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  1. @psychology92 (sorry on my phone so can't tag) The only thing I would say about those videos is that I love them because it shows what other ppl are also seeing but that they are the personal opinions of those ppl and taken for fun sometimes. It helped convince me but I wouldn't necessarily take all the incidences as the sole truth/all that happened on those shows. If nothing else I was kind of annoyed when Ethan Ruan pecked JY on the cheek randomly without there being some kind of activity asking for it on one of the episodes. It was kind of random. But that's just me. Essentially I think back reading the thread is more helpful to see how it is around that time. Between JY and XL, JY definitely had nothing going on with her, no idea about her personal thoughts.
  2. Yeah I agree that they aren't really fans of him as a person they're just fans of their idea of him. They're acting like jealous gfs and so many of them call themselves ZZ's gf on Weibo. Its more delusional than anything we post here. Are they trying to act like BLY's ex gf or something? Seriously.. I don't even want to watch that video of the crazy BZ fan cause its just going to make me frustrated and mad. I watched some of the other fancams though and there were a lot of ppl there.. And the chants lol. When I see that many ppl though I wonder how many are really his fans and how many are there because of the hype. ZZ said before in some interview a while ago, I think in Korea, that he's prepared himself for a time in the future where no one will like him anymore. Which is heartbreaking and I hope they aren't that fickle, but as long as they don't betray him by badmouthing him or doing hateful things then its fine if they leave. Most of those BZ fans would leave for sure if they can't deny how close ZZ and JY really are. It's not even a secret though, so they don't really have anyone to blame but themselves. I was surprised to see a pic of ppl making the 2 and 6 hand signs in the crowd though, there were CP fans there. Good job ppl! Not sure if you guys can see the pics but it's the second or third pics on the ig post. And JY walking that bulldog! XD @bearology brought a lot of candies with her lol.
  3. @bearology Yasssss! The Ring is back! LOL I think the main thing i noticed was that JY was back and the ring is back. Makes me wonder why he took it off in the first place. Too bad it seems like JY is going to stay in shanghai and ZZ is apparently going back to Beijing? ZZ looks so much happier and more relaxed in all the videos and pics now, even though they're not in the same city. x.x Welcome to the forum @ursa98 and welcome back @abhishikta and @dahliasaysmeow Sorry i was in lurking mode and greet you guys earlier. Needed to reimmerse myself in interviews and concerts etc, i feel like i was starting to forget their faces from all the time away from cameras. Yeah i get what your friend was saying.. That's why i was kind of skeptical about some posts on ig claiming ZZ transferred to different flights etc. The movie is a big deal, which i thought would cause both ZZ and JY to be more low key.. I was afraid of that actually cause the movie isn't going to even be out in threatres until way later. They might have to be low key for a while.. 5mileslove also seemed to post less frequently. Plus ZZ stopped wearing some couple items, thankfully we see the ring again. Part of that might be because ZZ is only just starting to appear on TV.. And he seems to have gained a lot of BZ fans. Shaking my head at the crazy BZ fan who took that CP item away from ZZ's assistant. She's actively going against something ZZ wants since he said he'd take the CP items.. I hope they don't get more unreasonable. This is not even listening to their idol here. (Spoiler contains my YZ morocco theories) Seriously though, ZZ has been so busy and low key, plus JY was out of the country. I must have been suffering from some YZ short circuit cause i spontaneously popped out of my YZ addiction. I wasn't even ready! I'm rewatching interviews and stuff now just to bring it all back. I'll be quieter cause i seem to jinx my addictions when i post too much lol. X___X I think ZZ spelled it right, he's just too correct lol. Too bad he went to the effort of deleting it lol. That security lady took twice as long with ZZ as with everyone else lol. But i think he's going to be getting the cactus anyway, cause there was a pic of ZZ receiving roses from a fanboy somewhere on ig or twitter. LOL X______X Maybe hao ge took the roses away though. There was a lot of security there so the moment might have only lasted for a couple of seconds since i don't even see a clear fancam showing the interaction.
  4. Aiya, i'm just a useless person who hasn't watched the full FM but from the videos you posted it looked like ZZ was actually really upset about being separated from JY. He probably was mad but didn't say anything. And JY looked like he was just happy that they were on the same stage, but because he saw that ZZ was unhappy he kept looking over to him, i don't know if he was worried that he'd do something crazy or just worried about him being upset. @bearology Don't stop spammingggggg. Plus that's some beautiful fanart right there.
  5. Yep, they did use ZZ's song, but also there was a song that sounded similar to bgm from ZZ's concert? I haven't made myself watch the full thai fan meeting because i already know that it ends in tears for everybody.. But i do remember from reading previous posts in this forum that there was an interview with one of the thai MC's/organizers of the fan meeting and he actually said a lot about what happened.
  6. I saw that post on instagram too and i thought it was genius lol. Cause it actually works. There were a lot of comments on ZZ's weibo about how great his muscles look etc, but there were some fans joking (probably YZ fans) and saying, "you heard wrong they were saying you look uke". LOL so this actually would fit if JY was going with the word play. He kind of looks like he's covering up a smirk too lol. I was wondering why he put that pic up and this explanation fits so perfectly LOL. Yeah i want to see ZZ start a drama or something too.. Although its hard for me to imagine what kind of drama or what kind of part. Ppl were saying maybe he could go to korea and be in a drama that suits him there but i think it would be kind of hard right now. I really wish we could see them act together in the same show but that's probably a fantasy.. @bearology Omg the song lyrics are so sweet! Makes sense that it's a thai song?
  7. I will try but warning: my chinese level is low and i also used google translate lol. ZZ: What are you looking at/staring for, silly boy JY: There's something stuck on your face ZZ: What is it? JY: Your face has cuteness stuck on it. (Gist of it, since there was some word play here x.x)
  8. Yeah, so this might be candy but its so cryptic, kind of hard to chew lol. Right now not seeing either of them, it's just not very satisfying. I admit i gave in and watched the eng subbed eps of advance bravely that came out today. I'm not going to say much because there's a forum for it, but you can definitely tell it's a chai jidan work because both the acting and the production is a lot better than almost any other bl drama out there except for addicted (YZ reasons count for a lot lol). You can see they put money in it.. And well if ZZ invested in it as well.. Ppl on weibo were joking about how one of the actor's abs is the cure for addicted LOL.. Hopefully they will be able to push out the episodes without it getting delayed.
  9. Hahaha i was thinking about this too, i think i saw the fancam and somebody on the forum posted that fans mentioned it? Not 100% sure how reliable it is, although i think he did actually say its a bet? Somebody correct me on this? I don't think the bet is for who reaches 4M first because i think JY already had 4M by that time. I think the bet would be only for the 4M welfare cause they'll both be at the same starting point. But it makes more sense to me that it would be whoever holds out the longest without putting up their welfare that wins the bet and gets to top. Cause fans were bugging them all the time about why it's taking so long to do their welfare and it probably doesn't take that much effort to get it done? Considering what ZZ did for his.. LOL.. So as far as i can see not zhouyu. LOL. Damnit YZ was under attack enough since JY was gone and not around to show off his muscles and manliness. We need to stand up for YZ. Maybe ZZ just misses JY a lot, he let him win, hahaha. Poor guy was running around in a desert and working his richard simmons off lol.
  10. Very interesting happenings lol. Giving us all a guessing game, it does sound like candy though. Where is ZZ actually? I'm wondering if he is actually going to be participating in the event on the 16th or if he is just advertising it. X_____X He lost the battle for the latest 4M welfare lol. Edit: Did JY do his 4M welfare already? My brain is lost lol. Edit #2: I guess we'll find out if ZZ will appear today, his video was actually pretty ambiguous, didn't say he was going to be there himself. X__X He's really busy doing something..
  11. No problem, i'm glad that somebody else enjoyed them too. I rarely ever posted pics or videos before so i never really had to think about which accounts i should repost from, i just hope all those ZZ FMVs were by fans who aren't against YZ fans. I looked at their account but i couldn't really tell lol. I think a lot of us in this forum are YZ shippers but also have a bias towards either ZZ or JY, but i think that's normal. We might just have a favourite, but we support the both of them. As long as no one is actively bashing one of them while still calling themselves a YZ fan/CPF, i don't think there's a problem with liking one or the other more. X_____X I think we're all pretty relaxed here, i mean there are probably only fans checking this forum as well. And well that's fine if they aren't disturbing anyone, it's really the only fans that try to argue with/attack YZ fans that are the problem. I wouldn't try to force people to change their minds about stuff if they aren't disturbing anyone or doing things that will hurt ZZ or JY. Technically we can all just "stay in our lane" (there was a gif somebody posted on this forum before for this lol), people just can't seem to resist getting out of it.
  12. Really enjoying these FMVs Timmy FMV 【许魏洲】谁共我同行(主光之影)Cr 奶油蜜桃与野蔷薇 Timmy FMV 【许魏洲】Perfect Time Cr eventyra YZ FMV 帅你一脸 黄景瑜 许魏洲 Cr @海因的zaza YZ FMV 2017-04-14 那些有故事的歌 黃景瑜 許魏洲 Cr S面B面魔王 YZ FMV (sad? one) 2017-04-14 我真的很在意 黄景瑜 许魏洲 Cr. @海因的zaza
  13. And it's ok that you posted about the charity, i have no idea what it is about either than its supposed to be about the environment lol. I haven't heard about the 21st but i think the iqiyi event 尖叫之夜 translates directly to 'night of screams'? Night of cheers maybe? Lol