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  1. @anazs i am Also not that good in tech part... so basically... if it's free it will have many ads? This one is ok with me. If we want it customize... there will be a monthly bill? Paying would be ok as well.. to minimize the ads... am i understanding this correctly?
  2. Thank you.. You are so quick... I am on vacation and will be back by tuesday.. So i am a bit limited with just my phone.. I think is the free one.
  3. I was thinking maybe we start with wordpress and see how it would go then if we would have enough members, get a paid domain... In tge meanwhike we start requesting uaa that we will be forming a club for international fans and maybe they would recognize us and give us some support. Of course we will be needing the assistance of fans with korean background. So we can translate korean text... This fansite will be a joint venture from all of us here in this thread.
  4. Ok. So let's start.. All in favor of HyungSikness International Fan Club... Now.. How to proceed?? This is the first time that i'm doing this? Do i need to register and trademark the work HyungSikness? If so.. Where?? Do i need to make a new website for that?? I need help.... PHS is first celebrity that i am obsessed with. Apart for yys (he is mainly an idol) So we can then add more members.
  5. Is PHS still in singapore??? Is there an international fan club for PHS? Or we form our own... HyungSikness Fan Club.... Hehehe
  6. Lol... Got so excited when typing... That may have cause some confusion... Whahahaha.....
  7. I was screaming when i saw her on stage with PHS..... So happy for her and at the same time.. So jealous... Next time... Got annoyed with the security when he tried to shove her.... Luckily she still got the chance to shake his hand...... We should get together and meet him in person... And do all the things that we have discussed... Hahaha.. Hugging... Kiss.... Shower scene... Kidnapping..... Some of them are so notty... But when you see a guy with PHS looks and physique..... Who can blame us....... Whahahaha.... That hotness... Even across the globe...... Next time.... Next time....
  8. When i was watching the live video i was grinning like in idiot (again) while watching PHS as usual.. I was so jealous of all the girls that got hugged.... Wishing i was in singapore instead of.... Hahaha.. Then i saw you on stage with PHS.... I was literally screaming... Telling bf where you were standing..... So envious of you.... How soft are his hands?? What does he smells like?? Whahahahaha..... You were so lucky!!!
  9. i was thinking the same thing... now... imagine what kind of suit did he wear beneath the yellow shorts??
  10. don't we all agree that his face really is so much better than any scenery....that's why we have this thread... that's why we are all here....hahahaha....
  11. that's my fave scene too... and the one where he kissed NJH said that kiss is the seal for their contract...
  12. do you know what is the old agency where he was bullied? i do not any idea...
  13. @stroppyse thank you... your translations are always awesome... can't wait for next week....
  14. it really is very unlikely that he smokes.... because he really is very conscious of his voice... but if ever.. as in IF EVER... does not matter to me... i will still like him. hahaha thanks @Era Ferawati for posting his new photos... just become aware of them thanks to @ferily
  15. @athena22 yes... My phs folder is getting quite extensive.... Mostly thanks to all recent posts of @Era Ferawati and @Ainee Etp We missed you for the past weeks... Many new faces here....when you get back... We can gush over phs again.... Good luck on your study..