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  1. I hope he play another drama like the Snow Queen again. My favorite korean drama until now. I really miss Hyun Bin in these kind of role. A very cool and also so calm character.
  2. Lol thank you for the clarification. That shot sure got me excited for the time being. I guess we'll have to wait a little longer to see them in a frame together. I wish November's here already.
  3. OMG so handsome my second favorite Korean actor. Would love to see Won Bin back in the small and big screen soon. Also a very big thanks to you again for still updatin this thread.
  4. Thank you very much for keeping this thread alive. The only korean actor I love so much. His performance has always been so flawless since the start. I'm super excited for all his upcoming works. I've watched Confidential Assignment and The Swindlers recently, Hyun Bin is still at his best. His charm and Charisma blown me away. First the king of Joseon, now the prince of Joseon. He will be slaying all the Zombies. Hyun Bin is the most handsome man I have seen when wearing a hanbok outfit.
  5. OMG I really miss seeing Hyun Bin. I'm so glad he's having two movies and a drama out this year's... He's sure is a sunshine especially when he's smiling. It always brighten up my days. The only korean actor I love so much. Fighting my talented ajusshi. That smile to Park Shin Hye is everything. Also blushing here how she look shy there.
  6. Wow can't wait to see Memories of Alhambra. November seem to take forever. I really miss seeing Hyun Bin in drama and this will be my second time watching Park Shine Hye. Hopefully this drama will hit big for both. They look very cute together although the shot is not clear. That laugh from Hyun Bin sure brighten my day. Park Shine Hye look shy there.... Love the chemistry already.
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