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  1. http://my.castko.com/archives/6733 Anyone knows if this is true? KGE supposed to appear at GY's Taiwan fan meet
  2. @xHera such eagle eyes!!! Such a precious capture!! when did the press con take place btw? My imagination is also in overdrive after Arjenia's post!
  3. Oh no why did they make him do such a pose... the poor banana...rofl....
  4. So lovely to wake up to both their CF.... btw I'm a noob and what does CF stand for? Haha My friend was wondering how come Goblin doesn't have any meets, talks... cos DOTS had so many including many in China after it showed We are all dying to see them both together again
  5. Oh my gosh I used to stay just next to the university of Sydney! So close and yet sooooo far to ji chul oopa haha i need a brain transplant...
  6. Sorry to burst the bubble since I'm a shipper too but one of the reasons why his ears could have turned red during the hotel kissing scene could just be that it was hot under those jackets plus he was carrying GE... we should have a look at the scene in coffee prince where he carried YEH to see if his ears were red then too
  7. @lorac529 first thing I thought of when I read your post about GY preferring someone smart and pretty was that he has used both those qualities to deceive GE! Smart - kissing scene in the tent... when she moved the stool Pretty - taking her photo with the candles I really wonder when the interview was conducted or if it was just a mish mash of his previous interviews. Dying from shipping here! My other half is 8 years older than me, and I can attest that having someone who relies on him (小鸟依人)and yet challenges him is important to an older man. Can see why GY would be very attracted to GE, please let it develop into something more!!
  8. Thank you @janeeta! I've been lurking here quietly shipping these 2 as part of my goblin withdrawal. (Can't let go of the show..). There's definitely some mutual crushing going on between them. Hope that it will develop into something more!
  9. Could someone please direct me to where I can see the sweet potato scene, preferably with English subs? Thanks so much!
  10. The background does look suspiciously like bedsheets and not sofa material...
  11. Am combatting my withdrawal by watching it all over again. Just wanted to to get some thoughts on the scene where KS brought ET to take out the sword in the buckwheat field. I just had the thought that he must not have thought of how ET would return if he really did turn to ashes. Ha... just trying to distract myself with little details
  12. Just realized we should have got the hint of reincarnation through everyone's favourite opening song "Round and round" Still on a goblin high and I am sure I'll be rewatching and listening to the ost every minute I can. It is truly a fantastic show with such great actors!
  13. Thank you for your insightful commentary. It has helped to ease my heartache at the ending and made me realize I should be more open minded about what a happy ending entails!
  14. Oh wow that is a magical photo... love the chemistry