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  1. Proud of you, Soldiers "Independence Army Arirang: Song of Hope" concert, 20.11.2018 Credit to the owner D -157
  2. If I am not mistaken ,my friend bought the Dvd with 14 discs .Huhu sadly the 27 minutes kiss scenes was inside the couple disc - Disc 16
  3. I just love watching this so much .Everything it is beautiful credit to the owner
  4. Yes ,it was during rehearsal Talking about the similarity between Hyunnie & Wookie's omma ,seems both of them love public transports .In fact ,one of my friend met with Wookie's omma in the subway on her way to watch Wookie's musical .Such a humble ahjumma ,just taking subway to watch her son's musical By the way ,just sharing a few reasons why I m still holding tight to this ship .. 1) I found a lots of precious gems in SP DVD cut .But I keep telling this to myself "All this happened one year ago .Within 1 year anything can happen " .Lets see how Hyunnie on HDH bts & kiss scene . 2) My shipper's heart was quite satisfied with HDH bts & kiss scene .She seems more reserved in HDH bts & kiss scene .Huge differences with how she was in SP kiss scenes & bts .She gave me the vibes of "taken " girl but of course I am not sure either that guy is Wookie or not .But nothing wrong with hoping & praying,right ? 3 ) I am quite satisfied with her answers in all of her interviews .Of course I am not expected her to say "Yes I m in a relationship bla bla " but I love this part of her interview " I was in rush of pressure to be in a relationship last year, but for now, i think meeting and getting know each other slowly would suit me more "