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  1. OMO!!! What is this??? Credit chaeyooinlove
  2. Hi guys! Ages no posting anything but I couldn’t help but post this Is there any chance it’s him ? ( please be!!!) She tagged someone whose account it’s private I m more curious now...
  3. Thank you @OMihO @justlove @Celine Tan @sooji28 And everyone who liked my vid. And of course you can repost everywhere I realized as doing the vid how those patterns were repeated along the different couples, even when they re all different ppl, but I suppose love is an universal thing after all I m so glad ianar is doing so well in Philippines, I m even jealous...ha ha And more dating news! I’m kinda excited now... Who s next?
  4. Hi guys...Just stop in to drop my new mv. Its a compilation of cute moments of several couples that fell in love while filming a drama versus our OTP I hope you like it!
  5. I loved my secret romance too and I have to say I ve been low key shipping sungsong couple too. Btw about they denying dating rumors I found a comment that explain well why dating in Korea entertainment it’s so odd. ( I’ll put in on spoiler if belongs to anyone here, kudos lol)
  6. Omg sweetie.... that sounds creepy, but don’t let them intimidate you.Thats the awful part of social media, ppl eating each other s alive because arguments like this. I’ve seen so much of this in Instagram, not only hate between fandoms but even artist being bashed and forced to make their accounts private I really hope our chaesobin won’t suffer that kind of treatment, because we know she’s the weaker part Anyway, I hope everybody have fun and don’t get so serious about the ship, because of course we don’t own their private life When I came here I saw the dating news about park shin hye and choi tae joon and I’m so happy for them because I think they make a good couple, but I realize at the same time other ships sunk... and, welll, that’s the risk we re taking, even if they don’t end up together I ll be happy just about the fact they exist and gave us ianar have a great day/ night everyone
  7. Thank you very much for the new mv @xxbpwincesxx it’s wonderful as always. And about the ‘fan fact’ you found about. I always watch and re watch that iv and always find something new like that one you pointed out. I think YSH tried his best to keep it professional but he failed too many times! I noticed for example, he tends to answer when the question is for csb. You can check at min 6 when the mc asked ‘ about csb...’ and he says ‘ye’ Ha ha why SH ssi? Well, it’s nothing but still I find that cute
  8. First of all I’m sorry for not being able to keep participating actively in this thread but real life doesn’t give me any chance these days. But I’m trying to follow all the post and I’m so glad that our ship is so alive and more ppl keep joining. Kudos for that! I saw soobim post yesterday and I agree she’s glowing! I hope she’s enjoying her vacation until her next project and come back full of energy And regarding to the person who posted in another thread I agree he/she is not one of us, and I hope he/ she realizes how attacking other ppl ‘ s POV don’t change the way they think Anyways I hope we can keep this thread as smooth as always and don’t pay attention to haters/ trolls When I was in other shipping I made a set of rules, maybe it’s useful here
  9. I agree, there’s a chance they re trying to avoid suspicions but that’s make it more fishy Also my delulu mind tell me that pics of csb posted today could be another way of divert the attention from the real thing
  10. So uri LJG went to the drawer its ok your profile picture it’s cute Yes! She said at the iv on set she was like Ji ah, she has a bubble personality That’s what I’ve been thinking about too, and it’s the better think to lurk and give likes to his lady Now I’m thrilled about what uri csb answers.. why are they delaying?? thank you for all your post, this thread is on fire let’s keep the vibe!
  11. Hi, I didn’t had time to post, but I’ve been following the discussion and I agree with your post @laineyy88 I’ve been revising BTS from a lot of dramas, specially those where the leads end up dating and I think it’s safe to say, in all of them the male actor is whom gives the signs, as someone pointed out before, the lingering stares, the small touches, and kisses... Also all of them compliment her partner and don’t loose an opportunity to praise them. I think we all agree that uri YSH has done all of that and more So, at the end, who can decide if it turn out into a relationship or not it’s the girl. It’s always difficult to know if she’s reciprocating that love because courting in Korea it’s a men’s job ( cmiiw, but I think it’s that way) and women tend to be passive.and in CSB case, she’s private, and even I dare to say timid in that department ? So, in conclusion, I think YSH has made his move, but now it’s up to uri soobin i know many of you believe they are already dating... But it s just my theory they re in courting stage Whatever it is I think it’s funny for us to follow clues and playing detectives, but my only concern it’s they d end up exposed and the blossoming relationship ruined. So, i wish ppl don’t tagged them in post, or do comments like ‘ please date ysh oppa..’ because I think that it’s an invasion of their private life, and creates an unnecessary uproar thats it. Sorry about my long rant cheers to all
  12. I have no time for a long rant, but I agree with you !!!!! cheers for that French kiss!!!
  13. Yay!! Happy 100 th pages! Let’s keep the good vibe and keep posting about uri ChaeYoo Until now our YSH ssi haven’t dissapointed us with crumbs, so now let’s wait for our lovely SooBin ‘d interview next week hwaitig!