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  1. Just finished watching ep 4 and Im more immersed in this drama now thanks to Yoo Jin Oh. Go Kyung Pyo is so dashing in that 1930's outift and I can't get enough of him . Another thing that I love is the fashion style of CEO-nim. He was so different from his past character in Goblin. He shines more in this drama. @CatchMine_ID I keep replaying the satellite song thanks to your fmv. Just watched it yesterday.
  2. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    She looks a bit chubby but to me it means her life is full of happiness. Looking at her smile brighten my morning
  3. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    Yeah..Im greatful for any video of her. I love JungSeol too but mostly at the beginning of the drama before it became the drama behind drama. Pls share the link here when it's ready ^^
  4. I like his interpretation of Han Se Joo so far. The hairstyle looks quirky but somehow it suits his character. I have been his fan since his time as Crazy Horse ^^
  5. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    I watched Coin Locker Girl again for the fifth time two days ago. This time with a friend of mine who is her new fan. She was good in Memories of Sword too. @CatchMine_ID How about making new video of her in CITT? or have you made one? I love all your FMVs esp Goblin's ones
  6. [Official] GOBLIN COUPLE | Kim Go Eun x Gong Yoo

    Watching the news of him makes me feel touched. He has gone through a lot to be where he is now. He definitely deserves all the attention he's getting now ^^
  7. [Official] GOBLIN COUPLE | Kim Go Eun x Gong Yoo

    Sorry for cutting your post but i totally agree with this. I bet those who mostly voted for PBG were teenagers in school ^^ @ghosthunt is 33 times the limit to vote for free? how long the voting will be? i really want to vote but now im just too busy with work 2 weeks to go before im free to rewatch Goblin again~
  8. [Official] GOBLIN COUPLE | Kim Go Eun x Gong Yoo

    Hi everyone, I just wanna share this with anyone who has not watched it. Her voice is lovely as always