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  1. It happened yesterday... Happy 1st Anniversary MDBC & BoYoo couple!!! MEMORIES "One of the days I felt very precious" by YJ "My heart is in your heart It looks like a glittering spinning. My heart is filled with your heart. It 's like a cloud of soft flowers" by YJ ps: YJ is certainly back in Seoul..
  2. @j31717 Hi, we are all in the fervent waiting for good news. I agree with what they wrote above the others, I would not worry about her erasing the photos. I think it has nothing to do with their possible relationship, but it is probably a consequence of a new strategy to discourage any inference in their privacy. There is secrecy in the air. I would not rule out that it has to do with the renewal of the contract. It is added that we do not know when she has actually returned from NY and where and with whom she is now. Also, I do not think our words or hopes can have a negative influence, rather I hope these are supportive of whatever they choose and decide to do. As @kkwattana has well written, I'm also sure that BoYoo relationship is still strong and getting to know each other each day. How not to share your words, let me just enlarge the splendid visions of our Bogummy dressed up by EIDER or TNGT... - cr boyoocoupleworldwide - And others that I see for the first time ... And about YJ... Between one day is a year since the first broadcast of MDBC... BoYoo always fighting!
  3. “Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.” ― Emery Allen Bogum more handsome from day to day... - cr AJiA - He arrived at incheon ... And YJ? Memories... 18 august 2016...
  4. CONGRATS & really happy for him ... "ParkBoGum announced to receive 'Hallyu Star Special Award' on upcoming Seoul Drama Awards 2017" Bogum wins recognition for his contribution to the Korean wave and the export amount... this is all credit of him! I hope that Yoo Jung also receives a special prize, not only because I would like to see her next to him but because among the emerging actresses, it is the most popular and, my opinion, the best young actrice... but perhaps it is not right to think that Bogummy's fame came only from MDBC, even though not there is not an occasion on which he did not give credit generously to others colleagues and especially YJ.. Bogum is recognized as a hallyu representing Korea... I am always so proud of him! If it were up to me, however, both should win for a long time the best actor/actresse and the best couple award! And... a year past, always miss them!
  5. I would not like to receive such beautiful news from Dispatch and I would prefer that he's personally give the happy news, what we all wish BoYoo, but in the time and in the most appropriate way for them... Meanwhile, I also congratulate myself with the Reply88 real couple, they are two friends of Bogummy and I wish them a happy future together... It seems he has not stopped today in Australia...My heart would also like them to have a secret meeting, perhaps half way before returning to Seoul... in ninja mod... and... It's amazing to see how his popularity has no longer borders... Here are some lucky guys ... There are pictures that I had not seen... And this news make me proud of him... The marketing manager of Eider, said, "Park Bo-gum, who has been loved by the public because of his bright smile and sophisticated male beauty, is not only well suited to Eider's young and sensual brand image, but also suitable for all ages. (
  6. Good morning... and good week to all... I am happy today like yesterday... thanks to my BoYoo vitamins! Today Bogummy twitter update: This's a genuine friendyship... This boy makes me more and more proud.... I hope their privacy is respected...'s enough to know they are fine and happy! I read during the on-screen show that MDBC is chosen as one of top 7 popular programs of Singapore for 2016... - cr logo - And i love these fanart... cr to owners... others here !
  7. I liked what you wrote, and I am sorry for the cut, but I want to highlight one particular this phrase, which I share in everything: I will not leave this ship! After a few days of silence, finally we were can to admire Bogummy in all its splendor, including its remarkable pectoral muscles under his shirt. Fresh and rested, he was seen three times at an airport, the other yesterday in Incheon, perhaps returning from Osaka, Japan, yesterday always in Incheon leaving Seoul to go Singapore and the third tome after landing at Changi... We know that today he will present The K-Pop Festival Music Bank in Singapore and we can not wait to see him... Now, YJ is probably on vacation in a mysterious resort and is enjoying a well-deserved rest, who knows if anyone visited her ... - cr boyoocoupleworldwide - UPDATE: I put Bogummy's pictures at the airport in spoiler, the first one of these is very important, to give space to the spectacular view of him at the Festival Music Bank... - cr logo - These deserve it, do not you believe? Here are some current pictures of Bogummy and some unpublished of Yoo Jung ... Good vision to everyone and girls... you,are careful not to lose the senses watching our guy!
  8. Edited? I was hoping it was true... anyhow BoYoo are still always on top! I did not think a magazine could act as a shipper, modifying an image, so I wonder: when and by whom it was edited? Thanks to editor! They are so beautiful together that I find it inconceivable that they have not done dozens of photographic services...There is always time to remedy! @ricerascal67 thanks for YJ's update .. She at main page of Naver (here), By Google translator: "Thanks for being able to laugh Have a good day today! " .... YJ, you also have a good day! And a new selfie also for Bogummy... They are so very cute and young! It's nice to see them laugh... There are also other beautiful new photos of Bogum and Yoo Jung ... I see these for the first time... I hope both of them are enjoying a rest period and relax together... As to the expiration of her contract, if she will either renew with Sidus or not (I did not like how they managed ran the hospitalization phase and I think that they have left YJ helpless in front of the attacks), If her choice will be the Blossom, it could only be a good thing for her, because they would surely protect her better from malicious words on the web and maybe she would have more consideration ... I hope, anyway, that her decision can support the career development without distancing her from Bogummy, because they are benefiting from each other, my opinion.
  9. I agree with you, they are in blooming age, Bogum is already man made and Yoo Jung is a young woman near blossom , a perfect couple... And about the cut of him ... A beautiful man in black at Taxy Driver Vip premiere (here) ... His young and handsome looks attracted the attention of the web, all astonished of the width of his shoulders, forgetting that even during MDBC he had well-defined muscles... Not to mention his sexy way of eating the rice ... About Yoo Jung... I'm sorry there is less news about YJ.... There will be other occasions to see and talk about her... But the day BG worked (here), she IG update... I think in the next days will get another one IG update... I still believe in their future together... But this will depend on their will rather than casuality, so I do not care of a his meeting during an event with ex-colleagues, It's normal to happen and he keeps good relationships with everyone... I do not really go to contemplate Yj's romantic roles with older actors... I think BG will always be his perfect partner in life as in the profession, but if she can not only play with him, I hope that at least they are peer co-stars! Goodnight to all...
  10. Hi everyone, if you have not seen her yet here is the BoYoo weekly program ... Apart from Bogummy's commercial commitments, no other news ... we know nothing of her...the school holidays are started? We still wait for their news about the new project (I does not hide that Bogummy's rejection does not leave me surprised)... Waiting, I will comment on some of the latest news ... First of all, I'm proud that both have conquered the first page of Naver last week... Now, there are new commercial photos of Yoo Jung, do not you think that she's getting more and more cute? And about Bogum... The camera angles are irrilevant for Bogummy, he looks always very handsome... He is fabulous with his wavy hair... ... as well as with his short hair ... The ovation with which he was welcomed on the red carpet and the enthusiastic comments of knetizens, to prove it... Initially, I was puzzled, true that he has a male face so beautiful that he can carry any cut, but I thought his look during the baeksang was the best for him, then but the more I see his latest pictures, the more he takes my breath away... Once again his look is stunning! So I still think that our couple is the best possible...
  11. Yes, only a deafening silence ... and although I can imagine what the reasons for this silence might be (there are the summer vacations, some people follow other drama and other couples; there are those who are discouraged by the lack of news and there is the choice of a new project that we are waiting with trepidation), a little bit it saddens me. For my part, I follow only this forum and, again, I stand by my support for our guys as an individual and as a couple. In this regard... And YJ... I really missed these two together.. Goodnight to all... Thanks,@triplemt08
  12. Hi, welcome! Thanks for the translation... I do not know why, but reading the phrase underlined by her has come to my mind a line from the drama; I'm scared because I'm so happy. I hope they are spending a lot of time together and many other beautiful moments will live ... Inevitably my mind fluttered on high, reading the lyrics of the song, I imagine that I could understand what they are experiencing and understand how they can be afraid to lose all this, so I wish God to protect us all and also their two and that wonderful feeling called love! Now I really want to thank all those who daily on blogs and instagrams provide us with pictures, material, videos about our BoYoo... They are my vitamin and I can't help myself, I'm addicted to them... About the Moonlight fever in Japan... This is the first time I see these... They are very beautiful here ... .... but I prefer to see them smile... here Vote Park Bo Gum ! Obviously for Yoo Jung, if there will is a nomination... UPDATE: here Vote also Kim Yoo Jung! And... Goodnight to all...
  13. Days of relaxation for our two guys and of work before the summer holidays for some of us ... Waiting to know more about their projects, I read around them some articles ... On page 708 @parmma had spoked of Bogum's facial symmetry quoting an article... I've read other articles in the past few days, who always speaks of the symmetry as one of the reasons why to all like so much Bogummy... ... and I have linked it to the studies about The Rules of Attraction in the Game of Love... here... simmetry equals sex... If you readed this article you also refer to the features that a woman should have to be attractive in the eyes of a man and I must say that KYJ has it all... Returning to talk about Bogum, also the photographer of the beautiful underwater scene of MDBC have talked about the beauty and other of Bogummy ( here )..He said that BG is handsome and, tall, performed very well in his underwater scenes... I think we agree with him... Who would not want to go on vacation with him? Park Bogum went in top 3 at 'which star do you want to go with in summer vacation! HERE Goodnight to all...
  14. Today, i am nostalgic and it's so warm ... The two things are not connected ... I miss them, I do not know how they are, where they are and whether they are happy. So many questions torment me. Bogummy is already in Seoul? Who knows what has brought him so far away, and YJ followed him or she stay silent while waiting for him? My mind is in mode delulu, sorry. She's too young to travel alone, but at three months she will finally be 18 years old and if I''m not mistaken for korean law can already travel alone. Hoping not to spend so much time before seeing them again,I thought I remember some of their magical moments and want to post some photos that I saw today for the first time... They are really handsome... BG is very adorable here... And here... His possessive hand and eyes... ... but also sweet... Now, YooJung... And Bogummy... Update: I do not know if it's anything to do with Bogummy's trip to Fukuoka in Japan, but I found that the protagonist of the Seobook movie, Xu Fu, a role that has been offered to him, makes a trip to Fukuoka, town that way was named from his name.
  15. Hey, BoYoo friends, just me I have observed Bogummy's jealousy in this cut? When the director touched YJ to show him where to hold his hand ... note you how he reacts... I think that anyone cannot be resist him when he looks at you like that... Today, i read a good news: And, about Bogummy, BG was spotted in Japan (here) by some fans, he has graciously refused to be photographed and is not known the purpose for his trip, although I think it's for work reasons. The comment of the Japanese fan has been: it's not human, it's too good! Now, with new cut of hair for Cjonmart CF.. And ...