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  1. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Well, friends, I've seen several videos about OCN Special Character Award! Does anyone know about it?Thanks in advance for the answer!
  2. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Hello, my friend! I'd rather advise everyone who is not happy with SSH's acting skills to look through Director Kim Hon Son's recent interview: He frankly reveals that he was very much mistaken about SSH' acting abilities until they started filming the drama:"I found out that he is completely a different person from what people usually say! Totally different! Such eagerness in work and such mastership"!
  3. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    I'm very intrigued by the words "Maine _ Black rice Piece", any idea what it might mean?Thanks in advance
  4. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Thanks a million, dear! I'm an admin of the Song Seung Hеоn Russian Official Club and now I have full information!
  5. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    My dear friend, where, at what place will be Black exclusive broadcast today in Korea? Thanks in advance
  6. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    Hello, dear! I'm too a very big fan of SSH Oppa!! If you have seen Teaser 5, did you come across somewhere with the translation of words pronounced in it? Thanks in advance!
  7. [Drama 2017] Black 블랙

    My dear friends, who can understand and translate the words in the 5th Teaser?Million thanks in advance!