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  1. I think you are right about the food truck being a signal. I also think that PHS has sent so many hints. I thought of something encouraging for us shippers...a little deeper dive into the HK fan meeting response to the Valentine’s question. Did you notice his body language when the question was asked. It is very protective—arms crossed—his chest covered and he appears to be trying to think of an honest response that still protects his privacy. However, as soon as the fan yells out PBY’s name, he throws his arms out and his head back—completely open. This is his honest answer to the “question.” Then his expression changes to teasing and his vocalics and gestures jokingly say “I want to spend it with all of you.” Haha. But he has his inside joke face on. He is able to be honest and yet give lip service to make everyone happy. If if there was nothing between he and PBY, then the automatic gesture is to shake your hand no, even as you laugh. But he didn’t do that. And respect for her, if they weren’t dating would seem to dictate this. This to me was a big clue——reading the nonverbals.
  2. Please vote for Bo-young for best actress—she is now in 2nd. How can this be?!
  3. I also think she talks about Park Hyoshin to promote him.
  4. Thank you @tallyu for your clear response. I think they are discretely dating and it makes me so happy. They are made for each other, and I really hope the strange dynamics of stardom don’t pull them apart. Rooting for these sweet puppies!!
  5. At the culture awards, PBY was so cute here: Cr. to owner.
  6. It seems they were extremely careful not to be filmed together.
  7. I think this thread hasn’t has dried up because Soompi has made it harder to load and read and respond to posts!! Congrats, Bo-young!!! We are so proud of you. You deserve the award! She seemed so surprised to win. I hope she realizes, without pride, how many people love her. She is very lovable, as some have noted.
  8. I agree with you—her Co-stars soar after starring with her. She could have chemistry with a stick. I do love her with HS more than all of her other co-stars though. They have a special, contagious chemistry together. I think BY’s fans have a little deeper appreciation of her that stems from her complex personality and acting ability. We feel protective of her. Also, we are there for the long haul. Confession: I haven’t gone back and watched any of HS’s work, but I’ve gone back and watched almost all of BY’s. Once you become her fan, you are hooked.
  9. I'm glad someone else is watching and talking. I also think this is an excellent drama and is the only one I'm really watching right now. I think the acting is great and I'm enjoying watching the story develop.
  10. Can people share what they've heard about the DVDs? And those who have seen it, can you share your opinions and insights? Descriptions aren't banned thankfully!!
  11. I can see it, but I agree--Soompi is acting very strange lately. I really dislike what they have done with the site. It makes it much more difficult to navigate.
  12. So...we've seen 3 different sightings connecting her to Jo Insung. Including the one @adqu just posted which is at Jo Insung's birthday. What does this mean?