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  1. *waves* Hey girl hey! Thanks so much. That is excellent news! Seems like I picked the right day to visit the thread after a long absence. Thanks to everyone who has been keeping the thread updated. Drama pictures and clips are looking great and I'm really happy to see Dylan and SYR get on so well which will be very good for the NingSang chemistry and romance
  2. @Blizzardistkaputt Isn't it the hat that makes people invisible? I thought the face powder captures and duplicates things. I need to watch the last 10 minutes again as I think I missed some of the objects. I wonder about the child in the yellow hat too. I am guessing he is the little light that was guiding Da In around the creepy inbetween world when she ran away from JSH's clown father.
  3. You were right about the cap! To my surprise I like the prisoner character a lot (sorry I can't remember his name). He is a lot of fun, smart and a pretty decent person despite his stealing tendencies. It's ironic he's the one who was imprisoned and trast like Jo Se Hwang is roaming freely. Although pretty much anybody would be a decent person compared to a waste of space like Jo Se Hwang. So Young is such a smart and quick thinking character. It's always good to have such a strong female lead in a drama. It was very frustrating in the previous episodes how the villain always comes out on top. Not to spoil too much but the good guys have made a bit of progress this week at last. I think it was because he was dressed as a clown when Jo Se Hwang put him in the book. I feel sorry for the actor having to dress up and act in that clown outfit and make-up. It seems so burdensome. Enjoyed this week's episodes. I have criticised the director previously but some of the scenes impressed me this week like the flashback to the day of the fire. There are a few things I don't understand about the items and the plot but I'm just not going to ask questions LMAO. I think I just have to disengage my brain a bit with certain aspects of this drama
  4. Well, this thread is quiet! Last week's episodes were quite good especially the second episode where they finally break the prisoner out. Hope they can hold onto the momentum and the plot keeps moving. I need So Young to resolve the issue with YoHan/the Priest and Da In to escape and Go Dae Soo to escape that freaky netherworld but I think GDS may end up sacrificing himself. Also Se Hwang to finally get his comeuppance, vile man.
  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the scientific cause for the allergy. Your explanation makes sense. I might have overthought the scientific explanation. As you pointed out that wasn't the point of the scene. It was disappointing to see them drop the ball for ZS and WQ in the final episode when they had done such a good job with developing them for most of the drama. They could have just had the two of them being loved up for most of the spisode and we would have been happy rather than the disjointed half-baked mess we did get.
  6. Great summary review! I totally agree with your thoughts. It has been lots of fun waiting and watching the translated episodes with you all @Table122000 @pad-hari @Jafstar @angelangie
  7. That's how I feel like the final episode just seemed to waste a lot of time for the OTP. What was with the dumb shenanigans with ZS going all the way to the US to just follow him around and them not to interact. Pointless! The final random scene at the pool. It's literally never mentioned before about that moment or day being soooo special to her but suddenly ZS is saying she goes there on the anniversary every year. And it just looked so awkward the whole conversation and kissing taking place in the public pool with everyone watching. Like you said the situation with his mother was never really resolved. Also the awkward revelation of WQ having recovered from his allergy in the airport car park was so meh. This was a huge part of the plot and we discover he is healed because he says an awkward hello to some random little girl, ZS hugs him...and then they go back to arguing about their relationship again. He seemed to reach some kind of breakthrough about the scientific cause with the dermatologist lady he also wasn't allergic to but it seems like that didn't really mean anything. Also they had a big kissing session in the hospital bed in episode 29 and then no discussion or reaction or anything. It was as it never happened! I felt like the other two couples got better endings and scenes in this final episode than the central couple.
  8. How did everyone feel about the final episode? I was happy in the episodes leading up to the finale that WQ finally confessed and also we saw some realistic conflict for ZS over her feelings for WQ and the carer role she had taken on. I was really enjoying this drama but I felt the final episode was a letdown and all over the place for our lead couple tbh...
  9. I totally agree about being frustrated with the evolution of the story and KG's character. Especially this last episode with JSH appearing out of nowhere in the big truck, taking the bracelet and then leaving Gon to become a fugitive for whatever stupid plot reason. I understand where you are coming from. I am enjoying the drama more than you appear to be but I feel like there are so many questions and at the same time the plot is inconsistent. Unfortunately, for a crime/supernatural thriller there is very little suspense in the plot. I feel like every time something big happens and it feels like the story is really going to get exciting it seems to fizzle out. I do really like So Young's character. She cares about people but is much more sensible than rash KG and seems to be the only one investigating and making progress with finding out information about the deaths. Another character I like is the older professor lady who helps So Young out. i'm enjoying it but the drama has its issues. Directing and editing are not the strongest. Acting and cinematography are very good. Special effects are good for TV. I didn't watch those dramas but it's not particularly bloody for a crime drama.
  10. Thanks so much for replying. Have to admit I wished it was the original 30 episodes because I'm fatigued by these very long C-dramas. Hello @pad-hari ! Thank you for the recommendation. I actually decided to try the drama out and I am on episode 2. It's going by very quickly which is a good sign. I like the female lead so far. Not sure about the male lead yet. I find the directing kind of awkward and cheesy but the story has me hooked so far. You reminded me I still need to post my reactions about the end of About is Love on the thread...
  11. Hello everybody! Just dropping by the thread to ask if anyone can confirm how many episodes this drama has? I've seen 55 elsewhere but I also see 30 episodes on the first page of the thread. Obviously that's quite a big difference in episode count so I was wondering if anyone can confirm before I commit myself to stat watching. Thank you!
  12. Han So Hee Joins Ahn Hyo Seop And Park Bo Young In Upcoming tvN Fantasy Romance Han So Hee will be playing Cha Min’s (played by Ahn Hyo Seop) fiancée Jang Hee Jin. With her stunning looks, Jang Hee Jin is a mysterious character that vanishes the day of her wedding. https://www.soompi.com/article/1308479wpp/han-so-hee-joins-ahn-hyo-seop-and-park-bo-young-in-upcoming-tvn-fantasy-romance
  13. Today's (Monday) episode was good! I was not expecting that reveal but now some things from last week make more sense! Wonder what will happen next episode now they are trying to frame and arrest KG? It feels like everything is set up against the good guys but I think the priest is the wild card and could be a variable in their favour. I'm still confused about the circumstances around the amusement park fire. I thought the initial report said it was a disgruntled caretaker but it seems like there was a conspiracy involving the higher-ups and KG's father was involved too?
  14. Thanks for tagging me. You are so perceptive and you were tight about the "dog". I was hoping we would get some backstory on how he got involved with Jo Se Hwang and their disturbing relationship but I don't see that happening now. So sad I'll keep watching until the end to see where this goes and to support JSY but I kind of agree with some of your criticisms. Aside from the directing, editing and pacing which I think is lacking in places I really don't find Kang Gon a particularly compelling character as the lead. The only time I really warmed to him was during his adorable interactions with his niece. And his dumb, rash behaviour these last few episodes has frustrated me so much. Of course I'm on his side because he is a righteous person and Jo Se Hwang is an evil flaming ball of dog poo and I want to see him lose this disgusting game. As it stands with Da In gone the only character I really care about is our profiler Shin So Young. Shin So Young's dad OK too. She's a great little actress. I look forward to watching her in more dramas.
  15. Thank you very much for the summaries @themarchioness I had to give up on this drama as I found the aggressive, immature, violent, clingy, rude, arrogant male lead insufferable and the sour faced personality-free female lead too dull to care about but I was curious how things turned out. On the positive side I thought the casting for the child actors was excellent and the cinematography, sets and locations particularly the hometown of the female lead was beautiful.
  16. Thanks for the updates @Table122000 and @pad-hari So excited! The final episodes are here. I know what I will be watching for the next few days I will have to avoid the thread so I can marathon watch without spoilers. I will see you guys on the other side - hopefully after a happy ending
  17. Her blindness is a bit frustrating but I guess it's necessary for the plot. I do like that she never leads him on and always makes it very clear he is just a friend and she is a married woman. It's so true how LFY has people coming out of the woodwork to kill him every minute it seems like! Good thing he is smart and has a great core team with him. Watching the gradual growth of LFY and YX relationship and LFY the ice cube melt is so heart fluttering. Enjoy!
  18. This drama is definitely recommended. I agree about his professional wardrobe looking kind of tacky at times but the story and romance are great so I can overlook it. He does look much better when he is dressed down in his casual looks in my opinion. Don't worry. I understand what you were saying
  19. I wondered the same thing. Maybe he has an item too? He definitely knows something he hasn't revealed yet. i was thinking that too but then I wondered if it was a false lead to make us suspect him. i also want to know what's up with the villain and his weird sadistic relationship with his assistant and all those creepy old men. Feels like they made a devil's pact with him. @bebebisous33 All your analysis is super helpful. I'm enjoying this drama but I do agree the directing and editing can make things confusing at times. so it's good to see other people's thoughts.
  20. The part when she was making up the fake stories of what LFY was doing was so funny Yun Xi is sassy and quick witted which is one of the reasons she's such a likeable heroine.
  21. I totally agree about how good it is that WQ's illness is treated like a real one in the drama and we see how smart and sensible ZS can be as she actually researches and devises a treatment plan. It's little touches like this which make the drama so enjoyable to me. It's so funny seeing how WQ/ZS are basically a married couple without realising it. Especially when WQ phoned her to come home for dinner and Fei Fei filmed their conversation and ZS was acting like a happy little newlywed housewife The roomates have such a good friendship and it's so wonderful how supportive they were.. I'm always happy to see strong female friendships in dramas! The texting at the cinema was so funny and did you notice that they had moved closer the second time at the cinema so ZS treatment plan was working. Love these little details in the show! PA Wei An too is always in the background smiling fondly at the two of them. SO glad WQ at least had him all this time. I feel like there hasn't been enough Ning Fei these last few episodes though. I especially miss his and ZS adorable big sister/little brother interactions. Bit of downer that WQ's horrible mother was back in these episodes. I really don't enjoy the scenes because of how frustrating the mother's character is, the slimy uncle and also the business stock talk is kind of dull. Watched it now and it was very cute especially how much she subconsciously trusts him However, the senior classmate is creeping me out-slashing the picture of ZS was too violent and creepy
  22. I forgot to say thank you for this! I didn't remember seeing this so I went back and realised I actually didn't finish the episode after the revelation about Xiao Fei's sister so I missed this scene
  23. Thank you! Sad to say but these updates make my week
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