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  1. Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    Do you think he can win guys? I am praying!
  2. Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    Look at Sejong’s arm muscles!!! I hope he shows more skin by wearing muscle shirts or sleeveless tops cause he looks so hot!!!
  3. Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    The price of the tickets even the highest is not bad. I will surely go if I am still living in Asia but hard now since i am in Toronto. I also heard he will come at the Golden Disk Awards, can someone confirm this?
  4. Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    Sung Joon is smiling? Which scene was this in a Duel? His smile is very precious in that drama. He is always crying lol.
  5. SBS usually has Top 10 new stars awards right?
  6. Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    Congrats to Yang Se Jong for winning Best Newcomer!!!
  7. Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    I don’t mind him picking up a gangster role for as long as the script is good. We can see him as a bad son, breaks women’s heart, often shirtless or wearing tank tops hihi... I am excited to see his new project soon.
  8. Yang Se Jong ✿ 양세종 ✿ 梁世宗

    I think Yang Se Jong completely took over me, I dreamt about him and I am watching his new drama. It is an American drama series though and his role is a Korean American adoptee who is being maltreated by his American father and discriminated in the university where he study in the US. I don’t know why I dream this way but (aside from the fact that I hate Trump America and how minorities are treated) I just thought it is a nice plot lol!