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  1. Oh sorry! I wasn't sure if my thread was related. I would delete this and move my comment over to yours but I'm not sure how.
  2. I grew up watching dramas and I wanted to be a drama writer but alas, its just not realistic. But here is one my own drama plotlines that I like to daydream about. Check it out if you are bored (sorry, its long), comment, and post some of your own ideas!
  3. His shirt came off! My prayers have been answered. There is a god (its the R19 Devil). Y'all know why he's a "bulldozer?" Since I'm a female pervy sage, I love the revelation that the R19 Devil is a woman. I wonder who dubbed the voice for it cus it sounds like Bong. And I love love that YJ is willing to step down and MS is willing to step up to the occasion. Nothing was forced. Communication on point as always. This is why I love this show. I wonder what shenanigans YJ has up his sleeve to win over MS's dad. He already has hella rich checked off the list so I'm sure it will be fine. I think the end of the preview was about him wanting her to stop being a secretary and marry him for reals. We only got a week left so wedding scene + preggers in episode 16 is the endgame I'm waiting for.
  4. Is it bad that as I was watching the episode, I kept checking the time to see if there was enough left for the bed scene? LOL. The R19 Devil cartoon was probably hovering over my shoulder. TVN was cruel today though. They ended when things were just getting started. Way to leave a girl hanging. Urghhhhh. I feel that the skinship in this drama is a bit weird though. The viewers are left with a gap in between kiss scenes. This might be just my conspiracy theory, but I bet the writers want us to be as sexually frustrated and deprived as possible and then they hit us with a make out scene like finding an oasis in the desert. I liked how YJ was all like nah, gonna be a good boy and not going to do anything sexy to MS, but he only lasted 1 night before he broke. Hahaha! Can't blame him, the sexual tension was too intense. I loved that scene where they were shopping for cups and MS was acting all dominant waifu to him and telling him that they can't buy unnecessary things. It's a glimpse into their future married life where MS calls all the shots. For the emotional scenes, I feel like LTH did his best but there was still something missing. Maybe it was because PSJ was too damn good. Like when he cried, my heart broke. I felt all of YJ's repressed loneliness and sadness for the past 20-some years flood the screen. Acting on point. As a netizen put it, this drama really is a "PSJ fan quitting prohibition drama." He's #1 on my bias list for k-actors now!
  5. Ooohhh. I'm looking forward to this drama because seeing Cha Eun Woo's gorgeousness every week is always great. That boy has no bad angles. I've only seen him in The Greatest Hit and he was okay in it as a supporting character. I hope he does well and doesn't get too much flak for being an idol-actor. I've seen the webtoon around but haven't bothered to read it yet. I might give it a read before the drama starts.
  6. OMG I am so excited. So far the previews have been pretty true to the episode (like with the kiss scenes) so I think we will get a successful fade-to-black bed scene tomorrow. I'm not even expecting like "I Need Romance" type of sexy scenes. All I'm asking for is PSJ to graciously take his shirt off cus its been a while and I'm having withdrawals. I freakin' love how YJ kept loitering around MS, not wanting to go home, and finally showing up again at her house at that last part. The whole time, I was grinning and internally screaming at MS to recognize all the green lights he has been flashing at her. Like that boi wanted her "ramyun" so bad. In regards with the latest webtoon update...
  7. I've concluded that I don't need a substantial plot. I can just live with hours on end of sweet OTP moments. We probably all saw this coming but omg boyfriend YJ is clingy AF. I love it. But my favorite part was when he was hiding in her closet and listening to all the trash talk MS's sisters were doing. Especially when the sister mentioned his inability to kiss and sexual dysfunction and he looked down towards his private area. But I'm sure MS knows YJ doesn't have problems in that aspect cus that kiss afterwards was ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º). MS better start singing praises for her bf in front of her family cus they just think he's rich trash right now. Poor puppy. For tomorrow's episode, I wonder how YJ's gonna win over MS's family. I think he would have to do something epic like if MS trips and falls over and he throws his entire body to cushion her fall without caring about his own safety, getting hurt in the process... god, I'm cliche. Or this drama's big point is communication so he might just have an honest heart-to-heart with them to explain his sincere intentions with MS.
  8. A kiss is always the perfect end to an episode. Ugh, now the wait for next week. The preview for ep 9 has confirmed my suspicions since ep 1 about YJ becoming whipped for MS. The necktie thing between them is a trope of the "necktie leash," which is also an indicator of the "henpecked husband" and a reminder that YJ is a collared puppy. I like how YJ has no problems apologizing to MS now for anything that he does, even showing up with candy. He has also learned the move "kiss" and it's super effective. Viewers fainting everywhere. MS better watch out now. She's opened Pandora's box and its full of future kiss scenes.
  9. Today's episode did feel slow, but it set up some major points so I'm not mad at it. But I love how far YJ has progressed. He went from being in complete denial and going back and forth with his feelings to just flat out declaring that he likes MS romantically and sincerely. MS was so taken aback at his straight shot at her. "S-s-some???" LOL. As expected of Mr. Perfect VP Lee, always going beyond peoples' expectations. I also love how there's always the dog barking noise sound effects. It makes sense because YJ is just a big puppy, equipped with sad puppy eyes, cute puppy pride, and all. He's the human form of Big Bang Andromeda Supernova Sonic with his buried trauma.
  10. Hi. I'm usually a lurker but this drama gives me feels so I had to post. So I was looking for the webtoon to spoil myself because I can't wait until Wed. After googling the chinese title 金助理怎么突然这样 (I can't read or speak chinese/korean but too broke for eng trans so I'm just looking at pics), I found the chapter where ep 2 left off with the amusement park date. So I am here to spoil and spazz. This is all based on my visual understanding of pics by the way.