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  1. Howdy, chingudeul! This is just a friendly neighbourhood reminder that JoonU are the light. ~Don't stop believing~. Now if you'll forgive me: For the record, I'm super pumped for everything we've seen so far of Criminal Minds! Also, allow me to belatedly remark that Palette is the bomb, although I'm still somewhat put out that "Jam Jam" wasn't a real single (I suppose acid house isn't that public-friendly... what a shame). And despite my initially seething with jealousy over the Kim Soohyun reunion, I totally loved the "Ending Scene" video. Okay, hope to talk to y'all again soon! Peace.
  2. Hello to anyone still frequenting this place (stubborn shippers, lurking haters, whatever)! I'll try to post more often here too. Looking forward to seeing more of Joongi in Criminal Minds! (Derek? Reid? WHICH IS IT?) Peace~
  3. @sublimelyheureuse Re: why this ship is so ~controversial~ In other news... REID??? Was not expecting that match. Intriguing.
  4. Hi Stargazers! I see lots of folks are interested in sharing their gossip and wild conspiracy theories away from lurkers. Unfortunately I can't keep up with everyone in this thread expressing interest, so if you'd like to be added then please PM me. (Also, let's try to keep knowledge of the private room within this thread. Don't want to lure trolls!) Looking forward to more IU releases and Criminal Minds updates! Peace.
  5. Saddened to witness this exodus.mp3. Could we do a roll call for us folks who are still here for JoonU and don't totally hate LJG's guts?? Off the top of my head there's - myself - @krysyuy - @sublimelyheureuse - @Siracusa - @akinahana89 ... Anyone else want to be part of this club? By all means speak up if I've missed you. (Also, I'm wondering if anyone wants to move over to a private chatroom maybe?? I know antis are lurking here and it's creeping me out tbh, even as someone on the low end of deluluness.) Anyway. I totally agree with the speculation that Joongi and JHB are likely a casual on-off thing. Some are jumping to UPCOMING NUPTIALS because LJG confirmed but... nah, fam. He confirmed because Dispatch pulled receipts. Trying to spin it any other way would flop. (Then again, who knows, I could be totally wrong and by this time next year they'll be hitched and I'll eat my words, god forbid.) I also just can't reconcile being truly serious about your partner and then going to the fanservice lengths that Joongi has gone. As far as MEC is concerned, I don't think LJG crossed any line with PMY. It was all scripted. The fanservice with IU, though, actually IS gratuitous. Like, here is what is required to do your job: - Walking the red carpet, posing for the camera, accepting the couple award together, praising your costar's work - Guesting at your costar's event, reenacting drama scenes - Generally being supportive towards your costar Here is what is NOT required to do your job: - Numerous comments about the attractiveness of your costar ("the more I drink the more I notice Jieun's beauty" #never forget) - Insistence on holding hands (which IU actually tried to avoid more than once) - Attempts to propel emotional intimacy ("... so let's get back to what you think about me!") The second list is not the behaviour of someone being 100% professional. And since we have no evidence yet that Joongi is a womanizing playboy manslut, the simplest explanation to all of this is that his relationship with JHB probably isn't that deep. Considering how long they've known each other, they've probably been friends with benefits. So honestly, I'm not really mad on either JHB or IU's behalf. (tbh, as a general rule I don't do protectiveness of celebrities who are rolling in all our $$$$$, lmao.) In other news... not gonna lie, the IU/Kim Soohyun MV news kind of stings, since that's something we were wanting to see for her and LJG. I don't know if the MV will be a romantic storyline, but chemistry-wise IU/KSH can't beat IU/LJG. So yeah, I'll probably be watching that MV grumpily imagining LJG instead. In any case, I'm pretty confident that this collab is happening to further bury IU/LJG gossip.
  6. Amen. I'm amused by those responding to this news with "finally the IU/LJG ship is sunk"! Listen, children. If the Kate and Leo ship is still going strong after 20 years and 3 spouses, then Lee flipping Joongi dating another girl for a little over a year is some small potatoes. I do understand that people are disappointed by Joongi's conduct. I'm not really deterred, though, because to me it's not really about right or wrong. IU also was already taken when this all began. And unlike LJG, she was self-professedly madly in love with Kiha and had been with him longer. Clearly that didn't stop JoonU from getting close! Now we've found out LJG too was attached while he was having all this offscreen chemistry with IU. What this really just proves is that the JoonU chemistry is SORDID YET UNSTOPPABLE. It's fine. I love a good forbidden attraction! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... So yeah, I'm not going anywhere. Perversely looking forward to Joongi's fanmeet... Hope he's not suffering too much, the poor scoundrel...
  7. I’m not on the Joongi-bashing train, but I can sympathise with fans being irritated with him since what he’s been doing has been duplicitous in a way that’s straight up weird for regular people. Basically, here’s what happened: For career reasons, actor Joongi really wanted to capitalise on his romantic hero image from MLSHR. In order to do that, he had to be seen acting romantically with women (IU, Minyoung). Hence fan service, MEC. All that talk about being a lonely woobie was for that goal too (not just to protect his rl gf, tbh). Meanwhile, dun dun dun, the private Joongi has actually been involved with JHB the whole time. The bottom line is this: Joongi is an ambitious person. If he were less ambitious, then he’d have been grateful for the popularity boost from MLSHR and then chilled. Instead, he’s been going out of his way to milk the thirst! Of course, that’s totally his prerogative (and from a business perspective, I give him props for it, lol). But I do get that kind of calculatedness and image-consciousness is off-putting to most people. (Think of it this way though: IU’s long been regarded as a “sly fox”, and now LJG’s been exposed as a PLAYER!!! A match made in heaven, amirite.) Anyway, I’m not that pressed about the news mainly because this kind of behaviour is what I expect from A-listers… and also because I’d managed my expectations for JoonU. I’ve been on board purely because (1) their brotp IS real, and (2) I see an inappropriate amount of UST between them. However, I wasn't necessarily counting on that to deliver results. Nevertheless, let's get this straight: fanservice/careerism isn’t mutually exclusive with genuine attraction! I don’t think everyone’s been hallucinating Joongi being weirdly into IU. If anything, finding your costar attractive would just give you more incentive to promote your onscreen ship. And it’s not a crime to feel attracted to someone while being in a relationship with someone else, so long as you’re faithful to your partner. LJG might have been pushing it with the amount of flirting he’s done, but ultimately, he’s chosen the woman he knew before he ever met IU. Enough about Joongi, though. The main reason JoonU appeals to me over all of IU’s other potential pairings is that IU herself without a doubt favours him. Keep in mind that she’s always been careful not to provoke rumours, and that her breakup news hadn’t been released when they were doing all their fan service acts, and that she probably knew LJG himself was attached—and yet she still surrendered to and embraced his baiting methods! That seems to indicate that LJG has a weird and special impact on her… So yeah, so long as they remain Close Colleagues, this ship is still alive as far as I'm concerned. To me this dating news is basically the equivalent of that time So married Mu's daughter and Soo traced over So's poems a lot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Mess. Everyone's all aflame and I'm chilling. So. Here's my optimistic take on these plot-thickening revelations! (1) First of all, everyone should keep in mind that this really isn't a game-changer. IU was already in a long-term relationship when we all got here, remember? And then Scarlet Heart IU's busy schedules broke her and Kiha up. IU and LJG have just switched places. (2) Like I noticed back in January: Namoo once insisted that Joongi and Hyebin were just "close colleagues," which also is exactly how they described him and IU! Just sayin'. (3) Despite him apparently being with another girl, Joongi's treatment of IU is still an anomaly. It can't be explained away by "scripted fanservice" — LJG/PMY is also scripted shipping, but we've all noted that LJG with IU is worlds away from LJG with PMY. IU and LJG... that's been an excessive amount of flirting for a guy who's taken, is it not? If I were his girlfriend I'd be side-eying, tbh. I'm not actually saying this to drag Joongi. My point here is that, assuming LJG isn't a total f***boy player, it indicates the relationship with JHB probably isn't mega serious. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure JHB means something to LJG, but if it were a SOULMATES FOR LIFE deal then LJG's behaviour over the last 6 months makes little sense. As for Dispatch—they're trollsters. Joongi has been at the top of his sex symbol game lately with the IU shipping and the PMY shipping... so Dispatch has seen fit to ~expose~ him, lmao. Apparently he and JHB have been a thing for several years, but Dispatch has only released evidence now because at this point in time it's bound to cause a brouhaha (which, clearly, it has).
  9. I just watched the Joongi/Minyoung meeting and here are my deep thoughts: 1) First and most important, Joongi is fine as hell and deserves to have everyone in love with him. 2) Minyoung is entirely adorable and lovely. 3) Despite these first two points... Lol, a Descendants of the Sun OST =/= fireworks and rockets' red glare. LJG and PMY look good together, but aren't approaching what I'd call chemistry. For the record, this is my idea of chemistry (minus skinship, for a fair comparison): Who knows, maybe Joongi/Minyoung will get more comfortable around each other and provide more legit competition! For the moment, however, the thirst is not real. JMHO!
  10. Joongi always supporting his close colleagues... (My bad, one Close Colleague and a former close cast member ) Btw, I need to laugh some more about the "IU or Baekhyun" thing. So LJG goes on a lot about how adorable and precious Baek is and how he's like a brother to him, etc. etc. Yet, LJG also thinks it'd be "strange" if he were to choose Baekhyun. Meanwhile, IU was LJG's romantic interest so she "comes to mind first." So, let me get this straight. LJG adores Baekhyun... but only as a brother (just like in MLSHR), and that's why it'd be "strange" to pick him. (He doesn't see Baek "that way.") IU, on the other hand, is apparently the obvious choice because of the type of role she played! So, basically LJG literally confirmed he views IU as a romantic interest. In conclusion, Joongi is the gift that keeps on giving.
  11. "IU is the first that comes to mind..." Any time I start to worry about my delulu level I just watch LJG talking about Jieun and all is crystal clear. @eunki Re: k-netizens - sorry if I'm misunderstanding, but weren't there articles suspecting Joongi in January though? If the topic is being revived because of IU's mv, there's no new information, right? (lmao, I'm so thirsty for knetz opinions... probably because many seem to know what's up )
  12. Yeah, I too am pretty unfazed by Joongi following PMY. Firstly, I love them both, so the two of them being friends gets my seal of approval. More importantly, I don't think online interactions actually reveals much about a relationship? Most of it is calculated. Much as I snicker over LJG "liking" IU's posts at 2am, that's just one piece in the puzzle. What really grabs my eye with JoonU is the way they behave with each other in person - the nervous energy, giddiness, spontaneous touching, etc. You can't fake chemistry. IU and LJG just have it. LJG and PMY don't, as cute as they are. Thanks as always to @starcandy0516 for letting us know what k-netizens are thinking. (Please continue to share whenever you feel like it!) I'm inclined to agree that Namoo/LJG are trying to deflect from the rumours with his MEC slot. The fact that drama keeps erupting over JoonU every other week proves that they are yet to lose relevance. Before the MV drama I also saw a lot of comments bringing up JoonU on articles about the Kim Go Eun/Gong Yoo rumours (the difference being that unlike Go Eun, IU did not actually make a statement about her own breakup... but I digress).
  13. @realmsoflove You literally took the words right from my head. I get people disapproving of real-person shipping (though obviously I disagree ), but how has it become a problem to ship So and Soo??? (And people accuse us of conflating reality with fiction...) Also, thanks for making that point about the hairpin. It hasn't been ruled out that it's the one from MLSHR. Nor has it been ruled out that IU was inspired lyrically from the drama.
  14. Lol. I've been stalking Twitter a bit and apparently there's some drama among IU fans over the MLSHR interpretation of the video? ... Absolutely baffling. It's not a stretch at all that IU, who is first and foremost an artist, would be inspired by a story she was part of and then channel that inspiration into her primary job. It's not like IU's been quiet about her investment in SoSoo. Literally the opposite. I've also been thinking a lot about how controversial it's become to ship IU and LJG. Ranting in spoiler, lol:
  15. What a good day to be alive and ship SoSoo and IU/LJG. We are blessed, all of us. (Also, let it just be said that I love the throwback detail of that hairpin in the box, because even though So had just freaked the hell out of her, and even though she was with Wook at the time, Soo STILL couldn't bring herself to throw it away. )