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  1. @Cedric Ong @sc_4bfd6599c64db57788c51ac9bd9befd1 thank you for the beautiful pictures. I didn't know they're from weibo. I cannot like any of the post now. My like button just kinda disappeared. Can anyone please tell me what happened? Something wrong with my account?
  2. The artwork is beautiful. I hope whoever the artist is will continue to do for future episodes Credit to AvenueX Instagram
  3. YL: You are the one who can understand me most. QC:Then do you feels better now? YL: What do you mean? QC: Beacause I understands you. YM: How can I bear to take your life... but I want him dead. LF: Brother-in-law be assured... as long as it's something you wants, LF will bring it to you personally. CP: can I be that we already have a child? LF: yes... our child... in my stomach. But... CP: If so, we have no way to hide about us already. LF: Fireworks in broad daylight can be this bright... ??: This is YuLing army's signal to starts fighting. QC: Can it be that the crown prince is moving the YuLing army? ??: Yes. If YuLing army and XuanJia army starts fighting, consequences will be unthinkable. LF: Your highness... ??: Your highness you must not! CP: Shut up. QC: ?? herb shouldn't have this effect. Why like this... QC: I didn't think it would happens this way. YL: What do you mean? QC: The medicine in LF's hand is given by me. It's ??herb. It can fake a person as dead but I didn't know it was changed to a poison that can take human life. At first I thought everything is in my control but didn't think LF would be so stupid. YL: can only say it's LF love for eldest brother. QC: No. The person LF loves is not crown prince. It's Prince Ming.
  4. I think that scene is not from this lost love in time drama. It's taken from Xu HaiQiao (YuanZhan)'s other drama Hua QianGu Journey of Flower.
  5. I hopes he doesn't have same ending in the drama. I was hoping for he and CaiQian to be secondary couple. There was a hugging scene of them at beach in the ending song. This drama better have happy ending for YuanLing and QingChen. Otherwise YL is going to lose both his brother and the woman he loves. A repeat of bubujingxin ending...
  6. Can I know what happened to him? I read on Wikipedia about YuanZhan's cousin Yin CaiQian character that she is 11th YuanChe's love lady and accompanied him till his death. Did he die in the novel? I don't want anything happened to him
  7. I agree. How clearer can YL say to her than that. I didn't like her in TMOPB. I didn't like her in PA. When I first saw her in this drama she didn't seem as a bad character. I thought maybe for once she's going to be a likeable character. But now she starts to irritate me again. I don't think YL's mother Consort Liang will take kindly to the idea of her son becoming a prince consort and leaving Wei state. I read on Wikipedia that Yin CaiQian is 11th YuanChe's love lady and she accompanied him till his death. Can book readers please tell me if 11th died? I saw on ending theme song YuanLing pouring wine in front of a tomb stone. I like 11th. He is a cute character. Hope nothing happens to him.
  8. I also wish the dance part is longer. It's so beautiful!!! Liu ShiShi really have that quiet elegant aura. The fight with dark sorceress in episode 17 was also very beautiful.
  9. Actually I can understand only about 80% of the conversations. But today is weekend holiday so I thought I’ll try doing a summary for ep 20. Please correct me if there’s mistakes. YuanLing went to see YuanZhan and said medical store is already finished asked him to give it to QingChen. He was doing it for the sake of poor women who had no home to return to and not because of QC. Without her he would still do the same. (yeah... right...I believe you) Then YZ says QC was in his manor now YL said he has things to do and left hastily. (haha) YZ wondered what happened between them that night. QingChen looked at deceased Feng XianWu’s portrait and thought that since she and Feng XianWu resembled each other so much and FXW was very good at dancing she could use it to enter Feng manor. YuanChe asked YL why was he letting 7th brother took the credit when it was his effort. YL replied he and QC had nothing to do with each other anymore. YC complains his money was wasted then. (poor thing ) QC asked YZ to let her and other girls perform a dance for him and other princes. YZ agreed but he wanted to invite Princess DuoXia for the dance as well. On the night of QC’s dance, mood between the brothers was light as 12th price joke with his elder brothers. 7th prince YZ said other than burning down his manor he’s fine with anything 12th prince do. Only 9th prince seemed depressed and kept drinking. 3rd prince looked worried and asked him drink less. Feng LuanFei arrived and a look passed between her and 9th prince. A flashback showed us that 9th prince asked her to stop the marriage between crown prince and the princess for it would make crown prince position unshakable. Princess DuoXia arrived but crown prince was not there to welcome her. He was in the library looking for a book. Feng LuanFei came to library and offered him to help him find the book. She started to seduce him and QingChen passed by and saw them. QC started performing her dance and 9th grabbed her, taking her wrongly of his deceased wife. 7th prince said QC was his guest and not to offend her and 9th apologizes. Feng LuanFei agreeed QC looked like her elder sister and noticed the yellow butterfly on QC’s wrist. 3rd prince volunteered himself to send 9th prince home as his own alcohol tolerance was low as well. The crown prince announced that Princess DX came to choose her prince consort and their father already agreed of that matter. The princess declared that she choose Prince Ling. YL told her that yes he had said before ...he likes desert scenery...he likes her personality but no, that is not love between a man and a woman. And he already had someone in his heart. DX asked if that person is QC. He replied marriage is decreed by parents but he thinks following one’s own heart is the correct way. The princess asked him to think of the current political situation. His rejecting the marriage is that because he loathes her. YL replies he already explained very clearly to her that he does not love her as a woman. DX announced there’s still a lot of time left. She can find a way to make him love her. And Liang state is a threat to both her AChai tribe and his Wei state (ah.. you are so annoying. If you care so much for your tribe, why don't you marry the crown prince like you should in the first place) QC apologized to YZ about the fiasco just now and YZ told her not put on her mind about that. It was not something that she can control anyway. QC invited him to come visit her medical store? (not sure of the place she's saying) She’ll welcome him with zither music and good tea. YZ replied he will and not to think of him annoying if he comes too often. He asked her if she really doesn’t know anything of her origin. She replied she doesn’t and that she wants to ask her master but her master is nowhere to be found. YZ then asked what is her thinking if 4th brother agrees Princess DX marriage proposal. She said it will be a beautiful case then. Feng LuanFei reported her father about QC’s butterfly thingy on her wrist. Minister Feng decided he must see QC if that is the case and QC can be his lost daughter. 9th prince cried in front of his deceased wife’s tombstone and said he met a girl resembled her so much. He asked is that she came back. If so why she wouldn’t remember him. He’s been living in hell since the day she died. 3rd prince watched his brother from afar. YZ’s side consort came to see QC and gave her a jade pendent. She stated this should belong to legal consort of Prince Zhan and asked whether QC agree to be that. QC asked her back why is she doing so when no wife in this world wants to see her husband with another woman. Side consort Jin replied that she is borne of a concubine of Jin family. She can only be side consort and never become YZ’s legal wife. If not QC another woman will take the place of his princess consort. Since YZ has QC in his heart she wants to ask QC marry him. QC rejected her. Side consort Jin asked QC if the person in her heart is Prince Ling. QC say none of them are. She thinks YZ nothing of this sorts and that she will leave if her presence in the manor cause a misunderstanding. Side consort Jin gave the pendent to QC anyway and asked her to think of this matter carefully first. QC thought to herself : ever since she reset the time and came to this world, a lot of things have changed. Magic stones can’t be found either. What should she do next. Edited. Typo error. @omiki thank you for correcting me. Such an important fact
  10. Found chibis for main characters... From https://sut3kii.wordpress.com
  11. Aren't they cute?? Credit to: AvenueX Instagram
  12. Actually it's not Liu ShiShi's own voice. QingChen's voice is dubbed by a voice actress. The same voice actress for BaiQian, Bai PingTing and princess WeiYoung. YuanLing's voice is by the same voice actor for YeHua and YeWen Yue. When I watch this drama I feels like hearing YeHua and BaiQian cuz they are dubbed by same actors
  13. Thank you for your corrections. When she said yi xiang qing yuan de qing I was thinking yeah... right... lady.. you saved a man time and again not even caring your own life and you says one-sided. You think he will take your words? By the way, those ridiculous haidos and hair ornaments are way over the top. And what's with the gigantic ribbons on the actors waist
  14. My chinese is not very good. Anyone please correct me if there's mistakes QingChen: Your highness coming in the middle of the night, is something the matters? YuanLing: I don't like not understanding. You give me an answer and I will leave here immediately. QingChen: Since I chose to remain in Prince Zhan's manor, does your highness still doesn't understand my choice? YuanLing: Everything is because of 7th brother and it's just a wishful love of mine? QingChen: QingChen has no way to return this love of wishful thinking
  15. I'm stilling mixing up YuanLing and YuanZhan. Why must the producers choose two actors who can pass for twins for first and second male leads? In the first episode when I first saw YuanZhan with flowers I thought it was YuanLing thinking about past. Yes that's the best thing I like about this drama. Even when the characters are using magic the colours are acceptable not so dramatic. It really can become another TMOPB if the storyline is solid throughout.