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  1. @ludadeer can you translate some comments for us please want to know what they're saying to our lovely GE?
  2. Wow! This is such a great news for us ! I'm super happy can't contained it, I've been shouting by myself while reading the break up news about them! At last.. The next news we will hear is Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun is dating! Waaaaa ! @ghosthunt : I just want to clarify, hehehe who are those spotted in Gangnam restaurant? GY and GE?
  3. I changed my username here in SOOMPI I just noticed that most if not all don't use their real names as their username, so I decided to change it.. I'm just new to this shipperworld , but I think this would be my first and last couple whom I will ship since its not that easy to wait and be patient. #GYGEshippermyfirstandlast #loveallyourpostsherechingus
  4. I'm sorry I just want to upload a photo of GY and GE why it's not working? can't seem to delete the blank posts it's their picture but it's not showing, can you help me chingus?
  5. She really is no doubt about it . #sohappytoseepostsrelatedtoher
  6. @JaneyBae I thought I'm the only one who's having this problem posting the IG posts now I know why.. I'm hoping that our GongGo couple are sitting side by side in their dinner last night that's why we don't have any pictures .. #delulumodeOn
  7. After the DVD commentary all casts and staff had dinner according to an IG posts , the casts signed all there signatures on one paper.. I don't know why I can't post the picture here, I'm getting an error message when I post the link here . Anyone can help me?
  8. One thing that I noticed today on this photo is GY facial expression(lips is flattened or pursed, it looks like this photo below (hehe Ajusshi Obama) and based on our GongGo serious faces I started to check what lips body language is and I don't know what to feel after reading something about this, if this is a bad thing or a good thing? Help me to analyze this chingus or maybe I'm just paranoid and doing some over thinking LMAO hehe (Article inside the spoiler section) #dontgiveup #forevergonggocouple #lifeofashipperissohard #loveGYGE
  9. I want to see them looking at each other and smiling, why they look too serious here? GY looked like he just woke up, hehe but still gorgeous and our Dokkaebi shinbu, want to see her beautiful smile But still I'm super excited and happy seeing both of them in one picture! After almost one and half months without seeing each other hope that there hearts race when there eyes meet each other for the first time #GYGE
  10. Looking serious this two, it's like they're hiding something? Exactly my reaction when I saw this picture
  11. Happy 500k followers on our Go Eun instagram account! Daebak! Hope she will post something soon! #GoblinsBride #GongJiCheolsBride #Destin
  12. can I be the #babyDoryinthesea #seashipperfamily #Gong Go couple It's really amazing to see GY and LDW together again.. But the interaction between this two makes me miss and long for our beautiful bride KGE we don't get much updates about her compare with the leading men in Goblin.. Hope the next reunion we see is GY and GE laughing and shooting honey eyes to each other.. I'm getting excited just thinking about them seeing each other again.. #lifeofashipper #dontgiveup #gonggoforeverdestin