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  1. HJ said that her child died 1 week right after she give birth to that child, EJ is the daughter of the family who she live with during does times when EJ mom and dad died (don't know what happened) HJ leave EJ to MJ mom and dad
  2. i have a feeling that the last arc will focus on the kidney donors and not health issues since they're (writers nim) hinting us that
  3. as i remembered correctly SP aunt said that she told him about the party and he didn't gave her his answer maybe his too busy to attend so she leave him be
  4. hoping before this week ends IW lying will be revealed i'm really annoyed when i saw IW act as if she is affected
  5. i see it differently i feel like GS and IW is still looking for the money and she is now showing her true color while SP is now has a new problem to attend to he decided to fight for regaining his position actually IW told him that its an initial that suppose to be IJ but misspelled in episode 89 i'm really hoping that IJ will expose IW to SP and that's the time he will make an investigation
  6. i really hope that at the end of this week SP will discover that IW is lying to him and at the start of next week he will investigate IW
  7. after watching the episode 88 with sub i realize that the writers nim made that issue in order to reveal the backstory of EJ charm now i see hehe kind of exciting and i wonder what what will happen next
  8. I think they will not tackle EJ mom since HJ cleared that already that no matter who is her parents are it doesn't matter and I think HJ past is related to SP mom, SP, and EJ. SP project is related to him regaining his position since if it becomes successful he can regain his position what is important is the SP regaining his position as CEO of Genius, HJ and SP mom backstory and EJ and SP relationship and the revelation of EJ's connection to SP and the secret of the charmed bracelet and I have a feeling that it will not end in 120 episodes
  9. so did you find anything? you know you can post here the link Now im a bit feeling worried maybe we might get a rush ending
  10. i was wondering the same thing in the previews episode she's kinda young but now she looks kinda old maybe the more younger one isn't available now so they replace her with another one
  11. hmmm... looks interesting i haven't seen the episode yet I'm having second thought if I'm going to wait until they got back together or still watch it even though it pains me
  12. exactly! that's why I'm a bit scared that the writer might drag this arc a bit longer really hope that IW scheme end quickly
  13. yeah but i hate the fact that IW is still there seducing SP she's showing the fake charm to SP and IJ saw them I wonder what is she going to do about that?
  14. a about what? SP identity or IW plan? (sorry cant watch the preview it's not available in my country)