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  1. Question is: Does MR realise what SA is doing? Note I haven't watched ep 6 and waiting for the recap on Drama milk. They mentioned on Twitter they'll be about an hour late.
  2. The characterisation of GH currently is making me wonder if it's a Korean culture related outlook that I'm not quite understanding. The show is presenting it as TJ's "fault" for not trying hard enough for the relationship and the reason for their break up. It's frustrating to us because we expect two hands to clap but the show is definitely not showing it to be a standard the characters are supposed to live by.
  3. I watched the break up scene. Gosh, the part of the conversation that @thesuitelife547didn't translate was way worse. I can't believe the gall GH had by making TJ the bad guy who "was not doing enough". That's so emotionally manipulative and I'm actually disgusted by the character now. The writer must really have a knack for writing incredibly self absorbed entitled characters that are difficult for the audience to stomach. I also watched the TJ DH showdown and from their expressions alone, I felt TJ was more intimidating. DJH should really consider playing a bad/evil character in future.
  4. Thanks @thesuitelife547for the translation. MGH has become such an unlikeable character. I wonder what the writer was thinking to make her into such an obtuse immature selfish person. How could she fault TJ for ignoring her? How much longer does TJ have to be patient and understanding when she has not shown the same to him? It's like the writer decided that MGH as a widow with a daughter is just a plot point without considering the life lessons she could have gained and resultant maturity that could have been. MGH comes across as a petulant child in that scene. I guess that would fit nicely with both DH and WR... With how bad the lead female character has become, it'll be best if GH and TJ don't end up together. If DH or his family really was involved in GH's husband's accident, it'll be a poor reason for GH "to come to her senses" and try to get TJ back. TJ, move on. You are not trash and deserve better.
  5. At this point, I wish the characters would be on their own someplace and reflect on themselves, their actions and the consequences. As someone else said, TJ and GH are nowhere near marriage. It's not just about GH hiding the truth from TJ but the fact she could bring herself to do it. TJ on the other hand is struggling to navigate a relationship. Not sure if it's him being naive or I'm just being cynical. Whatever plus points that attracted TJ to GH have been negated by the latter's actions. Especially when it concerns DH. TJ needs to realise that it takes two to tango and if the other is not reciprocating, it's better to not have the heart ache. DH is a creep, end of. If GH's instinct as a mom is not ringing major alarm bells when it comes to DH and his stalkerish child grooming antics, I don't know what will. Although it's 30+ episodes until the end, I'm not confident the writer would give a satisfying conclusion at the rate the characters are going round in circles and not acting as mature adults. Even then, there's a part of me that's hoping that the series will end well.
  6. Oh gosh, that preview. I wonder how any mother would stand by and let a man do that to her child.
  7. Heh, i agree the drama is far too long that they had to come up with (what I feel are ludicrous) ways to get conflict. I guess I could better understand the motivations of the characters during the first half of the show. However, it's not the case now. It seems the show is trying to depict GH's internal battle to see the best out of two different persons and their corresponding families and circumstances. It's unfortunate I do not see what GH truly stands for and what quality /situation would make or break a relationship for her. I think due to the absence of this conviction, I'm really disliking the "wishy-washy" actions we're seeing.
  8. I definitely can understand why GH would be upset with TJ. As you said, WR is her precious child and GH would feel indebted to DH for saving WR twice. What I can't quite understand is how the show is "forcing" this conflict. I'm kinda disappointed the show had to resort to making TJ unfathomably incompetent just to prop DH. Heh, perhaps I'm not the target audience for this daily drama.
  9. Guess I'll go back to skipping episodes again. Unfortunately, the show is not showing me why I should be invested in TJ-GH anymore. Let TJ focus on GR and set right his (unfair) demotion and let GH reflect on herself and decide what's best for her. I'm cringing at the show's forced way of making DH be WR's savior to juxtapose against TJ's "lack" of taking care of WR. Also, I'm sad that GH's mom's acceptance of Bora is marred by her father. They used to have such a nice comforting relationship.
  10. I skipped a few episodes but I'm glad I decided to jump back in with the most recent one. Good to see GH and mom stand up to DH's dad and BIL finally putting HJ in her place.
  11. @jimbYes, I love the scene when Caretaker was low key throwing shade at TJ's dad about his own family. I like that she is showing support for GHxTJ in her own quiet way. @viyraGH and family has been shown to be a dignified one. They acknowledge they are not well off but won't suffer anyone who looks down on them over some ill conceived social "norms". I don't foresee GH's mom helping DH be with her daughter especially after knowing how badly he treated her son. I'm glad that GH decided WR (plus her own mental and emotional well being) is more important and told TJ they should break up. I like that she's taking proactive steps to make a clean cut (based on the preview). Here's looking at you TJ. If you're too blind to see how toxic your own family is at their core and too complacent to do anything and just "wait for them to give in", you frankly should just marry a door mat. I'm a bit disappointed that the show hasn't depicted TJ to be more decisive in his actions. He only says he won't break up with GH and will love WR. But I'm not seeing him trying to convince his family to change their mind and accept GH and WR for the worthy human beings that they are.
  12. Oh gosh. Haven't watched episodes 69 & 70 yet. But from the previews and comments here, I don't think I can bear to watch them in full. As much as I want TJ and GH to work out, I feel GH should just bail. TJ's family is just too toxic. Life is too short and her own family too precious to even spare a moment of her time with them. DH's family is no better so I hope that the show won't have GH start to have feelings for DH instead. But then, there are still 50 episodes left. I guess there will be a whole lot more drama and angst coming up.
  13. @newyeeI find there's an endearing awkwardness to DJH. He's not exactly the most graceful when it comes to body movement. Which I guess would make viewers think that he's stiff. However, if I focus on listening to his line delivery or just watching his eyes, I can quickly sense the emotion he wants to convey. On another topic, the scriptwriter must really want us to hate HJ. The words she's spouting to TJ is so illogical and low key emotional abuse. As someone else asked, forgive me I forgot who, is this really reflective of Korean society? It seems so extreme.
  14. @sava2savaSorry, having trouble quoting you. I'm not sure if it's the overall conservative direction for daily dramas but they seem rather innocent as a couple with regard to physical intimacy. That can be easily overcome if I can see from their eyes how much they really care for each other. Unfortunately, it's only apparent some of the times. Regardless my quibbles, I still think both Soo Hyang and Ji Han are doing a decent job as the main leads. @O2 I'm keen to know the show's planned trajectory for the couple. Seeing how much vitriol TJ's family is throwing at both him and GH to even deign to be together, I really hope the show would satisfactorily depict how they can overcome the odds. One thing I really hate is injustice. Trying to stop TJ from wanting to take care and love a single mother and her child based on the notion that TJ is being selfish and not "caring for the family" is such oppressive thinking and behaviour. Same goes for trying to stop GH from loving someone who loves her back. I don't understand how GH wanting to be with TJ would mean that she's neglecting WR. (OK, I'm obviously ranting. Apologies)
  15. @calledtoteachHeh, honestly, I'm not really feeling the main leads chemistry either. I feel DJH had better chemistry with Lee Dain in Hwarang. However, DJH is my bias so I'm interested to see his acting no matter how awkward it can be. Nothing mind blowing but not off putting either. Overall, I'm not watching LIB for the quality production or acting but I'm curious to know how the whole storyline will pan out. We all have our own reasons for sticking it out for 60 episodes so far.