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  1. @hibiscus23 Another MV I watched over and over... @booha @hibiscus23 Baseball caps are good idea but I think CJH mentioned that he likes to play golf. I wonder if he will like golf items more??
  2. @hibiscus23 you have been busy!!! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to walk down the memory lane!! Those links and pics you posted are precious! First 2 episodes of Gu Family Book can be made into a movie. Such a heartbreaking story and amazing acting by CJH. @hibiscus23 I think I have watched this every day for a long long time. It still breaks my heart every time I watch it again. It makes it more special because CJH sang this OST.
  3. I wish I can come to this forum more often but I have a hard time accessing it on my phone. Is there an app? If so, is it easy to use? Otherwise, I can only check this forum when I get on the PC and that is not too often these days. Any suggestions? Also, I still have not figured out how to post a picture... like a jpg file =( Help!
  4. @hibiscus23 panda and the hedgehog looks cute. i did not get to it yet..^^ but i love the ost that CJK sings for that drama. =)
  5. @hibiscus23 hi~ totally enjoying all the pics and videos you are posting!! thank you!! i'm pretty new too...^^ compared to other members here. welcome!!
  6. @sava2sava There is a speculation that the professor is the daughter of Kwang Ho. She studied in UK from where she was recruited. Episode 4 is supposed to reveal more about the professor's past. Cant wait!! Will watch it live~~~
  7. Hello @jongski Not sure if someone has answered this already... But CJH and YHM are same age in real life. In the VLive they did together, they said they got closer over drinks...haha. In the tunnel, Sun Jae (YHM) was around 1 year old when CJH met him for the first time and since 30 years have passed, Sun Jae is probably 31-32. CJH was born in 1958 so he would have been 28-29 in 1986. So in Tunnel, I am thinking Sun Jae is older than Kwang Ho in 2016...^^ BTW, love this drama so far!! Cant wait for episode 4 in 9 hours!!!
  8. CJH is doing a V-Live session at 9:30PM Korea Time for count down to First Episode. Can't wait!!!
  9. 7 more hours to go!! Can't wait!! Wishing for Dae-Bak~~~~~ CJH will do a V-live session at 9:30PM Korea Time for count down to the first episode!!! will carry Tunnel. Currently, they have teasers and Episode 0 uploaded. They upload episodes fairly quickly but English sub is delayed a bit. Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks about the first two episodes!!!
  10. @booha @willenette Thanks for the updates despite your busy schedules. I have been sick too. Couple things... CJK mentioned in his latest V Live session (which I missed by 5 minutes...arghhhh) that he had to go to emergency room the day before and get IV. Also, during the press conference, a reporter asked about running scenes and about the condition of his knee. CJK said that he wanted to do his own running scenes and action scenes, but he said he had to use stunt man to do some scenes. He sounded a bit disappointed. He said that he is currently still getting treatments. According to one fan who went to see the episode 1-2, she mentioned that CJK acting was superb. Cant wait to see them!!! I plan to see it realtime. Have a good night!
  11. A part of a promotional clip by OCN posted by CJK on IG. "The Mystery of Antiaging Secret of PKH." This is hilarious... DaeBak!!! CJH looks so cute, handsome, and sexy!!! But he writes that he is a little embarrassed...
  12. Wow! Lots of fun clips and teasers coming out!! Exciting!! Did everyone watch the special EP0? ^^ Thank you @booha for posting the links! I loved the clip where CJK gives us the tour of the set of 1986 police station. Did everyone watched the latest V Live session for CJK? G-tree and CJK did a wonderful job! If you are interested in watching the drama in realtime, there is more info on IG. Also, if you go to this IG profile and write a message to CJK, the owner says that she will be able to print the messages and hand deliver them to CJK!! But you have to submit by end of 3/21/2017. ^^
  13. @booha From my understanding, PKH is the main character. One article mentioned that CJK felt burdened being the sole main character.