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  1. Oraboni knows how to take care of jihyun yangie during their hectic shooting schedule D -35 . credit to the owner
  2. How beautifully they praise each other. And how they genuinely appreciate each other's work and efforts D -37 credit to the owner
  3. Looooooove this! We are in the drought for almost 2 years and finally our co captain dropped 2 bombs within 1 week .The timing tho,just 41 Days before he is back. credit to the owner
  4. Talking about the date ...coincidentally Wookie drew her ideal type woman on 13 March 2017 ..Hyunnie went to watch his musical on 12 March 2019 but posted it on her ig on 13 March 2019 .. credit to the owner
  5. Haha this is one of them By the way ,Kang Ha Neul was not in the list of the actors in yesterday's performance .Just in case somebody said she went there to support ALL her past co actors
  6. Coincidentally after you posted this question ,she posted on her ig she went to watch Wookie's musical with their hair stylists
  7. "I hope Changwook orabeoni stays healthy until the discharge date!!" I M DEAD IN JIJI HAVEN WHEN SHE POSTED IT IN HER IG & I M TRIPLE DEAD BECAUSE SHE MENTIONED CHANGWOOK ORAEBONI IN HER CAPTIONS ! TRANSLATIONS FROM @riririru I watched it well! All of the actors were really cool and has worked hard preparing for this! It was really really nice meeting Miyoung daepyo-nim and Minseon unnie I hope Changwook orabeoni stays healthy until the discharge date!! Have a good day everyone
  8. THIS IS SO UNEXPECTED!! Hyunnie went to watch Wookie's musical with our beloved fairy godmother!! Translation of the caption: To see changwookie! To see jokwonie! With lovely jihyun and minseon unnie!! It was a really fun and touching musical. Every acting of the actors is totally! awesome! Even jokwon's laugh! This musical healed me for the day~~ (translation credit: @riririru @ soompi) credit to the owner
  9. Some more images of the exhibition Our message to Hyunie, our amazing Bright Star. The frame is on display at the exhibition and will be given to Hyunie at the end. To all the fans who are going to the event: please just write your message for Nam Ji Hyun on the heart shaped cards provided... At the end of the event, the board will be given to Hyunie to convey our love credit to the owner
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