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  1. Journey our gifts for most beautiful and precious girl .And it's all started HERE...in SOOMPI
  2. Phew! What a ride it has been! So glad Hyunni received all her presents in good order.. there was the one from oohlala romantic Paris that first ended up in Vietnam, and the Hyunited Soompier sticker designs that were conceptualized in Sri Lanka and Malaysia, to the lovely tribute thought up in India, that went through multiple edits and translations from big hearted Korean friends of our superlicious Tongan: Jenny and Jinho Oppa, the KOPC cert that jumped through several administrative hoops, the birthday wishes all round the globe that were designed and organised over fashionable Milan... all made their way to Sunny, Crazy Rich Singapore to be printed and painstakingly assembled, and thereby where a chosen lucky Hyunited Soompier hand carried her gifts delicately all the way to the cake shop that our Californian had painstakingly liased with through topsy turvy time zones, and also ordered flowers for. Armed with the gifts, she sat gingerly alongside the delivery ajusshi, to finally place the gifts at their destination: SOOP credit to the owner
  3. English translation for her ig post .She received lots of gifts & loves from her fans credit to the owner
  4. New photos of Wookie & Hyunnie credit to the owner A small donation to the cat shelter from Hyunited soompiers for Princess's Birthday
  5. A small donation to the cat shelter from Hyunited soompiers for Princess's Birthday
  6. New photos of Hyunnie credit to the owner credit to the owners