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  1. Hi everyone! Newbie in this thread and wanted to join in because I'm really enjoying this romcom, love the OTP and the story about little DG - how cute is that little boy! I m not sure yet if he s really YM's brother, or still could be her son i think the writers were pretty clever putting him in scene without any further explanation, but giving some shady clues surrounding him For example when JW realized his cat was pregnant, his father bugging him for a grandchild and, I m not sure, but there s JW 's flash back of him eating alone when he was a boy, wasn t the same DG impersonating him? (sorry about my grammar, not native English speaker)
  2. Oh my poor heart <3 that embrace... I can t get over it! ( going to cry in a corner )
  3. OMG! my dream come true! I really wanted to see JG playing Dr. Spencer Reid! Even when I have to say Morgan is my crush, Reid is my beloved character, and looking forward to see LJK being a shy super smartest guy I think will be a big challenge for him Kudos!
  4. Some netizens claimed there are some secret messagesin JG IG for JHB..About this one in September 27? I m pretty sure was for another PERSON http://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/04/lee-jun-kis-past-instagram-post-gains-attention-after-dating-news-with-jeon-hye-bin
  5. I don t think he 'd get the things worst taking KHB to his fm, and really I hope he don't;) I m unfocused just like you...I m even listening break up songs everywhere ! It's like I m going through my own break up LOL!
  6. Yes!!!! I don t know Kakao, but WhatsApp anyway please count me in!!
  7. I m so happy you came back with your prayers!! I was afraid we all lose faith here Let s not lose faith in miracles... Even Jesus resurrected at third day. Who knows what future holds? Hwaiting Chingus!
  8. Here we are..unable to move on, I m really glad I m not the only one..We re a bunch of insane ppl here!
  9. I m actually an ahjumma too! But I call myself Noona! if you want to send a PM just click in the name user and go the profile s user and choose private message
  10. Oh my Dear!! If you knew about my crazy theories being displayed in my brain last nite.. there s a lot for fanfictional purposes! So go to the spoiler Cheers to everyone!
  11. I was thinking the same, Chingu! Why he can't play Reid, instead. Maybe that's the reason he keeps being so thin. I wish he could, plus I love Mathew Gray Gubler's character
  12. IU (아이유)

    I don t know much about OH Hyuk but it seems a very shy guy..
  13. IU (아이유)

    Hi everyone! So glad to see Chingus from the "other" thread! I m here to become an Uaena
  14. Count on me too! There´s so much left to comment and review....And I´m so attached to you guys, you always make my day
  15. Hey Chingu give me a drink too. I m sleepless and my mind still refuses to get over this I can t help drawing different scenarios about what just happened, but the more I review the facts the more it makes less sense. I don t know why, but my gut tells me something very important is missing. I don't know what, but it's there... As many of you I still believe there was a mutual crush between JG and Je, dating or not dating someone else...What makes me feel unease is wether they kept the boundaries or not sorry for the rant I still can t move on (Or I m just in denial )