with the main/lead guy in the drama and the man who started to help HD to recover from her loss.
  5. OMG! that KS crying scene broke my heart, it was well acted by relatively new actor Kang Tae Oh. I have to say, out of the 5urprise members, he is becoming the strongest actor in terms of acting as compared to Seo Kang Joon and Lee Tae Hwan. Can KS be happy in one whole episode of YATM?!
  6. Same with me, HW does not deserve to be in jail. But I have a feeling that SJ in the preview will be accused of stock manipulation and his brother HW will take the blame instead.
  7. HD and KS are adults, they like each other a lot and based on them alone, I don't see why they can't be together in the end. I think the story will revolve in a lot of heartaches and challenges for the two to be together but at this point, they like each other so much that they are healing their hearts from the pains of the past.
  8. Looks like Episode 12 moved HD and KS to the next level of their relationship. I can smell a conflict very soon. Happiness does not last...
  9. I am putting myself in SJ shoes and yeah, his reaction might be natural (even though I still hate SJ for treating HW that way) since we are creatures who are reliant on memory. All of a sudden, his brother went to him and did something extreme to all members of the family including the children. SJ reaction is understandable for some and I think when everything subsides, he will try to communicate again with his brother. In reality, we become objective about things in general after a while, when we see ourselves as observers at some point and less emotionally burdened. The family is dysfunctional and so as millions of families out there, but family is still family. At some point, It is like a food that you don't want to eat but you have to swallow.
  10. @littlex2000, I am seeing exactly the same direction of the story with what you are saying but I hope we are wrong and the writer adds more flavour to it cause this will be plain boring and predictable. I can see in the next episode that KS and HD dated and may be in the middle of the story, he'll be in a relationship with HJ after knowing the truth. Towards the end she will be in trouble to know her real feelings for the 2 guys. But in Kdrama formula, HD character will go to KS in the end, the person who started up her healing process and became comfortable with even he will bring a lot of heartaches to her. Unless, this will be unconventional decision like in Baker King Kim Tao Goo and I can't still forget how Eugene rejected Tak goo and went to his brother, and not even sure if she really loves Joo Won's character when she made the decision.
  11. I also normally hate dramas who does not clear make direction who are the official couple. I feel like the writer is playing with the audience lol. I like dramas who have official OTP regardless if they will end up or not in the end. In this case, it is not clear yet, the writer is not putting deep roots on a definite love relationship. It seems it is HD and KS but I am still not convinced, I want a stronger indication if they really are. Although screencaps of Episode 12 shows it looks like they are holding hands, but that could not mean anything.
  12. I really hate SJ being insensitive to his brother too. I think he is too emotional instead of being emphatic towards his brother. HW also did a lot of things extreme and SJ already forgot his words to try to adjust because of his brother's action. I know SJ became insensitive towards him but it is also extreme to even buy out the house because he knows some children and grandchildren should not be punished. I think it is not only SJ's fault, it is the fault of a lot of characters who did not choose the best choices they can make. I feel that Lee Tae Hwan is the lead character here towards the latest episodes.
  13. Poor KS, HD's father already took his bet for his daughter... This will be painful for him after all the truth will be revealed. I hope KS and HD overcome these trials and become a couple. I think HD really likes KS that is why she is so embarrassed and conscious for him to know her job.
  14. KS might have tried to protect his mom that is why he did not tell the truth. Why KS will not deserve HD because of this act? In real life, do people fall in love and live together because they are too perfect with each other? Why does a single act (which we does not know the reason yet) should dictate if he deserves HD or not? He was abandoned and got blind, and in that darkness, he dwelled with the memory of his mom alone. That is not a simple parent issue. I like the idea that the central characters are getting more and more complex, by which the case in real life. I can't get idea yet why HD is rejecting KS. I think it is because since he is not blind anymore, she thought he might not be the same person that she use to like or lean on and he has so many opportunities ahead of him to be with her. But I think that is the "good" reason, the real reason might be she is still not ready to reciprocate or revalidate her love for him.
  15. KS has HD's heart. HJ is a good guy but as you guys say, 50 ep long drama is logical for HD and HJ but will be the same formula of having a chaebol on the lead girl side that it is very easy to visualize. I am hoping for more creativity in the drama but hoping KS and HJ will end up together. KS character is more unusual character than HJ in a K drama