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  1. At the culture awards, PBY was so cute here: Cr. to owner.
  2. It seems they were extremely careful not to be filmed together.
  3. I think this thread hasn’t has dried up because Soompi has made it harder to load and read and respond to posts!! Congrats, Bo-young!!! We are so proud of you. You deserve the award! She seemed so surprised to win. I hope she realizes, without pride, how many people love her. She is very lovable, as some have noted.
  4. I agree with you—her Co-stars soar after starring with her. She could have chemistry with a stick. I do love her with HS more than all of her other co-stars though. They have a special, contagious chemistry together. I think BY’s fans have a little deeper appreciation of her that stems from her complex personality and acting ability. We feel protective of her. Also, we are there for the long haul. Confession: I haven’t gone back and watched any of HS’s work, but I’ve gone back and watched almost all of BY’s. Once you become her fan, you are hooked.
  5. I'm glad someone else is watching and talking. I also think this is an excellent drama and is the only one I'm really watching right now. I think the acting is great and I'm enjoying watching the story develop.
  6. Can people share what they've heard about the DVDs? And those who have seen it, can you share your opinions and insights? Descriptions aren't banned thankfully!!
  7. I can see it, but I agree--Soompi is acting very strange lately. I really dislike what they have done with the site. It makes it much more difficult to navigate.
  8. So...we've seen 3 different sightings connecting her to Jo Insung. Including the one @adqu just posted which is at Jo Insung's birthday. What does this mean?
  9. Wow. This is so confusing!! Are you sure she didn't come?
  10. I know what you mean!! I often find more news on the shipper thread. We need some new footage of PBY.
  11. I don't think Mr. Bang is dead. Remember the two quotes from the psychic guy? "Two people in this room might die" and then when he was on his deathbed and he had the vision of JW crying, he told him not to worry. It would be okay. So, the foreshadowing is twofold. Writer-nim is creating suspense wonderfully! I'm very happy with the script so far. I hope the writing continues to be this good. @bebebisous33 Get well soon!! Looking forward to your insights.
  12. Thank you @icemaiden21!! You are a gem. Very nice collection that shows her range. I wonder how long we have to wait for another genre??
  13. I'm so impressed with the super-hearing on this forum. I was starting to feel sad because I watched the entire V-live and I didn't think she had given any hint or encouragement, and then your eagle ears heard the "uri." Sigh... Well, after feeling that encouragement, I also had a realization: No news is good news. I mean someone had to have asked her about PHS and she chose to ignore it. Also, I'm sure PHS has been asked about PBY on his chat and he also chose to ignore it. If they really wanted to stop our delulus in their tracks (Please don't!!!), then they would have clearly yet graciously said any number of things to shut down rumors. Laughing off questions and saying they were good friends, like siblings, respected colleagues, etc. But they haven't. Also, I went back through PBY's V-live chats and after OMG she is very sad and lonely and talks about how much she misses her character(s), co-stars, and the set. After SWDBS....no loneliness detected. Hmmmm.... I also wondered if her V-live 7 months ago was after her Elle shoot with PHS. She says she had her make-up professionally done and she looks all bright and happy. She also says she can't say anything about her new project and she hasn't cut her hair yet. In that video she says she doesn't remember having a first love. Also, someone mentioned that in this latest video that she mentions taking a breathalyzer. I thought someone should clarify further. She scolds the fan who was complaining about his/her DUI and says she is happy whenever she is stopped by the police when they are doing random DUI checks. She is happy to blow into the breathalyzer. She means that she is happy that they do that--it makes it safer, but she thinks they must think she is very weird because she is so happy to take the test, but actually she is happy that they are doing those random stops. So...I guess I'm happy that there were no denials of a relationship and encouraged by your eagle hearing of both mentions of each other by BY and HS. Blessing on the two of them!!