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  1. I´m so happy IU got such a great response with this new release! Cheers to our beautiful queen! Now I can say properly that nobody can get over of MLSHR. Not the co stars, nor us Now if our King update his IG giving some clue related to Jieun´s song, I can die happy
  2. Well I'd go for something less spiritual Joon Gi ssi: If you were in a relationship, let's say "hypothetically" and you want to make it public. How would you do it? a - Through your agency b - vía IG c - A big announcement in your concert pick your answer!
  3. Since we are known as a "coven of witches" we can use IG as our ouija and make questions? Kkk I love the idea
  4. Thanks to LJG fans club I think it worth to watch and re watch even with a little pain in our fangirl heart JG is sooo lovely when he cries while choping onions...Poor baby...<3
  5. Well, I just finished watching the entire episode of MEC recently posted As we thought and commented before, we can see a playfull Joon ki and obviously flirtrarious guy but we know the show is about that He admits he recently met someone that makes his heart fluttering , then she asked how recenlyt and he said "within a couple of months " (the only event that I recall from 2 months ago was the someone's breakup, so I want to believe he is been cautious about the dates) At the end, they started to play ' truth or dare' kind of game, so that's why I think the next episode would be more juicy And in my opinion he has no idea who is talking to, but he put his best effort PD: And loved that part where he says he is "addicted to reading comments from the public.." Kiaaa!! Uriiii!!!
  6. http:// I hope she surprise us more with that videos!
  7. Well we are so out of the topic here but still, I want to share my thought
  8. I don´t know ....It seems to me they´re more like brothers...But could it be
  9. Sorry I m so clueless but I didn't understand her last IG update...someone can enlight me please?
  10. I m currently listening to SHR OST and was thinking about how epic would be JG&Jieun duet.. Is it too much to ask for them to fullfill that dream?
  11. I read some news about actor Kim Min Jae will appear this saturday so, there's no more MEC for Joon Gi?
  12. Happy monday everyone! Just pass by here and drop this amazing cover from our lovely Jieun ( maybe a hint?) Well, tomorrow is the white day in Korea and I hope she ´ll receive a lot of chocolates...maybe from a certain close colleague
  13. According to google translator the comment shows that it was a gift sent to her... "As soon as I opened the lid, "Huck my goodness ..."