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  1. Did someone get to see Kyo's latest IG post about an hour ago? Was around 3:30 am where I am at. Just saw on my notif that kyo1122 shared a post but as I checked there wasn't any so I guess she immediately deleted it after posting. Hmmmm??? What could it be?
  2. I am watching DOTS Script reading and I just realized that they were reading the part where KMY confessed to YSJ while on the truck when Joong Ki placed his forehead on Hye Kyo's shoulder and the other cast was like teasing them and laughed making those "oooooh" sound. Just want to share that it made me smile and I was like "ahhhh so that was what they were reading". Maybe Joong Ki was getting carried away reading that part that he can't help but lean on Kyo. He was happy that KMY finally confessed to YSJ.
  3. Watched his speech and I didn't hear him mention Kyo but it also doesn't sound like it has been cut or edited or something. Hmmmm.... weird. Now that I watched it again, it does look like Kyo's part was cut. Disappointing!!
  4. To be honest I'm not 100% sure as well but from what I learned, it was presumed to be some kind of anniversary/monthsary date of the Songs because of the suspicious posts of Kyo in her IG plus Joong Ki's baseball jersey number suddenly changed to 23 recently when he used a different number before during Running Man I believe. Hope that answers it.
  5. Totally agree!! They'll come clean at the right time. They won't deny it but they don't confirm it either which makes us shippers go crazy in a good way. Hayyyyy... wish their DDay would finally come soon. Hopefully sometime this year after the premier.
  6. The thread has been eerily quiet for a while now. @SSK1 I seriously am confused if you are really fed up with the subtle hints from SSC and the people around them yet they still don't make things clear if they are dating or not or that you are doing some kind of reverse psychology. Hahahaha. Sorry no offense intended chingu. I just really am confused. We've all been missing our couple so much since there hasn't been so much updates recently but I am still waiting for the good news to come hopefully soon. Maybe after a certain movie premier??? Hwaiting shippers!!! Good things comes to those who wait. Hope we'll stay in this ship until it reached its rightful destination.
  7. Wow! Didn't know Jadine has a shipper thread here in Soompi. Hi to all fellow jadine fans here.
  8. Omo!!! His treasured watch from his "most cherished friend"???? Another hint from our captain himself. I'm sure he knows that fans have been talking about his watch and there he goes igniting our spazzing about his treasured watch. He really is good in giving subtle answers so as not to reveal the whole truth and not lie either. Wah!
  9. "we have to be working for me to hear you call me sunbaenim" lol. Kyo-ah what does he call you then when not working? Chagiya??? Aegi??? Yoebo??? Hahaha Kyo was really comfortable during the commentary that she kept on teasing Ki. Waaahhhh... thats what love can do thanks to our dear chingus who has been translating some clips and sharing it to us. Very much appreciated. By the way I'm fairly new here and has been a silent shipper most if the time. I am thankful for all the updates here and our loyal shippers who doesn't let avsimple interview or negative write ups affect our belief and continuously defend SSC. Let's just stay positive and keep our trust to our couple!! Hwaiting!!!
  10. For those who got the DCut, was there a lot of re-edited scenes on the 16 episodes. i just noticed, there has been some videos shared from the BTS, NGs and Commentaries but none on the episodes. Did they show the rolling in the hay scene? I really wanted to see that.
  11. Is it really not pororo? Because after Kyo supposedly said that, Ki pointed on his lips and he tried to do the same with Kyo's.
  12. Have you guys seen the video that's going around IG at some bar which they said was Ki and Kyo's voice at the background? What do you think? Some says it's not theirs but some does and when I listened to it several times it somehow sounded like them. Although it is highly possible that it's someone else which sounded the same as them. Just made me curious since there was also a picture posted by Kyo's friend.
  13. @Karina Wong Kar Sinn yeah they focused on Songsong couple's BTS on Disc 9-11. I don't have the DVD as well. A nice friend just shared the videos. There are some scenes where Jingoo and Jiwon is included but only if SongSong is in it as well. I didn't see a single BTS where our couple is not included. Hmmm???
  14. I'm currently watching Disc 9-11 (BTS/NG) of the DCut and I just noticed that they only showed all scenes of the SongSong couple. I must say they really are comfortable with each other since the start of filming. Also if they were just showing how great the relationship between all staff, crew and actors hat helped make the drama great, wouldn't it be more appropriate to include the BTS and NGs of the other actors as well? Hahaha It just came to my mind. Hope there will be complete translation soon. And lastly, I want to thank one of our chingus that shared the copy of the DCut. I am so grateful. Ps. If I am violating any of the soompi rules, please let me know. I'll take this post down. Oh and I also saw the picture from the Hyebaragi meeting recently and they had 2 guests which they covered the faces. I have a strong feeling it's our OTP. What do you think?
  15. @spc44 thanks for letting us know. There goes my delulu mind down the drain Just missing our couple. There hasn't been any update for awhile now. Anyways, that's very sweet of the Taiwan fan that gave it to our queen.