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  1. The latest translation for W interview...can you name another male Hallyu star who talks so openly about his desire to settle down, be a husband/father at the height of his fame? I mean seriously if he's not preparing his fans and the rest about something inevitable (pretty soon I guess?) then I don't even know lol. Thank you so much for everyone who actively posted here n share these goodies w us. I'm not so active nowadays since I'm busy w my study but I love that the thread remains positive n awesome! Special thank you to all the fandom sunbaes like @hclover96 @angieknows and @utkim and everyone else for always, always stepping up and bringing us good stuff. Without them there wd be a black hole in this fandom, not even kidding. Sometimes I lurk at IG and see ppl posting stuff from here without proper credit to them I would literally shake my head in disappointment. Please know that you are much-valued n appreciated, guys.
  2. Oh man, I hope we get proper translation really soon *coughs* *gives hint to anyone who could do that* I don't want to read through google translation, it's really weird lmaooooo
  3. Hi guys! Im on a vacation but I saw Kyo's post and couldnt help LOLing bc I was just reading this article about San Francisco's Northern California 50th cherry blossom festival happening right now just a five hours drive from LA, even faster by plane...hmmmm coincidence?
  4. Sorry for chopping up your beautiful post @kyonim!! You always come through with something good whenever our fandom turns into a desert filled with rolling tumbleweeds lol...I just screamed in the middle of the day at this part up here when JK said it's OK to have a nagging GF as long as she's beautiful OMG bahahaha nag away then Kyo-ssi, he doesn't mind! Also awwww thank you for reading my fics and for telling me about it, it means a lot!!! *blushes*
  5. Kyo's hair is realllly long nowadays huh..... I'm just saying...... *blinks innocently* Also I wanted to ask if that's *the* watch but I doubt anyone can see clearly
  6. LOL bless you for this post and thanks again!!! Just what we needed during this drought. Hopefully we'll have some drizzles soon though....lmao
  7. I think it's backdated from the premiere he attended a few days ago, he took off his jacket. Yeah it's the IWC watch. Is it just me or does it seem like after Burberry IWC watch display by our Kyo-Ssi, Ki is like proudly showing off his watch more and more? Like this pic from Top10 signing lol BTW I'm linking this collage bc I'm lazy and it was the first pic I saw that has this Ki pic that I wanted to show you guys lol...the signature pics tho are both of Ki's i think. Kyo's is more elaborate but the first letter (Song) in both is so similar. Definitely diff from Ki's old signature. His fans could prob confirm it tho, I'm a noob in all things SJK woops
  8. More baby picture??? This is new right??? Omg SCREAMING why so cute! @FairyKiKyo are you me? Bc we were thinking about the exact same things, down to shipping the babies pmsllllll do we need to seek help or what
  9. Haishhhh what's this even their sweaters match...just get married and have your own babies already omg
  10. OMG I'm so cranky today, wooopsss!!! Maybe I shouldn't have said anything lol..... Also, missed you at AFF!
  11. I'm not their assistant or anything (I totally would tho, Ki or Kyo if you read this, you don't even have to pay me) but my guesses are : 1) Why is Kyo not with Ki?? Probably because they're not Siamese Twins. I mean my husband is at work right now and at some point he might probably be talking to some other people (some of them might be women!) while I'm at home harassing my kid about her homework but thankfully we are still married, phew. 2) Who is this with Ki??? Refer to @hclover96 post on her profile. Although it's also normal for people to see a celeb and take pics w them. 3) Why she almost covering her face?? Maybe it's cold? She has a big zit on her face she's shy about? Only she knows. A question nobody prob asked but I wanna try guess the answer anyway ; 4) Is Kyo somewhere else based on her IG??? Don't think so. Like Karina said, most prob back date post from Japan or somewhere else during peak winter. It's no longer snowing now, unless you're up North here in the US, which I doubt she is because even people from there are running down to South bc its fricking COLD. Also today is the 1st day of Spring so she's probably saying goodbye to Winter, Our Snow Goddess.
  12. That's the picture I was talking about @dlvelasco thank you so much for finding it!! Arent they the cutest?! Its like a scene from K-drama lmao
  13. Hmmm reminds me of the fact that Ki changed his signature after DoTS and it's now super similar to Kyo's...lmao who even changes their signature in their're so obvious Ki, bless your heart. Edit : I edited to add something that just crossed my mind while having breakfast lol. A few days ago, there was a picture circulating of the SJK's dad, LKS's dad, and some other dads from their actor gang eating together, maybe some sort of Dad Squad gathering lol (which is so cute btw!). I cant confirm the authenticity bc IDK how they all looked like IRL, but if anyone can find that pic pls let me know. Anyway, if LKS's dad wanted SJK's signature sooo bad then why couldn't he asked SJK's dad himself? I'm telling you, they're showing this on RM on purpose. RM isnt even on KBS so its NOT like they're promoting DoTS DVD lmao Edit 2 : Someone told me there's no Kyo's signature on the dvd, lmao please someone verify bc I dont want to spread false infooooo Edit 3 : Yep no Kyo's signature, only Ki's, woops hahaha! Thanks for everyone who sent me a message, you guys are awesome! XO
  14. Thanks @profiler for the heads up! Also that post was made right at the peak of fandom whining and crying abt W-mag interview lol...wonder if that's a subtle (well, not so subtle to me at least) reaction. You can even see it from the comments under the post. Also, about that footsie thing...I know exactly what you're talking about...hahahahaha
  15. A simple analogy : SITUATION A Everyone : Wow the sky is so blue I love the sky it's so beautiful love love love Random person out of fricking nowhere : The sky is purple guys here's a long post about it Everyone : Wow look at that gorgeous sky I see a cloud that looks like a puppy ZOMG -everyone proceeds happily- SITUATION B Everyone : Wow the sky is so blue I love the sky it's so beautiful love love love Random person out of fricking nowhere : The sky is purple guys here's a long post about it Person A : Hey you're wrong the sky is blue Random person out of nowhere : No you're wrong how could u attack me here's another post abt why the sky is purple -everyone gets distracted and nobody can happily appreciate the blue sky anymore- Now which situation wd u rather be, you get what I'm saying?