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  1. Cant wait for next ep since its gonna be more n more interesting ahhhhhhhhh for the next preview its shows like lee yoo chan in a very happy mood while meeting Kim bora awww I hope we can get more interaction btw both of them
  2. Guysss hi I'm new heree Pleasee guide me hehe I just want to give my theory since yoo chan seem to remember someone who similar with kim bora face, For those who already see the latest ep, episode 6 its end with yoo chan remember someone that really look like kim bora when he was a kid, the things is its not gonna be bora and kim bo hong since its not logic at all, so maybe kim bora have similar face with someone that he know during child age, since he said he have mom in episode 3, so I conclude THAT MAYBE THE ONE WHO HAVE SIMILAR FACE WITH KIM BORA IS HIS MOM *PLOT TWIST* that why he can easily remember kim bora after he finally recognize that face I'M DYING TO SEEEE NEXTTT EPISODEEEE YOO CHAN X KIM BORA I SHIP THEM CUTESTTT COUPLEE EVER
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