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  1. @booha @willenette Thanks for the updates despite your busy schedules. I have been sick too. Couple things... CJK mentioned in his latest V Live session (which I missed by 5 minutes...arghhhh) that he had to go to emergency room the day before and get IV. Also, during the press conference, a reporter asked about running scenes and about the condition of his knee. CJK said that he wanted to do his own running scenes and action scenes, but he said he had to use stunt man to do some scenes. He sounded a bit disappointed. He said that he is currently still getting treatments. According to one fan who went to see the episode 1-2, she mentioned that CJK acting was superb. Cant wait to see them!!! I plan to see it realtime. Have a good night!
  2. A part of a promotional clip by OCN posted by CJK on IG. "The Mystery of Antiaging Secret of PKH." This is hilarious... DaeBak!!! CJH looks so cute, handsome, and sexy!!! But he writes that he is a little embarrassed...
  3. Wow! Lots of fun clips and teasers coming out!! Exciting!! Did everyone watch the special EP0? ^^ Thank you @booha for posting the links! I loved the clip where CJK gives us the tour of the set of 1986 police station. Did everyone watched the latest V Live session for CJK? G-tree and CJK did a wonderful job! If you are interested in watching the drama in realtime, there is more info on IG. Also, if you go to this IG profile and write a message to CJK, the owner says that she will be able to print the messages and hand deliver them to CJK!! But you have to submit by end of 3/21/2017. ^^
  4. @booha From my understanding, PKH is the main character. One article mentioned that CJK felt burdened being the sole main character.
  5. @booha You did a wonderful job translating it!!! Thank you so much!!!
  6. From CJH IG, "I am practically in every scene I am happy and thankful and this is fun but I have trouble sleeping" Poor CJH... Can't sleep. We as fans love that he is in every scene, but we hope he stays healthy... Fighting Jin Hyuk Nim!!~
  7. I hope I am doing this right..^^ I tried to capture the pages and post them here but I am not good at it.. But the link will take you to the profiles of the characters. I was reading the profile for CJH character, Park Kwang Ho, and here are some facts that I did not know. PKH's mother played a strong role when he was growing up. When she passed away, his wife filled the empty spot. PKH's wife was a loving person. She gave PKH a whistle and told him to blow it when he is in danger, and she would go and rescue him. They lived an average life, eating Jja-Jang-Myun. The investigation of the crimes led PKH to the Tunnel, where he met the suspect. PKH recognized him at once. While PKH was chasing the suspect, he became unconscious when the suspect hit him with a rock. PKH did not even have a chance to blow the whistle given by his wife. When he woke up, he was in 2016. **Feeling excited** Can't wait until 3/25!!!
  8. Do you think she is supposed to be pregnant in the above pics? ^^
  9. @CarolynH I agree. I prefer Dramafever too, but I put in the request. I am trying to see if we can stream live from OCN website. Can't wait to see Tunnel!
  10. @willenette Parfait sounds really good too! 오뎅 떡복기 Parfait hamburger... mmmmm At the first V Live session, someone commented that he should do a session while he is eating... But he didnt seem to like that idea too much... Haha.
  11. @booha Thank you so much!! I truly enjoyed the videos!! CJH certainly enjoyed 오뎅... I bet it was super good on a cold night like that. ^^
  12. @booha Hmmm.. I wonder what kind of comfort food he enjoys... Please share~
  13. @willenette Yes I agree about the writing. And I hope for the best for Tunnel and CJK. Fighting~~~