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  1. yes hoping for the first quarter too.. . but waiting is so hard... haha...
  2. Suits is a legal drama series in US that focuses on the bromance of the two main leads
  3. no, don't watch it yet.. although i love US Suits since season 1. you can't help but compare the original to the remake.. like when i watched other kdrama remakes from US, TW and China. i ended up super disappointed with the remake. hoping with Hyung Sik on board in this, it will make a difference.
  4. can't wait for this.. can they make it a 30 episode drama.. so more bromance....
  5. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    still my favorite character... but will wait for korean version of suits
  6. @evie7 yes.. we will have something to spazz about again... so happy and excited... @Era Ferawati new drama to look forward too...
  7. [Official] Drama 'Suits' - Jang Dong-Geun • Park Hyung-Sik Casting is Confirmed, Anticipated Chemistry The upcoming drama "Suits" confirmed Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyung-sik as the 2 main characters. Jang Dong-gun, one of the leading actors in Korea, chose 'Suits' as a comeback project after five years of 'Gentlemen Dignity'. Park Hyung-sik, who proved acting and star power as he was casted in 'Strong Woman Bong-soon', had chosen to appear in 'Suits' which his next work garnered much interest. This casting had created the strong two man-on-top lineup. 'Suits' is a popular series that is currently airing in the US with seven seasons, and is the first remake in the world Korea. Jang Dong-geon character is the legendary lawyer of the top law firm in Korea, Choi Kyung-seo (Choi), and is expected to emit a sexy aura and charisma of a successful man. Jang Dong-geon, who had showcased active performances on the screen such as 'Seven-Year Night' and 'Prodigy', will once again demonstrate his presence through 'Suits'. Park Hyung-sik who garnered attention as new Hallyu star through his works in 'Hwarang' and 'Strong Woman Do Bongsoon' will play character Go Yeon Woo in the drama, who will be a newly joined lawyer in the law firm selected by Jang Dong-gun (Choi Chang-min) who turns out to be a new lawyer with a memory like a monster. This castings predicted to steal the hearts of viewers through their heartwarming bromance and sweet romance. Jang Dong-geun - Park Hyung-sik "Suits" had been raising expectations with the casting news alone, which the undeniable chemistry and first-class visuals completed with fitted-suit styles from the two main characters. Director Kim Jin-woo, who has been recognized for his fresh and stylish sensibility through the shopisticated drama "Queen of Reason" adds more expectations for the drama. 'Suits', which announced the start of the project with colorful casting, will be broadcasted on KBS 2TV in the first half of 2018. http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003154624 translated by puppysik_smj (ig) credit to HyungSikness Team 01.Soompi code of conduct | SOOMPI RULES FOR KDRAMA | MOVIES | ACTORS' & ACTRESS' SECTION Don't post any requests for subs!Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. Don't quote images. 01.Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately. 02.Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods. 03.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc.. should be report to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here. 04.Those who are caught breaking the Soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their Id/IDs reported the mods. 05.Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the original subbers and doesn't have copyrights like SOOMPI TV, Viki, Dramafever, Kdrama.com or Crunchyroll) will have their ID's reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE CREDIT IS DUE
  8. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    for all Park Hyung Sik's Fans