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  1. @kembie It says how Sukkie and Lee Soon Jae have both not taken fees in their respective work. And how this is beneficial for the cultural economy.
  2. This is sweet Shin Hye Sun mentioned in her last interview that she and JongSuk goes at the same health club so she met him a few times. She considers Jong Suk a successful senior and she may get to learn from him as they work! cr: ljskwbwithjs
  3. I had no idea Shin Hye Sun and Sukkie were classmates in real life as well cr: http://supernad2.tumblr.com/post/139159894823/happy-together-shin-hye-sun-kang-ha-neul-moved W is doing so well in Philippines
  4. Calling the Jong Suk squad here I'll bring popcorn! @ibru @Rania Zeid @ezze @kembie @asiaren @lanieqp0415 @Whitebox @Vera Vera @frozentundra @gilaswan @nonski @bahara @chelsita Please tag others whom I might have missed Fighting! Jong Suk is not taking any fees for this drama because he likes and is close to the PD nim and also to show his appreciation for short dramas @meechuttso I am glad they already know each other Shin Hye Sun also said she and Jong Suk goes to the same health clinic so they met a few times cr: ljskwbwithjs via @ibru
  5. Has a thread been made for this drama? Could someone link it here please @ezze i havent but it got very good reviews. Might check it out later.
  6. Nam Soon and Hye Sun reunion She is also a 89 liner. The production team got their ages correct since both the lovers were 29 when they died.
  7. Lee Jong Suk "Free agent contract expiration news" trending #4 in NAVER entertainment news He is getting love calls from other agencies but hasnt released any decision yet
  8. YG Entertainment Responds To Reports Of Lee Jong Suk’s Contract Ending DY_Kim March 12, 2018 Tweet Share135 Reddit Share SHARES135 On March 12, it was reported that Lee Jong Suk’s contract with YG Entertainment is ending in early May. See Also: Lee Jong Suk In Talks To Star In New SBS Drama Industry representatives reported that he has been receiving love calls from various agencies as his two-year contract ends and that he is debating whether he should stay with the company or choose a new home. In response, YG Entertainment commented that nothing has been decided yet on Lee Jong Suk’s next step. Meanwhile, it was revealed earlier in the day that the actor will be starring in the two-part series “Hymn of Death.” Source (1)
  9. Such a great guy He decided to not accept fees to show his love for the pd and his appreciation for short dramas Cr soompi Lol i know the role is iffy but remember this when he played the role of a boyfriend who was cheating on his gf with a married woman. That was a good special drama which showed several issues in society. I feel in general short dramas can deal with more controversial topics. When I was prettiest handled very mature issues as well. And as for sad, it will be heartbreaking to see the end but I will still watch it. This is the firat time he is a married man. That is also interesting.
  10. Actress Audi Marissa Unboxing LJS 2018 calendar (Was this posted before? i dont remember lol)
  11. I think like @frozentundra said Han Hyo Joo would be a great choice. She is very good especially in heavy melo stuff, loved her as the queen in Masquerade. So she can totally pull this off. Also they have great chemistry tried and tested! But if not Hyo Joo then maybe Ha Ji won. She is also great in sombre roles. I know Kim Min Hee isnt really liked in Korea right now but she would be great for this role too. But it might be too meta since she is in a similar situation now with a married man.