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  1. She just changed her private IG's dp to a white rose. Hmmmm??? What could that mean? I hope she's doing fine.
  2. Have been busy at work and when I got home, I saw all these posts about the event. Daebak!!! Now our queen has also dropped a hint and that Range Rover. Omo!! Kyo has a white Range Rover right? I even checked on past photos and the Black Range Rover she rode after the event does look like Joong Ki's. Jaebal! Just tie the knot already. We're hearing the wedding bells
  3. Thanks for correcting me. I just based it on what I have been seeing in IG from different fans reposting it. We all just hope that SS couple really did visit the place and someone saw them that time. I miss our couple.
  4. saw this in Ig and it says that Songsong was in that restaurant 2 weeks ago. Credits to the owner