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  1. KGE first fanmeeting: 21/5/2017 at Sungshin Women's University This is her first ever fanmeet! Glad to know that she's loved by many fans in Korea ^^
  2. KGE gratitude message I shall google translate it lol #5yearswithkimgoeun
  3. Badass KGE #5yearswithkimgoeun Cheers to another 15-25 years of impressive performance and passionate acting!
  4. Kim Go Eun for Triwa She's mighty gorgeous More pictures
  5. @princess nour90 I saw many ig users start taking down their Goblin Hanryu Pia photos after this warning post, although they've credited the sources. I know that normally magazines are not that stingy but this magazine seems to be pretty strict about the whole sharing scanned images lol
  6. @princess nour90 I think you have to delete the Hanryu Pia post just to avoid possible problems I just saw this
  7. @princess nour90 Thank you! Hopefully one kind soul would translate it to English She looks so cool with that pose! @ucylucy This Lancôme though -.- They pronounced her name as Kim Jo-Un during the interview and spelled her name as Kim Seo-Un lol but so happy to see she's recognized. The funny thing when they describe her as a TV superstar when she only has done 2 dramas, but more movies KLAC website update
  8. IG update She's the one with hoodie most likely Glad to see she's active again
  9. At least she seems to enjoy herself and yeah @Mage Abando I liked her previous stylist's taste. Hoping for a better dress or pantsuit (GE never fails to rock pantsuit) in Baeksang
  10. Not a fan of her dress but she's still pretty! I just watched the event live and the view counts actually rose by 50+ during the interview session and dropped by 200+ after that lol. Even after she finished the interview, many people on FB still commented that they want to see more of her I'm still highly disappointed with the dress -__-
  11. I think that picture is not taken at the same time with Cannes festival, her hair was quite short back then cr TeamKimGoEun twitter And her chubby cheek is adorable and healthy! I hope she slays the red carpet during the Gala dinner
  12. @angjay lmao hi and thanks for the warm welcome. Is he shooting a cf or photoshoot there? Lombok looks very beautiful, hopefully fans will not disturb his work/vacation ^^
  13. At last, it's been quite long since her last public appearance! And she's glowing! looking forward for the photoshoot Thanks @ucylucy! @angjay Sorry if my post sounds somewhat negative, but don't be alarmed it was just a neutral general message haha :)) I lurked silently at GY thread too just to see his updates
  14. @CatchMine_ID Haha thank you for your words lol my previous post must have sounded quite pitiful such that some users start to come out lol. I guess I wrote that with a certain amount of shock. Btw your English sounds alright haha I'm still learning as well, and yup I like that CITT ost even when I didn't know KGE sings it You made fmvs? wah that's cool ^^ @angjay no need to say sorry? I might pass by your thread as well lol, and like princess nour90 said if you fancy some tearjerker movie you can try Canola Almost all the usernames here seems familiar, so you may see me in your recent profile visitor list (sorry). Just saying in general, since even the current owner directly quote an announcement from the shipper thread, let's not bring the heartaches over here and hopefully no one with ill intention will come by ^^ (not targeting the passerby lol) posting this just because I'm hoping she would walk down the red carpet at Baeksang