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  1. We have all been tricked. The best ship is not Cheng Cheng x Xiao Tan but it's MLC x MLC. That flashback sequence in ep 28 was so romantic. Like I can't even. Also, 8th Prince looked really hot suited in armor.
  2. I may have said this before, but I would love to see Chen You Wei (Liu Shang) play grown-up Yu Er in The Eternal Love Spinoff. Idk where a story about Jing Xin would go, but Yu Er has a lot of potential. Like the story could start with him inheriting MLC's manor and the gold commander seal thing. And I'm assuming that the 14th Prince became King in the season 1 timeline? Since 8th and 1st Prince are gone. So Yu Er is probably going to meet a girl (by fate or arranged marriage, etc.) who is another transmigrator from modern world and he notices that the things she talks about and her speech is similar to that of his mother (he knows this from Xiao Tan's leftover memoirs and accounts from Jing Xin). Maybe the girl actually knows Xiao Tan. Like Xiao Tan was her senior at work or something. Thus, cue epic romance and time/world traveling to help the girl go home and reunite with his parents. LOL why am I writing a fanfic now? I apologize for this post.
  3. Just finished watching the raws. Episode 20 was so intense but looks like next week is going to be even more intense.
  4. I feel the same. 1st Prince is just tragic, no matter what timeline, but I think they should've at least gave 8th Prince more character development. Like I know he and Cheng Cheng are going to merge, but it would be more satisfying if Xiao Tan actually came to love 8th Prince as much as Cheng Cheng and 8th Prince got a chance to deepen his relationship with Xiao Tan. That would really drive home the point that no matter what universe, Mo Lian Cheng and Qu Xiao Tan are meant to be. Cheng Cheng is best boy but he's not being fair to his other self. lol.
  5. I've skimmed it but the plotline was kinda too weird for me to understand and his styling there isn't as good as it is in The Eternal Love. He suits this half up hair really well. Like omg. I always thought Cheng Cheng in season 1 was more handsome but Mo Yi Huai season 2 is bae. Same. That's just too much. What I do want is for Tan and Cheng to somehow travel back to season 1 timeline but with a timeskip and see their son, but he's all grown up and coincidentally looks exactly like the Liu Shang mask. That would be a good Easter egg.
  6. Say what now??? That's a real twist if that's true.
  7. Highlight of this week's episodes: Xiao Tan calling MLC as Cheng Cheng. I can't wait to see her get jealous because of that foreign princess. Like it's due time cus she has 3 guys fawning over her right now. I guess we are going to see that scene in the MV where she pushes him down and kisses him while stripping his clothes off. Unlike in season 1, where Xiao Tan was the focus of the show, I feel like the main-main character of season 2 is Cheng Cheng. He's the only one who remembers season 1 events while Xiao Tan is just reacting to things that Cheng Cheng makes happen. She doesn't really initiate any major plot points. Cheng Cheng is literally hard carrying the whole 8th Prince Crew. Like 8th Prince has it so easy. LOL. His older self from a parallel world just solves everything for him while incognito as Liu Shang. I wish my older self from a parallel world could come help me. Also, I feel so bad for Mo Yi Huai. Like I know my boi can't get Xiao Tan or Tan Er but why they gotta torture him even more. I want the actor to be the main character in another historical drama. So handsome. They could cast Jing Xin's actress as his female lead! I think they'd look cute together (excuse my delusions).
  8. Your english was fine. We appreciate the recaps! I imagined it and my brain overheated. Like idk how a girl can deal with 2 MLCs coming after her with those cheeky smirks. If they tag team her at the same time, they could really drive her crazy. I can't wait until 8th Prince finds out Liu Shang is Cheng Cheng. Is it weird that I want a scene where they sit down, casually drink tea, and discuss their love for Xiao Tan? Like I can see 8th Prince asking Cheng Cheng for the details and Cheng Cheng is just like, "Yeah, we even had a kid together." LOL.
  9. No wonder I couldn't find it under season 2 ost lol. super fail. Thanks! My fav song from this season so far is 念郎 by 徐深. It's so good at setting the mood in all of the MLC x XT scenes. I think the real 8th prince got stabbed. If I remember correctly from the MVs/trailers, there was a scene where a sword went through the paper door and stabbed him. The 2 MLCs' bodies probably have a physical link. Like because 1 got stabbed, the wound also appeared on the other 1? Cus I remember there was a scene where Cheng Cheng got chest pains and 8th Prince also felt it. I think this sets up the basis for them merging together. Idk. We'll see next week. Thanks for recapping though!
  10. I love the OST for this season. What's the name of the song in this vid though? I've been trying to find it but I fail. Someone please tell me~
  11. Just watched the new episodes raw. I wish my chinese comprehension was as good as my korean but alas, got the gist but barely any details. Anyway, I thought it was hilarious at how suspicious 8th Prince was with Liu Shang/Cheng Cheng. I bet Cheng Cheng was like, "Dammit, why do I have to be so paranoid?!! I'm ruining everything for myself!" Lots of self-reflection for him. LOL. Also, Cheng Cheng must spend like half his day changing outfits. The poor guy.
  12. Here's my take on it: So original Mo Lian Cheng traveled to the future but it was before Xiao Tan traveled to Dong Yue to meet him. So he altered the course of season 1 like it never actually happened and only he remembers it. It's so sad, but the original Xiao Tan that shared all the memories when they were in love in season 1 doesn't exist anymore. I don't think that fact hit him yet. Idk, maybe the writers will let his conscious fuse with the season 2 Mo Lian Cheng and somehow Xiao Tan regains those memories as well. But Cheng Cheng's devotion is 10/10. The look in his eyes every time he interacts with Xiao Tan gives me so many feels. Xing Zhao Lin did a good job portraying both Cheng Chengs. I can tell who is who based on how he looks at her. Like it's deep love vs. new infatuation. It's great.
  13. I'm so glad The Eternal Love got a second season. Cheng Cheng x Xiao Tan is laifu. Also, though my loyalty lies w/ XZL/Cheng Cheng, the actor playing Yi Huai is gorgeous. Like omg. He kinda gives me Aaron Yan vibes.
  14. I am loving this drama so far. Hong Shim is so sassy. Won Deuk is pitiful cute. Also, I cannot with myself for making this. Kyungsoo inception.
  15. Oh my gosh. It's over. This drama gave me so many feels. My heart was warmed. I laughed. I smiled. I almost cried. Also, I developed a huge celebrity crush on Yang Sejong (well, I'm sure it already started back when Duel was airing lol). The characters were so well written and the plot all connected up in the end like some magical circle of life. Clumsy Seori and Sensitive Woojin were totally relationship goals and main character goals. Despite not getting our 20 episodes, we were still given a great drama. To end it, here's my last fmv for this drama! My video editing skills suck but I'm using a free software with limitations so I made do. Forgive me. Peace out! I'll see y'all on some other threads in the k-drama forums~