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  1. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Again no RM this week.. episode 390 will resume on 4march no vitamin E(njoy) for SA https://www.soompi.com/2018/02/19/shows-canceled-rescheduled-week-due-2018-pyeongchang-olympics/
  2. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Hola, just want to drop by.. is there something happened that i dont know? Many seems down with SA.. well cheer up baby~ if its really about what JK said in the car, I'm not so worried about that since its kind of expected after so many spotlight on them recently and i promise to myself if they end up with other person i will still support them no matter what..hehehe did u guys notice the english sub "look at those lovebirds" during SA play the pirate game, i think SC was the one who said that.. i got so happy with that statement in this eps LOL, anyway do they have any advance filming for next episode? Just wondering since no trailer shown for next episode~ anyway, next week MUD will start airing JK episodes with his mom (same day with RM) always hoping for best tho! have a great days ahead lovelies
  3. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    @shebagirl am delaying my time to watch with subbed.. so HR didnt remember her past life till the end is it? I felt like so many things left unresolved hahaha but still poor SH being immortal alone (i wonder when his life will end?) at least SR & BH have each other during their time
  4. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    I feel u guys.. i feel cheated seriously but guess what.. thats the title from the very beginning SH the BLACK KNIGHT! The man who guards me (as in HR) sobs.. anyway I really enjoy this ride with u guys, komawo~
  5. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    I was not expecting this...urghhhh so sad ending! Unless they comeback for season 2 where HR will reborn hahahahaha LOL
  6. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    @Kasmic HR take the knife to stab SR then SH came saying "are u crazy" then he hold SR hand and the lamp blink on and off suddenly SR is granny.. and she ran away! I think BH just died in SH arm
  7. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    @Kasmic i want the link to watch for tonight also like @qqbr21.. chaebal i really cant wait, hoping for HEA too~
  8. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    BoonYi ring was really something.. do we know who have the tiger knife now? What will SH do with the fake ring? sorry i got so many questions LOL i hope the writer will tell all the secret and nothing is left behind.. finger crossed!
  9. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    Omg i am freaking out.. so far everything HR wish become true! Sharon to be the ghost, SH will never die.. i wonder what she wish for herself
  10. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    The guy with mask who tried to do something with the car looks like CM guy rite? The bald one which are the same person thrown stone to SH after the hearing.. hurm i think so..
  11. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    Tq @Kasmic for the recap! can HR be immortal too.. it was because of her that sharon become wondering ghost
  12. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    @mongjihyo aha its bcoz of that is it.. many thanks but yeah poor kookie everyone is against him LOL (but am proud that he was so lucky to get early release from prison)
  13. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    If im not mistaken i saw subbed saying that national sibling for SM and JK,and thats y JS need to sit between them in the bus.. It was so kind of JK gave tofu to SM since he swap the time with her and SM also help him during the movie game.. I believe JK already look into the situation,when he came JH already won the game and got chance to swap time with others (but it will be so sweet if only both of them stay at the prison since both of them getting the longest and 2nd longest time - 10&12 hours) i really2 want to know what does JK meant to say when he was talking to KS something like "this will be the last year" on the bus during the pinochio game (is RM really near the end? Remember SJ also said something bout this in his award speech OR is it JK will leave RM behind after he join MUD later..) #curious
  14. SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    @mn0096 IKR! I am more amazed that KS just sit there and freeze during both scene.. for me when KS is speechless meant that something is true behind that also i noticed that they copied each other actions so much! Lean back at the sofa, crossed legs etc.. uri SA was so cute~