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  1. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    I'm not sure what this is about but yeah I'll try to find out later ^^ From K-Arts: Translation:
  2. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    Official FM photos from Hodu Ent fb
  3. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    @kazdr Hello!! *waving I'm not Filipino but hi (I'm around 18 hours away from there lol )!! It's nice to see you here ~ You can check her bio on the first page Actually It's translated by Kim Go Eun Philippines ^^ I hope Goblin will receive much love in your country
  4. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    From iflixth More bts from abs-cbn, taken from @ggonessi
  5. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    Full song I look to you in fm https://m.weibo.cn/status/4109911367468376 I can't seem to embed the weibo video here, but seriously when she hits that high note at the end, I go from "öww what a beautiful voice" to "whoooooah slaayy gurrll"
  6. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    Thank you for all the updates!! Diff time zones makes me MIA -.- I'll just spam my comments then I'm so glad that the fm was a success! Also the guests are all her close friends! A chingu who attended the fm said that there were many fanboys (in military attire lol) and mothers coming with their daughters came to the fm She surely attract wide groups of fans. I like how the fm concept is so laid back and chill lol She was actually wearing a sweatpants in her fm lol It's so nice to see GY sending a video message He's a good sunbae to her and I heard JDY also sent a video message? Lastly, hopefully this is not a repost: merobilia from her fm *waiting for hd pictures from Hodu U although with fan taken pictures, she already looks so pretty! Once again Thank you for the updates! @ucylucy and @ChunSungIm ^^ Additional info, thanks to van311, "More findings about our lovely GE's fanmeet from the posts of Knetz: 1. The celebrities who sent video message - Yook Sung Jae, LDW, GY from Dokkabi - JDY - Lee Yoo Young, an actress from the same school as GE - Seo Gang Joon from CITT - Um Tae Gu, Go Gyong Pyo, PBG from Coin locker girl 2. ET's adult dance scene - GE said she was very sick when shooting this scene. She got a fever(39-40c) after coming back from shooting Ski resort scene and she said her body swelles up easily when taking antibiotics, so she could see her swelled face only in this scene. ... 4. GE sang "Look to you"(i don't know the song) and the fans were amazed by how good she was. ..."
  7. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    Old stuff I know but 3 more days to her fm ^^
  8. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    RJY pictures with KGE by C-JES Ent. http://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=7612529&memberNo=28655711# And yeass I love Canola!! Finally it's recognized. Honestly, that's the director's best work thus far Thank you for the news ^^ @ucylucy
  9. Hi! I agree that he's a very passionate actor and thus it might not be easy for him to let go of his character. But that's why people are touched by his acting and hence he can best portray those kind of emotionally demanding roles I feel that with many years of experience in the industry, he knows how to get through this kind of issue and continues to do very well Of course, for now after doing 3 movies and 1 drama consecutively, I hope he could take as much time as he needed to rest~ Here is some part of his interview in Marie Claire (May 2016) I might got the month wrong and let me randomly drop this here He knows what he needs to do to get through the 'slump'
  10. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    Update from Hodu Ent. Tickets to Kim Go Eun 1st Fan Meet on 21st May Sold Out in 3 Minutes! http://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=7631330&memberNo=35214926 I'm so happy that she has many fans supporting her FM! Her fm's ticket selling sounds like some idol concert or something. I also like their poster's theme Her IG update P.S She's absolutely gorgeous in that HighCut video and the song is really on point For the sake of HD
  11. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    Kim Go Eun at Movie Premiere "The Merciless" starring Kim Hee Won who is her costar in Canola She skipped the red carpet but she still looks so pretty! This movie has been selected to be screened at 69th Cannes Festival
  12. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    Promotional video for KGE's fm by Arjenia I'm looking forward for the fancams! I'm curious about what she's gonna do, her guest(s), and her outfit (lol I'm quite paranoid). Speaking about outfit: Style Review of Kim Go Eun : http://m.entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=076&aid=0003090553 It's in Korean, but thanks to @dcsg9, he/she translated the part about stylist's explanation on why she chose the tuxedo dress for Baeksang "with tuxedo dress, I wanted to make a distinction (from the others imo). I wanted to manage the chic and luxury aspect of the dress with hair - make up in fresh and lovely way" -stylist,naver So far the comments are all positive I'm actually more curious about that Lancôme dress -__- . Anw, let me repost this because she's so adorable!
  13. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    Ig update from stylist eel - bts of highcut photoshoot
  14. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    Arjenia ig update Trans : Go Eun, and joh-eun (good or great feeling?) Yeah something along that line. I think it's a pun Or is it related to the upcoming fm idk Btw @ucylucy I cringe so hard when RJY praised KGE. How could he said it with a straight face Anyway some acting appreciation post (and I'm trying to use imgur for the first time, let's see whether it works)
  15. Kim Go Eun 김고은

    @ChunSungIm Yeah normally they wouldn't release the breakdown votes. But I think they did so, because many were questioning why Goblin didn't win the best drama. Honestly, I think My Dear Friend winning that category is considered fair too (it's really heartwarming), and KES got a Daesang afterall, so that makes up for it. As for KGE, actually only 2 actresses who get votes; the other 3 didn't get a vote at all. I don't know what the criteria is, but those who got a vote actually have their characters' names as the title of the dramas, so yeah their roles must have been the focus point on those dramas (unlike Goblin). Hence, their roles might be considered harder to be successfully portrayed. Of course these are all my assumptions. Anyway, getting nominated in Baeksang is still an achievement! There are many good actress, and even top A-listers who make a comeback to small screen last year, but instead GE made it to the shortlist. There are still a lot of time for her to impress the audience and the juries I'm just glad that after at first many were doubting whether she is good enough to play alongside well-established senior actors like GY or LDW, and now with the nomination, it actually proves that she is certainly more than good enough. P.S Are all Koreans have flawless skin? From the ig posts, not only GE but all of her friends also have perfect skin lol