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  1. Oh my poor heart <3 that embrace... I can t get over it! ( going to cry in a corner )
  2. OMG! my dream come true! I really wanted to see JG playing Dr. Spencer Reid! Even when I have to say Morgan is my crush, Reid is my beloved character, and looking forward to see LJK being a shy super smartest guy I think will be a big challenge for him Kudos!
  3. Some netizens claimed there are some secret messagesin JG IG for JHB..About this one in September 27? I m pretty sure was for another PERSON
  4. I don t think he 'd get the things worst taking KHB to his fm, and really I hope he don't;) I m unfocused just like you...I m even listening break up songs everywhere ! It's like I m going through my own break up LOL!
  5. Yes!!!! I don t know Kakao, but WhatsApp anyway please count me in!!
  6. I m so happy you came back with your prayers!! I was afraid we all lose faith here Let s not lose faith in miracles... Even Jesus resurrected at third day. Who knows what future holds? Hwaiting Chingus!
  7. Here we are..unable to move on, I m really glad I m not the only one..We re a bunch of insane ppl here!
  8. I m actually an ahjumma too! But I call myself Noona! if you want to send a PM just click in the name user and go the profile s user and choose private message
  9. Oh my Dear!! If you knew about my crazy theories being displayed in my brain last nite.. there s a lot for fanfictional purposes! So go to the spoiler Cheers to everyone!
  10. I was thinking the same, Chingu! Why he can't play Reid, instead. Maybe that's the reason he keeps being so thin. I wish he could, plus I love Mathew Gray Gubler's character
  11. I don t know much about OH Hyuk but it seems a very shy guy..
  12. Hi everyone! So glad to see Chingus from the "other" thread! I m here to become an Uaena
  13. Count on me too! There´s so much left to comment and review....And I´m so attached to you guys, you always make my day
  14. Hey Chingu give me a drink too. I m sleepless and my mind still refuses to get over this I can t help drawing different scenarios about what just happened, but the more I review the facts the more it makes less sense. I don t know why, but my gut tells me something very important is missing. I don't know what, but it's there... As many of you I still believe there was a mutual crush between JG and Je, dating or not dating someone else...What makes me feel unease is wether they kept the boundaries or not sorry for the rant I still can t move on (Or I m just in denial )
  15. Sorry for cutting your post Chingu, though I admit JHB must be aware about her bf´s behaviour was due to publicity issues, she must be a saint or a completely fool to agreed and be ok with him touching and flirting as he did. Even if she isnt the jealous type and knowing is about their jobs, I think she still would have all the right to be a little upset with his actions. It´s hardly not to think he didn´t took advantage of his bachelor public status to behave as a single man. If I were her, I ´d be more than pissed. Maybe MEC was the last drop to fill the glass and she put an ultimatum on him. Sorry about being judgemental but I tend to take the female´s side...