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  1. Today is the dday. I wish most of stargazers members/ family here would post something. It has been two years since MLSHR aired and stargazers are still going strong. Love it if our veterans could visit today of all day. Missing the noise we made here.
  2. Thanks @chi13lou. Your chant helps a lot. We are in for a dry season now with Ji Eun in hidding mode. But as you said (is it your mantra now) to be patient. Yes we have been patiently waiting for almost two years now and I'm sure we will still be waiting until the end of our journey.
  3. Welcome @Azalea Savana. Hope you are ready for our roller coaster ride in this voyage.
  4. Uncontrolable and pure happiness when someone special show their concern, support and love(?). Whatever their relationship is be it colleagues or lovers I just love their interaction. Fighting joonu
  5. Beautiful art work. It is posted close to the 2nd MLSHR anniversary.
  6. Saw it @jen459. Crystal clear when I watched JG insta post. Thanks for havingan eagle eyes. It brings back the memory of JE initials in his eyes back in 2017 before the storm.
  7. Welcome back chingu @silentjoonu. Missing you here. Agree to whatever you said. Delulu or not. Do drop by from time to time.
  8. I think Steven Adam's first word to describe JE is she's hot... . Hard to believe that he is the same age as JE.
  9. Dear @kathyrw this is the life of shippers. Welcome on board. We are sailing in an unchatered territory. We don't know what kind of relationship they have because none of them make any confirmation. In thruth both of them are single. They interact with one another but how close their relationship is only they know. On kakao chat live what ever was said it was in line of promoting the drama. He was answering questions posed by his fans. They asked about SYJ, about her new hair , how close they are as costars etc. He had to answer as what he thought they wanted to hear. He could not bring JE's name. Some of his fans hated JE. Of all the answers he gave some were just pure lip service. Remember during MLSHR presscon. He praised JE "beautiful flower" that is pure lip service. But when he described her talent and her work ethic during MLSHR that was really a praise. When I read your post most of JG'd praise were on her beauty. Less on her talent as an actress. If it were me I'd be dissapointed. Beauty is only skin deep but talent is what actors strive on. He describe JE of her acting ability which could outshine some known actresses. He describe in detail of her prowes and you can feel in his voice the pride and the admiration (awe) for her. He knew that his fans were against her but that did not stop him to get close to her. We choose to be in this ship knowing that the chances of sinking is greater than sailing. But we keep on because we believe in fate and the power of love.
  10. Tqvm to @soereey , @marimari00 and @jenny kim for great insight which somehow will apease some of our raging hearts. It is no doubt stir some feelings in our heart after watching the bts. It will be ugly if we immediately react upon it. As some of shippers did. But after thinking and rational comes in, you will see that it is part of the job. I agree with the idea for promotional purposes. His been doing that since the beginning. As you can see in the rating of kdrama talk of the week ,LL does not really be on top for content much less the actors and actresses. Out of 6 weeks aired only JG managed to be on the list about 3 weeks. For last week he is no 8 and SYJ no 9 and the drama with only 7+point talk on. A vast different from WWWSecretary Kim with 20+point and it just on its 2nd week airing. Eventhough the rating is great but it needs to be the talk of the town to decide its quality. MLSHR may suffer the rating (due to a lot of outside issues) but it was being talked all over the world until now. I'm a stubborn shipper will be here until the end. Sink or swim doesn't matter. I love both of them. More for JE as through her I met JG. Wishing them all the best in whatever they are doing together or individually. Can we have chi for our daily chant.
  11. Good morning all passengers of this ship. Have a nice sleep last night? Well I just couldn't turn in early last night due to high sugary diet served by otp. They really know how to entertain us so it will not be a boring ride. JG dear you are really being too obvious. Jumping for joy hugging the ice cream and and flashing that million dollar smile for all to see. I just wonder if JE was there with the truck........
  12. JG has just updated his ig. Okay it is surely on 16th May. One wonder whether he had read our confusion.
  13. It doesn't really matter whether 15 or 16 May. The time was a little hour passed midnight SK time. Maybe for other country it is still 15th May. But to some of JoonU shippers it is enough to indicate that in his own way he is congratulating her on her birthday. Small crumbs but it has satisfied our simple pallette. Happy birthday beautiful Ji Eun
  14. I think our OTP is giving our heart a rest now. After weeks of high sugat diet of cakes and sugary crumbs we need to 'fast' . Both are busy with their own career. Both dramas are well received by viewers. Wishing both of them show their support for each other and yes like @marimari00 said crossover cameo is very much welcome. Let's keep on chanting for BBJX to come true. Praying for the news to come soon.
  15. As stargazers I think we love and respect both JG and JE's career. We first know them as artists then as JoonU couple. Loveline in LL is expected. It's the beautiful icing on the cake. There is a loveline on My Ahjussi too but very subtle. And I find it more romantic rather than physically hugging and kissing. We've seen JG romantic scenes before. Almost all his dramas and movies had them. So it is part of an actor's job. SYJ is a fine actress. But sometime I found her quite stiff in her acting. Let's support LL. More so as it might go against tough competition namely "Suits" which stars JDGun and Park Hyun Shik. Another law background drama fr KBS. "For you" in JG Splendor in Japan has all the yummy stuff on JoonU/SoSoo. All the three major kisses were in the vid. Plus the kiss on the cheek on date night. The missing kiss is the surprise kiss. There were a number of JE facial close up. Not to forget Everyday with you. All in all stargazerz we had been served by delicious fat slices of cakes these past 2 weeks. I think I need to check my sugar level now. Just to make sure I can take more dose of sugary stuff.. Night night chingus