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  1. Hehe not normal or ordinary yeah his legs are really long. Great proportions
  2. Sukkie's Chinese fan calculated the length of his legs mathematically
  3. Sukkie liked a post He is surfing through insta
  4. @asiaren omo your posts are always so cute I am giving college exams hehe so much studies so a little busy, keep posting dear ^.^ Thank you all chingus for the updates I have a lot to catch up now Sukkie looks adorable in the ig pics.
  5. @frozentundra Um how shall I say this. There are some reporters who do not like Jong Suk. They have a personal agenda or backed by some company I am not going to name. Anyway they often write fake articles about him, which throws people off and makes people angry. So over the years k fans have got to know which ones not to trust. You can see under certain articles K fans have written stuff like "why announce it if it is not confirmed", etc. Our Jong Sukkie has it hard because of some bad people. Its best we wait for real confirmation from agencies themselves or from him.
  6. Sukkie looks so good in that white shirt with tousled hair Come to me Jong Suk-ah, your pretty dongsaeng will buy you food
  7. The logo of A man project has the initials to his name 이종석 same as his other logo Isn't that creative?
  8. Sukkie filming Found this pic of Sukkie and Bae Doo Na, so sweet
  9. @lanieqp0415 @kembie @Vera Vera welcome I am glad y'all liked it. love you _______________________________
  10. Girls, check this out! I have compiled the runway modelling videos of Sukkie and made this video. There might be a few fashion shows, which you haven't seen before