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  1. Sorry for the late reply @Lyn Lim. But you could always head to AsianFuse.net. it has way more Thai lakorns including Plerng Boon.
  2. Ooh! I can't wait to see this! But I'm so busy next week and I want to catch it live (even though I don't understand Korean)! I was so happy Joe Mantegna posted the pic, I'm waiting to see the other cast like Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler post it too. But there were so many people bashing about this drama about how the spin off was canceled and it won't be as good as the American one. UGH! Don't watch it, it won't be in the States so it won't matter! I like how they incorporated the fact that there were agents that died previously. That happened in the American show with Gideon. He came back into the team because of the agents that were killed and his profiling. And I like how they put Foyet's story in here too! I really don't want to compare tv show and drama, but I feel like I totally will when this airs.
  3. After researching, I found out that Nup Dao's part is currently being filmed. But one, she won't end up with Mor Wayu and instead with some other guy (undercover agent). Two, the actors are different. Instead of Lalina Lorena it's Mint Chalida with Mai Wararit. I don't know if there will be Fah, Neung or Tawan in that lakorn and if they'll be the same characters or not, but I don't think so since May and Aun were currently filming lakorns too. *Theory #1* I think it was because Lena was either filming Naree Rissaya and/or Sanae Ruk Nang Sin (upcoming). Also because it's a different production. This one was Step Power 3 and the other one was Poodle Production. *Theory #2 - probably the right one* The producers probably just wanted Mint and Mai. Here's the link if you guys want to see it: https://www.asianfuse.net/discuzz/threads/ch3-paen-lub-salub-love-poodle-production-mai-warit-mint-chalida.64559/
  4. I thought the ending was so cute! The main couple is so cute together and I'll stop there because of spoilers! Here's a video that I promised! I hope you guys like it, and this does contain spoilers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ephleo44Lq8 @JoycceeDreamer (or anyone who is looking for recommendations)
  5. How did I not see this thread? I guess it's because I never really look in the Thai section of Soompi and I instead go to AsianFuse where it's more Thai lakorns than kdramas and Soompi vise versa. I've been an avid watcher of Thai dramas for a long time and these days I've been stuck on kdramas until this lakorn. I love the comedy and I love the chemistry between Aun and Mae. Plus the OST is so good I listen to it on repeat! Why is it finishing tomorrow?! I love the way Tawan will do anything to protect his two sisters. I feel bad that he doesn't get anyone in this drama, but from the other thread that I read I heard this is a book series, so I'm assuming he'd have someone. Pinkanna and Jariya make my head explode! Actually it's just really Jariya. Sure Pin is annoying and wants to marry Neung, but she was also doing it for the money so she could free her father from jail. But Jariya is an richard simmons. I love this woman from her other roles in other dramas, but I really just hate her in this one. I'm thankful that Fak Fah, Tawan, Dao and Pink can diss her back! I just couldn't bring myself to watch Nup Dao and her scenes. It was boring personally and I couldn't handle it. But I liked watching her with Mor Wayu. Just like Nup Dao, I didn't really watch Wut's scenes with Pink. I still have hopes that Pink and Tawan would be together, but I know that won't happen. My favorite character either has to go to Fak Fah or Neung. I really enjoyed her character in this lakorn. I find it funny that she could drug almost the whole house with her desserts as disguise. And of course that fake belly and when she lost it! Mae's acting impressed me especially when she's talking to Tawan in the middle of the night and is heartbroken, wondering how easy is it for man to forget a woman so quickly. I felt her pain and I've never been in a relationship to understand. But Neung is such a gentleman. And he really doesn't want to hurt Fah and lie to her, but he's worried that she'd be in danger if he told her. I've watched Aun's other lakorns but I like this one more. He looks so in love when he's around Fak Fah. Neung is also indeed a smooth talker, I melt at his words and his eyes when they soften for her. Overall I love the main couple a lot, I'm currently working on a fanmv for them too. I might post it up if you guys would like to. *Sorry if I wrote too much!*