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  1. raziela

    Jin Se Yeon 진세연

    I totally agree with this. Some of her dramas I even basically just skipped through for her scenes lol! I just want to see her star in a light, pleasant drama and we know JSY wants one too. Don't understand why she isn't getting offered any of these roles. Was anyone else hoping she would MC for MBC this year? She is a very good MC and it would be some great promo for her and 'ITEM'. And we can see her in pretty dresses Maybe she will present an award with JJH?
  2. I like her too! I think she is so pretty and cool from what I've seen so far. I'd prefer to see more of her character than MSS
  3. Possibly? Well, as long as it's for a good reason and not for a controversy or anything Thanks for the pic and links @Daylight Chang I think he looks good. Seeing him filming something else is a real reminder he's definitely out for season 2. I wonder when they will start filming for season 2 of Ever Night...
  4. @UnniSarah and @thartie I'm enjoying all the excerpts you two are posting Thanks for the trailers and summaries. The much awaited reunion and fight are sooner than expected which is great news I guess I can start watching again next week! OMG! This video is hilarious! I do like that NQ is a sensible hero who knows when to run when the odds aren't in his favour Haha! I like your observation she seemed more interested in SS from the calligraphy to NQ mentioning her all the time. Maybe she just wanted to get together with NQ to finally get a chance to meet the amazing SS? Yes, the whole master/maid dynamic is different in the drama. I'm not really understanding why they chose to change it this way. I remember being confused during the mountain trial when NQ mentions that SS says "young master" with disdain and I was thinking "Does she? Really?" I don't speak Chinese but SS doesn't sound disdainful in the drama but it makes much more sense reading the novel when we know she only recently started calling him "young master" since they moved to the city. Thanks @pad-hari The drama ranking is really good! I wonder why Arthur CFY is suddenly on the hot search list. He wasn't on it last week. Did something happen?
  5. This looks like a fun, fluffy drama. Does anyone know if it is being English subbed anywhere, please?
  6. Great news they have reached 3 billion views! Thanks for sharing the posters
  7. Great post! You articulated this issue with the scene and the problem with how it portrays the characters and their relationship. And, yes, this is the director at fault rather than NQ's character. Agree. I think that would have been a better way to handle the moment and their emotions. Yes! I truly can't wait to see this part of the scene. Seeing NQ as the vulnerable, submissive one in the relationship for once and having to face up to the realisation that Sang Sang is leaving him.
  8. I hope we see this intense level of desperation at losing her in the drama. Sorry not sorry but it is so satisfying seeing NQ fall apart in the novel after just a day without SS
  9. I wonder why the episode count has changed so much. In the first two posts from @0ly40 it states it is a 30 episode drama but in the most recent DramaPanda post by @pad-hari it says it will be 55 episodes. That makes me worry as too many C-dramas have been ruined by episode count messiness. Another article about the dama: https://www.avirtualvoyage.net/2018/12/chen-xing-xu-and-peng-xiao-rans-goodbye-my-princess-joins-december-broadcast.html Here's another video from the OST:
  10. This is a fair argument. I think another issue with the hitting is that in the novel this scene is where he deliberately doesn't and can't hit her but the drama does the exact opposite. This is also where he realises she is a young lady and not just his little Sang Sang and begins to realise what is going on with them and their feelings. In the drama clip (as you said) it still is like a parental figure disciplining a child which just seems to further reinforce the parent/child aspect of their relationship. But I guess Drama NQ and SS are very different to their novel characters and we will have to wait and see how the whole scene plays out. I also think it is inappropriate and disrespectful to treat her that way in front of her real parents and won't give them a good impression of him. Sang Sang has already run away from him and the first time they meet NQ he is shouting, insulting her appearance and hitting her. They must wonder how badly he treated her all these years! By the way Sang Sang's parents seem like very nice people. I'm happy for her I was looking forward to this but now I'm more looking forward to her leaving him
  11. I totally understand subbing is hard work! It's OK I'm used to there not being no English subs - unfortunately this will just be another drama to add to the list lol!
  12. Thanks so much for translating the relationship chart I thought this looked like cute fun drama but, sadly, no English subs to be found
  13. Excellent analysis of NQ-SS relationship in the novel. I haven't reached those episodes yet but that is disappointing to hear. It would have been great to use the relationship with WGM for SS character development and see her potential. That is what I was hoping for. Agree that there is a bit too much exposition at times. Ironically at other times I feel like unless you have read the novel it's hard to understand certain things. I think the screenwriter obviously struggled with knowing how much information to share and how to cater to both new TV fans and fans who are already familiar with the story and I don't think she hit the right balance. Even though I'm not a fan of how she has handled some things, I do understand adapting this novel can't have been an easy task. @Wotad I have already reported your post. I have already asked you to stop engaging with me and you continue to do so and to be rude and antagonistic. As previously requested: please do not comment on my posts or @ me.
  14. I guess they are shameless in wanting to increase views lol!