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  1. atleast I admirer the effort of the writers for trying to give us what we want, but as many of us say it is too late they should have done this in episode 90 so that we could have our OTP moment after marriage and proper ending
  2. I believe he erase all pictures of him with CR when they broke up (stupid)
  3. ahh I see so meaning the big finale is the revelation of the heart transplant I think YS is going to tell OHW to accept BW as redemption and about the heart transplant
  4. maybe he got the drama extension that is why the drama is kinda in a slow phase right now or the writers are planning on resolving the issues in one go or he/she is just plain stupid and don't know what to do about how to end this drama
  5. maybe there is?! maybe another 5 episode or something hopefully so that the ending will not be rush and even drag actually I was being sarcastic chingu since the episode yesterday and the previews episodes BW is so much concern to SC than WH that's why I say that
  6. thanks for the Instagram post @Dewi Pratiwi I kinda handed the effort though what I'm hoping for now is a good execution of the reconciliation of our OTP just like what I said I already lowered my expectation about this drama so it doesn't affect me about the dragginess of the story. I'm just enjoying what they (the writers/PD's) give me hehe even though they really have done a bad writing and forcing something to make the story worst most of the time wait who is she (BW) marrying to is it SC or WH? and where is BY?
  7. yeah your totally right chingu, let's just hope the ending is really good that all the mistake that the writer give us can be tamp or covered the mess that they have done (I still hoping for a better ending) really hoping the writers/PD's redeem them self dont know for you but I felt I little satisfied to be honest about this episode atleast they get to be together WH and BW unlike the previews episodes that BW is always with SC and she's always mean to WH atleast now they have so much scene together
  8. thank you @chasen8888 for the recap and @eurika for the video clip you guys are the best really appreciate all the effort you guys done
  9. @sava2sava I hope that BW will chase him in the airport and prevent him in going to US I think the heart revelation will happen in the company event program that WH is talking about when she ask WK about YS full name really hope it will come true
  10. yeah same chingu, to add to what I said earlier in my observation I think because in his mind BW give up on him so how can he force himself to a person who give up on him that's why he said that. that's my observation that's why i come to that conclusion
  11. I think his not totally giving up I think his kinda like hoping BW to chase him and confess her true feelings as if he is not forcing anything
  12. I wish that scene happen when she chase WH and prevent him in going to US
  13. I have a feeling that CR and SC relationship is going to be revealed this week and I think that's the time when CR fake amnesia is going to be reveal
  14. thanks for the recap as always @chasen8888 thanks for the clarification @Ldy Gmerm I have the same question awhile ago on why is DR so interested in finding and exposing YS daughter what is his purpose?
  15. I really hope that the writers wont ruined the plot and let WH see the confession letter of the CCTV mechanic