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  1. she will! dont worry chingu, when WH become really sick because of his weak heart and needs him to be bought in the hospital (cant wait for that to happen)
  2. ok in the preview SC confessed that he was there when the accident happened so is he going to confess to BW that CR is there too?
  3. thanks @chasen8888 for the recap as always I think the writers are planning that for SC redemption by helping our OTP and clarifying the misunderstanding to prevent WH in leaving, I just hope that they give us a good execution, and let that story arc finish this week and don't drag the reconciliation of our OTP for too long @euraka actually I expect that to happen they dragging the hit and run story arc until episode 110 or 115 what I dont like is if they drag the reconciliation of our OTP until the last episode I want them (writers) to give our OTP justice and let them get married
  4. thanks @euraka for the information I know it! that they're (the writers) are planning to finish the hit and run, bio mother arc before the heart transplant now I wonder what's going to happen to BW when she finds out about WH plan to transfer abroad and do OHW know that CR is faking it?
  5. really hoping that the writer's will give us an airport scene where BW is chasing WH because his going to US or something and that's the time she will tell WH her true feelings and about the ring
  6. she has a selective memory disorder chingu so she still remember some of her memories but I don't buy her act
  7. thanks @euraka for the recap really appreciate the effort really wanted CR to end up in the psychiatric Hospital she is clearly crazy and obsessed and dangerous now it is proven that she really is faking it
  8. I think what's going to happen is YS is going to talk to OHW to beg her in accepting WH/BW relationship once it's was all over base on my observation all daily's intend to make the bad guys repented they're sins and make it up to the OTP
  9. for me I think BW will not accept SC by the way BW reaction in the preview (still trying to be positive here really hope she reject him) atleast WH know what CR family and OHW are doing with BW hope the writer's wont go that far as a CR/WH wedding and when CR remembers everything she pretend I think what the writers are trying to do is our OTP are going to reconcile when the heart donor is revealed that's why they are trying to finish the remaining issues early like the hit and run case and the YS history
  10. I wonder what OHW are thinking when WH said that "It's over between BW and me but why is everyone... still giving her a hard time? but like a fool she ask me to help CR for her treatment" atleast we got some development in the remaining issues in this episode I don't know for you guys but this episode gives me hope that we could not have a drag/rush ending and on monday we will see SC confession really hoping BW turn him down and WH dont pretend to be her boyfriend but just help him and be nice to her and I'm hoping that when CR remembers everything that's the time where WH and others learns about what she did
  11. have faith chingu I know they will be reunited soon they still love each other don't they? maybe after CR and YS is sent to jail, after the revelation of the heart donor and still hoping after BW to reject SC but about marriage I dont know if we will be having that scene or not
  12. same thought chingu when I rewatch the episode I kinda notice that BW is kinda jealous to CR and WH when she saw them in the elevator and the way she notice that he never give gift to WH and the flashback about WH wanting to go on a cruise with her for me it's kinda like she's feeling regret I just hope that this CR fiasco dont get drag until the very last episode I can tolerate this in 3 to 5 episode but after than I dont know
  13. thanks @chasen8888 for the synopsis and keeping us updated about this drama even though this is already messed up. for me I'm going to wait till the 100 to 105 episodes if its keep on dragging then I'll stop watching this drama and go watch the ending since in daily drama in my observation they mostly start to solve all the lose ends in the 100 episode onwards so I'm going to wait until then hope WH reject BW and get mad at her for forcing him to do what he doesn't want to do and make her regret what he said
  14. what they're doing is they already implementing it (not telling CR about their break up and saying they are still together) without the consent of WH and even WW is forcing him to do so what i really wanted to happen is by forcing WH to CR, he is force to reveal CR's secrets or what she did to him and BW to the family and DR I think thats what's going to happen really hope it will come true I kinda get pissed by BW for giving SC a gift while she didn't give any gift to WH when they are still together kinda felt sorry for WH