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  1. @angel2013I too watched the series a few times before getting the blu ray. Nonetheless, the director's cut made me appreciate the show more. I've also skimmed through the NGs and interviews. Unfortunately the blu ray is not English subbed so I'll need a super long time to attempt to understand the interviews. Overall, I'm happy I decided to buy the blu ray on a whim. From what I've watched so far, SHJ is a consummate professional and I admire and respect her for her dedication and craft.
  2. @angel2013let me know when you've watched the AOHY blu ray! I'm dying to discuss with someone about it. the more I re-watch the series, the more I admire SHJ's acting. Thank you @Pointreefor sharing with us news of SHJ And thank you too to the other regular contributors!
  3. @PointreeI also bought the blu ray but haven't had the chance to watch it. Now I'm even more excited Now just to figure out how the translate them somehow....
  4. First time posting in this thread. I got onboard kdramaland because of Goblin. And from there I was recommended to check out OHYA. Super glad I did. Happy that SHJ won Best Actress. I liked KGE's acting in Goblin but SHJ was given a wider range of emotions to display. I am amazed at he ability to just draw you in. And I believe she really deserved the win. Thank you to you fans who keep posting stuff. I wish there was more!
  5. @MaysoonD Apologies for being unclear. I wanted to find out I how those fans would get a copy of the photo after it was taken. It wasn't quite clear how fans can access the photo - via email link? Fb photo download? @noname111. If you get selected, hopefully you will in the Centre standing next to him!
  6. First time poster here. Apologies if this is a noob question. Any SG fans who attended yesterday's FM know how those selected for the group photo can get a copy of the photo taken?
  7. Sorry, noob asking. Why would this mean there's nothing between them?
  8. Thank you @JaneyBaeand @seasons32! I tried Googling but couldn't find the answer. Now, question is to buy or not to buy the books and attempt to do a JaneyBae...
  9. @JaneyBae. You read the book with Google translate?! I applaud you. Side note : Anyone knows the difference between book volume 1&2?
  10. Wheee! I love it that we have a few silent lurkers come out to post after the break up news! Welcome everyone
  11. @ChunSungIm. Re: Your video in spoiler. It begs the question of why they had to choose that shot of GY at 2:14.... Marking his stamp of disapproval but just gotta grit his teeth until official news is out..?
  12. @madmonikaI wish I could like your post many more times! Thank you for that gif of GY jumping up and and down.
  13. I made the mistake of reading the comments. Oh gosh, such a downer at the start of the work day. That's why I love you folks here. Incredibly level headed and respectful fans. @ChunSungImI also doubt GY would announce his dating life. Whatever it is, I hope they'll both decide what's best for them. And if wedding announcement does happen, all of us will definitely be jumping up and down for joy! Since I'm a noob in creating gifs, I'd like you to imagine GY jumping up and down in that BTS scene of him "freezing" YSJ.
  14. @madmonika, @innerchildthank you for your respective explanations! Let's hope for more good news for our couple!
  15. Just curious. Did GY's management issue similar statements previously to dispel rumors of him being linked with anyone?