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  1. saw this elsewhere without clear credit, said to be a delete bts picture from staff's ig(or used to be a spoiler pic?) , is it a real one? i never saw this before. if true, the firefly scene and the lyrics....well... nite nite to all stargazers~ with uri queen's new song,"좋은 꿈 이길 바라요"XDDD htthhttps://i.imgur.com/2he6bRB.jpgttps://i.imgur.com/2he6bRB.jpgps://i.imgur.com/2he6bRB.jpg
  2. just bought n downloaded Queen's new song and mv the moment i was home gonna go repeat-one mode until the next new song comes out @kilovekyo your eagle eyesheasoo hairpin!sooo bold!!!
  3. REALLY?!! HHHHHH DAEBAK!! It really needs universal help to coincide between so many colors, esp for a skirt, isnt it too unique JE ah so much anticipation for tmr....while waiting, about the teaser's earrings, just check those pearl earrings in MLSHR too: both waiting scenes with pearl earrings, even the hairstyle....seems that too many are waiting to be discovered.. am i too much delulu...
  4. What's the story with the stage picture?someone's fm concert in seoul?? Yeah the ribbon looks like the one So wears when sosoo went boating on the lake. N start to wonder that pearl earrings..may also have some similar ones in MLSHR?? Ask for eagle eyes
  5. DEABAK chingu @annerox!!!!! totally convinced!!! @kilovekyoto ur question, this may help
  6. Wow the teaser is so.poetric n once the harmonic humming started I just went goosebumps!!! Wonder how will JG feel Plus his new ig post with caption "U"....Deabakkkk @akinahana89cap u r JJANG as always!!!
  7. sorry to be off the topic and cut dear @chi13lou daily chant, but the way u wrote no 5 was soooo funny i just cant help laughing to tears hhhhhhu r such a genius
  8. Thanks a lot chinguit seems to take time to read all our queen's booklist by the way you described kkk ...for such a busy celebrity like her...wow I'm really impressed!
  9. when mentioning red, it comes to my mind SCARLET heart again, with long hair heasoo reading is her hobby? could u share more about this curious~~
  10. JE just undated ig promotion for the 1st pre-released song https://www.instagram.com/p/BR0u9KyBuLG/
  11. @jgje omg I bingo by accident with those his his...really didn't think that deep...maybe bc of wrong keywords. I could find no more video but those for 1st otp's cut of press con.
  12. thanks chingu~~ i got the "i" wrong and now realize it's just jg's guess of candy's truth so that's y the kr sub used ""?
  13. the only line that caught my ears was at 0:22 "나는 최근에...설렜던 사람이 있었다" "recently, there's someone who made my heart fluttered...." ----now i calm down a lil bit...---- Before this line, sub says" let's play 진실게임(seems to be the sbs program that asks people to tell if someone's telling the truth or not)" and his candy's answer is “ yes, there's someone" sub " is that right?" (JG shy shy scene) edited according to @nsyavita post
  14. Chingu yah...before i have an access good enough to search ig pics, just went confused n nuts getting clues from those 'his' 'her' Lol...are all these(gender implying words) really what you mean..?it almost leads me to hisxhis love hhh I am crazy..