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  1. In this new eps343, im very curious when KS getting mad he had to go to 'Romantic Fortress Tour' with JK n JH.. KS didnot said JK couple or JH couple tho, he only said 'am i going with JK & JH?' LOL N then JS was repeating the same 'JK n JH are going to romantic fortress tour' (again no mentioned of couple or team etc) I heard JS said something about jjang bla3 too
  2. They have arrived in thailand, wow kudos to the fans *clap3* https://www.instagram.com/p/BRdkGsrgWOi/
  3. Good job @linzer03 keep it up! im already on further episodes rewatch so lazy to go back on earlier ones hehehe.. In eps 177 KG & Gil eps, around minute 29.04 I noticed JH touch JK hand, sorry if this has been mentioned before.. And then in eps 291 the revelation of MC, when JS asked KS whose bodies he want to switch with & KS answer was JH.. I feel like he said this was because he was jealous of her, if im not mistaken KS has said in some interview that JK wife will be very happy to have him, just my thought tho bcoz KS refused to answer why he want to be JH, it might be other reasons as well @Adines Nugraha i love when JS call JK jongkookie, he always call him kookjong also
  4. @Sarita Ramchandani try this http://aqstream.com (sometime it work sometime its not for me hehe )
  5. Heard JK calling JH several times in this eps but since its not subbed i dont know what does he said 1st one rite after they failed second round at throwing shoes & 2nd one after entering the passcode of the house.. its so cute tho, jihyo ya jihyo ya
  6. Initially JK was supposed to carry JH bridal style to break that thing instead of KS.. but too bad they failed at throwing shoes and not enough time
  7. Current RM timeslot is the same timeslot for 2D1N rite? If so maybe they dont know how to beat 2D1N on the same time so they move it earlier airtime...
  8. @linzer03 yeah i noticed this too, protective Jh is so cute awww....
  9. @chelseafjl8 this gifs is from last part of videos from poster is it? I could not find it, can u share with me the link? Tq
  10. 1st gif full hug? 2nd gif side hug?
  11. @athoughtcloud1 the thing is fans always tagged Jk in ig for example.. im annoyed by this.. he is someone who are conscious and aware of everything around him *sigh*
  12. I think Jk cap on Js episode was raiders..this run dmc cap was from twice episode - looking at the their jacket as well (Jk n Jh same team) rite
  13. I really want to know how come DS promoted to be a Hwarang.. hahaha he killed his brother tho
  14. Yes he was there.. it was SH who was missing hehe
  15. oh in the last scene on riding horse, why BR hair fashion change lol... i though only SW hair is like that..