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  1. I personally think they are contacting privately (ofc as friends). Because from the bts you can really see that they share a great bond. She is in touch with Caesar Wu(who btw is the closest to didi) and Darren Chen(based on their recent weibo updates) so I am sure that she is definitely in touch with Didi with whom she spent most of the time with. It's just that based on their recent interviews most of the questions were related to their relationship and didi being teased by Dee Hsu on a live interaction session wasn't helping him at all. So I guess they are avoiding any kind of interaction that may lead to catch public/fans attention. Lets not forget Dylan is still in debut stages of his career. Just because they don't interact on social media or something is not visible to us doesn't mean that they don't share the same bond anymore. I personally think they are good friends and keep in touch with each other. I also remember watching a bts where didi was telling to yueyue "lets not forget each other".
  2. We got a happy ending and post wedding scenes although most of them included PPL but I am still grateful for that because I thought they would end it with just proposal/wedding. This version also gave closure for DMF character which I appreciate a lot. My only complains are C & T arc ,long screen time for flashbacks in last two episodes and was expecting the wedding to be more magnificent. But not everything can be perfect and there are lot of reasons why this version is best in it's own ways. Unlike other versions this version shows dms and sc dating like a normal couple which I craved a lot while watching other versions( all thanks to the long number of episodes and is faithful to manga expect for last few episodes). No other version has showed how great DMS love for SC is like this one. I love the part where he was helping sc's family in fishing village and called her mom mother and also assured her dad that he loves Shan Cai and is attracted to her because of her personality and values. I also like how they both came to a mutual decision( Although I agree her fasting was not really a big help but at least they didn't waver and were firm and no one was pushing anyone away) in the end for once this shows that they both can manage and come to an agreement in future without involvement from third party like Lei who has always been helping them. I am also glad that this one didn't have ending like HanDan Japan movie version ( the best ending for a HanDan version ever where makino announces her pregnancy in the most cute way) trust me at first I wanted MG2018 to have ending like that and also wanted them to do the thing they were gonna do in 5 years real bad but that would taken away my hopes for having a MG movie version which Angie Chai told they were still considering about and I also want to see DyShen back together onscreen ( offscreen too well a girl can dream but still don't really have much hopes about that they are just my crackship as of now) This is my most fav part in the whole wedding arc. That kiss on forehead was so pure and full of love Hospital BTS they are so cute
  3. I won't say much about finale since many of you haven't watched it yet. But all I can see is you all won't be disappointed. This version has great/ near great ending just like Hana Yori Dango J-version Don't fight me please this is the best version of HanDan ever. I love Meteor Garden 2018. This version may have it's fault but sure beats all other versions for me( J version will always hold a special place in my heart I still remember my life was never the same after watching J version. I got addicted to asian dramas) . All the actors did great job despite being rookie. After 138283048 years finally a drama gave me all the feels. Hands down to Angie Chai and Mg cast. DyShen/CaiSi have great chemistry. I will look forward to their future endeavours. It was great reading all your opinions.Thank you all for keeping the thread alive P.S : What makes this version more special for me is that it gave me my new favourite actor Dylan Wang . His first drama and I am already his fangirl. I already see him as a future superstar just like other hyd versions domyouji tsukasa
  4. Like many here. I also low key ship DyShen. But they are more like my crackship as in the ship which is least possible to sail. They both are young and right now are focusing on their careers. One thing I know for sure is they are good buddies and hope they cherish their bond well anything can happen in future. They may reunite in future for other projects but rn all I can say is they are just good buddies. About Dilireba there was another interview/presscon kind of thing where Dylan was asked by the reporters if she is his ideal girlfriend type and Dylan said I consider her as my goddess(fanboy kind) but never thought of her as my ideal girlfriend.So I don't think those who ship him with yue must worry about it much. Boy is 19 he will fall in love several times before he meet the actual one. Now back to drama I agree with many here. I think dms secret plan has got to do something with forced/fake wedding with the monkey girl. I can't believe this is ending in a week. I am not ready to bid goodbye so soon.
  5. Open at your own risk. Major spoiler
  6. Same here. I am so in love with this version that I am worried how they will end the series. I don't want them to rush it in the end. Would love to see their post marriage life even if it's for 5 minutes. How I wish they end all the painful arcs by episode 47 and give us our happy CaiSi and ofc F4 in episode 48 and special episode ( I really hope it's the continuation of their story with added special bts and interviews in the end). Come on Angie Chai I know you can give us the most pefect HanDan ever. I can't believe they had to delete this scene because of China's censor board. They could have just censored whole C and T arc instead of this one .
  7. Episode 34 is out with full subs. I am so grateful for these kind souls who are subbing the episodes for us. I hope people stop stealing their work. Is it that difficult to give proper credit to people who are providing us with subs for free?.
  8. Not sure about the kisses but saw few hugs which I haven't seen before. They are not just hugs they are TIGHT hugs. DMS stares have gotten more intense than before, secret dating, drunk shan cai and bold confession. I want to go into the details of preview but I am holding back myself for now since many of you here don't want spoilers.
  9. Hello everyone. I was supposed to wait till English subs come out but I just couldn't I am doomed. I got sucked into this black hole called Meteor Garden and there's no way out of it. I can't believe I just watched a Chinese drama RAW. Since many here are avoiding spoilers I will hold back my excitement and won't spoil it for you all. I will just say it's worth the wait episode 33-34 is so perfect and fluffy. We deserve it after week long separation torture. The way dms(dylan) looks at sc I don't know how Shen yue does it but if I were her I would have either fainted there on the spot or jumped on him. We have so many hugs to look forward to. Their hugs are so perfect and the height difference makes it more cute. One would melt in his arms. I am glad that they are following the manga well. From the preview of episode 35-36 all I can say is they have lot of CaiSi goodies in store for us. Thank you all for posting your pov about the characters and plot. I enjoy reading all your povs. Keep 'em coming EDIT: I just saw another preview for episode 35-36 and I can't stop blushing. I guess it's time for me to unfollow all the major spoiler accounts on twitter. I am have major cardiac arrest tonight if I continue watching more cuteness overloaded videos
  10. My heart isn't ready for all the upcoming cuteness and sweetness overloaded. Dylan Wang stole my heart completely in this version. No other Meteor Garden version has given me the feels like this one and we are only on episode 14. Can't wait to watch the rest the meteor garden fever is real.
  11. I can't believe this drama ended already. This is one of the most realistic dramas I have ever watched. Every episode made me question my thoughts about several issues. No drama has ever left a impact on me like Miss Hammurabi did. I really want to thank the writer, actors especially Sung Dong il, Kim Myung Soo, Go Ara and staff for bringing this drama to life. I hope more and more people become aware of this drama and what a gem it is. About the romance between the leads I know many wished for more but according to what I have read on various sites that it was never hinted in the novel that Im Ba reum and Park Cha oreum ended up together at least in the drama we know that they are together. Well the kiss initiated by OR and hand holding initiated by BR I think its clear that they are very well together although it will take some time for the shyness and awkwardness to disappear but we know one day they will make it successfully just like any other normal couple. There were no hints of season 2 but I guess it's not completely impossible to have a season 2. All we can do is just wish for it. If we get one that would be the biggest gift drama gods could ever give me. After this watching this drama I can proudly say k dramas are not just all about fluffy romance and unrealistic tropes but can also present realistic situations of life in the most beautiful and artistic way possible. Miss Hammurabi deserves all the praise and attention I feel blessed to come across this master piece and will now recommend this drama to my friends and family. Good luck to the writer and cast for their future work and last but not the least thank you all for keeping this thread alive with your regular postings. I have enjoyed reading all your opinions and found myself nodding to what most of you all said. It was nice reading your opinions. Hope we get more dramas like this in future.
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JI CHANG WOOK I got into k dramas in early 2015 and after that I have watched countless k dramas and Ji Chang Wook is one of the most outstanding actor I have ever come across. Till date he has portrayed all his roles perfectly. One can see how much efforts he puts to get into his character. Healer was my first Ji Chang Wook drama he definitely caught my eye there but it was actually in the k2 where I fell for the actor Ji Chang Wook despite the weak plot it was his amazing acting that made me hang onto that drama till the end. The actions scenes for executed so perfectly. I was even more surprised when I found out all those breathtaking action scenes were executed by him without using any double. I then prepared myself to bid goodbye to this wonderful actor for two years but then news of suspicious partner came out and there was no limit to my happiness. I was totally looking forward to this drama as it was going to be his first romcom and last project before enlisting in MS. Many had their doubts about his role since they were used to see him as an action actor by then but I am glad he took this opportunity because taking an action role again would have typecast him as an action actor which he feared the most. After SP I totally became hardcore JCW fan I then binge watched Empress KI he left me in tears in that drama. I then understood why that gave him recognition in S. Korea he totally deserved it there. Then on May 10 2017 came the first episode of suspicious partner and he totally impressed me in the first scene itself. I still LOL at his expressions whenever I watch the subway scene. And the best part about this drama was we got to see his incredible gazes. Quoting words from https://www.soompi.com/2017/05/01/suspicious-partner-pd-nothing-praise-ji-chang-wook/ article PD Park Sun Ho praised the actor and said, “Ji Chang Wook went above and beyond my expectations with his portrayal of his character as a genius prosecutor. He is excellent at making subtle emotional shifts while filming and is very good at adjusting to other actors’ performances as well.” The PD continued, “Ji Chang Wook’s gaze is incredible. I realize it even more with each close up shot that we film with him. For now, only the staff members and I have been able to appreciate it through the camera lens but, once the drama starts airing, viewers will fall for his authentic acting and deep gaze.” The way he gazes here at Nam Ji Hyun here never fails to give me butterflies. No wonder she was messing up her lines during the rehearsals. And how can I forget through this drama I came to know he is one heck of a kisser with amazing mind control skills Anyways I am glad he took the role and became one of my fav actors in k drama land and gave me most wonderful ship to board NAMJI. Here are some cute Ji Chang Wook gifs: Boi has got amazing dancing skills CUTE JCW okay, now this is illegal. Someone arrest him please I can't wait for him to comeback and greet us with a wonderful project soon in 2019. He deserves the best. Happy birthday again captain! We all love you and are eagerly waiting for you.
  13. OMO now I am really excited to watch tonight's episode
  14. I agree with you on this point. I think tonight's episode will be a major episode and we will be able to see where this drama is actually going. Luckily I have watched the J drama earlier and I know how things will turn out. I kinda expected the episode to end with kiss scene between lyc and mtr. The only mistake the writer did here is dragging the whole lyc mtr thing. Four kisses were really unnecessary and especially the relationship. But I am going to give the writer one last chance since for the past few episodes he has been following J drama I am 100% sure lyc will push mtr and that's when they will officially break up. That would trigger mtr to hurt lyc and then we will have rest of the episodes with br helping yc get back on track and his feelings for br developing. @RobinM @bebebisous33 @skinnyjeans So I am saying we should hold on for one more episode and see where this drama is going. Once lyc and mtr are over I am sure we will be getting all heart fluttering episodes. So *fingers crossed* on tonight's episode hope the writer nim doesn't ruin it or else this drama will officially be doomed to me. Lastly, @angelflower Thank you so much for the recaps @turtlegirl I have watched evergreen too os and yr deserved better *sobs in corner*.
  15. If that happens again then I think writer nim wants fans to actually hate this drama. Bcoz I remember many fans complaining that kiss between mtr and lyc is difficult to take. Even I am finding it difficult to watch mtr and lyc scenes coz the only thing I hated in J version was the triangle love story. This version instead of sidelining it is putting more focus on it and especially dragging the relationship between mtr and lyc. The most difficult part is mtr and lyc are in official relationship we can't even complain when then share kisses or other romantic gestures unlike in J version. It was easy to brush those kisses off coz we could just see it as a distraction. Its episode 9 already I really wanted story to progress well but I just think they are gonna drag it till episode 16 *sighs* I think I know how the drama will progress from here on since I have watched the J version. But writer nim please surprise me with a kiss scene between leads already. Male lead and female antagonist already shared 3 kisses and may share one more in near future *sobs*. Its 9 episodes already do your viewers and yoo chan bo ra shippers a favour and make them kiss and get rid of the love triangle already Jebal!!!