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  1. JG has just updated his ig. Okay it is surely on 16th May. One wonder whether he had read our confusion.
  2. It doesn't really matter whether 15 or 16 May. The time was a little hour passed midnight SK time. Maybe for other country it is still 15th May. But to some of JoonU shippers it is enough to indicate that in his own way he is congratulating her on her birthday. Small crumbs but it has satisfied our simple pallette. Happy birthday beautiful Ji Eun
  3. I think our OTP is giving our heart a rest now. After weeks of high sugat diet of cakes and sugary crumbs we need to 'fast' . Both are busy with their own career. Both dramas are well received by viewers. Wishing both of them show their support for each other and yes like @marimari00 said crossover cameo is very much welcome. Let's keep on chanting for BBJX to come true. Praying for the news to come soon.
  4. As stargazers I think we love and respect both JG and JE's career. We first know them as artists then as JoonU couple. Loveline in LL is expected. It's the beautiful icing on the cake. There is a loveline on My Ahjussi too but very subtle. And I find it more romantic rather than physically hugging and kissing. We've seen JG romantic scenes before. Almost all his dramas and movies had them. So it is part of an actor's job. SYJ is a fine actress. But sometime I found her quite stiff in her acting. Let's support LL. More so as it might go against tough competition namely "Suits" which stars JDGun and Park Hyun Shik. Another law background drama fr KBS. "For you" in JG Splendor in Japan has all the yummy stuff on JoonU/SoSoo. All the three major kisses were in the vid. Plus the kiss on the cheek on date night. The missing kiss is the surprise kiss. There were a number of JE facial close up. Not to forget Everyday with you. All in all stargazerz we had been served by delicious fat slices of cakes these past 2 weeks. I think I need to check my sugar level now. Just to make sure I can take more dose of sugary stuff.. Night night chingus
  5. Thanks @chi13lou. Your chants actually help to keep this ship afloat.
  6. You're right @NoonaE. I was here last April. After the storm our crew member were downsized to almost half. I remember too how our captain and loyal veteran shippers (including you dear) trying hard to salvage whatever possible from the wreckage. But we survive. And rebuilt with new crew member (silent reader cum active contributor). And we have been silently cruising the still uncharted territory. We believe strongly that there is something going on between the two. I too am now "low-key" stacking stones for my prayer tower build specially for them. Praying for the best.
  7. Agree with what @NoonaE said on the changes in JG's "approach" to have a better relationship with his co-stars. But to openly showed his "adoration"on JE is really brave when he knows the outcome. We here very much welcome the gesture and we were jubilant. But at the same time worried that he might get the backlash from his and her fans. The oppa-dongsaeng rs is natural. It may stay as it is or may progress later on. All celebs couple start their rs with O-D or noona-dongsaeng or sunbae-hoobae. Let's just wish their relationship will be a beautiful one either way.
  8. Dear @hellostargazers57. It is rare for you to make an appearence here. Would like to congratulate you as your name appeared on jg's FM. Do come by often.
  9. @loljk17 a good explaination on our king's theme for his FM. Maybe he thinks that he needs to change his concept to be more open and closer to his fans that have supported him all these years. Frankly speaking I prefer him this way. To me in this way he seems more LJG the real man rather than LJG the actor.
  10. He was really happy. He updated three times today. What made him so happy I wonder. Have you guys noticed that through out his concert last night he was dressed casually (mainly simple t-shirt, jeans and track pants).and no rings on his fingers. Compared to his previous concert/ fm attire. His accessories ysterday were a pair of stud earings and his gold mic plus his coloured glasses. . Has someone inspired him to be more relax
  11. Glamlove123 tq for the update. JG really loves having a lot of emojis on his message. And the spectacles his wearing just remind me of someone who has almost the same eye piece.
  12. The important question is Who suggested the theme. Is it from namoo, fans or the king himself? So it seems that his fans will each show their name during his FM. That is more or less similar to queen's theme on MMA. We'll see
  13. @saphire_D & @glamlove123 on JG ig update. Look at tge spectacles his wearing. Doesn't it remind you of someone wearing almost the same type of eye wear while singing Sleepless rainy night.
  14. @glamlove123 tq for the update. Don't you think it is a pattern when ever queen had something the next day king will update. I've been observing this for quite sometime and today I'm pretty sure that his going to update. Have been waiting since 9.00 pm. But he updated around 10/11pm. Ok maybe I am over delulu. Been in the drought too long. Queen will update next. Maybe at the wee hour in the morning.