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  1. Wow! Those are the three episodes? I remember binge watching this whole show and watching those episodes. I agree the "Catching Out" episode wasn't my favorite either. But L.D.S.K. was a good episode (It was when Reid learned how to shoot right and showing how cool Hotch is). And I always liked the two parters in the TV show. - I still hope they have something similar to Hotch & the Reaper or Reid & Maeve. Or possibly have the infamous Mr. Scratch???
  2. YEAH!!! PARTAAYYY!!!! 300 pages full of support and love for our couple! Congrats everyone! :D
  3. I agree. Even though I like how unique the cases are in the American show, it's too freaky. - I liked Mandy in the show, even though something was off about him (no offense to anyone). Let's hope LJG is Derek - we'll get to see some badass scenes then.
  4. Oh my gosh!!! I love Criminal Minds! This is the only American TV I watch. Watched every episode except season 12's episodes. Even better since LJK is in here, loved him in Scarlet! I think MCW will play "Emily Prentiss" in here and maybe LJK will play "Derek Morgan", the muscles of the BAU. I don't think he'll play Dr. Reid (and I hope not because of season 12). Yeah, CM has different cases every episode (except two parters and long term villains like the recent Dirty Dozen, the Reaper and the Replicator, etc.). But if you guys have any questions about the show, I can always try to help!
  5. He's one good-looking man. I was watching this video about Gong Yoo and Kim Go Run and their dating rumors on Hallayuback. They're kinda late on that.
  6. I literally died but then I was like it's April Fools over there (It's still March over here hahaha!) *But I'm rewatching the drama. I watched ep. 3-6 yesterday and now I'm currently watching ep. 9. - I should be watching Strong Woman or my other Thai dramas, but I can't. My heart is breaking just watching Eun Tak being sad!!! I'll try to make a mv during my spring break (in two weeks), no worries!
  7. When you don't have the guts to watch the scene of when Ji Eun Tak dies....ugh I can't control my feelings! I love everyone's findings! You all should just join the CIA or something. Hahahaha
  8. OH MY GOSH!!! Out of all days I choose to volunteer I miss the news that we all have been waiting for! Why was I helping the world at a dance recital??? I've been so stressed lately because of homework, tests, quizzes and my concert that's tmrw. But this, THIS seriously cured me from all that stress. (Hahaha no, I can't sleep and I have an AP psychology test first thing tmrw) I'm going to be grinning my butt off tomorrow. Thanks to the JoonU shippers for the support! And welcome to the new members so we can unite and love our GongGo and protect our KGE from nasty IG haters. I love you all!!! But should I make an ig account??? Shall I gift you all by making a MV for our couple??? Any suggestions???
  9. This is Kim Shin/Ji Eun Tak related but someone mentioned on a Goblin group that I follow on Facebook realized that the song Eun Tak is listening and singing to before meeting the handsome Kim Shin dokkaebi is the ost "You're So Beautiful". If only there was a version of KGE singing it or at least singing for the drama.
  10. Thanks @JaneyBae for the information! I want to scream my whole heart out but it's 6 in the morning! *Listens to the First Love instrumental and cries* I'm going to torture myself at school and daydream about them! Hahahaha
  11. Thanks! I found the clip!!! But, I was lurking on the comments section for "Beautiful" OST and I read that Monsta X's Kihyun sung the OST at the KCON Mexico!!! I died watching the ShinTak scenes. I was screaming more at the clips shown than the singer singing (he's a good singer not gonna lie). Credits: MonstaXmas 몬스타엑스
  12. Oh no Lee Joon Gi! Don't mess with our Gong Yoo's girl! Go back to IU! - Is there a clip to that btw? I want to see it! Hahahaha, you guys are too funny! I will patiently wait for the results of the kidnapping.
  13. Oh my gosh! I died reading that @sooyoungdaebak!!! But if only....
  14. Kim Go Eun is beautiful! I made my sister watch Goblin and at first she didn't think Go Eun was pretty. But the farther she got into the drama the more she liked the drama and her, she says Kim Go Eun grows on you (which is so true). Btw, it's snowing crazy here in Wisconsin! Immediately plays Ailee's song and the First Snow!
  15. Aw man...that was fanfic was emotional. Oh how I wish I could actually see them act that out. :D :D :D - But what if...JUST WHAT IF.....Gong Yoo and Go Eun both attend LDW's fan meet and admit that they're dating. I'd be dead if that actually happened. - Can I have those pills everyone has been talking about? Hehehe.