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  1. it's been so long since i was here .... so many updates.... thanks @anazs
  2. @Ainee Etp @athena22 @nonski @jeonghyang thanks for the live recap... in the us version.. mike was the first to like jenny before his bestfriend. not sure about here in korean version if they will follow the original
  3. Episode 1 is good almost the same as the original version with just slight changes....
  4. ohhh... can't wait for tonight..... @yusefull you never know, Park Hyung Sik might surprise you, i also love Patrick J. Adams and been watching Suits since it first aired. i am hoping too that Jin Hee Kyung is in par with Gina Torres in her acting... @vladlola06 let's spazz tonight...
  5. one more day!!!! we will start spazzing again.... (i am missing a lot... on this list.. kindly let me know.. thanks) @anazs @ferily @xscalsve @Era Ferawati @Visually-wandering @athena22 @Ainee Etp @bebebisous33 @sakura2016 @stroppyse @evie7 @USAFarmgirl @nonski @triplem @Amanda_HS @jjoy84 @sharreb @penelop3 @sava2sava @willowmyst @valentina72 @s00ki
  6. glad to have you onboard.... yes.. PHS does have chemistry with each and every co-star... be it man or woman. hahahaha waiting for Suits on apr 25... yes!!!
  7. support food and drink to HyungSikkie from our dear friends dearhyungsik
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