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  1. Guys, look at their ton sur ton outfit, TOTAL PERFECTION
  2. Is this from Samsonite official website? Gosh, can I expect a photoshoot or CF between Samsonite Red and LiPault. Hey Samsonite marketing team please hear us out, with these two beauties in one frame, your sales will definitely increase rapidly and your website may even stuck with significant amount of check-in
  3. Wow, she looks damn sexy, as stunning as ever. I wonder if JS will post anything today... Btw I just saw the news of another couple who starred in MBC drama got married. It's undeniable that MBC is really a good matchmaker. Will the next one be JONGJOO?
  4. Yes, I also feel that even in the aired scene, the one who was sitting there tying her hair, smiling foolishly to her, looking awkward and embarrassed is JS, not KC? The entire reactions are just so like him. So even when I watched the BTS, I did not see much diffference between real and reel. Regarding the news on HJ manager, I read it this morning and feel irritated at how they dig up it all of sudden, it is unpleasant seeing such old issue in which HJ was a victim and proven innocent. Don't know what is their intention though, hope there will be no more unreasonable harm to HJ. Also hope that she is having a good time in Hawaii, I believe her shoot will be stunning as usual. JS should be more careful as her fanboys seem increasing more and more...
  5. I'm glad you're back chingu @May Low, it looks like you have a good time in Japan And other chingus who have not had chance to watch WDVD, please wait patiently until the copyright is less strict, maybe 1 or 2 months later after they completely finish selling the DVD. Thanks @2Ds1N for pointing out the yellow ribbon on HJ twist, I dont know if this related to KWB but there must be a hidden message behind it and I'm curious to know.
  6. @4everdelight8dNot sure if his post today related to KWB or our angel HJ or his job but even if it is only coincidence its still very interesting. Can we name him HHJ radar or HHJ notification device? Our queen is so so pretty and beautiful as a fairy, no wonder he was putting up a lot of efforts claiming she is his woman.
  7. @synrizzh I heard the news too, he was too unlucky getting cancer at his young age. At lease he discovered illness in earlier state so it may be be curable with high rate of survival. Let's pray for him and wish him best of lucks. Hope his gf SMA stay strong beside him and give him lot of love and support in this critical time.
  8. Wow, its a great surprise about her fan meeting. How long has it been since her last FM? Her fans may be running wild with this news now. With this I think that she has gained a lot more confident after W, she knew she was loved and cherished regardless of whatever happened in the past, she has found reasons to decide on opening herself to the public again. It's really really great. Cant wait to see her images from the FM and now counting down to June 17...
  9. Yeah, HJ and JS please don't let go of each other, you two are PERFECT MATCH! Watching the BTS, I really love the way they communicated. Sometimes they were just like being in their own world talking to each other. Especially JS used to stare at her, spoke to her in soft voice, low tones and with few words yet it seemed that she understood him well. And so did he, he was very attentive in every of her actions then gave her appropriate response. When she was in a daze, he fondled her chin. When he was talking to PDnim, she didn't need to call him out but just simply said "aegyo", immediately he made a cute body shake making her laugh so hard...he knew exactly when to cheer her up, when to show his aggressive side and when to back off. To me it's undeniable that they are soulmates and destined to be together.
  10. After I saw the photo of HJ having lunch, I was wondering if JS would post anything on his IG today and then he did post a pic with "eating out" concept too. Don't know why he deleted it though but WHAT A GREAT COINCIDENCE!
  11. So HJ got a new phone, same black with JS's? Did JS also get a new phone? I remember he asked for Iphone 7 since last year. And I am happy that HJ is keeping OYJ style even after W whereas JS somehow is still having KC aura.
  12. Chingu @lee-chan you were that slow ? I am on my 2nd time watching and still stuck in Jongjoo heaven with all the sweet and juicy moments Anw take your time watching and enjoying the DVD (to be honest I have not even touched the drama discs). By watching the disc in order, from disc 9 to disc 12 you will see clear differences in the level of intimacy, like two strangers ended up falling hard for each other after a certain period of working and being close.
  13. @kembieDisc12 making 5 And yes, he is surely 100% alpha male with his own quiet but aggressive way of approach his woman's heart. To me, he looked so manly when most of the time he was communicating with HJ by eyes contact and gently speaking to her with few words. On the contrary, our HJ somehow looked like a little girl with her aegyo, cuteness and bright smile around him.
  14. @kembiehave you watched the BTS of motel scene in the DVD? I see clearly that JS did kiss HJ back even though KC was not supposed doing so since he did not remember OYJ. May be HJ was too lovable that JS could not help but response to her kiss, or may be he was already familiar with kissing her and his lip naturally reached out for her
  15. OK whatever the event is, I am dying to see them together in one frame. And what will they behave in front of the public after the DVD was published and their obviously-so-much-into- each-other-moments were leaked out, I am curious to know. There is only one thing that I am sure, if these two beauties appeared together, chemistry exploded and they will capture everyone hearts, like this: