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  1. Hong Soo Ah not winning an award for her role as the wicked Sena is highway robbery! I was proud of her for her work in the drama and hope that it will lead to greater heights in the future. She's paid a huge price to become successful and deserves all the praise that's headed her way...
  2. obbor4

    Kim Eugene 유진

    A baby sister for Rohee! I hope that we get to see her, and her mom, dad and big sister really soon.
  3. obbor4

    Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    It was my thought also, @geumtrangdi, that GHS could be accepting all of these challenges in order make herself stronger for her next project. As with many others (although our princess seems to always get hit the hardest), GHS has had to deal with maniacal frothing and absurdly mean attacks from "antis" which has led to her going underground at times. She is much stronger now, and enjoys the unfailing devotion of her husband, those in her personal world, and, of course, her loyal fans, who love and believe in her. Whatever the outcome, I hope that she remains positive. We'll be ready for her whenever she returns, at whatever she does.
  4. obbor4

    Goo Hye Sun 구혜선

    GHS is overcoming her fears and limitations by meeting them head on. Just as many of her famous characters have...
  5. obbor4

    Lee Yoon Ji 이윤지

    Yoon Ji and Lani need to have their own show!
  6. Is the family of five only scheduled to appear just once every two weeks now?
  7. True about GH falling for that guy. All you see, when you tune in without knowing the back story, is the "princess and the frog." She is incredibly beautiful and rich, but her life was always sad and lonely and he became her only "friend" and "protector" in the time of her greatest distress. The guy is pure evil, which we all know from seeing the things that the characters don't get to see. Just as we know how GH got to be the way that she is now. She has a heart though, with a lot of love to give, and SY will, eventually, allow her to reveal that side of herself once again...
  8. There has never, ever, been any doubt that Yoon Eun Hye's ability to act is first rate. As is such with so many talented persons, at all ages, in this industry. In the dozen years since I first became immersed in the world of Korean drama, I've never ceased in my own amazement at the abilities of the people who appear in these productions. That said, Yoon Eun Hye certainly ranks among the finest of her age group. As a long time fan, I wish for both her and for her fans, that this return to the small screen will be every bit as amazing as have been her past productions. My introduction to her came through 'Vineyard Man', which convinced me that I had discovered an actress worthy of acclaim. She has yet to let me down in any other production that she has, or had, signed on to either before, or since,. I can't wait to see her plying her trade once again...
  9. obbor4

    Kim Eugene 유진

    According to reports from another site, Eugene is four months pregnant awaiting the birth of her second child. A younger sibling for Rohui is on the way! Congratulations to the family!!!
  10. obbor4

    Lee Yoon Ji 이윤지

    Yoon Ji and little Lani were a huge hit due to their appearance on ROS. Lani is cute and sweet like her mom and is the mirror image of Yoon Ji as a child. Fans would like them to appear more often as there are fewer girls on the program and Lani is so cute and smart. A belated happy birthday to Yoon Ji, who turned 34 (Western age) two days ago.