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  1. I skipped a few episodes but I'm glad I decided to jump back in with the most recent one. Good to see GH and mom stand up to DH's dad and BIL finally putting HJ in her place.
  2. @jimbYes, I love the scene when Caretaker was low key throwing shade at TJ's dad about his own family. I like that she is showing support for GHxTJ in her own quiet way. @viyraGH and family has been shown to be a dignified one. They acknowledge they are not well off but won't suffer anyone who looks down on them over some ill conceived social "norms". I don't foresee GH's mom helping DH be with her daughter especially after knowing how badly he treated her son. I'm glad that GH decided WR (plus her own mental and emotional well being) is more important and told TJ they should break up. I like that she's taking proactive steps to make a clean cut (based on the preview). Here's looking at you TJ. If you're too blind to see how toxic your own family is at their core and too complacent to do anything and just "wait for them to give in", you frankly should just marry a door mat. I'm a bit disappointed that the show hasn't depicted TJ to be more decisive in his actions. He only says he won't break up with GH and will love WR. But I'm not seeing him trying to convince his family to change their mind and accept GH and WR for the worthy human beings that they are.
  3. Oh gosh. Haven't watched episodes 69 & 70 yet. But from the previews and comments here, I don't think I can bear to watch them in full. As much as I want TJ and GH to work out, I feel GH should just bail. TJ's family is just too toxic. Life is too short and her own family too precious to even spare a moment of her time with them. DH's family is no better so I hope that the show won't have GH start to have feelings for DH instead. But then, there are still 50 episodes left. I guess there will be a whole lot more drama and angst coming up.
  4. @newyeeI find there's an endearing awkwardness to DJH. He's not exactly the most graceful when it comes to body movement. Which I guess would make viewers think that he's stiff. However, if I focus on listening to his line delivery or just watching his eyes, I can quickly sense the emotion he wants to convey. On another topic, the scriptwriter must really want us to hate HJ. The words she's spouting to TJ is so illogical and low key emotional abuse. As someone else asked, forgive me I forgot who, is this really reflective of Korean society? It seems so extreme.
  5. @sava2savaSorry, having trouble quoting you. I'm not sure if it's the overall conservative direction for daily dramas but they seem rather innocent as a couple with regard to physical intimacy. That can be easily overcome if I can see from their eyes how much they really care for each other. Unfortunately, it's only apparent some of the times. Regardless my quibbles, I still think both Soo Hyang and Ji Han are doing a decent job as the main leads. @O2 I'm keen to know the show's planned trajectory for the couple. Seeing how much vitriol TJ's family is throwing at both him and GH to even deign to be together, I really hope the show would satisfactorily depict how they can overcome the odds. One thing I really hate is injustice. Trying to stop TJ from wanting to take care and love a single mother and her child based on the notion that TJ is being selfish and not "caring for the family" is such oppressive thinking and behaviour. Same goes for trying to stop GH from loving someone who loves her back. I don't understand how GH wanting to be with TJ would mean that she's neglecting WR. (OK, I'm obviously ranting. Apologies)
  6. @calledtoteachHeh, honestly, I'm not really feeling the main leads chemistry either. I feel DJH had better chemistry with Lee Dain in Hwarang. However, DJH is my bias so I'm interested to see his acting no matter how awkward it can be. Nothing mind blowing but not off putting either. Overall, I'm not watching LIB for the quality production or acting but I'm curious to know how the whole storyline will pan out. We all have our own reasons for sticking it out for 60 episodes so far.
  7. I just watched ep 61 subbed. It's way worse knowing what TJ's family said. I really really cannot fathom their reasons for saying that TJ is selfish and that they would never accept GH. However, without any Koreans' pov, I shall not comment further. Hopefully, we'll get to see more of TJ's back story. It'll be a nice balance to get to know both the main leads better.
  8. @newyeeAgreed, I'd very much prefer seeing TJ and WR interact. DJH's bright smile in his scenes with the child actress is so infectious. I just watched ep 61 raw. Didn't understand what was spoken but the reactions from TJ's family was so excruciatingly painful. Especially from his father whom I thought would be more understanding. Since I obviously do not subscribe to the negative view on single mothers, I'm trying to figure out why such a thought process exists. Unfortunately, I came up with zilch.
  9. @sava2savaYes! The writer is really showing us HJ's hypocrisy through her conversation with her bio mom. I can't believe she chided her mom looking down on her marriage to Baek Ho when she's doing the same to TJ and GH. On the other hand, I'm surprised the dad seems to be against GH. The social stigma must be really strong. It's unfortunate but I'm keen to know why it came to be. TJ sure is different from his family. It'd be interesting to find out how he came to be accepting of GH considering the strong opposition from the rest of his family.
  10. @sava2savaGosh I really hope not. The show has so far consistently shown who GH's heart belongs to. To introduce DH as a reason GH voluntarily chose to make TJ leave would be so uncharacteristic. Especially when the show just had us see how vehemently GH refused TJ's help. If anything, I can foresee her wanting to leave because she feels she is a person undeserving of the unjustified vitriol TJ's sister is throwing her way. And that will be the time for TJ to step up and shield her from all of it. Oh well, these are just my thoughts. Waiting to see what will happen...
  11. @chdomI hope GH can hold on too! I wanna see both her and TJ face obstacles together. From the preview for tonight, I'm worried GH would go the "noble" route and ask to leave TJ. Obviously, I don't blame her if she does cos strong family pressure sucks. But I hope the show would depict a strong supportive relationship that can withstand the odds.
  12. Thanks @jimb, I too wish to know how Korean society views widows / single moms. If the show is merely reflecting societal norms, I applaud it for having a single mom be its protagonist. It also explains why GH was so hesitant to accept TJ initially knowing how society would frown at their relationship. That said, I wonder what made DH feel he "loves" GH and it's not just an infatuation. I can perhaps understand the motivation to be responsible for a single mom and her daughter but considering he spends much less time with her than TJ, he doesn't even get many chances to know her quirks and all. @sava2sava, yeah DH is playing the role of Daddy Long Legs. It's too convenient but I guess that's why wealthy characters exist in K-dramas. I'm waiting to see how GH will react to this. So far, I'm glad the show has been clear as to who GH likes and wants to be with. Not sure if they'd make GH "sway" at the rate DH is spending money to solve her family problems...
  13. I agree with @stuartjmzin that almost everyone else except TJ-GH, SH-BR are becoming increasingly unlikeable. I cannot believe that HJ would smile when her step mother was scolded by Halmoni. Also, I don't get why she'd be so vehement against GH. Is it such a social stigma to marry a widow /single mom? Such hypocrisy especially when expecting TJ to respect elder's wishes / concerns but so disrespectful to her own father and stepmother. The show is really really making her unlikeable. It'd take a lot of contrition and groveling to even believe the possibility of any redemption, if the show is ever going to do that. @sava2savaseems like Corporal Jang is going the "If I can't have CTJ, he doesn't deserve happiness and noone else can have him" route. She has shown signs of entitlement before but the show is underscoring why TJ wouldn't like her. Yeah, I can see why someone said she should be paired with sleazy lawyer. With all these negativity, I hope the show provides a nice counter balance through the main leads. So far, they seem relatively supportive of each other. I hope it gets explored more and the show won't introduce contrived angst to split them. There's enough heartbreak, distrust and [insert painful emotion of choice] from the other storylines.
  14. I like HJ's husband (the character and actor). The character is a very patient man without appearing like a pushover. I hope HJ realises this and starts treating him better! I read somewhere that Korean culture places more emphasis on seniority and gender biases may not be as pronounced in comparison. Perhaps that's why we get quite a balanced portrayal with the different family dynamics : TJ's family more matriarchal, Bora's family more patriarchal, GH's family a bit more balanced where mom and twins share a close bond without a huge power disparity between parent and children.
  15. @finebymeIt was episode 46. DH brought up their dad did something to Bora's friend in high school but didn't explain what happened exactly. Seemed to imply that Dad did something really bad. Based on Ep 53's preview, Bora seemed really afraid that Dad would do something similar to Su Hyuk.