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  1. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Whatever ppl might say about Give Me Five and ZZ's appearance on the variety show, me included, ZZ's rate of new followers on weibo has increased according to this weibo account. Now he's got over 5300000 followers. I kind of forgot how many followers he had before the show.
  2. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Agreed, it takes a lot of guts to be willing to try new things like this. There's bound to be ppl who don't like it or can't accept it. I was just commenting on a post about this photoshoot on weibo. I guess there's been some negative comments on the photoshoot from ppl who don't really know ZZ. Someone was saying that they thought the main reason why there's negative comments on the photoshoot is because it doesn't look good. I replied that i think it looks good and it is really innovative because its trying to push our image of what a magician should look like with modern clothes. They replied and said they were just trying to explain why there are negative comments objectively. I don't get what the point of that is though, most ppl don't get fashion anyways no matter which country. It's normal for them not to get it, why would we need this fan to explain it? It's just expressing their own opinion about how they don't think it looks good but they aren't willing to own up to their opinion when questioned. LOL....... And this was on the YZ supertopic, which is a place for everyone to express their opinion, but i'm more concerned about adding to the negative comments that are already there and from a YZ fan no less. Do they really think ZZ doesn't look at the posts............. I just don't want him to feel bad for something that is actually really good, just because most ppl have no idea what fashion is.
  3. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Want some eye candy everyone? It's bunny boy ZZ!! I was all worked up over YZ stuff today.. But seeing this.. LOL. Very ok, ZZ, very ok.. Hehehehe.. I think Abby has mentioned the common themes between JY and ZZ's magazine covers on ig, more of the magic/magician theme! Cr. to original posters on ig.
  4. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    There's been so many candies lately, i think some newer fans are like, what's going on? On the YZ topic in weibo i saw quite a few posts about how real YZ is.. Not sure if i missed something or if the new fans from operation red sea just suddenly caught on that YZ is pretty legit....... Lol. Fandom is so complicated, they didn't know about all the events and YZ candies from the past, all they did was read the posts of the more well known CPF accounts, sometimes really subjective. But somebody was reposting a lot of old clips and candies and i think some of the newer fans were like, omg what is this? Lol....... What we've been trying to say all along.. That's why we don't go crazy over every candy that comes along or every clothing item that they share anymore.. There's just so much of it. I watched the episode of Give Me Five that ZZ participated in yesterday. There'll be at least another episode with ZZ in it but i'm not sure about after that. I think i'll talk about everything in a spoiler, in case ppl haven't watched etc.
  5. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    After watching the live stream and various fan cams of ZZ's performance in the Strawberry Music Festival, i can't decide whether i think he performed well or if he was super nervous and was a bit strained in the beginning. I think it was a bit of both. He sounded much better on the fan cams than on the live stream in general, but the audio quality wasn't consistent even across fan cams. It's also possible that when its an outdoor performance, the location of the person recording can affect the sound, since the speakers might not reach them etc. And he might have sang some songs better than others. I've tried to listen to as many fan cams as possible, but i haven't be able to find many good quality recordings. I know he sounded pretty good for Orange Sky and Rio though. If anyone has a good quality fan cam of ZZ's performance please share lol.
  6. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    I'm just going to spam things that i haven't posted about lol. If it's been talked about here already i apologize, i am not up caught up to everything. Want to wear the same brand, same design as ZZ for an affordable price? Look no further than uniqlo, even though technically ZZ isn't getting paid by uniqlo to wear their brand, fans are buying all the ones from the JUMP 50th anniversary edition which ZZ wore, with characters from Hunter x Hunter (ZZ wore one of the Hunter x Hunter shirts), Dragonball (ZZ wore), Gintama (ZZ wore), Bleach, Naruto, One piece, Death Note and more. The designs are part of the men's and children's collection, they don't appear in the women's T shirts. I bought 2.. Honestly i bought them because they were right there and in the right size.. There was only one Hunter x Hunter shirt left and it was the right size for me so it felt like i kind of had to buy it lol. I just realized that we can't buy them online in canada...................... So i guess i got the only 2 i'm ever going to have lol. Uniqlo really should start paying ZZ for advertising for them.. The white shirt and black shirt are pretty much out of stock in china now. There's no more online and fans have to check in stores to see if there are any left. I don't think there's much left of the blue one either. It's extremely likely for these designs to be out in asia, if they came out in north america and there are relatively little ppl who know about these anime then i'm pretty sure they would sell them in other countries as well. I thought there would be no one fighting for them here, but i think they're kind of out of stock of all three in the store closest to me. I'm not sure if they're restocking but i doubt it. If they were going to restock they would have done it in china probably.. If you want to know if its being sold in your country, just check on the uniqlo site for your country. It didn't appear until a couple weeks after the release in asia on the Canadian site. It should have already been out in the US.
  7. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Omg i just saw the fancam of JY's brand event and HRYY playing in the background.. Everyone is going crazy. Can you imagine how the hjt right now? I know what their excuse will be: it's the event staff that decided to do this and has nothing to do with JY. But is it really possible for them to do something that JY is not aware of? I don't think that is likely. Really need to watch the event today and see how JY reacts lol........... It's a must watch. I wonder if there is a live stream.. Recently there's been a couple other sites/companies that have mentioned ZZ with JY.. One was to advertise Operation Red Sea coming out on various sites, not sure about TV. It had what was most likely a fake wechat(i think) post with JY posting a pic of himself in ORS and one of the comments under it being ZZ saying that JY's becoming more handsome, and JY replying with something like of course, want to get together sometime? XD And below that was another "post" saying ORS can be conveniently watched on ______. CPF were kind of scratching their heads about that, mostly ppl just think that its the company trying to advertising and doing this on their own. I feel like it's building up to be more and more stuff mentioning JY and ZZ if not addicted. I'm sure you guys have heard about JY's ad being broadcasted on Love Stage in the Strawberry Music Festival.. I really don't think it was a coincidence since no other stage played that ad. I hate saying things that might not happen so i don't even want to voice what i'm thinking lol. This is inspiring me to actually get my richard simmons in gear and translate that article from the chinese newspaper on homosexuality....................... But i've been trying to rewatch and refresh my memory of YZ lately.. Its so hard because there's so much to watch and i feel like there should be some kind of order, which just makes it feel too deliberate. Lol. The dead time in between their events and candy can really sap the YZ out of the YZ fan. Thanks, i will go check it out. Yeah ZZ seems to only be a guest on the show, he's going to appear this coming Saturday on May 5th! Been waiting sooo long for this seriously. They've been saying the show would be out in April but it didn't start until late April and ZZ isn't even going to be on until May. X__X;;;;;;;;; I'm just glad its this Saturday. I wonder if JY is going crazy with the candy because, theory 1. he's going to start filming pretty seriously and will be quiet for a while? 2. Knotted Love is coming out and there will be some CPF/YZ fans that won't like all the kissing/intimate etc scenes. Personally, i'm on of them. Even though JY and Victoria Song don't seem to have a very good professional relationship in real life. 3. ZZ's variety show will come out and there might be some more WDL and ZZ interaction that will encourage some of the CPF that's been joking around about a WDL/ZZ cp lol. So many variety shows seem to push cp's, JY's game show did before and it seems like "Let Go of My Baby" (direct translation), might be trying to do that too. JY's costar Jackson is super touchy with everyone, he basically had a male/male CP with another actor in the King of Glory game show thing. 4. The ban is getting looser and he just wants to be able to be more open with everything.
  8. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    I already don't have a life.. But this fandom sometimes.. There's so many things that happen, even recently there are misunderstandings between international YZ fans and CPF. For international fans, i see a lot of ppl kind of freaking out over things because of the lack of info. And they don't know where to ask, then they have to rely on certain fans to tell them everything. I will admit as an older fan it gets tiring when ppl keep bringing up VERY unlikely rumours and ask if its true. It's exhausting for the person to have to refute the false info and also convince them that things are fine. It's really the fan's responsibility to catch up with YZ. It will be really hard for everyone if new fans etc have to consistently rely on another fan to remain in the fandom. Find out more about JY and ZZ so you know how they are and you will wonder less about the rumours. Granted, soompi is still a good place to ask because there are so many of us who have been here for awhile. If one person won't answer usually there's another one who will. Then it's not so exhausting for everyone. The other way is to simply read the old pages in soompi which helps a lot. Also, i don't want to specifically point out anything or anyone. But if there are situations where CPF ask international fans to remove certain tags etc, try and find out the reason for why it's happening. If there is a good reason and it's only one or two tags that don't impact YZ, why not remove them? The consequences could be that lots of poisons or antis attack. Not to mention those tags are not even relevant. International apps like ig don't even give much benefit to the artist if their tag gets used a lot, in weibo they are more strict and only tag JY or ZZ separately when it's only one of their events. Ig is not as strict, but if its a sponsor tag, is it necessary to keep using it for every single post? Let's be realistic, they're not hiring ZZ to be their spokesperson because they think that it will increase their sales in english speaking countries. So why make such a big ruckus over ig? JY and ZZ are the priority, not fans, no matter how many followers they have.
  9. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    I really don't think that is the case, that JY and ZZ has moved on. They consistently say things that only CPF will know about, like everytime they have questions like where you like to go for a date? JY would say "the sea", there's so many catch phrases and subtle gestures like a rainbow coloured coat etc. They do so many things but its all very subtle and you really have to be not only aware of the fandom but constantly in the loop to know what they are. Please, don't think that they have forgotten the series because they have not, only recently in an interview JY talked about his experiences acting in his first drama, they didn't say addicted, but he literally recounted how he got chosen for addicted. They asked him to stay and live in at the location immediately after the interview and he said "what?" Because he travelled by train over from shanghai to beijing i believe and didn't bring any luggage with him. So he wasn't prepared to stay over and live there all of a sudden, he thought he would still be able to return to shanghai but they didn't let him. Then he said that they never asked him to do an audition, they just chose him the moment they saw him, when the host asked him if he was worried about his acting skills, he said "the main thing is they should be worried, if they're not worried why would i be?" He had one word to describe that and he said something like they're a boss/super cool. Because CJD didn't even care if he could act or not and just hired him on the spot and he thought that was like a boss. You see how even now there's stuff about addicted coming out? More than before because the ban is a bit lighter. It's just you guys don't get to hear all of it and generally CPF are more low key. ZZ also talked about addicted in an article like a couple months ago i think. This wouldn't have been possible like a year ago. Now they might have the chance. JY's profile description for multiple websites and shows/interviews has included "addicted" in his list of works recently. But think about the fact that he is going to be in another drama to do with law enforcement. He won't have as much leeway for awhile, but he still manages to give out candy. I watched it.. I think because i was warned ahead of time it really wasn't that bad. JY was a bit stiff in the kisses, the ones we have seen so far aren't passionate ones yet. JY is supposed to be blind or something for at least part of it so he's not even really focusing on her face necessarily.. I don't think its that bad yet.
  10. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    I am so exhausted right now and wanting to kill someone lol............................. Translating this poem by that mysterious account was so hard.. I don't want to ever try something like that again. I haven't read any posts here yet, just posting this first. Too tired to link to the original poem right now i'll just copy and paste the original poem in a spoiler. The poem is very, very romantic. Sorry if the translation is not completely true to the poem, it was really hard to translate because it had so many references to mythology and buddhism because the poem was written from Sun Wu Kong's (Journey to the West a chinese novel) perspectve, which means it was written from JY's perspective since JY was born in the year of the monkey. It is very romantic, because if you know anything about Sun Wu Kong you would find it impossible to imagine he would give up all his weapons, his immortality for anything, he literally beat up all the gods and became one of the beings that could control him. TRANSLATION: (Cr. to me) Poem written by @帝都十三太饱 I am not Wu Kong I borrowed a golden hoop[1] from the Gautama[2], Harnessed it around your hand, Reciting a spell of lovesickness. My teacher is the Bodi, The Tengyun Fog[3] does not satisfy me, What I need is teleportation, I have exhausted the Seventy Two Transformations[4], Although greed, anger and ignorance have no hold over me, Which transformation is the most pleasing to the elder’s eye? I naturally bear fiery, piercing eyes[5], Baby, do not worry, I am capable of discerning between wife and evil spirit. I do not love the heavenly courts, In order for me to rest and rise together with you in the Water Curtain Cave, And watch the drifting cherry blossoms on the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, I journeyed through the Flaming Mountains, Who would have thought that I with my extraordinary skills, Could not fight against the long nights of unbearable yearning. Smelted by the Samādhi Fires, yet remaining unbroken, At peace with both despair and happiness through cultivation, without regard for merits or faults, Because the road is long and overflowing, the water runs counter to boat travel, How can enlightenment be attained. Buddha is benevolent, Advising me to lay down this debt, wishing for me to turn back, Buddha, Buddha, My intent is as solid as a rock, the spirit of Bodhi is sent forth in vain, Perhaps my cultivation is still not adequate. I would rather be punished by taking a turn through the battle of the mortal coil, The worst suffering is wanting what cannot be asked for, love I will not take back. In trade for one night of entanglement, in request for half a lifetime of devotion, Taking the iron staff[6] has no use, Better that it guards the sea with the Dragon King. I am not Wu Kong, I am a naughty(/stubborn?) monkey, In love with a cat. [1]A golden hoop from one of the Buddhas is what Sun Wu Kong wears around his head, it is a magical ring like structure and can tighten if an incantation is recited. It is what the monk uses to control Sun Wu Kong. [2]One of the Buddha [3]The tengyun fog is that cloud that Sun Wu Kong (SWK) uses to fly around and do battle with, it can transport him through the air. [4]SWK can transform into other creatures and objects with this skill [5]I have seen some sites call them the Eyes of Truth, SWK can see past glamours and illusions, which is useful because a lot of evil spirits will pretend to be their master/friend/ girl in order to eat/kill them. [6]The iron staff that SWK carries was originally a pillar in one of the oceans that was ruled by a dragon king (don’t ask me for any of the names lol..), I think it was used to either protect the ocean or to uphold the ocean. SWK stole it from the dragon king, the staff is a very powerful weapon and able to change size.
  11. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    I'm just reposting my previous post on homosexuality in china here for now, because i think it is kind of related to the whole thing that happened recently with weibo and BL..... I'll delete it once i've got more of a summary for the article that was published by the chinese newspaper. It's really long so its under the spoiler.
  12. [Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧

    Hi nice to see everyone here discussing what's going on. It was kind of interesting to hear that apparently a lot of ppl were really worried over what was happening but no one was saying anything lol. Granted i didn't want to see anyone freaking out big time, but i was surprised that no one even said they were worried until now lol. I don't know too much about this new show, i heard some ppl mention it and that actor. Who really knows what is really going on with sina right now. But really....... I don't think it's one of those "oh they're being strict again after the ban" type things. Especially since sina only stopped their hunt after the national chinese newspaper that speaks for the government expressly said that homosexuality is to be accepted and not to be put in the same category as pornography and violence. It's actually a very obvious and strong stance that the government has taken on this issue this time. I know you guys don't really trust the chinese government lol, but as i and other ppl have mentioned both here and on weibo, china has not expressly stated that homosexuality is a disease, as a country it has not officially stated that it is considered a crime. The issue is a pretty complicated one and if you only look on the surface you're probably not going to even get why that article even came up lol. What happened with the ban on addicted is different than what is going on this time, that was most likely a political issue and less an ideological one. I kind of want to repost what i said about the whole issue with homosexuality and china in the past lol. I mean i also had my doubts too, but even before the article came out i was already kind of sensing (and hoping) that they would not delete the YZ topic. Even though sina had taken such a strong tone and deleted other BL CP supertopics, you kind of have to wonder why the top couple BL CP topics, even including the YZ one, weren't deleted already to start with. I had a feeling that things might change after the 3 months and they might calm down over the issue. Other ppl probably had some hope too, otherwise it would have been pointless for all of us to change our profile pics and stop posting YZ stuff if the end result was already determined by the fact that it was a BL supertopic. Its mostly other international fans that told me about that show and cai xu kun, i can't speak to any factors from the entertainment circle directly. But i didn't really hear much from chinese fans about this show, maybe it was just top of the mind for international fans. Under the table maneuvering by individuals in the entertainment industry and the like is just too much for me to speculate on. I don't think its that likely and if there is anything like that going on its not like they'd let you hear about it. Personally it was not a surprise that sina would "be strict" at this time. If you have been paying attention to the news/international politics, you would have realized that china has just made some fundamental changes to how the government is run. Not only that but there were some new policies that were introduced, the sense was that the government was being more strict on more than a couple of issues, amongst chinese ppl i think they also had the sense that government officials also had to toe the line. Everyone was waiting to see what kind of stance they would take on a lot of issues. It was kind of clear that "internet security" was going to be a big priority. Not only is it an issue globally if you look at what is going on with facebook and the admission that a lot of info was leaked in a way that caused political ramifications, but it is also not news that china has a department specially formed to deal with cyber issues. There are many ppl in that department, ppl were only waiting to see how that department would be utilized. It's becoming a reality that cyber warfare between countries and other large agencies is going to be a huge issue in the future. Many countries are investing heavily in this right now because the internet is not only a source of power but an extreme wildcard. Sina was actually referring to an internet security/network security law (i don't know the name in english) passed by the government in that notice it posted about the operation to cleanse weibo. Sina's post mentioned homosexuality, pornography and violence in cartoons/comics, games, graphic and textual content specifically. But i think the law itself wasn't entirely clear on what was to be targeted. Sina seemed to have came up with a very poor interpretation of the law and what the government considered to be problematic. Homosexuality is not one of those issues lol. I think sina did not have a good grasp of the government, while quite a few CPF said that the country has never had the stance that homosexuality was illegal before. I did kind of mention this before, but china is not religious.. There aren't very many reasons to make homosexuality illegal in that context, also the general sentiment has usually been that if you're not hurting anyone then it's basically not a crime. I think that a lot of chinese citizens knew this, but maybe a big company like sina was either out of touch with that sense or just worried for their asses. I don't think that they would have taken action against the big BL CP supertopics in the end, because they still want ppl to actually go to weibo, but they most likely wanted everything BL related to be quieter, once again in order to save their own asses. Too bad they made a mistake like this and had to be corrected, maybe because they had prejudices/discriminatory ideas and expected the government to have them too. I really should summarize the article that was published in more detail, because it said a lot more than just homosexuality is not a crime. So much more, if you guys were able to read it you would know what i mean, the tone is much more accepting, the article says that everyone should put down their prejudices. I just wasn't really planning on doing it today since it's 417 in china and there's going to be stuff happening in the fandom lol.