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  1. [Drama 2017] Chicago Typewriter 시카고 타자기

    Does anyone know if there's a drama wrap party? Yoo Ah In and Go Kyung Pyo have both barely posted anything related to the drama since the start =___=
  2. [Drama 2017] Chicago Typewriter 시카고 타자기

    AHh what a ride.. eps 13 and 14. I think Seju will survive, but I think he'll maybe use telekinetic powers to stop him from falling. I think by protecting Seju, Jin oh sees his buddy for the last time and then (perishes?). I'm really curious as to how he was stuck in the typewriter. I think in the 1930's, Taemin's men did make it back in time to see the Joseon Alliance on stage, and there was some sort of a massive gun fight. I think that Hwi Young died in battle, perhaps sacrificing himself for Jin Oh. A drama like this.. as of right now, it makes more sense if by the end it is the Seju-Seol pairing that lives with the weight on their shoulders knowing their past and their best friend Jin Oh. But I hope Jin Oh disappears knowing what happened, and the novel isn't published simply in his honor but he was part of it until the very end. I hope he finds closure- that was what he wanted. P.S. Some more thoughts: I feel like the beginning of the drama (after eps 1-2) it was a bit slow, but now I feel like 2 episodes won't sum everything up I hate the stalker siblings, they've been useful in drumming up plot devices to insert Seol as Seju's protector, and now Jin Oh as Seju's protector, but couldn't that be done with something else but stalker siblings? I'm not sure if this whole-- I save you, you then save me in the present is a complete copy of the past, or if its a reflection as in if Hwi Young saved Jin Oh in the past, Jin Oh saves Hwi Young in the present.
  3. [Drama 2017] Chicago Typewriter 시카고 타자기

    I just finished watching this week's episodes.. I never really bought into Hwi Young as the person that died in that way amongst the three-- just because that's not very interesting? And also because it's a game of: what's unlike the rest? For Jin Oh to not get a new life, it means somehow the three of them were on the same path of fighting for their home country, and then 2 may have died fighting for their noble cause, while 1 .. did something else... I've toyed with the possibility that they may have committed suicide to avoid getting tortured for information but that's pretty bleak for prime time tv.. RIght now I'm also thinking of Jin Oh assuming (real or under pretense) the role of the leader of their youth alliance. As in if Hwi Young died, then the pocket watch and typewriter went to Jin Oh. Or when people come to capture the dude with the typewriter who writes codes in the newspapers (that's all we've ever seen Hwi Young as in the past, either with his typewriter or with his friends), it's Jin Oh who has that role and gets shot. It has to be more than him not letting go of the past and living in the typewriter, maybe something he needed to pass on to his friends who were no longer around or he wasn't around to do so. I think certain unforeseen things that blur the lines could have happened through manipulation or pretense for the greater good.. but I'm not sure why-- but I don't think any one of the three betrayed the rest. As for the next few episodes... the preview has Se Joo spying on Jin Oh in the past talking to Tae Min. It seems we're heading towards the direction of (misled or not) Jin Oh as a traitor or double agent. Not too sure about this though. I don't see Tae Min as THE VILLAIN. I can't take him in the present that seriously, and I think now that the stalker sister wants to mess with Seol, I think Tae Min will step in. Just working on a hunch, but I think this is the lifetime he redeems himself (I really hope I'm right, not for his sake but for us as the viewers- he's super annoying). Jin Oh not remembering his last moments does make everything fuzzy and throws our theories out the window. He is keeping in the dark that he can call out people's previous names to get them to see him, and did not tell Se Joo that he stole the first draft of Fate. Which directly sent Tae Min on a rampage. I'm sensing a very dumb yet noble troublemaker past and present.
  4. [Drama 2017] Chicago Typewriter 시카고 타자기

    wow- this is spot on, I agree with everything you just said. He is definitely acting like the "hyung" of the group, the leader, the most generous, the most understanding, the one that acts the oldest and beyond his own age. That said, all those kinds of characters have the same ending no? I like YJ has a really good intuition and hunch about everything in SJ's life, despite SJ knowing Tae Min all his adulthood, and taking things as they come when it's too late instead of thinking more intuitively about them. I agree, the messing around with SJ was only possible because how close they must have been before. The romance part is enticing... but I really like their camaraderie the most, I hope Seol does support SJ on a friend level so we jump over the "anti-fan" part of the plot as soon as possible. SJ was a much cooler guy in the past so hopefully what he's missing are YJ and Seol.
  5. [Drama 2017] Chicago Typewriter 시카고 타자기

    After watching Ep 6, I wanted to share some thoughts with you all: Who else really dislikes Tae Min? It's not that I'm disliking him because he's a villain, but he's a very one note villain, I'm not a fan when writers kind of say -ah screw it just make him a psycho- I like him and his dad as that push into making Se Joo a guarded, untrusty man but I think to make Tae Min a severely-insecure-wannabe-serious-writer-but-has-mommy-and-daddy-issues could've been enough for him to steal "Fate" but adding the cat throwing and hanging out at the vet's place is sooo annoying. I'd rather there be more screentime for the three leads in the present and the past. I think it'd be neat if it was just the 3 of them that had existed in the past, because bringing the shaman in, her daughter, and then maybe even Tae Min is a copout. And also, when Se Joo and Seol see their flashbacks, are they seeing exactly what the audience sees? Because by now, shouldn't all three of them know of the other two's existence? Or when they're reading Chicago Typewriter manuscript they'll put everything together? Even if they don't know the faces, isn't there some sort of a significance? I think part of the reason why Se Joo got reincarnated was for him to finish the novel. And for Seol, probably a punishment for taking a life. But it could also be redemption, and if we really want to get all romantic-- maybe for her to be with the one she loved (i'm only thinking this is se joo cuz he's human lol)
  6. [Drama 2017] Chicago Typewriter 시카고 타자기

    I think it's interesting to note that the manuscript stated that it was a love story between a writer and an independent activist in Kyungsung, but the writer could be Se Joo or Yoo. In the flashback of them at Carpe Diem, Se Joo's 1930s self asks Yoo when will he write again. So the love story can be Yoo-Seol, or Seol-Se Joo because the "writer" can be either of them. Of course, it was probably a love triangle so both love stories coexisted, but wouldn't Yoo the ghost want to tell his and Seol's love story more, even if it was just love on his part? lol Before the preview for 6 I had thought that the press conference thing would have been well received, since it could be a tongue in cheek, or a sarcastic response to "yes I have a ghostwriter, this is him, he doesn't actually exist." I thought this could've been interpreted as totally badass as getting a chance to play the media, but with the reporter's smug face and his manager's reaction in the preview, it seems people will just want to believe he's crazy. Understandable but boring no?
  7. [Drama 2017] Chicago Typewriter 시카고 타자기

    I'm not too sure if Se Joo was the ghost writer behind Tae Min or if his work was outright just stolen by their father and/or Taemin. Ghostwriters are willingly ghostwriters to stay out of the spotlight, so from the Se Joo we know now, the starving writer at Subway's, and the 1930s version, he doesn't seem like the person that would give his artistry away. Therefore, I think his work was stolen from him, so he wasn't a ghostwriter. The subtitles I watched from said "i'd rather let someone steal my work etc" so I'm going to assume the stealing part for now.. but isn't that more interesting but also so flawed and sad on all levels? It is also because I hope he wasn't a ghostwriter in order to win extra points in that family or because he wasn't confident enough to publish under his own name. So we shall see! I'm having trouble understanding who CAN see Yoo Jin Oh? The manager/head of the publishing wasn't talking to Yoo when he lied to Se Joo about hiring the ghostwriter outside the mansion. But the father was able to see Jin Oh? And then Seol's friend saw him? So is it as the typewriter is used more, his soul is stronger, so it's more like he's a person than a ghost?
  8. [Drama 2017] Chicago Typewriter 시카고 타자기

    Thank you for the translation of the novel pages! In the novel, isn't it from Yoo's point of view from the 1930s, that's why he's the one typing it in modern day on the typewriter? So maybe the story of their friendship in the 1930s is supposed to be told by Yoo, not Se Joo. Which is why Se Joo is in the slump. I assume in the next week's episodes, Se Joo will make it clear that they're some sort of partners for the Chicago typewriter novel and returning the credit where it's due. However, I also feel like in a drama like this with such eccentric characters particularly Se Joo, he will probably hit rock bottom and lose everything. It seems that from Jeon Sol's aunt (friend's mom), the "evil" one is Yoo, but Seol definitely had trouble telling the difference and the real intentions between Yoo and Se Joo, just like how the audience is unable to tell who they are yet.
  9. Hey guys Has anyone heard another version of Punch ft Chanyeol's Stay with me? There was a youtube video of a "version 2" that had a different version of Punch's part and the instrumental, and it showed up in one of the earlier episodes (I don't remember which one, so I can't pinpoint to a part in the drama). It wasn't released officially, and I can't find it anymore. Was wondering if any of you might have heard it as well and know of another link or file
  10. I know everyone's antsy waiting.. but so hey what songs do you guys will play during the last episodes LOL or just your favorite songs from the OST I really hope they'll use more of Chanyeol and Punch's Stay with Me. I wouldn't have watched Goblin as early as I did if it weren't for seeing a post for the song on A Koala's Playground blog. I love a great duet, and the single instrument thing that plays leading up to Punch's vocals gives so much anticipation and dramatic flair to whatever scene don't you think I was always more excited for a scene when it came on (ending of Episode 1 of them in Canada). And I also love the instrumental beginning of Sam Kim's Who Are You. I am a really big fan of movie and TV soundtracks, because when I hear the song randomly again after, it gets nostalgic and I always remember what I associated that music with from the film or show. So I hope people are not too upset after the show finishes its run as there's always the OST to run back towards if there's no time for a rewatch
  11. @seasonsoftheheart32 I won't be watching live! No other reason than I don't know how to do that... lol I'm along the East Coast (beast coast) in the US, so live streaming at 8am isn't bad at all, but I'm also hoping when I wake up there will be english subtitles ready so no need for any waiting... I just need to avoid you guys for a while right before and during the episode so I don't get any spoilers haha I think the last 2 episodes will kind of be like the Harry Potter 7.. they'll divide the episodes (15 and 16) but that's just for time and order sake than actual for the material. So I wouldn't be surprised if they cut 15 at the climax and dead middle of a scene, have a longgggg commercial break, and but then for MORE people to return for episode 16, which I hope happens! If they do it like this, episode 16 should just skip the 5-minute recap they always have.
  12. That is what stumped me too about the ending, her necklace, but I thought it was also just some draw to it. Kinda like Sunny and GR to the jade ring on the pedestrian walkway. I thought the writer wouldn't be so cheap/not creative by throwing in amnesia, but Euntak's convo with Sunny about traveling for the first time is what's making me guess the memory loss thing. And I feel like GR would play some role in EunTak's memories. I like your take on the ending. She doesn't get amnesia, but decides to let go of Kim Shin since he's dead, which is understandable, until he shows up when she's 29 Outside of her relationships with the other characters, I hope the writer does develop her to be her own entity when she graduates college, rather than as the Goblin's bride, or GR's missing person lol, or Sunny's part time worker, and temporarily forces her to grow up independently without the strange and beautiful around her. Because we haven't seen EunTak as just herself as a student for a while, it'd be nice for her and for us to her have some normalcy (or mundaneness lol life's more interesting with a Goblin) before Kim Shin returns. As for the letter she wrote, I think that will be revealed when Kim Shin the CEO returns to Quebec no matter what happens, whether he loses his memory, she loses it, everybody loses it, none of them loses it ETC. I don't think the letter was ever sent to him in Korea, as suggested by an earlier post on this thread, because it was sent through the internal mail carrier in the hotel. And I loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! It was a big plot to take with the science fiction aspect of it, but I like how it all ties back to them meeting, falling in love, and meeting again.
  13. [Official] GOBLIN COUPLE | Kim Go Eun x Gong Yoo

    I agree with your friend actually! He was rumored with Im Soo Jung in 2008, right before he entered the military because they were spotted entering the airport together, but both denied. After the military he did a movie with her and they were in the same agency I believe. It seems a bit odd that he would do a movie with a rumored girlfriend, but they didnt look chummy in the press conference for Finding Destiny. So I couldn't quite tell whether they dated/were dating or not. GY doesn't seem like one of those 30-40 something actors that would date a much younger actress, but Hyun Bin currently is (I don't quite believe Kang Sora is amongst his orbit in terms of popularity and esteem), Go Soo married a noncelebrity 11 years younger than him, and Lee Hyun Bun first dated Lee Min Jung when she was young and not famous and it'll take a lot for her to catch up to him in acting esteem. TBH, I feel like GY would match really well with celebs like Gong Hyo Jin, Jeon Do Yeon, Bae Doona, etc, that type of less conventionally attractive in South Korea's terms (more conventional: Kim Tae Hee, Han Ga In, SNSD's Yoona), who are slightly more alluring/charming, in which Im Soo Jung fits.
  14. for what it's worth, this is my theory for the ending.. Kim Shin returns to the field in which the butterfly-god decided to make him a goblin. now he gets a chance to live as a mortal due to his retributions in the last 900 years. He returns to modern life, in which Secretary/CEO Kim and DeokHwa will greet him (there was a spoiler picture) As for EunTak, I think she will nearly die of a heart attack (more like heartbreak) as suggested by GR's death card, but GR gets her help in time. He wants to erase her memories to soothe her heartbreak as promised to Kim Shin. She pleads him not to, but he does so anyway, cuz lol that's what he does (like did Sunny ask for her memories to be erased??). I can't really envision an ending in which both will keep their memory, I imagine it's possible for KS to do so, but EunTak will lose it (confirmed by the Canada restaurant flashforward in the earlier episodes). If he keeps his memories, then he lets her live as a normal 20 something without interfering in her life, which he can't really do without his powers, no summoning and teleportation and all.. Of course, fate brings them together when she's 29, and they fall in love again. OR KS will lose his memory as well. I think this will still bring the ending, of them meeting together when he's 37, she's 29, as renewed individuals. I think the whole memory loss or no memory loss is just dependent on the viewer, whether it is good/bad they carry the baggage of their memories with them. Oh and I think there will be a hopeful ending for Sunny and GR, it's a little bit too packaged nice and neat for them to be a couple married with children by the end, but I think it'd be cool for them to possibly meet again on that pedestrian bridge under different circumstances (no ring, no fated deaths, no fated anything). I'm one of those people that don't mind sad endings as long as they're appropriate and makes sense, don't think we will get a sad ending BUT We shall see what happens
  15. @seasonsoftheheart32 No wonder why I couldn't find it again. Thanks for letting me know ^^