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  1. oh my God, my heart ponders hard. does it mean....... she (at least) want to (try) to be more open about her relationship? this is really surprising, to hear such answer from her actually.. and she listens to OASIS! its just..Wow.. I mean how many koreans has this implicit and unusual style? Her taste of music is exquisite, she is no joke! I love this girl and here the song lyrics, you might be surprise: soo..what do you think chingu?? he hee.. first, she is moving out. secondly, Secondly, she MAKES time to organize her house. umm.. is she trying to be housewife or waht? she is indeed a busybody. Im so sure there are mountains of script offers in her agency office, tried to approach her. but she chose to.........." wiping dust off from the window by myself".... She changes a lot..and i cant stop laughing reading these interviews. Han Hyo Joo is really something! Anyway, Thank you sooo much @May Lowfor your hardworking! youre the best!!
  2. @isadoodlesooh really, these fanboys are too cute! Theyre like puppies, kkkk~ I hope Hyo Joo will come again to 2d1n very soon and makes these fanboys happy
  3. Looks like They have high demand for the dvd, esp international fans. Im so happy to hear that, i hope they will gain more support because of this I cant wait for everyone of you to watch the content, and share every thoughts. Because, the more the merrier isnt it so? There none about subs in directors cut. I really wish anybody here can help about the subs too, but thats mostly okay since we can understand them from their body languages (and eyes contact, you know what i mean..tee hee). And in the "kiss" section, its no audio mode. But yeah, i feel lil bit sad because i cant get what they say in comentary section, so i just skip that part. Still its only 10% of the content and i can be so happy and enjoy the rest! Like we all said, its worth every penny
  4. Maybe after this, the manager will lock his IG too.. like the other staffs lately.. LOL. I kinda upset about this actually and feelling slightly simphaty towards the foodtruck company. Because of this matters they have to locked their account and remove their profile pict. Im sorry, but i clearly press the "love" button for their pict and in the second..theyre being an unknown account. Or Maybe deactivated. Im really sorry but isn't what the company have to do in order to promote their product? By proudly putting the pictures in their socmed because some "big name" had used their product. they just cant. If only they've had warned before. They wouldnt be so careless to post the picture, would they? In fact, they jst have to crop the sender like one they sent at WYWS drama site. I understand about the "confidentiality" but hey, remember the foodtruck that WarnerBross sent to VIP filming site back then? No problem at all (oh by the way VIP productions has written the official statement about the not-to-share any filming contents). probably..the foodtruck thing is just about who sent it. And She just dont want to be known for that. Dont you think so? And if you recall, last time there was somebody posted about how happy they was that HJ did the filming (Golden Slumber) in front of their house. And the picture wasn't asked to be deleted (idk about now, but i guess the picture still there. Correct me if im wrong). (still dont get it about how "a toppokki foodtruck" is related to movie contains -- i guess toppoki gets some important role in a yes). Anyway, i think she just want peace and being super humble about it. And seems she gets fully support from BH too. it goes the same about anything else (personal) including her love life. Also i dont think YG wants to face another "surprises" from their kids so soon. Kkkk~ Maybe we have to go low-key about them and just let it flow. Back to our motto then, expect less and we'll get more. Have a nice day chinggu!
  5. Sorry to cut your post chinggu! Omo, can i create another delulu version by saying.. maybe, its HER who sent the foodtruck to WYWS drama site, so special to support certain somebody? So, thats why Maybe..they imediately locked their IG to cause furter speculations about honey relationship?
  6. FYI chingu, JS also DID bite HJ (at least how it looked like, because he acted like he wanted to eat Hyo) in photoshoot BTS of W -- inside the directors cut DVD Yes, its too much for Noona-Dongsaeng. Yes. They both act WEIRD. THeir agencies both act weird. Medias also been acted Weird. Their Staffs is going Weird. Literaly, EVERYBODY acts Weird when it comes to JongJoo! *sorry about the capslocks*
  7. @gogogirl26hi my fellow honey, regarding your recent post about the foodtruck; unfortunately the foodtainment acc has locked their ig because productions/management asked all of the fans to "delete" the pict of foodtruck, even manajer jun himself had deleted the picture starightly after he posted it. We are not allowed to share anymore pict about anythin inside the filming site. So, i guess you too have to remove it dear..really sorry. Me too really sad about the fact that. Its only a foodtruck, my godness..
  8. Another blue attire (Hyo Joo) she wore.. She literally loves blue color and yes, ice americano?
  9. LOL!! i fully support you on that! Kkk~ I hope @lee-chanwill make it too! anyway, little JS is sooooo cute!! He is trully the Aegyo-born King!
  10. OMG my dear, finally! you wont regret it!
  11. Hi my beloved chingu! I've finally received my dvd yesterday, and i straightly watched the last segment which is the "kisseu" segment.. and yes, it blew your mind! Gosh..they really didn't overact when they said they had a lot a kiss scenes. Its a LOT chingu! And the handcuff kiss was.. unbelievable. they kissed so hard makes the table that Yeon Joo sit on moved. I haven't watch all the footages, but i'm sure there'll be more surprises. I really really hope, that you guys can find a way to get to buy this collections item. I must say that from this BTS we really can see how our "W" family can relate to each other. The teamwork was solid and full of energy. Everyactors built their own chemy to another. the bromance, the appa-chul, even chul-sonhee couple. But Our honey is always been special, you know.. skinships here and there (it looks like a casual touches, i feel they tried so hard to make it that way).. From this footages, i cant help but proud to be "W" fans and JongJoo shippers because of their teamworks and undeniable natural chemistry..also the dramas making was soooo cool with high-end tech and modern touch. I really want to share these and analyze together but then again, the copyright matters most. So, i pray and hopeee that you guys can find ways to get to buy this collectors item. This is worthy, i promise you. This JongJoo couple is a gift from KDrama Gods which i believe THIS kind of chemistry, visual and the preferences will come again maybe years more. And even if they remind good friend in the end, i feel gratefull that i have witnessed such sweet sweet sweet moments of them and for me this is real and i'll treasure it forever
  12. That is right chingu, just cant help it..kkkk~ just another beautiful coincidence.. And, look..this noona is so cute and beautiful!
  13. @nuna18 really chingu? I think It was from ceci magz photoshoots BTS, i think its somewhere in his IG? I just love the coincidence..
  14. Sorry to cut your post! I have to say that i'm with you chingu.. pink is definitely HJ's fav color, and this time in a gongcha fanmeeting he looks so fresh and yes, happy! (Finally) and, that style suited him best. Ripped jeans + oversized (powder blue) shirt. Just casual without many many accessories or color pattern or idol theme (like his old days..). And whats surprise me most that, HOWCOME they picked that day for sooryehan new CF to be released (with HJ wore that exact same color with him)? These whole Universe is playing with us..heh The CF was made long before and, of course Mr. Park was one who responsible for the dress selections (with only approval both sooryean rep and HJ herself) i think Mr. Park adjusted the dress with HJ personal taste and also Sooryehan theme (which the color of cosmetic pots shes promoting IS pink and blue!). What i want to say, how on earth two person who are not in the same agency nor true siblings, can be so syncronized in every situations? The hi-lite here and the most important thing, its not for Endorsement whatsoever. (And this is NOT the first time, its like a thousand time) ..... And also, this one im about to share never gets old! My favorite..