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  1. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    an update from phs with our watermark...yes!!!
  2. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    i'm on my nth life now... always dying... hahaha
  3. hello.... new here in this thread... late comer... already watched episode 1 and 2... so far loving it... hahaha... huge fan of Dujun... and Highlight.. @ferily i'm here....
  4. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    another update hyungsikkie attending VIP Premier Movie of HJM...
  5. [Drama 2017-2018] Black Knight 흑기사

    been meaning to watch this series mainly because of KRW... finally got around to watching the 4 episode and so far i am hooked... KRW always have the charm... and now i am looking forward to start of the romance on both side... can't wait for the next week... btw.. why a stiff kiss? hmm...
  6. very nice... thanks for this.. it helps with the withdrawal problem... (off-topic...) just realized that Hu Yi Tian will be perfect as Xu Mo Ting in Best to have met you.... (anyone here read that novel yet?) novel rights was bought by Huang Xiaoming... hope he notice Yi Tian and cast him for the lead role...