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  1. We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross out path for a reason . 19 Jan 2017 - 19 Jan 2019 . I missed to post this yesterday .Thank u fate & destiny for did a very good job .
  2. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage to wait D-99 . #101countdownbeforewookieisback . credit to the owner
  3. Nam Ji Hyun at Seoul Music Awards 2019 Red Carpet videos . credit to Hyunited _soompiers ig
  4. Love this . D -101 before Wookie is back . credit to hizacore & jiji4keeps instagrams
  5. Good .I think this is the best thing you should do - go to the RIGHT platforms /person & claimed for your right/copyright if you have any . As one of the reposter in this thread ,if I saw nice videos on instagram or twitter I just shared it here.Of course I did not make research where they got the original sources etc .My point is ,no point for you to rant it here because your messages can't reach your target groups - ( Jiji shippers on instagram who stole your precious works ) because some of them not even know the existance of this thread .Just go directly to them & tell them whatever you want .Thank you .
  6. But in your previous post ,you directly pointed to dearu ig which I directly dmed the ig owner & she said she did not use the video from Jcw kitchen .Obviously yes because the logo is not similar .How come they want to give credit to Jcw Kitchen when they were not using it?The video was posted on 2017 & had been reposted in this thread multiple times .Why you wait until 2019 to come here & tell this now. I think its better for you to directly contact ig & requested for your copyright videos to be taken down like what SBS did .No point for you to say it here because most Jiji shippers on IG were not lurking into this thread tho .Moreover,its againts the Soompi rules to talk about other platform's problem in this thread .Thank you .
  7. D -102 Hyunnie latest updates.From Soop Management ig credit to the owner
  8. Countdown to Seoul Music Awards 2019 & Seoul Music Awards 2017 second anniversary credit to the owner
  9. In sync- both of them agreed marriage is not about time or age .Meeting the right guy /woman are their priorities before getting married. The way NamJi couple took selfie D -111 credit to the owner
  10. Hyunnie's latest ig updates D -112 credit to the owner