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  1. Episode 351 is so funny i loved it, how they need to survive in other foreign country.. whats shocking for me is that JH said she have to change her name, hurmmmm.. SA are so free in this episode like they have nothing to hide n just act like they normally do.. there are the footnote by pd "its more annoying bcoz they accept the teasing" when HaHa told them to date, LOL (i think JK said "we never get worked up" & SJ said "they dont care" from the dialog but im not so sure)
  2. So many SA moments... soooo happy but in 1 scene did JK did violence to JH before they start bickering? Its so fast cant see it clearly
  3. Did u guys notice JS nudged JH at mins 59.22, this reminded me of eps 220 at mins 7.52 Whats funny is that JH teased JK so many times in this eps.. its good to see her talk more like old eps 1- "excuse me, lucky u kim jong kook" (when HL pick JK) 2- "hes so nice to her" (when HL mic dropped) 3- "u're cunning" (when JK flustered after he answered the question) 4- "u're so scary" (after JK got mad at JS not doing proper job) One more interesting part was JK didn't deny he was part of Red Team with his red cap & stay close too SC instead of HL, and sometime JH & SC switched place too
  4. I tried to watch live n gave up on the second part where they focus too much on you know who team.. i knew it will be like what @athoughtcloud1 said, pfffttttt..... *sigh*
  5. Who is going to RM live in Malaysia? Look at them
  6. I googled translate the caption from the PD notes for the throwback pics...its really something fishy tho, hahaha some of it i dont even understand the meaning lol 1) JK push JH - eps 338 지효야아~ 오빠가 밀어줄게~ 이거놔아아!! jihyoyaa~ oppaga mil-eojulge~ igeonwaaa!! ENGLISH : Ji Hyo Ya ~ I'll push you brother ~ Let this go! 2) JK sitting behind JH - eps 338 찡찡지효의 모습도 정말 사랑스럽죠?! jjingjjingjihyoui moseubdo jeongmal salangseuleobjyo?! ENGLISH : I'm really loving the look of Jungjung JiHyo !? 3) JH stared at JK? - eps 339 어찌~나 열심히 게임을 하더니! eojji~na yeolsimhi geim-eul hadeoni! ENGLISH : I played a game so hard! 4) JH hug JK - eps 346 이렇게! 사랑합시다!♡ (어색어색) ileohge! salanghabsida!♡ (eosaeg-eosaeg) ENGLISH : like this! Let's love! ♡ (awkward awkward)
  7. I guess today's filming for eps 348, JK got JH bag for eps 347
  8. I noticed something cute at minute 16:39.. before the quiz game start, JH jacket & JK jacket are 'together' near JK hahahaha I cant stop smiling rite now (only 2 of them not wearing the jacket at first tho)
  9. Her company announce it @my_songjihyo
  10. Again i think this is because fans keep on tagging JK in every single SA post.. he is a very meticulous person to begin with.. n now JH have instagram as well, the tagging games will be endless (i bet i will be blocked on ig if i remind the hardcore tagger about this )
  11. In this new eps343, im very curious when KS getting mad he had to go to 'Romantic Fortress Tour' with JK n JH.. KS didnot said JK couple or JH couple tho, he only said 'am i going with JK & JH?' LOL N then JS was repeating the same 'JK n JH are going to romantic fortress tour' (again no mentioned of couple or team etc) I heard JS said something about jjang bla3 too
  12. They have arrived in thailand, wow kudos to the fans *clap3* https://www.instagram.com/p/BRdkGsrgWOi/
  13. Good job @linzer03 keep it up! im already on further episodes rewatch so lazy to go back on earlier ones hehehe.. In eps 177 KG & Gil eps, around minute 29.04 I noticed JH touch JK hand, sorry if this has been mentioned before.. And then in eps 291 the revelation of MC, when JS asked KS whose bodies he want to switch with & KS answer was JH.. I feel like he said this was because he was jealous of her, if im not mistaken KS has said in some interview that JK wife will be very happy to have him, just my thought tho bcoz KS refused to answer why he want to be JH, it might be other reasons as well @Adines Nugraha i love when JS call JK jongkookie, he always call him kookjong also
  14. @Sarita Ramchandani try this http://aqstream.com (sometime it work sometime its not for me hehe )
  15. Heard JK calling JH several times in this eps but since its not subbed i dont know what does he said 1st one rite after they failed second round at throwing shoes & 2nd one after entering the passcode of the house.. its so cute tho, jihyo ya jihyo ya