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  1. Thank you @JaneyBaeand @seasons32! I tried Googling but couldn't find the answer. Now, question is to buy or not to buy the books and attempt to do a JaneyBae...
  2. @JaneyBae. You read the book with Google translate?! I applaud you. Side note : Anyone knows the difference between book volume 1&2?
  3. Wheee! I love it that we have a few silent lurkers come out to post after the break up news! Welcome everyone
  4. @ChunSungIm. Re: Your video in spoiler. It begs the question of why they had to choose that shot of GY at 2:14.... Marking his stamp of disapproval but just gotta grit his teeth until official news is out..?
  5. @madmonikaI wish I could like your post many more times! Thank you for that gif of GY jumping up and and down.
  6. I made the mistake of reading the comments. Oh gosh, such a downer at the start of the work day. That's why I love you folks here. Incredibly level headed and respectful fans. @ChunSungImI also doubt GY would announce his dating life. Whatever it is, I hope they'll both decide what's best for them. And if wedding announcement does happen, all of us will definitely be jumping up and down for joy! Since I'm a noob in creating gifs, I'd like you to imagine GY jumping up and down in that BTS scene of him "freezing" YSJ.
  7. @madmonika, @innerchildthank you for your respective explanations! Let's hope for more good news for our couple!
  8. Just curious. Did GY's management issue similar statements previously to dispel rumors of him being linked with anyone?
  9. Welcome @mariexcara!! I've been fortunate to only know about this soompi thread created by the lovely @JaneyBae. You all have shown me how considerate you have been and this warm and positive community is giving me the fuzzies. I'm so happy!
  10. @MAROSA_JIN. Thanks for the links. Just wondering why our couple isn't up for Best Kiss.. There also should be a Best Intense Look of Love category. Kinda belated but better late than never. Many many thanks to @JaneyBaefor sharing with us the IG account and checking its authenticity. @reyna123how can I forget to thank you. Duh! Thank you so much for the wonderful video! It was very nicely made. Love your transitions and the interspersed drama dialogue. Make me wanna find the time to do my own edit.
  11. @seasons32. Thank you for the explanation!
  12. @seasons32. You ordered the D cut? Can I pretty please request you to organize a viewing, ahem, with us poor souls who won't get it. We need our GongGo fix! (BTW, thanks for the app tip. I can finally properly tag you!)
  13. @JaneyBae the hawt kissing gif. We thank you for posting that. . I'm trying to subtly hint at my husband that's the kinda kiss I need, ahem, but to no avail.... Hopefully, they'll get to give commentary on that kiss scene and the lucky people to get the DVD/ Blu ray can share the details with us!
  14. @seasons32 Yupz, it does seem we are over represented here... Maybe we should start an official SG fan club for the Goblin couple... . And in response to your comment about GY not announcing he's gonna be present at LDW's meet. I agree! He's so considerate to not take the focus away. I was just trying to find excuses to justify going for the fan meet here... Aaand I don't know why I'm having problems tagging people on mobile. Forgive me!
  15. Thank you for the reminder @seasons32. Really appreciate your efforts to uphold the integrity of this community thread. @JaneyBae oh yes, KGE is so so so pretty. She truly grows on you and she has a face that you'll fall in love with the more you look. And I wish GY could be a special guest star for all LDW fan meets. That surely is a bigger incentive to go considering the Tix prices for the one here in SG :/