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  1. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Thanks, i'm glad you also had similar thoughts about the movie and it wasn't just me lol. I heard that a lot of ppl who saw it previously said that some parts were a bit too bloody/gory for them. I think maybe since i heard ppl say that i might have been more mentally prepared when it happened? Like my CPF friend was basically holding her head and looked kind of like scared sometimes lol. I don't think she really 100% admitted to it after but when i looked back at her that was what i saw lol. I don't really get scared at violence as much as horror so thankfully it didn't really affect me as much as i thought, it really helped that i heard about some of the scenes before hand. For example.. There was apparently somebody from australia who watched it earlier and said that their version of the movie was 15(?) min longer than the one in china, because they had more close ups/scenes with the gore/blood. I don't think this person was a CPF, but just your average chinese person. I have no idea if its true or not, i don't think anyone else in australia necessarily noticed and no australian site has the movie listed for 152 min or like 15 min longer than the posted chinese movie length. They may have timed it strangely, i have no idea. I also timed the movie because of what they were saying about how there might be different versions. I got a time of approximately 134 min not including the credits or any commercials. I would think that if there are different versions, that there would only be 2 versions, one for international consumption and one for within china. So i doubt that the australian/fji/new zealand version is actually longer.. That's just what i think.. It doesn't really make sense for some countries to have more gory scenes than another lol. Maybe the chinese version might be different, but i don't think they would really go and make different versions for different countries internationally.. It seemed like there were enough gory scenes anyways lol. Maybe if somebody went and watched both versions then they can say whether there actually is a difference. It's pretty much known that the movie was government approved/sponsored, in fact i think before the movie really started there were credits on screen thanking various government and military agencies because they actually provided real weapons for the movie. All of the tanks, guns, ships are real. I watched a lot of the shows talking about the making of the movie as well as various interviews of the director, actors and JY. There was also one talk show that that JY and a co-actor was on that discussed the original story that inspired the movie. Plus i also watched the operation red sea release ceremony.. Probably sounds kind of crazy.. Anyways, what i can say is that government interest may have in part spurred the making of the movie. No one can say either way who isn't directly involved in the direction of the movie, but i do get that kind of sense. There's another chinese action movie series that came out before operation red sea, it was really successful so that might have helped prompt operation red sea as well. All of this was why i said so many times that JY and ZZ are probably going to be more quiet etc. Like this type of movie was what i was expecting and that's why i thought they would be more low key for basically all of last year and probably half of this year. Given that JY will be involved in a police related series after this it'll probably continue. Which makes what is happening in the fandom right now kind of crazy, i'll leave all the madness and ranting in the spoiler here.. If there's a sense of propaganda, well i think it was obvious long before the movie came out what it would help advertise. I just don't think some ppl thought about it too clearly. This is why its such an important movie, it's the first real military themed movie produced in china. The fact that JY was able to be casted for it was already significant in a sense, long before the movie came out. Granted, it has been pointed out in that military themed talk show JY was on, that Top Gun was originally produced with real american planes and weapons too. The planes were at the time, the most advanced warplanes available. The script was pre-approved by the government agencies etc before filming, then a lot of effort had to be made by the military to help accommodate the scenes. Military pilots had to help film some of the planes at least. So i mean, if we want to talk about propaganda we already consumed a lot of propaganda in the guise of entertainment. It's just that china has always been more obvious about things lol. In a way it's a good thing, because american propaganda has become too persuasive, too good at what it does, you don't even recognize the fact that its propaganda, which makes it much harder to remain uninfluenced. Doesn't matter where you are in the world and if you live in the US, being a decent global citizen is going to be a harder thing for you. You don't want any country to get that good at making propaganda subtle, you just don't want it to happen. You want to be able to keep a bit of head space for yourself. You really don't want to ask for something that you don't want to come true lol (and that was rhetorical so not really saying it to anyone personally). In terms of the character building, yeah there isn't that much of it, i feel like JY did a good job with the scenes he had. But i have to say that i appreciate how much screen time there was on the locals, like how the movie showed the suffering of the ppl affected by the terrorists, a lot of times hollywood military/war movies just gloss over all of that stuff. Hollywood movies glamourize war a bit too much to be realistic, operation red sea is far more true to reality i think. It does not glamourize war or military conflict, it shows that war and military conflict is something to be avoided because of the cost. Like so much of the movie happened because of a single chinese citizen, you can think about the cost of saving them and the meaning behind how it was carried out anyways. That's probably part of what they wanted ppl to appreciate for sure. But you can also think about how painful it was for the ppl who do the fighting and protecting.
  2. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    I wrote a lot about my impression of the movie itself, but i think its a bit long so its all under the spoiler. There's no actual spoilers for the movie, so don't worry lol.
  3. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    After our journey across snowy vancouver, we finally got to the theatre and the first thing i noticed was there was a lot of ppl in the theatre for such a snowy day. That's what i thought because most ppl in vancouver tend to stay indoors if it's going to snow that much in the city. And there were a lot of chinese ppl in there.. There was a group of girls next to us when we bought tickets and they were speaking mandarin so i was kind of guessing maybe they were there for operation red sea. My CPF friend was already saying that some of them seem like only fans. In my experience chinese ppl rarely venture out when its snowing like this, so it was really likely they only came because it was the first day the movie was out. And yeah i think it was all chinese ppl in the theatre that day. No one else would venture out to see operation red sea in that kind of weather.. The only thing was the atmosphere kind of seemed unfriendly towards CPF....................... Just because these chinese ppl were more the type that came to canada recently for school etc. So it was just like china lol. X___X;; We were wearing our YZ hoodies so it was probably kind of obvious we were YZ fans/CPF when we took pics in front of the poster thing. Just kind of like unfriendly stares from a couple of the girls and i heard one girl say JY's name so very likely we were next to only fans. Moral of the story, if you live in a place with a lot of very chinese, chinese ppl either wear a less obvious YZ outfit or go with more YZ fans/CPF. Well, all i can say is i'm glad i can't go to ZZ's concerts because i'd probably end up picking a fight with some only fan. =_____=;;;;;;;;; I recorded the part of the ending theme song with JY singing under the spoiler.. But that was just my experience in vancouver on the first day the movie was out. I doubt anyone else will have the same experience so don't worry lol. I felt proud of JY during one of the scenes, which i won't spoil for you guys. Just for being involved in this movie, from everything that's happened for both JY and ZZ.
  4. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Next the odyssey of going to see Operation Red Sea in theatres on Friday, the first day it came out in Canada. What happened? Lol well it started snowing pretty heavily overnight on Thursday and into Friday, i'd show you guys a pic but it's so much work to actually link pics on soompi sometimes. Vancouver does not handle snow well, every time there's even an inch of snow transit gets all backed up. This time it was more than an inch so you can guess what happened, a lot of bus and skytrain lines were either delayed or stopped. We didn't know if we could even go watch the movie that day. The CPF that i was going with lives on a mountain lol.. There's usually more snow up there and sometimes they kind of get trapped on the mountain, so we had to check to see if there were any buses going back to her place. She already left home by that point and basically she ended up not being able to go home and had to stay at her relatives place. I offered my home to her and was in the process of cleaning my room when i found out she had somewhere else to go after the movie lol. But we didn't know whether we were going to be able to get to the theatre we bought tickets for because it was a bit far and the skytrain was on and off the whole day. That theatre was big but pretty much in the middle of no where from what i remember. So when my CPF friend finally decided she'd take the risk and go we ended up going to a theatre closer to us that was right by a station. So we ended up buying 2 tickets for the movie on the same day but only going to one lol. For me the deciding factor to go yesterday was because JY actually filmed a video saying the movie was coming out in Canada and the US and that he hopes it'll do well etc. So we kind of had to try our best.
  5. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    First up, ZZ being super cute with a baby in his weibo story today. <3<3 Ppl are saying its his niece, but i think its probably more correct to say its his cousin's daughter. I don't really think he has a sister, but just calls his cousin his sister. That is my guess with the usual family dynamics in china.
  6. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    No problem, it was just highly suspicious in general. Basically all the CPF already kind of assumed ZZ was in japan and then later it came out he actually was. His mom was there too but ppl were joking that she's acting as an alibi of sorts lol. But there's a point that is being brought up in the fandom and that is not to be a YZ fan just for the candy. Be a YZ fan for JY and ZZ. And also it was mentioned, to be a fan even when things aren't that great. Although i also understand that for a lot of international and overseas fans that's a hard thing to do, because there is less news and less info. First of all, believe in what you know of their personalities and it will help you a lot. Not everything you hear from weibo or other "fans" are true, especially the negative stuff. There's a lot of anti's that actually want to give false info so that there are less YZ fans. I think a lot of stuff lol. There's always so much going on in the YZ fandom, there's almost not enough time to catch up on everything everyday. At least there's usually a lot of stuff going on on weibo. If you don't pay attention to weibo for like half a day you can miss some big things that happen and a lot of the time if its candy it's already been taken down lol. A lot of it is scattered everywhere too, so it's not easy to find. But yeah you can find out some stuff from soompi too. Although it's true that ZZ has been quiet since returning from japan, he'll probably reappear soon though. It's similar to last year. And who knows, maybe he's with JY during the times he's not promoting stuff.
  7. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Guess who just came back from Japan with his mom? ZZ did and he's not even bothering to hide that he went to japan lol. Guess who else was in japan recently for the first time in his life? Yep you guessed it, JY. This was the huge candy that was going through the fandom for the past week or so and now its a very solid candy, cause CPF kind of guessed ZZ was in japan way before this (bz were completely clueless.. Didn't have any idea where he was lol). JY was looking super happy in those pics in japan.. It was getting really obvious considering some of the posts by 5mileslove lol. ZZ's caption: Perfect holiday, going back home (His location is in japan for the post.)
  8. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Ok all the new years performances are going up. They cut ZZ's solo singing part in the shanghai one apparently, oh well he was doing a 3 person medley so there was still plenty of screen time. And it still feels longer than the anhui one. He also danced in the beginning. Anyway, these videos are what i can find on youtube right now. The shanghai one is still really good and ZZ gets to open the show on the beijing show so not bad at all. Beijing channel 2018 Lunar New Year performance Edit: Not sure what but something seems to have happened to the clip of ZZ's beijing performance. Its just a promotional clip? I thought it was the whole performance.. Anyway trying to find an official version of ZZ's cut on youtube isn't turning up anything so i just linked to the full performance on youtube since ZZ's part is the first couple of minutes anyways. Shanghai channel 2018 Lunar New Year Performance Cr. SMG上海电视台官方频道 SMG Shanghai TV Official Channel They sound great together in this one. I feel like maybe ZZ might be singing counterpoint to them sometimes, like at a lower pitch. At first it seemed to me like maybe the other 2 got the best parts/songs to sing, but honestly it doesn't really matter too much. Just being on these shows mean something already. That guy in the red checkered shirt gave me the feeling of when i'm singing in karaoke and the song is too low for me because its meant for a guy to sing it. LOL.. I think his voice is a bit higher too maybe. ZZ did a really good job with the singing and so did his co-singers. Great job everyone! Lol But was there candy? Yes, kind of i think so lol. I didn't expect it but they sang meteor garden, the song that JY, ZZ, CW and LFS sang in the shanghai fan meeting. That touching song where ZZ paused for a moment and then said a slightly altered "i love you" and JY cried lol. Some CPF were tearing up when they heard him singing it, feeling a bit wistful maybe and sad. But i don't feel that sad, i feel like maybe we should be happy for him that he gets to sing it again on stage and he was smiling pretty happily too. I'm sure it reminds him of that time and JY. I also have links for the full shows if anyone actually wants to watch all 3 hours of each lol, Shanghai: https://v.qq.com/x/cover/vrym10b54leuu4f/x0025tzs5yw.html (ZZ appears near the end) Beijing: https://v.qq.com/x/cover/ful9isyrzmojmd9/k00257gskmm.html Happy actual lunar new year from my side of the world! Lol
  9. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Happy Lunar New Year!! For all you guys on the other side of the globe close to asia, it's already the new year (still 1.5 hours to go for me). And this year it's the year of the dog, ZZ's zodiac animal. We're still waiting for 2 more of ZZ's performances to come out on the large scale TV programs that celebrate the lunar new year. I hope you guys, JY and ZZ will all have a happy, healthy and successful year. I thought i'd give a brief explanation about the chinese zodiac that might be a bit relevant to YZ lol. Not sure if ppl have mentioned it before, but when its the year of your zodiac animal it's called your "本命年" (běn mìng nián) and the cycle of the zodiac repeats every 12 years, after the 12 animals in the zodiac. It's a little piece of superstition but often when it's your ben ming nian it's not necessarily a good thing.. Lol. Sadly, if you are superstitious it means that your zodiac is essentially in trouble with some deity or other (don't quote me i haven't googled it yet lol) and it's going to be a year full of ups and downs. A lot of chinese ppl who pay attention to these things are aware of this, especially in china i'm guessing lol. My parents don't really follow any kind of superstition so i never heard about it from them, but i have to say my 24th year (23-24 is usually when it is zodiac your year again) was one of the most problematic years for me even before i knew what the ben ming nian was supposed to be. So i was slightly worried for ZZ, whether it's true or not, but trusted that somebody would tell him lol. I thought he was a bit superstitious since he said that he used to wear a gold ring for its protective properties. Turns out he's fully aware and already taking measures by wearing all that red underwear and the red long johns. LOL. A certain someone might have been worried and made him prepare before the lunar new year even arrived lol. JY technically went through his like 2 years ago. And that's it! I don't think i'll be able to stay up to watch ZZ's performances from the time difference, but will be doing that tomorrow.
  10. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Yay, the first of ZZ's three lunar new year performances has been broadcasted on TV. Some ppl say its short since it's not the full song, but since these performances are such a big deal, it's really not too bad. Lots of ppl still don't know ZZ so its not really surprising. ZZ sang Towards the Bright Side in the Anhui lunar new years event, which was broadcasted before lunar new years on Friday. ZZ's Towards the Bright Side Performance for Anhui TV Cr. Zhou noii @1blankstare Yeah, ZZ's MV with a girl is a bit of a non-issue after watching it a couple more times. It really doesn't feel so romantic after seeing the whole thing because for some reason it's filmed like everything is a memory? ZZ's still like standing by himself somewhere at the end lol. Seeing the whole thing it just feels like a different interpretation of the song, which was so much sweeter lol. This MV didn't have a bicycle or a cat or half the things the song talked about lol. Yes a european girl.. Just the type JY likes, well next time he sees one he might have to think about how ZZ looked together with one. Also, after singing like all of the songs related to YZ for karaoke, i watched more than a couple of Jay Chou's MV's, and the MV's for confession balloon and simple love were kind of like this one. It's basically similar to Jay Chou's earlier MV style and if you think about it, Jay Chou has like a million love songs, in those MV's there were many different female leads, but they're all just actresses that help to act out the MV. So in a similar way, ZZ will hopefully have many other MV's for romantic songs and whichever girl it is won't matter because its just all part of his career. Honestly, all you need to do is watch a bunch of MV's at karaoke and you'll get a new perspective on everything lol. By the way, i am still alive but more alive on weibo. And just wanted to say that everyone should feel welcome to post and comment, discuss what happens here. It doesn't matter if you don't post a million images and all the info, that's not what it's about. Discussion is important. On weibo you can see that there is so much going on in this fandom everyday, the YZ topic in weibo is still gaining new fans and growing.
  11. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Do you mean the links for the songs? Or of the live stream? (Haha yeah now that i think about i don't think ZZ ever really specified what kind of girl he likes physically, but judging by how much he likes japanese style/cute stuff, probably the "cute" type. XD XD Seems like he stole someone else's preferences for a female lead in his MV hahaha...) I'll just post what i have/can find: the livestream yesterday in taiwan was here: https://boba.ettoday.net/sub_category/4/85 but there are also youtube links now. Cr. 11301020 And here are some youtube videos of the 4th quarter songs here: And i also found a youtube video that compiled all 11 tracks from all 4 quarters/the complete album here: I first listened to the songs in class with data through VPN, so i don't think i really heard it as clearly as i could, although i was listening after finishing a quiz and there was still like 10 minutes before it ended and i used those 10 minutes to listen to the songs lol. It was actually almost completely silent when i was listening lol. The thing was when i first listened to Rio, i read the lyrics as i listened and i did not listen to the song under the max "HD" sound option. So i really did not get the full impact and quality of the song. Plus, ZZ's english has improved a lot but comparing with the lyrics while i was listening might not have been the best choice for the first time listening to the song. Then i listened under the second highest quality format on QQ music (have to pay for the highest quality and i can't still since i can't pay through that app, i also can't download any of the songs from QQ music because its also pay to download) and found that it was a huge difference. I'm not sure why really. I feel like most of ZZ's songs the more you listen the more you will like it. But it was a bit startling to me how sound quality can make such a big difference for this song for me. The screaming parts just sounded so much better after listening to the higher definition format. I still need to listen to it some more, i was really busy catching up to everything that's been happening in the last couple of days. But i really like Orange Sky, right now i don't know whether i like Orange sky more or not though. I like it so much that i didn't really want the girl to appear in this MV.. LOL...... It's just so incredibly romantic and not actually a break up song lol, could have had the girl appear in Leave Me Alone instead LOL. Granted, i also just watched the Taiwan album release that ZZ just had on facebook live. And at first yeah its like a girl on the MV, feel slightly conflicted (its so YZ! Can imagine it talking about JY), but ZZ hasn't successfully shown a girl in any of his previous MV's and the short film with Vogue was him getting left at the girl's door and never actually face to face with her LOL. So well maybe he does need to eventually have a female love interest appear in an MV, whatever. YZ-ness under the spoiler: The song i liked the least from the 4th quarter was "maze", i'm just translating from chinese, maybe its called something else in english lol. But yeah i did not like that song very much, maybe i need to listen to it more times, but it didn't really work for me, which is alright. I feel like he didn't really pick it so much, more like its given to him to sing. So doesn't really reflect the album in a way.
  12. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Omg the live stream was really funny. ZZ had to take off his jacket and unbutton his shirt lol. And he laughed that high pitched laugh we barely heard since the addicted days. Probably because he actually had fun this time. The show/interview seemed pretty fun anyways, lots of games and he also sang orange sky and edge of darkness plus other songs he had to figure out the name to. There was a lie detector too with electricity like the one JY had to try before. I don't want to spoil it, maybe just watch it first.