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  1. I love to see HD and KS reunite for at E8... yeah I agree that there is more romantic feeling from HD towards KS now. I don't know if it's because of the actress or it is really the direction of the storyline.
  2. I've seen Episode 38! Honestly, I like it with all of those music video like shots, I thought the ending is very relaxing to watch and compiled all those sweet kisses and moments between Junsu and Linh. I am just kinda sad that this is over. I will miss this show honestly, the story is just ok but Forever Young really left marks in my heart!!!
  3. Thank you so much for bringing this drama to us!!! I am still to watch Episode 38 and to be honest, I am sad that I am seeing the last episode but I will surely rewatch my favorite scenes soon! I will post my comment of Episode 38 once I see it!
  4. I've seen Episode 37 and getting closer to the end! The story of Season 2 is so-so but I will always miss the chemistry between Junsu and Linh. I still like Season 1 than Season 2 and in Season 1, the 1st 20 episodes are my favorites. I think I like some Episodes of Season 2 because it is still pointing to those great memories in Season 1 particularly in Episodes 1-20. Can't wait to see the ending episode!
  5. Too bad for the drama but I hope GHS will be safe. Looks like the production team was on a big rush given their Actress choice who never had lead role yet (not sure in the movies). So this will be a pressure for the whole team. i wonder till what episode did she film?!
  6. This drama is exciting! I am with HD and KS since they are basically the same and needs each other to heal. KS is the first person who help HD to recover from her loss and she is very comfortable with him. And yes, she can't prioritize love for now given her situation. Also, I think it is HD weakness and she is doing it again for KS but soon she will learn and change. KS will soon regain his eyesight, I wonder if he will change as a person. I mean he is still a good person but not the way HD knows him...
  7. That Kang Tae Oh crying scene really breaks my heart! He really shows very good acting in this drama!
  8. I've seen Episode 36! The fonts are different but I thought they were ok! Yeah, it is a very emotional episode and Linh was like crying whenever Junsu mentions a promise or something that they will do when he returns back... In Season 1, I felt that Junsu loves Linh more than the other way around, but in this Episode, it seems Linh's love for Junsu is way more more now and it is overflowing!!! She told herself to only love him forever and she will wait for him no matter what the outcome is. I will miss this couple a lot when this show is over.
  9. I can't wait!!! By the way, why does every week the episodes end up in an odd number? And the last episode next week is only 38? I thought it should start at 1,2 and so on up to 37,38
  10. OMG @TTXFYoung! I am so excited for Episode 36? Can this beat my adoration with Season 2, Episodes 16-18 when they are in Seoul? I thought Junsu is leaving but why he will be playing that piano in Episode 37? How did he remember? Was there a time gap? I have so many questions lol! No matter how flawed Forever Young is, I will always love this drama because it has a lot of sweet moments we could ever see in a drama and introduced me to Kang Tae Oh as one of my most favorite Korean actors ever. I thought the Season 1 is really well made except for being a bit anti-climactic. Season 1 has the stigma of Korean drama formula while Season 2 seems to be more of a soap opera. But to look at it at a whole is very rewarding for me. I will rewatch some episodes soon too!
  11. I really think he will not go to the US! 3 episodes is too short for another conflict. Cynthia will probably go alone and give Junsu the ring! But if ever Junsu will regain his memory, it will be a cliffhanger... would it be at the end of episode 36 or end of episode 37? End of Episode 37 is too late!!!
  12. @TTXFYoung Actually, I am thinking if I am Linh, I will be scared of Junsu especially when he did not tell Linh that he almost committed suicide in the US and got saved by Cynthia, cause what is the reason why he kept it from her? What if he does it one day to Linh too and find a new girl. Cause remember he is a guy who does not have his memory yet and few recollection of Linh. Or he does not want to tell Linh because it is already the past and she will just worry? Or he knows that Linh will feel sorry to Cynthia more? But the second will make Junsu more cruel then when I think of it.
  13. Interesting plot overall. I will start watching once subs for Episodes 3 and 4 are out. I am rooting for HD and KS possible romance more than HD and HJ. I am really interested how a male blind lead will pull a romance with the main female.
  14. Oh my! Done with Episode 34 and 35! Any previews of Episodes 36 and 37? My hunch is that Junsu will not go to the US with Cynthia. May be she will let him go. That is what I why feel. I hope he regains his memory in 36 because I want Junsu to remember who he is, the piano and the song!!!
  15. I wonder how is the rating of Forever Young 2 given that the fans are angry on how the story goes haha. I hope someone can post it!!!