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  1. Thank Chingus for all the updates and your efforts in the translation, being with you guys is hella fun! I am happy seeing how bright, cheerful our HJ was during the press con. She looked like a teenage girl in love, so adorable. I am especially in love with the moment she wished JS was there and her promise that they both will come back to HK when there is a chance I have to tell you guys that I got a very good feeling about our couple. After W wrap-up party I was 100% sure about their relationship and now am pretty sure they are in deed in a very good term Hope my intuition is right and for the time being, let's enjoy the happiness of shipping. This thread is really my daily vitamin
  2. No I dont think so, they are his old photos back then in 2015.
  3. Thanks @May Low for your instant update Good timing he finally posted after a while. Look like he is missing some one Happy W DAY guys!
  4. Chingus, why do they look so much alike each other, even the gestures are the same???
  5. Dancing couple: D Is his dance resemble someone's
  6. Me too, do miss them a lot. But we have to admit the fact that now they are working on different projects so we will rarely see them together. Hope they still have time for each other (since they are neighbors, meeting each other will not be difficult right?) Let's patiently wait until the end of this month when the DVD cut is out then our thread will become more lively
  7. OMG I reckon he will wear something matched with HJ outfit yesterday and he really did wear a coat with SAME color Coincidence, only coincidence right Chingus? haaa. Some one really know how to play the game here.
  8. Oh my, thank you for your clarification, I feel much relieved now. It's just that the issue became more tense right on and after HJ birthday that I misunderstood things. Thanks again for your post.
  9. Hi guys, Just checked IG and found out the hastag issue is becoming very serious. To me it seems that the person who initiated this issue is trying to target HJ. Why didn't he or she mention the people who tag JS on their personal selfie photos which are much more irrelevant? Actually that person is the one violating the privacy on SNS here. When you are an actor, you accept the fact that you are a public image and the fans who love you, your projects or your acting will mention you sometimes somewhere. I see no problem with tagging him on some photos until the photo contents make no harm to his reputation. Making this a big fuss with a very aggressive attitude (calling JS "My Actor" or stating "your delusion") is just simply wrong. He/she has no right for it and just create pressure to every one including the actor himself. Now I am worry that JS is aware of the issue and will be more careful in every of his posts to protect HJ. Then we will see less hints from him Anw, please keep calm and do not put yourself in any war, we are smart, polite and mature shippers who ship them based on facts, proof and not delusional
  10. Thank you @May Lowfor the lovely posts as usual. You just spoke up my mind here, I guest he was extremely bored of staying home while his lady went outside celebrating her birthday with fans, then he had no other choice rather than killing time with his dragonite. I am so glad our HJ received a lot of love from fans today and feel very touched seeing she danced, smilled and cried. At the moment she cried, I wish JS was there to comfort her, pat her head, wipe off her tears as he did in the BTS of W last espisode. She is beautiful from inside out and her life deserved so much love and happiness ...
  11. Thank you @ibru for the nice pics. He is so handsome and manly these day, he emits a mature aura instead of being boyish. Certain someone and something did change him significantly
  12. Good morning Chingus, I found the 2nd teaser of Director Cuts on youtube and would like to share it with you guys: There are some new BTS though very short but you can still see our couple's happy moments when filming. Their laughing sounds super cute, especially Jongsuk ssi's voice, cute yet still very sexy
  13. You are very awesome @May Low Actually I thought it was a kiss from the beginning. I saw his mouth did not make any movement before reaching her, mean he was not talking at that moment, just quickly gave her a quick and light kiss You can compare 2 moments and see the clear difference. What a naughty Jong Suk He is so manly now yet still very adorable...
  14. @May Low Do you want to poison me with honey and sugar? but I really love you, thanks a lot for all the clips. Each and every of their moments is so beautiful that make my heart flutter. Love and admire the way they naturally showed support and affection towards each other. Wow, now I am suffering from sugar indigestion and need to find a way to concentrate on my touch working life
  15. Hey guys, Why do I have a feeling that everybody know that they are dating or at least there is something going on between them? (except for the shippers of the other boat who do not want to accept the truth) And the reason Dispatch keeps silent is not only because of the political issues but also due to the fact that Dispatch has not managed to catch 4 scenes of them being intimated with each others? We saw many obvious interactions of our couple during filming, during events (prescon, VIP movie premier, MBC award) which are circumstances providing good reasons for their interactions with each others. Thats why Dispatch was at those events but could not do anything other than posting their photos? On the other hand, our couple is definitely Ninja, they live in the same place, prefer privacy and know how to avoid publicity I feel that the news of them dating will only be public when they think it's suitable time to announce. Until then, I will prepare my weak shipper heart and keep enjoying all little hints we can get from them or their staff