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  1. Heh, my thoughts exactly. But hey, as long as I can see TJ smile like that, I'm game. Both he and Woo Ri are so cute together! Anyway, I'm glad that TJ didn't sulk or act pouty with GH after seeing her get in DH's car. He just got back at her by going through Woo Ri. Hah. I'm also glad that the stepmother quickly apologised to GH's mom after realising her mistake. At least that wasn't dragged out. Now, let's see what the stepmother will do. Will she really leave? Considering the husband seems to be really controlling the money she gets, I wonder how she'll survive on her own.
  2. After accepting that the level of acting here is not quite on par to what I'm used to with the weekly ones that I've watched, I'm slowly starting to get into the whole drama. The storyline at the start of the 2nd third of the series seem to be picking up. Or at least we can (slightly?) better understand the motivations behind why the characters acted the way they did in the 1st third. I'm happy the writer allowed TJ to explain himself to GH and showed GH through her daughter (no less!) that it's ok to allow another person to enter their lives. I hope the writer can expand on this aspect - WR as the one to soften GH's stance on TJ and the one for TJ to interact with to better understand GH's insecurity and to better internalise the responsibility he has to undertake. @jimbThank you for your recaps which are so funny! I marvel at how you described the characters' actions.
  3. TJ's interaction with Woo Ri was so cute and sweet. DJH looked like such a cinnamon roll in that scene with the child actress.
  4. I was wondering why she was wearing that t shirt too! It's unfortunate if it's just a wrong wardrobe choice and nothing to do with the drama
  5. I agree with @desertflower, thank you @jimbfor your synopses! I like how you called TJ Robocop initially and how all those wrist/shoulder grabbing were done Korean cavemen style. LOL.
  6. @carlemyersYou're right. I guess I'm frustrated due to mismatched expectations. After all, the show did put Jihan as the male lead behind Soo Hyang. So I guess either of their characters have to be transferred out of that station/quit the force to reduce the possibility of such a thing happening... I guess TJ can't win. Either accused of sexual harrassment (if not reciprocated) or abuse of authority (for treating her harshly because he's trying to fend off his feelings/prevent any relationship).
  7. @desertflowerOh, thank you for your words. I feel the same frustration regarding TJ. For someone who's "full of justice", I cannot believe he cannot see how unjust he is to GH by not being upfront regarding his feelings for her. Oi, that woman has the right to not be confused and conflicted by your actions! By a supervisor no less! He was doing so well in the mid 20s episodes, why is he backtracking now? It's obvious the fact she has a daughter is not the reason. It seems that one of the reasons that attracted him to GH was how she's such a devoted mother. I think he is hesitant to reveal his feelings because he feels GH may not reciprocate because of her late husband. Perhaps TJ is rather emotionally stunted without a mother figure for most of his teens and adult life. But man, I would expect more from a 31 year old guy.
  8. RE: Ep 33. Argh TJ! Why can't you just tell GH that you like her??? Can't you see you're tormenting her with those deep soulful stares you send her way??? It's now getting to the part of the series where they're showing the stark difference between DH and TJ in how they express their interest in GH. While I don't like DH's arrogance and self entitlement, at least he's straightforward and not making GH second guess her actions. TJ, step up your game!
  9. And the funny thing is, the next time they have to shoot a scene in his office, all the stuff are nearly placed back in good condition! I wonder if Flunky helped him clean up...
  10. Pardon my ignorance, is there supposed to be a difference in quality between daily dramas and the weekly ones? I decided to watch this on a whim because of Do Jihan (why are you so freaking handsome?!). At first, the OTT acting and improbable intertwined web of relationships was kinda off-putting but now I just laugh at how ridiculous certain scenes are. I'm only sticking it out because I wanna see how the TJ-GH relationship pans out. Individually, the respective actors are charming (enough for me) despite the lackluster dialogue and typical trope-like actions. I agree with @stuartjmz that they're really pushing the dichotomy between GH and TJ so as to prop up the latter as the outwardly gruff, stoic hero with a soft heart who's always there for the "damsel in distress" (even though show said she's an accomplished boxer who doggedly pursued a career in law enforcement). It's only a quarter (?) way through. I too hope it balances out a bit later on.
  11. I mostly watched the AR DM scenes from ep 15, will watch the full ep later. That break up scene. I feel so heart broken for them. I can understand their respective reasons which are so freaking believable. At what point does a person remain cognizant of their own fears, capabilities, desires and at what point does a person compromise their own to adapt to another person's fears, capabilities and desires? How can such a balance be achieved? Is it fair for the more emotionally mature and stable person to give in for the sake of love and maintaining the relationship? Is it fair to preserve one's own sanity and emotional well being by cutting off ties? In an ideal world, such questions won't arise but we are all humans with various levels of tolerance and different coping mechanisms, etc. Gosh. I feel. So. Sad after this episode. Reminds me of my own struggles. I really hope the writer came up with a satisfying and believable conclusion for this entire series. It started out deceptively light and fluffy but man, the emotions and life questions it evokes. Gah. I need to get back to work. Thank you all for your analysis and translations. See you all tonight. FFMW fans hwaiting!
  12. Seems like FFMW has a pretty strong following online. Although the thread here is rather quiet compared to other shows. Nonetheless, happy to read many posts containing great analysis! A few more hours to the next episode. Looking forward to more posts later tonight
  13. Not quite related to FFMW but here's a real life friends since kids to married couple:
  14. It did seem like quite a slow build up in the first half so I hope the outstanding issues will be resolved well in the last 4 episodes. I'm so gonna miss this show when it ends.
  15. @joyue_1I love love love your analysis. Props to those who noticed that SH is actually a strong-willed woman. Reflecting on my past relationship (which consumed most of my 20s), I wished I didn't hang on as desperately as I did. Because of this, I definitely wouldn't want any woman (even TV characters!) to stay in a relationship where the other party is not as willing to work together as a couple. I believe that SH's awesomeness should be reserved for someone who recognises it and is more than willing to reciprocate in kind. I agree with @stroppysethat SH was somewhat defensive (understandably so) in the scene with AR outside the condo. I hope that SH realises that she can still remain committed to her a dream of being a mom and a wife but at the same time, discover who she is outside of these two identities. I hope that she realises how valuable she is as a friend to AR and how precious she is to her parents that her world would not only be JM. Even though JM was shown crying when SH broke up with him (I guess as a sign of his love for SH?), to me, "love" in itself is insufficient, it can be (relatively) easily professed. But a mark of real love is in the little things. Is your loved one paying attention to you? Does he/she notice your discomfort? Does he/she support you and push you to a better version of yourself? Does he/she only love you because of how much you do for them but the same can't be said vice versa? I knew that AR meant well by getting her the cake but it's also realistic for SH to feel completely devastated despite being the one to end the relationship. At that moment, there's nothing to "celebrate". I can imagine how feeling absolutely wretched would overshadow any objective thoughts of "I deserve better than a half-hearted partner". I want to see SH slowly discover herself and gain the ability to discern what would make a good partner. This is why I love FFMW. The relationships whether between partners, best friends, parent and child, mentor and student. How a relationship can break down because of little acts of neglect or how words meant to encourage came across as snipey. How a relationship can be bolstered with honesty and more self-introspection. I agree that the emotions the show elicits are more authentic compared to the (very) few others I've watched. The show's premise seemed so deceptively "simple" but there are so many emotional layers to peel through.