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  1. wait for kbs drama award next year i believe they will be included in that event
  2. now that the drama only has 11 episodes left and it is near it's ending, let me be the first to say thank you guys for the awesome updates and crazy discussion and awesome summary about this drama till we meet again in another kdrama series only two more weeks left
  3. why?! did something happen to SP? did SP woke up in this episode?
  4. I think the writers did that to reveal the backstory of SP kidney donor and for BS and IW redemption
  5. it's all secretary lee's fault his being careless why did IW cried in the preview ( hmm...i smell a redemption arc coming)
  6. well of course it's a family drama so they (writers nim) will try to fix and redeem everyone up before the drama ends.
  7. its because of his mother and i think in the remaining episode they will redeem IW too and they will make BS and IW relationship an open ending am sure of that hehe @sungyoliw i dont get why EJ sided with ceo kim is that what SP's plan?
  8. that's how daily drama always works their main theme is always about family
  9. yeah but CEO kim wanted to steal SP mom ingredients and wanted SP to be gone and as HJ said CEO kim has money while SP has the talent so there is a possibility that he doesn't need HJ investment and just wanted to compete to SP
  10. after watching the eng sub IW told CEO kim about SP and EJ relationship and I feel that his going to kidnapped EJ to make SP sick again
  11. why what happen to IJ and secretary and SP's uncle did they turn to the dark side?
  12. that's my wish too for EJ and SP wedding but my fear is that the actor who play SP is an idol he is a member of Infinite (kpop group) you know that idols has many girls/boys who are possessive to their idols maybe if they do that many fans will get angry or something i really hope that's not the case hoping for a EJ and SP wedding please writer nim make it happen yeah but you forget about family around 100%
  13. actually it is a heartwarming drama but since it is a very long drama of course they will drag the story to make it more interesting and family oriented
  14. what would you expect to a daily drama of course they will make their character that way. for them to drag the story which is tiresome at times
  15. yeah you got that right chingu, that's why this episode pissed me off it's really obvious that she is lying yet our two otp believing in her and they doesn't have a clue
  16. if that happens i hope that IW is there and she doesn't know how to calm him down and get humiliated by it
  17. now i'm a bit confuse and annoyed on how EJ being careless of all her belongings/importants stuff and how she's being too trust worthy to the person who always done bad things to her, now how can she proves that she is the one who really help SP and the real owner of the bracelet and necklace now that IW has it? "welcome to another dragging story." indeed
  18. HJ said that her child died 1 week right after she give birth to that child, EJ is the daughter of the family who she live with during does times when EJ mom and dad died (don't know what happened) HJ leave EJ to MJ mom and dad
  19. i have a feeling that the last arc will focus on the kidney donors and not health issues since they're (writers nim) hinting us that
  20. as i remembered correctly SP aunt said that she told him about the party and he didn't gave her his answer maybe his too busy to attend so she leave him be
  21. i like her in the daily drama "my one and only" she's really good in that drama
  22. hoping before this week ends IW lying will be revealed i'm really annoyed when i saw IW act as if she is affected
  23. i see it differently i feel like GS and IW is still looking for the money and she is now showing her true color while SP is now has a new problem to attend to he decided to fight for regaining his position actually IW told him that its an initial that suppose to be IJ but misspelled in episode 89 i'm really hoping that IJ will expose IW to SP and that's the time he will make an investigation