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  1. OMG after a seem-like-endless longing, can't help but emerge and take a breath lolol... FOR HOW LONG ON EARTH HAVE WE BEEN DREAMING THIS...IS INCREDIBLEBOLDNESS'S BACK!!!!!!
  2. Slipped away from rl n found the letter released. After backread all posts (or confession?lol),i choose to follow my heart too. Really fine with it now. No regrets.A bet doesn't sound bad :-) grateful to be part of u n many thanks to captain @akinahana89
  3. @enigmaticangelcount me in plz..will just download an app if needed:)
  4. @perfectlyimperfecttrooper @meeibe16 sorry to make u feel bad..really, I deleted my post hope it will ease a little bit. I will back to lurk mode for a while n keep wild or whatever thought in mind until I can sort it better way. Hope you will feel better:.)
  5. Thank u for your info dear, sorry n no offense. I donno what exactly it will be in this business, kinda donno which word should I trust now. I'll try sort my mind even though really want to reason everything.
  6. chingu u said to my heart.... totally struggle between my sense n emotion! i'm not ready either...i lurk to JE thread, to whoever say count me in to @postnihilism ...just cant deny the fact that i feel lost no matter in either side coz deep down i just want to stay here........TTTTTT Hope everything turns out to be better! *healing with songs of Sung Si Kyung ing*
  7. donno if proper to post this...well, maybe as time goes by, love or hate, will just turn to a slight click of "like". A least this is the way life goes for je n voldy.
  8. You say what's in my mind Right Now cuz right now cant find enough to prove myself wrong (DO HOPE SOME CAN PROVE ME WRONG T.T)..but for me I do hold the slimest hope for jg own response, his own,not from namoo. So I'll wait till that time if possible. it takes time n hope it won't take too long.
  9. sigh… if the genuine n always-keep-distance-with-male-cele queen were sly fox, then what ab HJh's reveal of their drinking mean in Saf n all mlscr members reactions?! Wud you reveal sth like that if u were Hjh n knew what happened with ur hyung???...donno if I'm right in this thought but start to wonder how much queen got hurt rather than thinking it-doesn't-matter-to-her issue.
  10. Just misread the first thread's name recommended by "Popular Now" column on right side of the screen... "[Current Tvn Drama 2017] The Liar and His Lover - Lee Hyun Woo, Joy Started January 13" sarcasm?coincidence?....sign, hope for us a new tomorrow.
  11. burst into hhhhhh bitter happy to read ur post, im collecting a bit myself n dealing with RL right now, thx if so, like u said, we'll be forever global community, strongest i'd ever met
  12. agreed. if there were a chance again, it would need longer time to build up trust. i will stay til the end, wait for the answers/results/whatsoever even with cool heart, maybe take it as a lesson. anyway grateful to meet all stargazers!
  13. TT...for all lovely Chingu!!! If we're to leave eventually...can we wait till the end of this month? I'm starting to miss you all already.......
  14. From First hf of 2016?? So it strongly supports joonU is safely a close colleague relationship? IF...SAY IF someday someone announce sth come to an end maybe the next girl will be...???? Just the last straw in my mind now. The bbjx couple took two years...well maybe I'm just too innocent...... Dunno why. Just become horribly calm right now. Wait for jg reply. U know u got to report sth, esp facing thousands of fans in this month.