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  1. Read the novel its so cute cant wait to watch this
  2. I feel so sad for Mo Huai he never gets tan er he loves her so much
  3. I'm so confused with the schedule who knows when its suppose to air new episodes Thanks
  4. Me too Iove Chengcheng but mo yi huai character is so sad I want him to have a happy ending just not with the sister He loves Taner so much but in both universe he doesn't get her and tricked by evil
  5. actually I was wrong 12th episode came out
  6. I watched it at http://cn.lovetvshow.info/ I switch between that site and maplestage but at least for today lovetvshow site uploaded it a lot fater the only problem I have is they only have openload source which I hate because when you click to play their is a popup ad FYI
  7. Episode 11 ended in such a cliffhanger Is that it for episodes this week I need to know the schedule
  8. Future episode spoiler video
  9. Preview of the next three episode Im so confused who is who
  10. the cut scenes are so cute they should have left it in
  11. Youtube version of the trailer
  12. I'm so confused is MTY the lead or Wallace I prefer Wallace but the title of the drama has MTY name I don't want to be disappointed but since it airs everyday I guess I'll watch it