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  1. If i remember correctly, its NJH who asked the question, during gwangjong's coronation bts
  2. Hi, this is my first post ever in public forum. I created a soompi account to vote for mlshr in soompi award but i've stalked this thread long before. JoonU is my first korean celebs' ship. I usually don't follow k ent but decided to watch mlshr because i saw a banner promoting this drama in a chinese streaming site and instantly fall for sosoo and later JoonU after i saw the bts. I intended to stay as a silent lurker here but all the theories u guys mentioned really intrigued me. I found it strange that the photos posted by dispatched could easily be denied as friends hanging out together but namoo decided to confirm it makes me think of 2 possibilities. One is that LJG has finally decided to man up and head to a more serious relationship with jhb (marriage maybe, knocking woods ;p) and the other one is that perhaps dispatched has more photos and stories to reveal so ljg has no other choice but to admit in order to prevent further damage. Never have i thought about the possibilities u guys come up with Lol. Is it possible for this newbie to be added to your group chat? Or if not, would you guys mind to share some of the more unrisky theories here? Thank you