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  1. @angieknows I've been scrolling through Kyo's fav Jenny Packham's bridalwear on Pinterest like it's my daughter (ok she's 8 so maybe my sister) who's getting married haish ottoke..... Can't stop grinning welpppp..... so happy for them....and we managed to get the news FINALLY before this thread hits 2000 pages ROTFLLLLL
  2. She replied to her friend's congratulatory post with a huge grin, awww..... From their letters to fans, we could tell they were nervous about this announcement. Please rest assured now that your news is incredibly well-received n that you are well loved. Congratulations, Song Joongki & Song Hyekyo. Here's for a lifetime of happiness!
  3. Things we can do as fans: not sharing those MBC links or any articles related to it. Not stirring the pot by discussing the details of the rumor in the open - do that in DMs if you must. Stop blaming each other, spread positivity and concentrate on the silver linings (like how even the ones who bashed her before have now realized that this is crossing the line). Keep giving messages to Kyo that we are here to support her. There r an overwhelming number of beautiful comments on her IG right now from fans all over the world. I think seeing this will give her strength amidst the hurt of being betrayed by an old friend. For SSC, I think the best thing to do right now is to deal with this swiftly and quietly behind the curtain. I'm mostly concern about the fact that MBC said they will have more to reveal in their next ep. IDK if SSC can take legal action against them but hoping that their teams are working hard right now - either to stop MBC from airing the show or if that's not possible - by controlling the outcome. Now is the time they need to take charge before it gets out of their hands. They have a week (?) before the next ep airs. I am hoping this will all be solved quietly instead of having it displayed all for everyone to see so sending the biggest wishes of luck to their teams right now. Right now it is a very complicated time for them. I keep seeing people wanting Ki to stand up for Kyo and I understand the sentiment. Knowing his personality n from his previous actions, I believe he's doing everything he can behind the scene. I would expect him to be professional right now and do his job as an actor to support his movie and not jeopardize this movie that hundreds of people have worked so hard on by mixing personal life n career. Based on comments, I honestly don't understand what some fans expect him to do - grab the mike from the MC at some BI event and declare he loves Kyo and he's going to kick all the haters' butts? This is real life, not a fanfic (and I wd know ab fanfics). The best he can do is perhaps drop subtle comments during a one on one interview like the one he did with Sports Seoul. Whatever they will do, I'm sure they know the best and as fans we can only send out positivity and hope it'll reach them somehow. Everything will be ok, it's just another bump they have to go through along their journey.
  4. Just blabbering my thoughts here. I think we all noticed that this year we seem to be counting down to something. And I don’t think it’s because everyone got a collective mass delusional state of mind. It’s because every month we received new hints, new clues, from their friends to Ki’s own interview, the watches etc. So I don’t blame shippers if they got super excited when we found out they were in Bali. Of all the places in the world they could go on a quiet, unnoticed vacation to, they chose to go to where many K stars go to for their honeymoon. Do they really expect to be sneaking in and out of there unnoticed? Perhaps Kyo really did have work there so they thought they cd be ninjas… I’m no K star but even I know it’s almost impossible to do that unless they own an invisibility cloak. Could the shippers be more discrete n leave them be? I wish they had. But I also know considering how this could blow up earlier when they were still there, the shippers had shown a pretty extraordinary amount of restraint already, waiting for them to finally leave b4 releasing pics. Basically, my point is I don’t blame shippers who got overexcited n share their pics from there. I myself honestly had thought this was another step in their plan, being deliberately seen vacationing in the same place together, just another step towards the final announcement. The timing did make me squirm in discomfort tbh, since it's just way too close to BI promotion. Now, this isn’t the first time they’ve been all over international media for marriage rumors etc – but they’ve never issued a denial before so far in 2017, content to let the news pops in and out, still giving out their own tiny hints in their own ways. And they seemed content to let it be that way – Kyo’s friends continued uploading pics of BI even after Bali pics surfaced – making shippers more excited. UNTIL the news got picked up in their own country. And I remember my heart breaking at the horrible, nasty way ppl commented on Kyo - I mean I stan Kristen Stewart for 8 years FFS – I know how cruel people can be to female stars – but this, omg my heart really hurts for Kyo. Can u imagine how much it would hurt ppl closest to her? And to drag her name through this is by staying quiet n just letting it be might make some shippers happy but to people who cares about her deeply – it wd be almost impossible to bear. Don’t get me wrong, whether they announced now or a day before they get married, there will still be people who hate and call HER nasty stuff – but if you love her wd u rather they spend months cursing her or just a day? Bc once they’re officially married I think even the haters wd finally give up and STFU. So I understand completely why they both decide to deny right now. You can call BE/UAA lame or whatever, and whether they’re being really incompetent or deliberately incompetent with the way they handle things - but I tend to believe it’s the latter. But this denial does what it was intended to do - immediately the hate on Kyo died down right after they were issued. As her fan first, I’m very relief by this. As a shipper, well I’m kinda sad but I understand. So take a few days if you’re feeling down, it’s completely understandable – but I think soon you will see why this is the best for now. Will wait for that day till they r finally ready to let the world know.
  5. You're basically the sun shining brightly on this forum right now, bless you and thank you x 100 (say hi to me on AFF because IDK what's your ID there!). Keep on smiling guys, just like our OTP, no room for a frown
  6. Nobody's posting here? Let me post them then lol Waiting for the announcement then hahaha....
  7. The clues are dropping faster now, I almost choked w laughter at SJK's new ad lol... seriously at this point you've gotta be willfully dumb to pretend they're not going to tie the knot this year.... everyone better get ready with their oxygen tank because it feels like the news is going to drop soon. This is just my feeling, and I've been feeling this quite awhile, but I understood completely why we only heard the consistent signals from him and not from her. Last week was a proof why it's the right thing to do, wasn't it? It was not even her fault, she was being polite when asked about a random actor in a completely irrelevant event and people. bashed. her. like. crazy. I keep seeing fans on IG (not you, my dear @sf4kdrama - I'm talking about young shippers bickering n whining on IG, at least I hope they're young by the unrealistic expectation they're piling on this ship) complaining about her not dropping hints like him - but there's the reason right there. It's a method to protect her, and if my suspicion is true, it is him who insisted on it. Wishing them the best and all of the happiness in the world.
  8. *Edited cause the original IG user deleted the post* Regardless, we as fans have so much great stuff going on, Ki's sweet n telling W's interview was literally just weeks ago, and we'll get to see them both pretty soon too for their respective events. Why bother w trashy sites? They are the worst kind of ~journalism, they stalk fans on social networks and literally copy and paste things from there for clicks, they have no integrity or interest for truth. Keep calm and happy shipping xo
  9. The latest translation for W interview...can you name another male Hallyu star who talks so openly about his desire to settle down, be a husband/father at the height of his fame? I mean seriously if he's not preparing his fans and the rest about something inevitable (pretty soon I guess?) then I don't even know lol. Thank you so much for everyone who actively posted here n share these goodies w us. I'm not so active nowadays since I'm busy w my study but I love that the thread remains positive n awesome! Special thank you to all the fandom sunbaes like @hclover96 @angieknows and @utkim and everyone else for always, always stepping up and bringing us good stuff. Without them there wd be a black hole in this fandom, not even kidding. Sometimes I lurk at IG and see ppl posting stuff from here without proper credit to them I would literally shake my head in disappointment. Please know that you are much-valued n appreciated, guys.
  10. Oh man, I hope we get proper translation really soon *coughs* *gives hint to anyone who could do that* I don't want to read through google translation, it's really weird lmaooooo
  11. Hi guys! Im on a vacation but I saw Kyo's post and couldnt help LOLing bc I was just reading this article about San Francisco's Northern California 50th cherry blossom festival happening right now http://abc7news.com/entertainment/cherry-blossom-festival-turns-50-in-sf/1849840/ just a five hours drive from LA, even faster by plane...hmmmm coincidence?
  12. Sorry for chopping up your beautiful post @kyonim!! You always come through with something good whenever our fandom turns into a desert filled with rolling tumbleweeds lol...I just screamed in the middle of the day at this part up here when JK said it's OK to have a nagging GF as long as she's beautiful OMG bahahaha nag away then Kyo-ssi, he doesn't mind! Also awwww thank you for reading my fics and for telling me about it, it means a lot!!! *blushes*
  13. Kyo's hair is realllly long nowadays huh..... I'm just saying...... *blinks innocently* Also I wanted to ask if that's *the* watch but I doubt anyone can see clearly
  14. LOL bless you for this post and thanks again!!! Just what we needed during this drought. Hopefully we'll have some drizzles soon though....lmao
  15. I think it's backdated from the premiere he attended a few days ago, he took off his jacket. Yeah it's the IWC watch. Is it just me or does it seem like after Burberry IWC watch display by our Kyo-Ssi, Ki is like proudly showing off his watch more and more? Like this pic from Top10 signing lol BTW I'm linking this collage bc I'm lazy and it was the first pic I saw that has this Ki pic that I wanted to show you guys lol...the signature pics tho are both of Ki's i think. Kyo's is more elaborate but the first letter (Song) in both is so similar. Definitely diff from Ki's old signature. His fans could prob confirm it tho, I'm a noob in all things SJK woops