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  1. AAA ... Bogummy or Yoo Jung? Which one do you choose? I wanna both! Voting is problematic, I hope we can vote for both of our boys ... In this period of nostalgia, I also focus on their CF filming to not feel too much their lack ... BG remarkable with Eider and VProve... About YJ ... New artistic update her IG ... here ; and some beautiful pictures (YJ for Fila & BG for Eider): Finally, their schedule for this week: While Bogum awaits the G9 Main Event on October 21 at Cheongdam, Cinecity Private Cinema, at 2:00 pm. I wonder if we can still see them together with a public event ... ... I hope so! Good night to all... UPDATE: At her side always an actor in the same agency, today Yoo Yeon Seok (33 year old) and coincidentally she meet at the fashion show another ex partner, always some Sidus. There is only one former colleague who can no longer meet in public and we know his name well! However, how much I would like ...
  2. Good sunday... Today there is some news... Bogum and YooJung are nominated for "Best Red Carpet" at 2017 Fashionista Awards: This is really the most charmant couple on red carpet... http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003162821&lfrom=twitter Last year Bogummy won the Best Dressed Award: After, remember you, vote BoYoo for AAA... And sweet Boyoo dreams...
  3. Hi everyone, I took the responsibility to update the forum , because although all the discussion has moved elsewhere, it seems to me right to keep it alive, compatible with our commitments. Now, something happened, which we could call "delulu" coincidence, in fact, only a deulu mind may perceive it. As many will know, yesterday, YJ updated her IG (here)... -for translate credit to Boyoo Couple Worldwide- And more or less at the same time BG was spotted at JFK airport (here) : Yes, you have understood well: her post coincides with his trip schedule! And she also said "the sky is always up"... At this time he will have arrived at its destination, I hope it did a great trip... and YJ now you're smiling, your oppa is back! Goodnight to all... - cr ososo2 -
  4. Good morning BoYoo's friends, our guys are on holiday, but they are two hot stars, so even today it's talk about them around the web... It's talk about Bogummy on Naver, on him many videos come out... "Mr. Boogum is a very warm man" (here); "Guruemì musical director: Park Bo Gum expressiveness, no one can follow" (here); "Park Bo gum is the most attractive" (here); "The admirable person, , perfect appearance, perfect character" (here)... and the list goes on (look here)... because, perhaps as Joga says, keep our eyes on him with warm heart? In the next photo an exemple of Bogum's expressive ability that also the Coin Locker Girl Director praised: And about Yoo Jung, "Twenty years old, leave without a destination, leave" (here), " kim-yoo-jung-talks-reuniting-moonlight-drawn-clouds-cast-year-later" ( here ), and an article about Because I love You (here)... After others beautiful pictures (cr @pearl0024):
  5. Happy Chuseok to all... and a nice day to BoYoo... Today I suggest you read an article , in which Go Kyung Pyo expresses gratitude towards BG as a travel companion and close friend: "Park Bogum is more than a friend. He is a special brother. He is family"...it's real and nice friendship... and after a curiosity, Bogummy is the star which the koreans want to make songpyeon (small rice cakes) with for chuseok (here)...I do not know this tradition, but understand the reasons why him was chosen ... even Yoo Jung is in femal list (here)... And now, two picture in which they are both attractive... both with their cuffs pulled over their hands as if to hide them...
  6. I hope that KBS is a really shipper and invite them to upcoming events... Now, here Yoo Jung with Sidus's Team (in the middle of it, she stands out for her beauty!) : - cr @taiwando - And about Bogummy, he does not go unnoticed on vacation... He's spotted by fans in different places, I Am sorry him do not enjoy any more privacy, but this fans that met him are so lucky! It seems there are alot of Bogummy fans in NY... And by Eider, Bogum in all his glory: - Edited by @wumagic - Oh my God!!!!! He's really overly handsome in the next photos by TNGT... ... I do not think that he need be afraid of possible romantic rival, I am sure that she only has eyes for this wonderful man! Yes, in fact... But, casually, she know well who has it! Good night to all! - cr TNGT -
  7. I am wrong or it's vacation time for everyone next week in korea? It's time of Chuseok Holiday? Today Yoo Jung updated IG and recommended other song: CHEEZE - Madeleine in love... She's a girl in love? Here an article on the travel/vacation of Bogummy around Usa and Canada: https://www.soompi.com/2017/09/30/park-bo-gum-go-kyung-pyo-go-traveling-around-united-states-canada/ Goodnight to all...
  8. But how sweet is YJ? In fact, funny, cute and sweet ... here BG will be proud of her and will miss her a little in these days... maybe YJ chose those songs precisely because he is on the go...... BG is spotted in Fifth Avenue (NYC) with his friend Gu Kyung Pyo... He's very cute... I hope it will be a pleasant and relaxing holiday for him, so to recharge himself and return more in shape than ever. Fighting Bogum! We love you! And always about Bogum here Eider's CF: REMEMBER YOU: VOTE BO GUM & YOO JUNG FOR ASIA ARTIST AWARD 2017 http://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/lists/1703 http://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/lists/1704 (this time you do not need to make a choice, you can vote both, once a day)
  9. Hello, today there is some good news, such as the Lapalette's fansign (here).Note the date.. The girl who smiled like a spring day (tr. by @taiwando): - And again about YJ... she is very active on social and recommended "Bolppalgan's Puberty"... And the song that she applied yesterday is "Tought of you"... About Bogummy... This man in black is really handsome...His smile... ... His look... And here maybe other coincidence: who will have a fansign event on 21th of October? Goodnight to all... -cr @ParkBogeom- REMEMBER YOU: VOTE BOYOO FOR ASIA ARTIST AWARD 2017 http://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/lists/1703 http://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/lists/1704 @Xuexi_1 it's not just in the Asian world, unfortunately, it's a problem for the whole world. But I have to say that there is more equality in the entertainment world, for example Suzy Bae gains more than many men, and our Yoo Jung it is not far away. Now, certainly she and BG are fortunate enough because they are beautiful, young and full of talent, today us can say they are up in top list, but they have to work hard to remain... If we look at the KDA nomination, we notice that Yoo Jung's lower age shuld have disadvantaged it, not being more in the youth category because of her career and not in other categories because there are older actresses, but I hope there are other awards... it miss a few days and it is not even certain that Bogummy will participate...
  10. Sorry for the editing and thanks for your post... and thanks to @Taiwando for his great work of support to BoYoo couple... It makes me happy to know that the detachment of her from MDBC (from me so feared) not only there never has been, but did not even got inside her mind and heart... How could I have thought that for YJ it would be so easy to leave Raon, there will be other characters, but Raon is her first a starring role, to which she's definitely emotionally very attached, since she's very emotional every timesince every time she sees whatever scene...And then there is Bogummy oppa... And finally we can see pictures and videos of her FM ... really great on stage as on screen... here About Bogum, first to all, my congratulation to him for the nomination at Korea Drama Award 2017... here - cr to owner -
  11. One day even I hope that they will not have to hide and, how the SongSong couple, can also make an FM together, if not as a couple at least as colleagues and friends..... but it seems odd that she did not choose Raon like favorite character, since she had done it in the past...... I am sure she's were great and has enchanted the supporters present... but why have they limited photographic and video reproductions? She a lot of supporters and many of them are far out... maybe will it depend on an agency strategy that I do not understand... Now an incredible news, the "GURUMI" syndrome is back! MDBC's success continues and amazes, even after a year... If Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung’s chemistry hadn’t been what it is, MDBC could be a very different show... The romance between their characters was always in the script, but I also think that their chemistry sort of made itself evident early...Every moment from their first encounter is so full of love ... I realized that YJ's fm was more a love act for the domestics supporters, with not reference to the present but more a collection of memories of the past...as such it was certainly a success...I wish YJ create many more happy memories... We do not know the details of FM, but I noticed I with joy that the YJ's description of her ideal man remembers so much Bogummy (here), a young man who read a lot books, and family- oriented, with an angled jaw line... really... there can be a happy ending! - cr logo - About BG... I was impressed his last message (here ), and I want to join the prayer for the peace... Good night to all... - cr @Icc0728 -
  12. YJ updated her IG... She's very sweet... I'm glad to see it everything went well and she still happy... Same style at different moments ... really two souls twin... - cr boyoo4ever - I have seen YooJung dancing at fanmeeting....she was very good and sexy (here)... And... Bogummy is very handsome in the following photos.... ...Happy sunday to all... - cr logo- - cr logo -
  13. Waiting KimYooJung 1st Korea Fanmeeting... - cr @taiwando - I know he can not go to her FM, but I'm sure his heart will be with YJ... Good fun to who will go ... My heart beat fast with joy today!! (cit by you_r_love) - cr @taiwando - UPDATE: YJ dresses up as rabbit to say hi with fans before the show! HERE
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOO JUNG!!! I hope you have a wonderful life!!! Since you've started on it already, I hope you can realize all your dreams!!! "There is nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dreams." - cr logo - I wish her''ll have a nice, special day today and tomorrow... BG at fansign today seems beautiful and radiant (here), I like to think he was happy even for his person's birthday! UPDATE: Good night to all and specially sweet dreams to YJ and her Crown Prince...
  15. Why? Yes, thanks for the news, we vote for the most beautiful couple in the drama history , here: http://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/lists/1703 http://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/lists/1704 Read this article: http://chicnews.mk.co.kr/article.php?aid=1505874542153448002 It's still two days until Yoo Jung birthday and on day 22 BG in the afternoon has a sign meeting (coincidence )...