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  1. It's beautiful... Thanks for the sharing! I love BoYoo...
  2. Hi, our guys are enjoying a well-deserved rest these days ... I hope they benefit, YJ to quickly recover the best health condition and BG to recharge for next commitments ... Those who just can not rest are the thousands of fans who have seen the latest Bogummy photo shoot... I myself stuck in my mind the sculpted features, the sensual lips, the hands with long but strong fingers ... and those wavy hair that give him an air of fresh youth and a scent of romantic man ... Sorry, I don't digress anymore... Now, watch at yourself... BG again for TNGT .. I miss him... I hope that BG come back soon in action in a set and if he choose an important production on a national network, I would be even more happy for him... But, as always, we can trust Bo Gum in his choice of roles and in his promise to appear in good dramas... Well, about that, an interesting casting rumor... And others commercial shoot of BG (for Coke Cola & Kakao Page) and some beautiful pics of Yoo Jung that I see for the first time (for Fila Korea)... Good vision!
  3. Yes, Bogummy is very hot... in every way , just see the new summer collection of TNGT (I'm reporting a selection below!) ... but I think that, given the re-programming of MDBC on KBS2 and the success in Japan, is still hot also the BoYoo couple, and this is really incredible, after so much time ... I'm sure that Yoo Jung is doing everything possible to take care of herself, we miss her, but new pics of FILA have been published and show that she is always a very popular model (appreciated in particular by men, but also by women!). I still hope they back to work together and I pray for this as well as for a speedy recovery of Yoo Jung. Now, sit back and get ready to see the new CF of Bogum for TNGT x GENERAL IDEA... I love his long cut hair ... Not only as an actor, not just for how he plays piano or for beauty, we also love his warm voice ... And Yoo Jung for FILA Korea... Goodnight boyoo lovers... This vid is very lovely! Thanks to editor and Cr to owner! Good vision!
  4. Hi, to conclude great the week, here another great news... Bogummy will be the MCs for this year’s 54th Baeksang Arts Awards on May 3... HERE Bo Gum has been called like MC after winning the popularity award for the past 2 years at the awards ceremony (but I think it was his skill as MC to have convinced them to choose him!)... I can't wait to see Bogummy in a tux again.... Honestly I was not interested of Baeksang for this year, cause BG and YJ had no reason to participate, but now that I know he will be the MC, sure I will see it! cr logo Remembering last year's Baeksang Awards... And about Yoo Jung... Thanks to @Taiwando Now watch how BG looks always more handsome for TNGT.. here Goodnight to all... Cr.검갤
  5. How beautiful their world must be, they seem so happy when they are together... A great news today : Note: why does KBS refer to the love story between Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung, rather than that to their characters in MDBC? There is something fishy going on here... And in Japan... The syndrome continues! Now, this vid is very cute ... And yesterday Music Bank World Tour Chile was broadcasted on KBS2: cr logo In spoiler other highlights of BG as MC... Have a sweet dreams...
  6. With the episode on Sunday, Bo Gum's participation in "Hyori's Homestay 2" happily ended (I think I will miss him terribly , so I hope he will announce his next job soon!)... (cr in pic) These are the impressions left by his glimpse: After his appearance as a part-timer in Hyori's Bed & Breakfast 2, it's time for Park Bo Gum to say goodbye. (here full article) He was a part-time, part-time student, not only a warm-hearted visual but also a sincere attitude, a strong sense of dependability, and a musical ability to moisturize emotions. It was only a short time of two nights and three days, but it became the sunshine that I met at the end of the black winter. Shinnara reporter norah@tvreport.co.kr (here ) Sitting under the sun, reading a book Slowly sleeping ... Even those who have not seen the broadcast know all about it. When I appeared in tvN <Reply> in 1998, I was attracted to Pak Bo, but the popularity of the present is also as good as ever. The whole broadcast shows the reason more clearly. Courtesy to others, how to handle things, everything is clean and neat. Hwang Hyo - jin GQKorea (here). In spoiler more reports... This week, I saw with pleasure a YJ's CF that I had never seen before... Hi Raon, we are waiting for you! Again about Bogummy, a new CF version has been released for Kakao Page and Eider... in spoiler... Now, I advise you to watch this beautiful vid of bogum_bowie (thanks for the sharing!)... Goodnight to all...
  7. Good morning to all real BoYoo lovers (cr logo)... Getting back on the Bogummy fan meeting ... (cr logo) ... it was in the media the other day... Actor Park Bo Gum turned on his "idol-star" charm for his fans at his recent fan meeting, '2018 Seoul Fan Meeting Ba.Ra.Bom'. HERE http://www.kstarlive.com/Park-Bogum-His-Performance-will-Make-Your-Jaw-Dropped- (cr in pic) The crown prince has arrived at the modern world. http://www.kstarlive.com/Park-Bogum-Puts-on-His-Royal-Hanbok-Once-Again-at-a-Recent-Event- “I feel grateful for fans who came all the way to meet me,” he told fans. “I will always try to reflect on myself and do my best not to take your support for granted.” http://koreabizwire.com/actor-park-bo-gum-meets-thousands-of-fans-in-seoul/ And waiting to see Yoo Jung soon healthy (please Sidus, update us on her current condition) ... Here for Laneige: Have sweet dreams with new photoshoot by TNGT...
  8. Hello everyone, sorry if I didn't have time to timely updates this week, but family commitments for the Easter holidays often took me away from home. Now, above all, even if late, I wish you that the light of God bring may the power of love and the strenght of hope in your life: may my soul, your soul, our souls reborn together! There was two significant events over the last week-end, the double fan-meeting of BoGum and the ninth episode of "Hyori's Homestay2"... Proceeding in chronological order, on 18/03/31-04/01 here "Memories of a warm spring day" (cr in pics for all)... Here an awesome show-man... Here Bogummy as CP Jeonha (in version rapper )... we will miss him so much! BG singing "Kissing You"... Singing "Love is always there"... And "My Person"... Here he does a sexy dance ... In spoiler others great moments (thanks to all for the sharing)... Here, Bogummy with Lee Sangsoon... In spoiler the report of the episode...
  9. @ Xuexi_1 & @bogummy_pabufan Thank you very much for your words, which have given me strength in my conviction to keep this forum alive ... I hope so much that Yoo Jung heals soon and if sometimes visits us, I hope her like to know that for us the BoYoo moments have really counted a lot, their swetness supporting our dreams and everyday life ... The same applies to you Bogum, thanks for everything, I will always support you! I believe in the talent of both and in BoYoo... Thanks to @boyoolover101 for this wonderful editing: On March 23th, Bogum was a wonderful MC for the Music Bank event in Santiago Chile (here full show): In spoiler more pics and vids of his trip... Even so far off, he met many fans who were lucky enough to take a picture with him ... cr to owners for to all: His special message for the fans in Chile: And again airport fashion... Today, here are the cute moments of Bogum at "Hyori's Homestay2"... with a cat "Suni"... He's handsome in everything he does... sleep well sweet prince! Finally, a gift for BoYoo... Thanks Hyori! Our prince seem moved to listening it! Good morning with Bogummy's playlist... LAST UPDATE: On 26th March BG's back safely at Seoul (cr logo for the pics of his arrival at the Incheon airport):
  10. Hello everyone, I am by now resigned to be the only BoYoo so stubborn to keep on update the forum BoYoo ... Between work and family, I dedicate myself with passion, convinced to want to keep alive the memory of our couple also now that their careers seem to have separated. But I do not hide that I find myself sometimes in difficulty in deciding what to put and what not, especially because I realize that the fans are sometimes too emotional ... I'm glad that Bogum's participation in "Hyori Homestay2" is a success... here Watch these clips are too much fun... https://www.soompi.com/2018/03/18/park-bo-gum-makes-lee-hyoris-heart-flutter-smile-lee-sang-soon-hilariously-reacts/ And finally BG is dispelling the myth that he's a bad driver... http://news.joins.com/article/22453874 kstarlive.com/Lee-Hyori-Warned-Park-Bogum-Not-to-Smile-in-front-of-Her-for-This-One-Reason-ì Now, today Bogummy leave to Chile (here he will be MC for Music Bank Tour on 23th March)... It'will be such a long flight (about 23h) ... I hope he arrive safely! (for the pics cr logo)
  11. Hello... Some updates... Waiting for Yoo Jung for when she will get well and back... It's happened this week... 12th March: Bogummy went at Vip Premiere of movie "Be with you" ... Charming, as always, BG look was stylish (here) and conquered all people (here) with his long and soft hair (here) ... cr logo for all pics... 14th March: It was the White Day and BG was chosen as a male entertainer from they would like to receive a White Day gift (here) ... And Bogum left for Malaysia... Thanks to all fans /owners for the next pics: Here on his arrival at Kuala Lumpur ... Same day, on Elle was published this article: https://www.elle.com/tw/beauty/news/a18716457/laneige0303/ It comes to the white and the natural light of her skin .. It was an ad for Laneige... But there's also their celebrated selfie...the BoYoo couple is impossible to forget! And 15th March... Bogummy, in great shape, attends at the Samsung Galaxy S9 Launch Event HERE ... During the presentation, he promised a new good drama this year (here)... ... This was a very fun moment: In spoiler more pics (for all pics cr logo): Park BoGum updated twitter and greets Malaysian fans after the success of the Samsung Mobile event (here)... On the way back... Leaving Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur airport... He's so sexy (cr logo)! At 16th March arrival at Incheon... He's very cool (cr logo).. Now ... about airport fashion, here's the best couple airport fashion....... I miss them ... Thanks to the owner and courier BoYoo for this perfect editing:
  12. Hi, I saw a lot of clips HERE with chrome, pity there are not any subtitles yet ... HERE the trailer of the next episode...You know, I did not realize how much I missed him until I saw him so... I found our Bogummy more adorable and beautiful than ever (cr logo)... I saw the birth of a love story with the cat "Mimi" (it's very lucky! ) ... I hope someone does not get too jealous ... member-hyori-bed-and-breakfast-loves-park-bo-gum/ And I've seen him eat...so funny! That's incredible, just a few minutes after his coming... "Hyori's Homestay 2" recorded the highest audience rating among of JTBC's entertainment programs (here).. Bogum Magic! Good night... my thoughts always go to those who are not well, I hope she has smile seeing the Crown Prince on TV... get well soon! Sweet dreams to all... and thanks to owners for next pic (editing by @boyoolover01)...
  13. I miss him too much... for me isn't there others else who can replace him... I can not follow anything anymore ... Luckily we can sometimes see BG in the advertisings and for three episodes of Hyori 2S (here), starting (it's certain!) from this Sunday (March 11th) at 9 p.m. Better than nothing, even if I want to see him again soon in a new drama or in a movie, no matter who will be the his co-star, just I hope she's as beautiful as good ( I won't be jealous of her or, if single, worried ... nor do will be her fan! )... but... of course, like every BoYoo shipper, my highest aspiration is to see BoYoo acting together as a couple in the next future...when YJ will be healed... Fighting! Now, by @yoojung1318 ()... so cute YJ for Fila! And about Bogummy... he's always super handsome for Samsung... And now a pic I had not seen yet (cr logo)... For the BoYoo (here): “I knew I loved you before I met you - I think I dreamed you into life - I knew I loved you before I met you - I have been waiting all my life” ( Savage Garden) Update soon...
  14. Forgive my rhetoric, but life is sometimes more complicated than a drama and romantic stories do not always have a happy ending ... that's why we are so passionate about the vicissitudes of our heroes that we would like to bring into the reality ... perhaps to make it sweeter and more bearable ... But this, spiteful, often does not coincide with our fantasies, so many had sent Shin Hye with Rae Won or even with Min Ho, after it was over between him and Suzy ... Nobody was expecting that Shin Hye was seeing banally someone with whom she didn't even been to paired on screen or less beautiful than what we wanted for her ..I wish her happiness... Now, what's between our guys, however, is much more than a fantasy, for me It is already real ... We see it clearly in their eyes ... I am a romantic optimist, I believe in destiny and I think they are destined for each other ... sooner or later .... I think they love each other and I I am convinced that if there is love, everything can be overcome.... Of course he cares for her, they will always take care of each other, because they love each other ... like more than friends! Here some fresh or/and not news ... Also new pictorials of Bogummy have been released, as well as some clips from the movie "Golden Slumber" that saw the participation of Yoo Jung in the role of an idol... And about Bogummy, he's very "Icon of youth" with Eider: Park Bo Gum, a bright smile like spring (MyDaily) And again BG's fab smile for Coca Cola's Spring Campaign... so refreshing! Now, finally... Boyoo, fighting! (for the next pic cr to owner)
  15. We're a little sad these days because a news has fallen on us, like a bolt from the blue sky: our princess recently had bad health, so she went to the hospital and she was diagnosed a thyroid disorder (here).. .. After so much happiness, around their new projects, the studies completed brilliantly by both, their relationship that has grown under our eyes, we have received these informations about poor health conditions of Yoo Jung (here).. but fortunately YJ will recover completely , just needs care and a good rest (here) , so she will take a temporary break from activities (Fila and Laneige will keep contract)... That is the message I would like to give her today, I believe also on behalf all BoYoo who don't write here anymore: Come on! Cheer up! I wish you bon courage in this moment, so get well soon, Yoo Jung, we just wanted you to know we're thinking about you! From InStyle Magazine March: About our prince, recent I saw him gorgeous as always, but visibly worried at Little Forest VIP premiere of the other day, maybe he too needs our encouragement: Bogummy, be strong and take care of your Raon! In spoiler other pics of the event (cr logo for all): Now, let's go back... This week we have seen many photos and videos of BoYoo (unfortunately not together!) ... Cute YJ for Laneige and in sexy mode for Fila Ray.... Here again for Laneige... And about Bogummy, we have seen him very handsome, beyond imagination, for Vogue... In spoiler more cuts of Vogue... He's funny e gorgeous for G9, HERE So handsome for Eider... Elegant and charming for TNGT, HERE... Now for japan magazine "Eclat" April... So sexy for Esquire (attention, some photo may kill )... cr to owners... Park Bo Gum shows off his natural charm in Milan, Italy for "Esquire" (allkpop.com)... He is turning the clock of the youth crossing the humility and warmth (esquirekorea.co.kr/interview) Pure and bright.More pics in spoilers... In the course of the service, BG, who visited Milan for the third time in his life to grace the cover of Esquire, said: "Seeing the Duomo again made me reminisce, but I was thrilled to shoot in front of it. I felt honored to pose ahead of such a landmark" (here)... and, I add, Milan has been honored by your presence! This next vid is for YJ... Fighting! And keep the memory fresh...you are not alone! -cr@woobo2031- I want see soon their smiles... ... a gift to dream! - cr @loveisasongforyou-