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  1. I'm glad that JS decided to have a break after working nonstop since last year. In his most recent fan sign, he said he wanted to travel right? Japan may be a good place, or the place in Korea called Sokcho where Brilliant Legacy was filmed sounds good too...Given that HJ new movie will be shooting from August, how long it may take? I hope despite of her hectic schedule, she can be able to spend some times on traveling too And I'm also looking forwards to V.I.P, really hope HJ will come to the movie premiere. I knew this time we can't have some beautiful moments like last year when they both attended as guests. But I'm still thrilling to see them both in one frame, been too long we haven't seen them together
  2. Okay, if that's true, meaning that he was thinking about it carefully, of course I will fully respect his decision. BUT, can he at least make some kinds of announcement before he goes? As far as I can see, it may be only an unknown rumor. Anw, waiting for more info on this...
  3. What??? Is it real? We just chatted about the military thing the other day and now it is coming true? I know the day would come but not this soon, he has not yet reached his 30s, other stars who older than him like GD or Jang Geun Suk still have not enlisted for military. Has he already decided to finish off quickly? why now... Hope someone could help confirm whether it's true or only a rumor?
  4. I found this clip on Youtube, not sure whether it was posted in this thread so sorry if double posting. Guys, look at JS eyes, I swear they could melt out steel, and HJ bright smile can make any heart fluttered...the way they stared at each other, laughed together, touched, caressed, and kissed...My heart always palpitate when seeing these moments, couldn't be more convinced that their pairing-up is one of the most beautiful thing in this world...Happy W one year anniversary!
  5. Personally I think it's rare for them to co-star in another project, if there is really something going on between them (which I believe there is). Usually real-life couple will not pair up on-screen to avoid unnecessary discussion out of their professional career. It may be possible for them to reunite in CF, photoshoot, they can possibly make cameo appearance in each other's drama, but working together in an entire project will be difficult. Today it is the first day W was aired, I feel nostalgic now, missing them a lot Kang Chul teng and Oh Yeon Joo ssi...I wonder if JS will post anything today...
  6. Time sure flies fast. It has been a year since W press con. Coincidentally, they were both active on SNS today, HJ updated her Weibo, JS updated his Insta 3 times in a day and one of the photo he posted showing same side pose as HJ with as caption, to be honest I don't think this was a mere coincidence Thinking back then, the presscon of W is when I first found out the changes of JS. Compared to how he was in other press conferences, he looked surprisingly different. I know he was always a shy boy in front of public. However on that day, standing beside HJ, sometimes he was shy, sometimes he was cheerful, sometimes he was so in a daze that he even forgot the question...sometimes he looked confident. Rather than being a cuty boy, he was kinda manly when he tapped HJ's hand and touch her head to comfort her...His gaze on her, his stupid smile...were not usual, he was like a boy around his crush, he seemed very happy. They said that when two people fall for each other, the energy around them changes. Yeah, both JS and HJ looked so bright on that day a year ago. Now look at them, I couldn't be more convinced that these two beauties are destined together, they are always beautiful, but even more shining when standing beside each other.
  7. @ibru Thank you very much for the update of V.I.P. That means the premiere will be on some day in August? Hope HJ will be in the list of guest visit
  8. Our W-team is just SUPERB, the entries are so touching and well-organized. You guys are daebak, thanks for the great effort!!!
  9. @primrose210 Great news, thanks for your effort in discovering it. To me the interaction of their circles make my belief in their relationship much stronger. And for HJ's close friend to like the couple photos posted on JS's IG a year ago now, that would definitely a reason behind that! @frozentundra @skittles87 Thanks for the clip about Hanbang chicken. Yes, I agree this shop maybe the best chicken shop in Korea Before they posted signatures of JS and HJ together with suspicious caption, now the shop owner spill out our couple's names together in a variety show...he sure is shipper like us LOL
  10. @incoty Hey, I dont know if you are Jong Suk's fan, HJ's fan or GiJoo's shipper, but you sound a little negative here "I don't see how he can like HHJ''??? Both LJS and HHJ stated that they are each other's ideal type, and we have a thread of nearly 600 pages with concrete proofs to point out clearly whether they like each other and what level of that "like". Anyway, no time to argue, the eyes are yours so you can choose whatever you want to see. Even if it was unintentional, your posts may provoke others. Shipping is personal preference and is hella FUN, please respect this ship. Thank you.
  11. @shishi101 @rcnwann wait, the first picture in your it from the Japanese DVD? I dont remember seeing HJ wiped JS sweat in the Korean DVD, if I remember right, this part is when she helped point out the sweat on his forehead and he took out a tissue to wipe it off.
  12. Deep appreciation to all Chingus who are putting a great effort in this competition!!! I am very very sorry for not be able to contributing for this, I just came back from vacation and being stuck in work so could not do anything rather than going through your posts and press "like" button I am grateful to be onboard with you guys and thank you very much for keeping this thread, which is my daily vitamin, as lively as ever. I dont know if I have missed anything but totally agree with the top five moments of W: 1) W FAVORITE SCENE 1/ EP.1: WHERE I'M? First time Oh Yeon Joo got pulled by Kang Chul into the manhwa world, where he was dying and she saves him. 2) W FAVORITE SCENE 2 /RECAP EP.4, 5 Confrontation with the real creator: This was executed perfectly. I empathized with the actual act because the acting was at it its peak in terms of acting talent and capabilities. 3) W FAVORITE SCENE 3 /RECAP EP.7. Handcuff Kiss: Beautiful and well deserved and very very sensual. 4) W FAVORITE SCENE 4 /RECAP EP.10 Who are you (Hotel Moment): heart wrenching moment that gave you this lingering feeling at the end where you so badly want KAngchul to remember. 5) W FAVORITE SCENE 5 /RECAP EP.16 - Happy ending. If our favorite characters have happy ending, our life will be completed. And I would love to call our team "W" as it sounds very much simple yet still cool, mysterious with versatile meaning. It's only my personal preference, the decision depends on you all Again, thank you and hwaitiing!
  13. A serial killer but with this pair of eyes, face and smile, he is still super handsome and sexy, like a seductive poison: Are his victims men or women? It may sound pervy but with his damn sexy demon look, I think I could voluntarily die in his hands for sure
  14. OMG, a totally new face of JS sii in VIP, how could I describe him, an angelic demon? His laugh at the end of the teaser makes me chilled, it is amazing! Since W, JS has changed a lot, not only his outer appearance, his aura, his behaviors...but also his acting skills. As he himself said, W was a turning point of his acting career. Seriously, I feel that his acting now has reached a certain point of maturity. I know he is a talent actor, I was always surprised by how different he looked in each roles, also his on-screen image and off-screen image was far far different...But when I saw him in Kang Chul, the difference was even bigger, his acting was versatile and more sophisticated. He sure did grow up! Now with few secs of VIP teaser, I believe his role will be very promising and will mark a breakthrough in his career. And thank you guys so much for all the updates and opinions, been out of town few days for vacation but still make sure to check out this thread every day. I'm happy to see new fellow shippers, meaning our OTP keep reaching the hearts of others, and gaining more and more supporters Now can't wait for the movie to come out, does anyone know when is VIP premiere day?
  15. Another update from JS sii, what made him this happy today? Besides, after Songsong news, Jongjoo ranked 7th in Weibo search, now our couple is on the spotlight: