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  1. @frozentundra Um, look like they will do the stage in different time line (1.30hours apart), but they will stay for opening ceremony, won't they? Actually it's already good enough that they will be attending the event together. Same as Bubberry event last year, they were not in one frame but behind the scene what did they do, only they knew Other than that, it also bothers me that the IG account named "xbdayxx" tagged JS and YG and BH and even Dispatch in all her posts about Jongjoo, speciffically the post about them attending this event????? I understand it's her right doing so since it's her own SNS account but I don't think it's the right way of shipping two stars, please respect their privacy. Could someone be so kind sending a gentle reminder to this IG account, I really don't want them to be on the spotlight and watched out closely by Dispatch
  2. @kembieI don't have problem loading the next page but can't see images and can't like or react to posts, trouble posting also
  3. I'm screaming inside now, did Samsonite and Lipaut really hear us out? We have been asking them to create at least a chance for those two appear together, and now they actually do it, it's just so so GREAT! And @kalirsjkI'm with you on the delusion mode, nothing can be better than the fact that HJ will be in the same event with JS on his birthday, I'm imagining many things they could do together now, really...being a shipper is not good for your heart
  4. @primrose210What? So it's really an event that they will both attend??? Omo, too many goodies today. Thank you Chingu for the translation
  5. Agree, he really made surprisingly great improvement in both singing and dancing. Not only he wore the familiar Cartier bracelet, sang the same song "Oppa ya", the over concepts of his FM and her are so much alike, gosh my shipper's heart has been palpitating hard because of his FM. Other than that, he looked so handsome and manly, feeling like he grew up alot and alot, enough to get married soon
  6. Well, the bracelet surely holds a special meaning to him. Eum, is he going to announce or what? As I said he seems unexpected these days. He silently had a trip to Japan, silently attended a variety show, silently opened his own coffee shop, silently practiced for a extraordinary dance performance...I feel like anything can happen any time now Before he said he wanted to star in a noir movie, he already did it with V.I.P Before he wished to open his own coffee shop, now he was already the young coffee shop owner. Befor he said he wanted to get married soon, when is he going to do that? Understand he has the military service ahead, marriage may be out of question but dating announcement sure is possible!
  7. @gogogirl26You mean OUR JONGJOO WILL BE TOGETHER on 14th for an event??? Oh my, if that's true I really can fly over to the moon... @May LowWow, thanks for the confirmation, that's great! If I remember correctly, the song lyrics are sweet, "I like you", "you like me" and "we like each other"...? OK I need some water now, couldn't catch up with JS sii anymore, he is so unexpected these days
  8. OH MY GOSH, can someone kick my richard simmons? I'm totally stunned, can not believe in my eyes, JS could dance as such? My jaws are on the floor now, I have never seen him dance like that in his FM. I knew he was trained as idol before debut, he could dance well as Park Hoon in Doctor Stranger, but, given his introverted and "easy-to-be-shy" personality, it's hard to believe he was dancing as professional as such couldn't be more surprised with all of his changes up to current. I'm feeling like he is in the peek of his life now...he is growing and glowing as a mature and reliable man. He is definitely not a boring person as he often thought of himself, he is indeed a brilliant and an amazing guy who trying his best to complete whatever he wants... He is showing us various colors of him...couldn't be more happy with all that he has done. And it will be more perfect if we could peek a little in his romance right? OK respect to his privacy but only a little could help my poor shipper's heart... Sorry guys for not being active lately, I can still get updates from you guys via email but troubles logging Soompi these days. Thanks all for keeping this thread lively and...please know that I'm still always very positive with Jongjoo relationship, sailing hard with this ship For some reasons the stage decoration of his FM today and his dance performance remind me of HJ in her FM. And they said he sang the same song HJ sang in her FM? Oh my, too many coincidences that can't even count
  9. @ibru Thank you Well, that's even better. I'm happy he is enjoying few days of rest. Any news about our ninja Hyo Joo? Has she started filming her new movie?
  10. Guys, JS ssi was in Japan!!! I don't know when exactly he had the trip but I reckon it was recent. Everyone know Japan is HJ's favorite hide-out right? Now it is his too, what a great coincidence
  11. Hi Guys, sorry for not being active recently, I'm dying with the load of my work and could not visit the thread as often as before, it really makes me torn inside seeing you guys' posts via email then seeing beautiful images of JS and HJ all over IG but could not share my joy with anyone Please know that I'm still their die-hard shipper and always attached to this thread, I think Jongjoo is my muse, my first and only ship! Appreciate you guys for all the updates and translation. Now I have to come back to work and will lurk back few missing pages when I have time. Love you all
  12. @primrose210 thank you for the quick translation, understand now that he will have his FM, probably not within this year but earlier next year. Other than that...his post reminds me of HJ photo last year, the concept is so much alike
  13. Happy 1 year anniversary of the pinky couple backhug The photo is all over IG now I wonder if JS will post anything today, he has been so active lately
  14. @fans123 I'm with you Chingu After W, I have watched Goblin, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Weight Fairy Kim Bok Joo, but none of them could bring me the same feeling as W, especially the kisses between KC and OYJ were the best ever, nowhere could compare So please make our beloved drama win Soompi contest, we are currently behind Moon Lovers. Please vote if you haven't done so
  15. Thank you guys for all the translations and updates I'm glad seeing our OTP images today, wondering what happened that made JS ssi posted 3 times in a round? Does this day before August 10th have some meaning to him? And this: I think so too, there must be something behind the pinky panther leaning on the black hat. Only he knows but...our HJ likes pink right? Her recent FM was even in dreamy pinky concept...Plus only 3 days to August 10th when that famous pinky couple backhug photo firstly appeared ...sorry I couldn't help my delusional mind