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  1. Its mostly the fact that he didn't hug fans quite so intimately before that ppl are taking note of the differences. So please don't take it as some kind of attack on JY, it's more of an opinion if not an observation. And i'm sure i'm allowed to be annoyed as well. Also, i'm just reporting some of what i hear on weibo, not all of it. Of course ppl realize that JY doesn't actually get to pick the fans who go on stage. Other ppl have pointed out a lot of the times its because those fans know ppl who run the event. So i would not blame JY for that, he's completely innocent. I assumed ppl wouldn't blame him for that, so i didn't try to defend him lol. It's just the situation as i see it, plus filling in some extra info, for example, i didn't know that most JY only fans don't vote in the polls for JY. I think (i'm not sure) they don't do it because they don't want to vote along with YZ fans, i only heard this recently. I'm sure some JY only fans do vote for him privately though, but it was a big surprise to me because ZZ's only fans are very involved in voting for him in the polls. After i found out that JY fans didn't do much voting, i realized that the chinese YZ fans really do work pretty hard to get both ZZ and JY awards and stuff. I think that post from the fan who was frustrated about the poison only fans on stage was because JY was getting an award from the polls that day. Also, the chinese fans on weibo were really happy about ZZ winning both the MTV newcomer award and award for walk slowly, because they're so involved in the voting. I don't think they really realize that because it was a global vote and easier for non chinese fans to vote, that ZZ would definitely be getting a lot of votes for walk slowly. Yeah i'm not complaining about JY or ZZ being happy lol. I'm just saying that JY is more happy than he was when he first got back to china. It's my personal observation that he's way more happy and relaxed in the last couple of days than he was all the way up to and including the cooking show, which i forgot the date for lol. There were a lot of candies in the last couple of days alone, not including the video from ZZ today. I also hope we won't experience any other incidents, but it might help to be prepared because other ppl at least are sensing a pattern lol. Plus, i don't know, i think the scandals were pretty well tailored to their situations. Like they tried to make it believable, picking an older lady for JY and everything and some fans did believe it. If there are others, i think they would be tailoring them again so that they might be believable again for some ppl. I don't want to feel like some kind of evil sabotager every time i talk about what i see in other places. I am just sharing what i am seeing, because i thought that some ppl would like to know. I know ppl don't like to hear anything negative, but I don't post much in the way of rumours and i don't look at anything not directly related to ZZ or JY. I mean it's not like i was supporting the rumours from the scandal. I think i'm probably the last person who was doing that here. We do censor ourselves a lot already, does it really hurt to have some discussion every once in a while? Like i filter the stuff i see and i don't post everything that i see. I would just rather things not come out of the blue due to lack of information.
  2. I don't think most of it is subbed, i might be wrong though maybe some parts were subbed. There's too many BTS to keep track of lol. But some things you definitely don't need subs for. If you like the part in the gif, there's definitely more BTS on similar scenes lol.
  3. Lol i think we just made the same point right now, its not really common if you only started recently as a star. Cause if you're not really known i don't think it helps much to have your own studio or company, especially since you probably have to spend money to set it up and maintain it. Sure there are lots of stars who are famous and have their own companies but it took them a while to get there. I think all you need to do is watch an awards ceremony and see the number of stars who still thank their companies. Although that brings me to my question.. Is there a difference between a studio and a company? Cause we know that ZZ and JY created their own companies but the names were in chinese. Everyone was making fun of ZZ's since it was Zhou Di (emperor zhou?) lol. i'm just wondering if its the same company and he went with a different name in english or if the studio is a different thing. According to google it is different lol, but not sure..
  4. Welcome! We are so glad to have you here lol. I don't want to be greedy, but please tell us what they are saying sometimes lol. We can save it for all the really important interviews/shows etc and ask you. I sometimes go on the weibo YZ thread but it can be frustrating lol.
  5. I don't think anyone knows what happened to his neck lol.. I mean it could be when he went to practice jiu jitsu a couple days earlier.. It has an interesting shape though.. How did it get so round lol..
  6. Yeah i don't think its actually that common for artists to have their own companies, at least that early, i don't know about studios. Not sure i know the difference lol. Most new artists have to sign contracts with companies and i hear they don't actually make much money for themselves during that time. They start to make big money when they are finished their contracts and are famous enough to do commercials, although i don't know if china is different from hong kong in that sense.
  7. Lol i wanted to reply to you guys before, but i was supposed to be studying.. I hope i passed. X____X;; I actually wondered the same thing because i saw that there were posts saying he was going to go to london, but there weren't a lot of posts confirming it so i wasn't sure. That was also around the time of the terror attacks in london so it was chaotic around that time. I don't think he could have gone because of that fendi event, i think there were 2 shows that he might have gone to for london and he would definitely have had to miss one of them. He might have had an idea during that time that he would be going to the one in paris already too. And yes that was the critical back to china time for JY lol. No problem. Yeah that's kind of interesting to think about, they seem like such different ppl, JY at least, but they could move around the same circles. I don't think there are many posts on JY's friends, other than that FB guy who's annoying and i think ray, his best friend?
  8. ZZ's Seize the Moment (goodbye first love) trailer Just going to put this here... Have to study boring things that i probably won't end up studying..........
  9. 2017 MTV Global Chinese Music Awards - Top 10 Golden Songs Not sure if anyone else is interested in the other songs in the list, but it might be nice to listen to them together. Maybe someone can make a playlist lol. I'm just going to link to the youtube videos here. Hopefully it won't be too much loading for this page lol. Quite a few of the songs were very classic, like i'm sure i have heard of most of the songs before even if i didn't know the name. Probably a lot of ppl go to sing these songs for karaoke too. Not sure what the order of the songs really is, but for some reason i really want to number them so walk slowly is #7 lol. No matter what happens with the ceremony, this is part of the list walk slowly made. #1 田馥甄 《小幸運》 #2 李佳薇 《煎熬》 #3 林俊傑 《不為誰而作的歌》 #4 金志文 《中國姑娘》 #5 范瑋琪 《在幸福的路上》 #6 張杰 《三生三世》 #7 Xu Weizhou <Walk Slowly> 許魏洲 《慢慢走》 #8 蔡依林 《PLAY我呸》 #9 鄧紫棋 《光年之外》 #10 薛之謙 《演員》
  10. I think they made a mistake on their post, london fashion week is over already.. I think it's new york, milan and then paris last. I wonder which show ZZ will go to? Should be the one in paris, but don't know the brand.
  11. No problem. When i can understand most of it i try to do what i can to show my support. Although i feel like i am or we are cultivating a rare flower (or cactus) with all that careful effort and attention sometimes lol.