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  1. Confirmed to be ZZ singing the song composed by Jay Chou. I took a screenshot of the reveal post from weibo under the spoiler. Google translate of post: Everyone waiting for a long time, the answer to slightly ~ Jay Chou personally manipulated the "ultimate pursuit" theme song "Time of the market" will be popular by the Asian idol @ Xu Wei ZZ pick up the concert! The song will be officially launched on August 25, the movie theme MV will also be in the near future, screaming where! # # Xu Weizhou ultimate pursuit # 0930 # ultimate pursuit Congrats ZZ
  2. This is why i had nothing to say except i thought the MV was a bit amusing........ The song is no longer sad after the MV.. ZZ arguing with his friend and assistant..... I guess it makes sense for it to be a guy hahahahaha..
  3. Um.. I don't think they did a very good job with the english sub on this interview.. I don't think ZZ actually said "he had bad gas".. X___X;;;;;;;; He said he ate something bad.. Lol... That sounds completely different...... Lol
  4. I'm slightly amused by the forced bread eating scene.. But ZZ did say that he prepared for singing forget me/leave me alone by not eating meat for 3 days............ There are memes on the bread eating scene and him not eating meat already..
  5. Good luck with everything! I hope you will be back soon! It is really hard to concentrate on school when there is YZ, i agree with that. Hope your personal problems will be resolved in the best way possible. See you again later!
  6. Sorry.. That escalated way quicker than i was expecting.. Only meant it as a heads up.. I don't follow this person on any accounts or platforms, but saw someone post on ig with ZZ's hashtag about them.. I was thinking that maybe the person in question might see my post, but hoping they wouldn't. They responded an hour later....................... Talk about stalking.. There's fanning hard and there's fanning crazily.. And this is fanning crazily.. Glad, that everyone has already given them a piece of their mind.. While i was asleep.. Anyways..... The focus is on ZZ's netease voting thing this week, so if you would like to help here is the link: Give ZZ some flowers :):):):) I hope we can get ZZ to #2 too! JY was so close to #1.
  7. Just so we know (especially ppl who haven't seen the person in question post yet).. Good intentions = false. If you have any questions about this just message privately. I'm sorry to bring this up but thought it's worth noting. Sending you guys happy YZ thoughts after this.
  8. Just figured out something! If you guys want to vote for JY in the netease thing but don't have weibo or a QQ account, if someone sends you the link to the voting page in WeChat and you open the link in WeChat, it gives you 3 options when signing in: QQ account, weibo and WeChat. So you can just log in with WeChat instead. I just saw the icon on there when someone sent me the link via WeChat. It seems much easier this way. :):) Let me know if that works for you (yes this ig account is me). And for what happened with the screaming night thing, i just hope ZZ will get a lot of rest and not look at any negative comments. Let's wait for his MV to come out. :):)
  9. Yeah, ppl said they could tell his voice was hoarse. The background music was also really loud, i think it like became louder halfway through a song. =___=;;;; Seriously. Voice was already hoarse and then he had to yell even louder over the music. Yeah, he shouldn't be forcing himself.. They almost didn't give him a chance to talk to the fans, just started the second song when ZZ was still talking. You guys don't want to see some of the comments in the video.. It's sad, i hope he has another chance to perform again before he leaves for hungary.. But he is so busy right now with filming.. According to one YZ fan, he sounded stronger live, not much different from other singers who weren't sick. I hope that's true, but the livestream just really sucked in terms of picking up sound.
  10. I am actually so angry right now.. I heard about some of what was on the post that you put up from other people (i don't know everything that was mentioned on the post, but i heard some). Yes, they got ZZ's name wrong, they put up someone else's name. It's the theme song of the whole event, so its a little ridiculous that it happened. But also, the staff took away ZZ's lights from fans and fans said that they didn't see the staff taking lights away from the fans of other singers. They did apologize, but its kind of short and other chinese fans have said to me that it didn't sound genuine. It doesn't sound very genuine to me either. Kind of abrupt, like "still hoping for fans to support iqiyi like they support ZZ", but didn't really sound very sorry in the apology part of the paragraph. There is a chance it was all multiple mistakes, but me and another fan wonder that maybe it was deliberate. For what reason i don't know exactly, but it just doesn't seem like everything was just an accident, since these are mistakes that should have been corrected easily and it doesn't make sense for them to take away the lights with ZZ's name on them. I was kind of scared to watch the videos because i heard that ZZ was sick and then i heard about the name thing, then after that i heard more about the stuff that happened. I just feel really bad for ZZ, he's sick already and then all this stuff happens from the organizer of the event itself. It is insulting to be honest. Iqiyi has basically lost ZZ's fans, some of them aren't going to use iqiyi to watch stuff anymore because of this.They talked so much about wanting to do VR and ZZ has fans from all over the world that would really like to watch him with VR, but now they go back on everything they said. It's pretty bad behaviour. If nothing else, how are you going to do VR if you can't even put the right name for the main singer of the night........ Plus treat their fans badly? Nobody seems to know the reason for them to change their tune. If its to do with ZZ specifically, i can only hazard a guess.. I vaguely remember that ZZ was supposed to have some kind of event with iqiyi before this, i remember hearing about it, but then i think something came up, it might have been the billboard award thing in las vegas. I can't remember exactly now, but i don't think ZZ ended up going to the iqiyi thing. I wonder if they got offended from that and took it out on him when he came to perform.. I'm just randomly coming up with anything i can think of (who knows, could be another crazy a$s publicity stunt), but it just really doesn't look like it was an accident to me. I'm not going to support iqiyi like i support ZZ lol. I hope that other people will also use other video sites rather than iqiyi if they are going to treat ZZ like this.. Edit: Apparently the lyrics for ZZ's songs didn't match up either. And it was a 2.5 m light board that they wouldn't let them bring in, when fans for different stars were allowed to bring in 3 m light boards. They didn't respect ZZ at all. Also the account they used to post the apology for ZZ wasn't the main one, it was a less official account with only 2000 followers according to what i've read. I think this might be ZZ's friend and an ex band member of PROME. I don't remember his name, but i think he appeared on ZZ's documentary. Is he the bassist? lol
  11. Hi guys, i know maybe ppl are tired of voting for stuff, but JY is #2 right now on the netease star popularity thing, and they are asking for everyone, including international fans to help get JY to #1 or maintain #2. It's not the same kind of thing as oppo, (edit: it is a weekly vote, so it ends every week and starts from 0 at the beginning of the week) i think this vote thing has been around for a really long time and not one of those things ppl bother rigging. I'm sure there is some kind of benefit to being in the top 3 but i don't know what it is right now. I will ask lol. Just help if you can, even just a couple flowers will do the job. I remember trying to get ZZ up before the album came out but he remained at #3, so i hope next time we can get ZZ to #2 as well. You will need either a weibo account or a QQ account, which if you have the QQ music app you can probably make an account from there. Although to make a weibo account all you really need is a cellphone number and maybe google translate to translate the whole page. Here is the link: Just keep pressing the flower icon which will give flowers to JY and deplete the meter. Basically you will have to wait until it returns to 60 out of 100 before starting again. This is the voting thing that YZ fans stay up all night and do in shifts. Periodically there is this thing that pops up to ask you to match a piece of the netease logo, this is to verify that you are a human and not a bot, it will let you continue voting after. You can also follow JY (just press on the icon thing with the plus sign) and/or mark yourself "present", by going to the calender icon, it basically takes your attendance for the day.
  12. Omg this is so good.. Sounds like somebody sang that? Ok so this interview.. I just saw it. Omg. So i thought there was a funny part involving ryan and a bed. But then somebody showed me some actual candy. I will translate the parts i actually know first. Excuse the roughness, Cr me for the translation: Edit: Here is the full interview on miaopai:
  13. I have ZZ's songs on QQ music now.. Does it count as contributing if its not my money? Some kind person gave me a red pocket..... All i know is, i am one more person in the cpf fan union thing, so that helps right?