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  1. Sorry... call me dumb but I really can't figure out who is the guy in the picture The girl is FengJiu right? But DongHua DJ doesn't wear black...can anyone please tell me who is the guy? It's so cute...
  2. I have the pdf version of hamster's translation. Let me know your email ... I'll send it you
  3. Hi all... can any kind soul here guide me where I can download To the Sky Kingdom? Or read online link... Thank you in advance
  4. 2nd and 4th brothers are both high gods. When BQ was unconscious after drinking forgetting medicine from ZY, their mother said that love trials for gaining high god status were very painful experience. Her brothers have also gone through before but they weren't so heartbroken to the point of asking for forgetting medicine afterwards. Those people from Eastern sea? Or western sea? (I can't remember... BQ's eldest senior brother family) addressed 4th brother as high god. And Dong Hua addressed 2ns brother as high god also.. Hope it helps you I wonder if TianJun's sons are high gods though. YH's father and LiangSong .. even together they cannot defeat the four beasts guarding herbs at YingZhou.. 2nd prince becomes just a sea water lord after he married XiaoXin. If these three brothers are not high gods, QingQiu's royal family is much more accomplished then JiuChongTian's
  5. Yan13 is a new character created in the drama so the novel didn't tell her story. Though in the drama she left together with YF and the two boys and since then haven't turned up again...
  6. Does anybody know when this drama will b aired??
  7. Thank u for ur recaps!! You r a life-saver :) I keep on refreshing this page everyday to read ur recaps now
  8. Yan13's Jiao Yan Lou brothel looks like the court hall of Jin. The columns really looks alike. Mayb they r using the same setting???
  9. You are so right. But then I feel that even in real life history, a man like CBJ when he may bring peace and prosperity to his country and people, his own family members and closest friends would not have peaceful lives. They suffer and sacrifice a lot for him
  10. If the drama going to follow the same storyline as in the book HX's new concubine is not going to have a good ending. HX cut off her hands in the end for staying in PT's room and playing with her guqin
  11. I've read on wiki about the new lady... Qiao Yan brothel's lady boss, CBJ's long time strategic confidente and is in love with him. long time.. does it mean he knows her even before he met PT