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  1. Yo again. Just popping in to advise y'all: If you come across some more hilarious and wild accusations against stargazers -- pay no mind. It's slapstick comedy at this point. To steal @Siracusa's legendary reaction image:
  2. I'm back again just to transmit a message to casual shippers: 1. DO NOT POST MESSAGES ON IU'S INSTAGRAM ENCOURAGING HER TO DATE LJG 2. DO NOT POST MESSAGES ON LJG'S INSTAGRAM ENCOURAGING HIM TO DATE IU (again) We do NOT want a repeat of the January debacle in which Namoo had to issue a statement denying JoonU rumours. Big-name stargazers on IG have already posted warnings about it. Any random shippers running wild, therefore, have nothing to do with us. We wash our hands of you. That is all. Have a nice day.
  3. K-media is approximately a year late to this news. But that's none of my business. /IN B4 "EVOL SHIPPERS BROKE THEM UP!!!111!": The relationship was dead in the water before this thread was even created. (Of course, don't just take my word for it. Feel free to get in touch with a Namoo employee, or perhaps one of LJG's sasaengs! They should be able to set you straight. Ta.) P.S. Since this thread is going to be heavily surveilled for the next few days, I encourage everyone not to give outsiders too much fuel for hate. (... But who am I kidding, we're going to get all the credit for it anyway! Gotta love our psychic control over rich celebrities on other continents!)
  4. Can't believe this ship is still causing flamewars in the year of our lord 2017. What kind of netizen relevancy! When will your OTPs!!1!!!!1 (This whole thing has become a comedy, ergo I'm treating it with the seriousness it deserves.) Anyway. There's a private Soompi group currently being run by some peeps here. PM me about it, I guess.
  5. Hi again. Just so you guys know, the stargazer community on IG have agreed to go on hiatus/stop tagging IU and JG/restrict themselves to MLSHR posts* for a while, so there should be no need to worry about that for now I'm encouraging this first and foremost because stargazers need to practise self-care and protect themselves from potential bullying, not because I believe we all need to whip ourselves for the ninth-circle level sin of real-life shipping. Annoyingly, people outside the fandom don't bother to distinguish between So/Soo and IU/LJG. Like, I've witnessed some anti-shippers berating MLSHR fans for posting about So/Soo. (War flashbacks to that embarrassing drama where some uaenas were censured by other uaenas for daring to interpret the TTN mv as referencing MLSHR.) Of course, the MLSHR anniversary is coming up, and everyone should feel free to celebrate the drama to their heart's content. Block anyone who says otherwise. Btw, here's a hot tip for lurking anti-shipping uaenas: If you're sick of IU being linked to LJG, might I suggest... staying out of the drama? Interestingly enough, running around in a panic shrieking about the evil of IU/LJG shipping results in... what do you know... IU's name being linked to LJG's! The only reason to take this whole comedy seriously is if there's a possibility that JHB linking herself with IU is actually not innocuous, and that IU herself might actually be involved in this garbage fire... However, since everyone not in the fandom has deemed that entirely absurd and delusional, y'all might as well stick with that belief and laugh it off. Anyway, back to drinking tea in my lair.
  6. Hello chingudeul~ If I might offer some dark humour -- we should feel thankful to LJG's official girlfriend for the ongoing entertainment. This place hasn't been this lively since the dating scandal! Re: LJG blocking fans -- allow me to corroborate @NoonaE's explanation above. Some suspect his account is being controlled, but frankly I'm inclined to believe it's just LJG himself getting fed up of his entitled fandom. (I have information to back this up too, and as per usual I can't elaborate about it.) There's a certain breed of antis who not only aim vitriol at JHB but behave in critical and aggressive ways toward LJG himself, demanding he release breakup news ASAP, etc. Considering the amount of stress JG is already under, no wonder he's blocking the uglies. Good riddance! Also, it's true that JHB's anti-base has little connection with shippers (of JoonU or any other pairing). Some prominent hajunse who are anti-JHB are also anti-JoonU. Of course, stargazers are scapegoated for the anti movement, despite the fact that stargazers and JHB antis historically do not get along. On that note: I agree with those here encouraging discretion, both towards JHB herself and regarding what's discussed on this public thread. People who are ignorant to what's been happening behind the scenes are coming for us on other platforms, due to JHB disabling comments on her IG. It's only going to get messier from here once certain real-life developments take place. Ergo, I would strongly encourage people to refrain from addressing or talking about JHB in public. I say "encourage" as I am not the boss of everyone and have no control over anyone's choices but: Don't put more fuel to this garbage fire. Take it to your own private chatrooms. I can no longer offer a mass invite to the one I'm running, due to the amount of info that we can't afford to have leaking out. (In lieu of that, I will say that anyone with a real itch to discuss ongoing events can feel free to PM me. I can't spill all of the tea but I can definitely "consult", for lack of a better word.) So that's my $0.02. Peace to everyone, and hold on to your hats!
  7. Hey guys. Just dropping in again to corroborate @NoonaE's info about the guest at LJG's father's party. Rest assured, said guest has never posed a threat, especially not currently. Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to disclose any additional info.* But whether it was this year or last, the official media girlfriend wasn't invited in either case. I'm also seconding the point about the MLSHR squad. Not only are Santeo (lol) still chummy, but Sang Hyun compulsively likes 99% of JE's posts. LJG's makeup assistant Yejin is also part of the gang -- she's pretty friendly with Hanteo and commented on JE's "For You" post along with Sang Hyun. *
  8. No no, I mean IU is literally quoting Wang So's "Soo-ya" line At least, that's my interpretation
  9. Hey stargazers. Just letting you know I've done my part with the MLSHR voting. Unfortunately I'm not optimistic about it pulling ahead of DOTS, which I wouldn't rate as highly overall (although I did cackle smugly about the SongSong news). Anyway, JoonU be spoiling us. LET'S RECAP: [PREVIOUSLY ON MLSHR SEASON 2] LJE breaks their SNS silence with two likes; LJG returns the favour and ups it with three! In this new episode, LJE posts promoting "For You" (JG's fave!), with a caption quoting LJG's previous character. JG likes the post within a matter of minutes, and raises the bar even higher with a comment (!!!!!!!). Not to spoil the rest of the show, but let it be known the plot is only going to thicken further from here on out. Get ready.
  10. Literally Lee Joongi about everything to do with his official media relationship: Anyway, JG liked yet another random personal post of JE's, so allow me to reiterate my By all means carry on.
  11. Howdy. I haven't posted on this here public forum since the 10th century, but I was compelled to make myself known again due to the OTP gettin' wild on Insta again. In summary: - IU liking two LJG posts in quick succession (for the first time since their dating rumours); - LJG posting a video featuring a cameo from IU's cf (promoting the same Chamisul soju she claimed, during their SAF "best couple" awards speech, to drink with LJG, no less!); - followed by LJG liking her post for the first time since the scandal (and the first personal post of hers to be liked by him, period) My opinion of the above: I'm not sure about before 900 pages, but it looks like the truth will indeed be coming out soon enough. (Would love to spill more tea... but it ain't for public consumption quite just yet. Until that day, let's happily stew in suspense. XOXO.)