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  1. Agreed with most of u guys, the editing was bad but still its enjoyable episode.. they cut SJ & JK part during JS game and cut JS & JK part during flying chair game, tho we clearly can see that their hair was wet.. at least the screen time quite fair for all members in this episode, kudos to the RM writers for the twist ending in this past 2 episodes (358 & 359) Poor SM tho, she was bound to go if she get caught by JS at the end.. either she stay in red team or join blue team the end result will still be the same for her, but pairing dud SM-HH was better than SM-SJ hehe.. i mean they have SC and KS. I'm not sure what PD will do to the remaining 4 who didnt get penalty but i do hope that SA will accompany usa team (preferrable!) or indonesia team together *lets pray for this to really happened LOL* The last 10 seconds of the ripping nametag game was really interesting, JH really go to JK for protection.. i think i heard her voice saying "oppa illuwa palli" means something like "oppa come here faster" (JK was sitting on the bench before JH run to him *i saw it on slow motion speed*) pls correct me if im wrong ya~ Lastly, after SJ praised SA for being exempted from penalty, looks like JS was about to said something while gave side eyes to his right (anybody know hangul? Pls help to translate the 'bubble talk' note tho..) maybe he want to mention about his 'big picture' plan hahaha.. also i found it funny that other members said nobody cares about KS-SM romance LOL, anyway i LOVE all the natural interactions between SA, they dont need scripts or to be in the highlight bcoz we can spot them with our eyes
  2. Hello lovelies like everyone else.. im also enjoying this episode so so so much! All things have been mentioned by u guys for the recent eps.. we have the best combi of JS-JK, JS was so smart&sloppy and JK is just so amazing, not bad for SC also carrying the job for first time.. i rmmbr KS was freaking out for his first time being a spy hahaha.. i noticed SC always in protective mode n amazed by his JH noona (ie after JH wrongly answered 6x5=15 & when SJ almost kicking JH when she stole the jaegi) and for some reason im really not expecting JK-SC bonding is so strong *another dongsaeng to protect JH beside KS* (we got to know JK was the one recommended SC to RM) SM also so bold to be so close with JK during judgement time & asking JK is it ok for him to go to the trip after they gave her the sticker.. lol I really hope JK got to go for this I GO trip since he is the bravest of all, he said he dont mind being selected since he like to travel abroad n said that he want to/can do the mission.. i love SJ in this eps too, he was so funny when he forgot he was eliminated in ssam my way & when he was in sherlock mode =P In the bus, i love that JH suggested to play new game to PD its like she want to protected JK when everyone criticized JK bcoz he was so mad lol.. n then she said the same answer with JK "15" with mong face hahaha (JK reaction to cover his face also cute hehehe) - if im not mistaken its JK voice right who said "of course u do" when JH said "i know that 6x5 is 30" *this cutie couple* one more thing PD did mentioned "u all chose your own seats" before ssam my way game.. see how very magnet couple they are, chose to seat side by side by themselves (oh JH also so aegyo beside JK when she said "gosh, its scary") JS-JK bickering was the best thing as well, its like thats their way of showing how really close they are outside RM.. JK was playing with his phone in courtroom after JH ousted, did he text JH to say sorry? Lol just kidding..his acting was daebak! Poor JH in jail tho, i think she was mad being gang up by both JK-JS (surely bcoz she was the ace, biggest thread who will reveal both of them if not ousted earlier) at first JH kind of seeking JK help when JS trapped her lol pity her, at the end she can only laugh n smile..cant wait for next episode *okay end of rant, sorry this was long tho*
  3. Tq @sana82 I love the eating scene so much, so many moments.. i saw their feet/shoes are side by side under the table hahaha, its like twin! Around 1:00:42 & 1:01:22 mins
  4. I'm not able to view this.. can u share what minute this happen in the episode?
  5. 1st pic : awwww JH brother was there too~
  6. Full view Dancing
  7. Good job guys i love that the page moves so fast.. keep on posting bcoz i love to read ur tots In the recent eps 354, before HH joined SA for wefie i guess JK already snap some of photos of him n JH.. *first selfie pic, before the pic with VJs* I imagine there's a lots of unknown/private pics in his phone hehe *we know that its so rare for him to post a pic which has JH in it on his IG* Even tho each of them have their own gopro cam on hand still we get less airtime from them.. PD/editor must have a hard time to edit their part LOL! Thats y we got fast forward video from JK *which contained some SA moments* Tq fans in Japan who captured lots of un-aired BTS for example like below vid where I guess it looks like JH tap on JK shoulder? and protect herself from him hehe.. so so cute! She is so carefree when she's with JK n watch her lovely voice tone which so different when she's with other member. One more favorite scene was JK smile so big after he got kicked by JH In eps 249, after they both choose white jjajang n have a car ride together, i really want to see that footage to hear what would they discuss when only both of them alone even alone HH got his footage aired.. did they switch off the camera or something but at least we got the cute selfie of them before entering the restaurant~
  8. Ok let me try to answer this question, bear with me hehe @athoughtcloud1 I start watching RM late 2015 or early 2016 with very natural feeling since i hate this show previously bcoz i simply dont watch it.. then start liking JK bcoz other members always want to eliminate him bcoz he is too strong and have so many skills.. when they start monday couple i feel like its too force n JH look so uncomfortable with it but she still gave her best to be monday GF.. at the same time i notice she always refer to JK and respect him as well, even after the news broke about her dating the CEO she has create distance with KG but still looks close with JK even more, so i start on shipping them by myself until i found this forum end of 2016, when i read from the first page n read the notes for episodes by u guys i feel like "wow its not only me who notice this kind of secret interactions between SA" (am so happy that we r on the same ship LOL) Lastly my fav episode of course the princess n the beast where JH team up with JK n SJ.. she was wayyyy too comfortable to be (1st) piggyback by JK & JK would listen to anything what JH would said patiently (in several episodes also i notice that JK was like the only person who pay attention to what JH would said bcoz he always response with 'deh' or nodded his head silently) *end of rant*
  9. Tq @athoughtcloud1 for posting the pic of JS sudden mentioned of JK, it was so fast n i almost missed it.. i like that both JK n JH being the team lead in this episodes, i noticed that JH personality is bit similar to JK actually.. in RL a person with blood type A is quite a disipline person which always follow the rules or goal driven type (both of them are blood type A along with KG, maybe thats y they are less funny than others ) In russia team JK stated that he dont want to repeat the fishing on the boat for the next day n he want the mission to finish by hook or by crook at EOD hence the 'real men' scene.. LOL, i also love that HH self nominated himself as 2nd commander and JK didnt scold him for that hehe (im thinking maybe bcoz of this also HH is excluded from Japan penalty) & in mongolia team obviously we can see that JH keep everyone on their toes and to keep on going to finish the mission, she keeps on taking notes/names in her blacklist book. This are some good quality on our SA that i'm proud of them
  10. Episode 351 is so funny i loved it, how they need to survive in other foreign country.. whats shocking for me is that JH said she have to change her name, hurmmmm.. SA are so free in this episode like they have nothing to hide n just act like they normally do.. there are the footnote by pd "its more annoying bcoz they accept the teasing" when HaHa told them to date, LOL (i think JK said "we never get worked up" & SJ said "they dont care" from the dialog but im not so sure)
  11. So many SA moments... soooo happy but in 1 scene did JK did violence to JH before they start bickering? Its so fast cant see it clearly
  12. Did u guys notice JS nudged JH at mins 59.22, this reminded me of eps 220 at mins 7.52 Whats funny is that JH teased JK so many times in this eps.. its good to see her talk more like old eps 1- "excuse me, lucky u kim jong kook" (when HL pick JK) 2- "hes so nice to her" (when HL mic dropped) 3- "u're cunning" (when JK flustered after he answered the question) 4- "u're so scary" (after JK got mad at JS not doing proper job) One more interesting part was JK didn't deny he was part of Red Team with his red cap & stay close too SC instead of HL, and sometime JH & SC switched place too
  13. I tried to watch live n gave up on the second part where they focus too much on you know who team.. i knew it will be like what @athoughtcloud1 said, pfffttttt..... *sigh*
  14. Who is going to RM live in Malaysia? Look at them
  15. I googled translate the caption from the PD notes for the throwback pics...its really something fishy tho, hahaha some of it i dont even understand the meaning lol 1) JK push JH - eps 338 지효야아~ 오빠가 밀어줄게~ 이거놔아아!! jihyoyaa~ oppaga mil-eojulge~ igeonwaaa!! ENGLISH : Ji Hyo Ya ~ I'll push you brother ~ Let this go! 2) JK sitting behind JH - eps 338 찡찡지효의 모습도 정말 사랑스럽죠?! jjingjjingjihyoui moseubdo jeongmal salangseuleobjyo?! ENGLISH : I'm really loving the look of Jungjung JiHyo !? 3) JH stared at JK? - eps 339 어찌~나 열심히 게임을 하더니! eojji~na yeolsimhi geim-eul hadeoni! ENGLISH : I played a game so hard! 4) JH hug JK - eps 346 이렇게! 사랑합시다!♡ (어색어색) ileohge! salanghabsida!♡ (eosaeg-eosaeg) ENGLISH : like this! Let's love! ♡ (awkward awkward)