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  1. What's telling to me is how much I really got into this drama, enough that I joined up here to talk to others about it. Every aspect of it, from plot to costumes, you name it. I still can't think of a drama I like better. I feel that outside circumstances affected the drama, but those dings in no way take away from the quality that the whole peroduction team brought to BYS, to make it worth the wait each week.
  2. Bookie, as usual, well said! Brava! kekekeke, love you, Bestie!
  3. Henny, Bookie, Softie, Bestie, Chewie, and all the chingus! I had a blast here and I so thank you all for sharing all our weekly insights. Henny @hennybird I know you will probably understand me when I say that I loved Liu Yi Er from the moment she got out of the taxi in those crazy pink high heels! She just absorbs the camera. She was absolutely perfect in this role. I loved BYS and our delulus here! Warm regards, BJ
  4. Hi Softie! Well, I haven't watched ep 18 subbed, and after seeing the ep 19 preview of Tang in his snazzy black and white Sherlock Holmes hat (where did he buy that hat? and especially on the run!), I decided (even though I would like to accompany my forum chingus to the very end) I decided not to watch either ep 18 subbed, or ep 19 raw or subbed. I think BYS is the very best drama! But I think it suffers from other considerations, and they are money and ratings and the decisions based on those former two considerations. Other dramas from this same director (and that to my mind are not as great as this one) were able to run (and didn't need that many episodes to complete the story well) even to 24 episodes. Why? I would rather complete this story in my head for now, and that's why I haven't been reading posts and/or commenting. As you know, Softie, because you and I have been reading each other's posts well, I have had problems staying with BYS, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the drama, but more on its pace and telling the story in a way that matched the wonderful pace of storytelling and characterization in the first part of the drama. I would have (if I were watching this on my own) left the drama at the Panda Scene, or at the very latest, the Elevator Real/False Scene (at the time of those scenes, BYS was still slated for 16 episodes). That would have been the end for me. I stayed for my chingus here because this has been so much fun and I felt some kind of connection to stay and see this through. I thank everyone here, including my lurker friends, for all the wonderful energy we have shared! I will check back in the next several days for any "mentions," but for now, I don't have anything to say about the last 2 episodes.
  5. I have noticed that the last episode in dramas are usually not previewed...wonder if we will get a Weds preview?
  6. I was thinking they might do something together since he has beautiful calligraphy. Maybe some kind of banner for the reopening of Healthy Farm? Yeah.
  7. Leave it to ZYT to whisper a little something in her ear about baseball. The guy is gold.
  8. Editing myself here... ZYT will be happy if LXY stays with him, and so will the farm folks, and so will we. Fixed.
  9. Yeah, I was watching closely for her expressions, but it was hard to get it all in one watch. She seems to smile at times, but then she seems to censure herself from smiling fully. She is holding herself back in these moments in order to hold to her final decision to leave. In the part we have translated where ZYT shows up at the rooftop apartment, she says, I thought we were not going to contact each other now? ZYT is ready for her though, because he got a taste of how she will resolutely distance herself that time when she was avoiding him after he told her she was being silly for imagining things (in the ruins). He knows he has to pursue her because she will leave. Wow, thanks, Lexy, so that's what that is!!!! Another one of our cute tricks to check off our list!
  10. You know me, I want 20 eps! But I think someone mentioned that there is already a drama scheduled for Mar 26th? So, it looks like 19 eps? To fit the pacing and the relationship developments of this drama, I think 20 eps would really give a satisfactory closure. I really didn't want to see Tang getting caught and all the mess of that, AND, the resolution of LXY''s mental state as far as staying with ZYT, I don't want to see all that happening in one episode. It doesn't fit the pace, and this is my idea of a cheesy ending: rushing all the big resolutions into one episode. Be that as it may, I still like BYS! The writers may use ZYT's danger as the final straw to break LXY's resolve to leave, but I really don't prefer them using that for her motivation. LXY has a deep sense of things and a unique perspective on things. That's the best way I can think of saying it. When she resolves something, like not staying with ZYT, it's not because she is hurt, it's because she doesn't want to hurt him. And once she sets her mind to it, no matter how much it hurts her, she is willing to sacrifice her happiness in order not to hurt him. ZYT is similar but he's already over all of his crazy stuff and he is now doing what he can to melt her iron will and show her she is not hurting him or his family by staying with him. He's doing what he can to convince her to stay and be happy with him. Because, geez, ZYT will be happy if LXY stays with him, and so will the farm folks. So fitting her character and the pace of this drama, so far we are seeing a suitable space of time devoted to her leaving mode and then the players around her convincing her to stay, change her mind. I kinda wanted more, as you say, comforting, and humorous kinds of scenarios around LXY by XY, auntie, XM, SZW, the farm folks, and of course, ZYT, to convince her and change her mind. It would be nice to see both ZYT and LXY interacting and working on the farm together, for example. But maybe it's gonna be a combo of danger and some quick mind-changing scenes that gets her to stay. They might do a time jump of let's say 6 months later in the last 5 minutes? Geez, I hope not! I think endings are really difficult to write, like, even endings of songs. I always notice how the endings of songs are done. Cheesy, banal, or unique, creative, surprising, satisfying... And in addition to endings being hard to write---it's also hard to say goodbye...
  11. Maybe ZYT has no evidence against Tang? Maybe all the evidence is on the USB, so it will be up to LM to incriminate Tang. But if the police do arrest Tang due to LM's USB, yes, it could lead to discovering the murder. But how? I don't see him confessing, or I don't see them asking him, did you kill Qing? Maybe the police do ask him that? But has the death of Qing been declared, murder? We never seem to hear enough about this. But Tang is on the loose. Geez, he's got no money, he can't hire anybody to help him or to do something like, kill ZYT. My technical delulus take me to the problem that LM may not be safe in police custody because there are so many corrupt officials involved with Tang. Tang may also be in danger of getting killed by these same people so as to hide their own misdoings. ZYT, LM, and Tang are in danger of being harmed or killed, in my thinking. I feel that Tang has to make a move to murder ZYT himself, and in that process, somehow, maybe because he thinks ZYT will be dead and can't tell anybody, Tang tells ZYT he got rid of Qing. AND...our fav device...QI overhears this and saves ZYT?!?!
  12. Let's just say, the bottom of the 9th is the most exciting part to watch between the pitcher and batter, especially with 2 men out!
  13. I love baseball. But there are so many subtleties to the game that when I watch a game, some things will have to be explained to me by someone who knows it better. I asked a friend who is much more expert and he said there is no term in Am. English we use as a "straight" ball, he's thinking straight ball means "fast" ball. Think of how amazing this is: Pitchers can pitch a fast ball (which is a ball that flies straight toward the batter and into the strike zone) at 98 or even over 100 miles per hour. Wait, I'm gonna find that in kilometers...158 to 161 (or over) kilometers an hour. Imagine a ball coming that fast towards you. But pitchers can pitch all kinds of balls (and they are generally called, "junk" balls) and these balls start out looking like they are flying one way and they end up in another way and can confuse the batter and cause the batter to strike out. There are curve balls, knuckle balls, sliders, breakers, etc. Basically, when the pitcher is looking toward the batter, there is an imaginary area called the "strike zone." To strike a batter out, the pitcher has to get the ball moving into that strike zone. If the batter swings and misses, that is a strike. If the batter doesn't swing but backs away from the fast ball that has gone into the strike zone, it is also declared a strike by the ump. But pitching a ball in the strike zone is a risky decision by the pitcher because throwing a fast ball into the zone is advantageous to the batter, because the strike zone is the perfect place for a batter to hit a great ball, the ball almost comes in to meet the swinging bat! If the batter perfectly hits a fast ball coming to him in the strike zone,man, he's gonna hit it OUT OF THE PARK! So, it's the bottom of the 9th (which means the second half of the 9th). The loosing team is up (or else if they were winning they wouldn't have to play the bottom of the 9th). Ok, bottom of the 9th. Two men out. The next batter is up. The pitcher assesses based on what he knows about this batter: what kind of balls am I gonna throw this guy? If the batter is a proven great hitter, the pitcher might just walk him, that is, deliberately pitch balls that a batter can't hit well because they are outside of the strike zone. But if the pitcher decides to thrown fast balls? Well, what kind of batter is up? How tired is he? How's his game been today? Does the pitcher think he has a psychological advantage over this guy? Can he fake him out? Can the pitcher strike this batter out with fast balls into the strike zone? Maybe. It's the fastest way to strike him out and end the game with 3 men out and, win the game!
  14. I wonder how this is discovered? This drama is great in that there are mysteries to be solved in every episode.