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  1. Undoubtedly, is a hot couple... ... and successful. YJ, she looks very lovely for the Julius... BG, I've seen him in tabloids and in video.., ..he's so nice! I don't think two people could have been more compatible... sexy... handsome... funny... Theirs are always completely in sync!
  2. @parmma Thanks for reporting this news: Yoo Jung's instagram photos puts her at the pub... I like to think she was with him... It's just a couple of food buddies? I read in Wikipedia that it's the most-watched free-to-air television program on Saturday evenings and the challenges are often silly, absurd, or impossible to achieve... I believe that he's a man who loves the difficult challenges... ... Seriously, I think it's very noble of him to join suicide prevention campaign : "It'll be nice if I'd reach u. You're born to be loved"...
  3. Yes, in fact, there's great mutual partecipation in this kiss... lips, arms, hands, fingers... also within the boundaries of the law. It was a very important moment for them, since it was the time they have completed shooting... It's funny, yesterday it was The International Day of Happiness and I thought about this scene...why? Because all of that to do with them, it brings me so much joy ...Firstly, they are beautiful and their story remind me of my first love... Now, let's talk about their beauty. Beauty is whatever gives joy, someone said... and he was probably referring to ideals of classic beauty… Kalokagathía... The word is Greek and is derived from two adjectives: kalós = beautiful, pretty, handsome + agathós = honest, good, noble, courageous, worthy of admiration. You know what I'm thinking now? They together are so cute and adorable... Every day I come down here, just once, no matter where I am or what I'm doing, and I read through the various comments… looking for a news or a picture… I'm reading now that YJ has well done her performance at that school...congratulation. I've seen many photos of the her performance. Her expression is so intense... She look so big girl in that makeup. She's always a very lovely girl...and I don't know a other woman that can be beside BG, without to be overshadowed by the presence of him... In this days I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... I saw some impressive pictures of BG... he's a really prince charming! Watch, so you can judge... Really i would listen to him to sing this song (Forget you) in full version... Bogum has a really deep, sweet and hot voice. Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. Khalil Gibran
  4. You're right, there are "lot analysis from bogum side"... and it made me question why...Well, maybe because it's easier to understand him, BG is so trasparent... .. but also because YG needs to pay closer attention, by reason of the reproaches that have brought against her... However, we are pretty good at picking up on vibrations from women... it's easier to know the hearts of a woman... I mean, just see at the way she's looking at him... sometimes on the sly, sometimes gently... Can you imagine how she feels when she looks at it? She likes him, from all the angles, and he does not know what to do... ... She's always so close to him... When they are long way, leaving messages cryptic... If you move back, you will find some analysis of this messages... And, speaking of analysis, did you see this video:
  5. Hello ... I have read two interesting analysis about the image of Bogum In His Twitter ... another: Ockham's Razor would suggest that BG was about to send a message to his fans ... The simplest answer is often the right one ... but then why is trying to convey a message that only few people understand ? I like to think that it was a secret message for someone special. Instead, I hope that will invite them ... Listen, on another subject, I just wanted to tell you that I miss them so much... I know that she is engaged in the performance in school and he to relax after the end of the tour ... but ... I saw that when I remember something beautiful, my state of nostalgic mood improves ... I would like to digress a little ... I like her smile .. Or ... When I imagine them in a new project together ... for example: I think Bg does not need an excuse to be jealous, he must be the possessive type .. I know it's probably better not challenge him..
  6. You know, look, after the end of a drama, many ships seem to be drifting but simply because they're not strong, solid...We're follow a real ship right now, believe me, I would not be here if it wasn't. We must continue to sail and to root for BoYoo. We must support them today and will be even more so in future when they go to work with others actors. Granted, I think he's not a perfect man, but pretty much he approaching to my idea of perfection... Simply, this is story a real friendship! He has praised his perseverance... BG is a public figure, he's very famous, so he started out a little wary... it also, he studies and works and doesn't have much time... He has trouble to meet with friends as a ordinary person... It was KDY who convinced him and has supported as a real friend... same quality that YJ also recognized of him. Then it's my guess that without his endurance and extreme patience, BG and YJ couldn't have easy meeting... Now, I really think that KDY is a true believer in Boyoo cause! See, that's where my mind went, too.... YJ was there, she's probably standing there in the wings and watch!
  7. Firstly, I do not deny that I am greatly disappointed that she wasn't there... But probably she will have other opportunities to be doing this play together with he... Now I want to be devoted to the present time and I want just compliment my hallyu for his great performance in the fan meeting of Seoul... In a moment he gets all emotional, starts to cry... ... and he singing My person so deeply... who knows if he thinks her... ... It's beautiful here! ... When I saw him dressed as Harry Potter, I dreamed... I have to admit, this is all very impressive: This is a genuine and real friendship: Cha Tae Hyun said, " BoGum will show good side of him in the movie." Oh, yesssss... Perfect gentleman: Thanks... Bogum, thanks for all the hours you're putting in on this...You're wonderful! And I'm very proud you that you being a good student... Come on, Bo Gum, keep going and don't ever forget the your Raon...
  8. This is an amazing group of friends... The thing I love about this group is that seem so comfortable together... Bo and Yoo are always close, as almost two "brothers"..... .Bogum, you are the coolest!
  9. @cloude92 Well, I don't know if you've noticed, but even before there's all these snarky comments @mamum I didn't come here to argue with you. And I want to respect your opinion the way "you respect mine". I should like to say one last thing in my own language, just so it's not misunderstood: "non è educato in nessuna parte del mondo dire a qualcun altro di pensare prima di scrivere o usare il cervello, occorre imparare a rispettare tutte le opinioni, a maggior ragione quelle di chi non la pensa come te"! I want to give you some advice: please, delete last phrase! I know nothing of your culture. I understand your culture has different values and I respect. But so was I, which is why I haven't said anything before. So I guess I'll just take your advice and from this moment I swear I won't make any observations about it. BG and YJ we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. If they do that other show, work together, i'm happy. Their's starring in a successufl drama, It's normal that appear togheter in public. Differently, I regret this, and I hope that they will shift their position. Now let's enjoy the fm of Singapore.
  10. ... no doubt...if he could to chose any friends to invite... ps: she's really beautiful That is no criticism of mr SJK himself, but an appeal to Blossom for to invite on the show Kim Yoo Jung... SJK, he's also a good colleague and BG he trust him... It's a recruitment commercial for both of us... The problem is that in Europe we don't understand the bromance and BG is very popular right here. That my opinion, If you felt bad, I'm sorry.
  11. I was thinking the same thing! I hope that's not the case, sorry for Sjk fans. I know, It's about purposes advertising, but, enough is enough. I'll say it again to the Blossom: And... Congratulation for 700 pages!
  12. They must've had wonderful times together... I can not choose my favorite scene, there are many moments, for example; He left for Singapore... Bogum, you don't seem like the type to need luck, but good luck on your fan meeting! Bg safely arrived at Changi Airport But I would tell Blossom something (I don't know the address mail): please stop to invite the same host in Bogum's shows, even though he is senior actor of the agency. Personally, I am tired to see him matched whit Bogum, who is so good to fly alone. Rather, would it indeed better invite Kim Yoo Jung, because people appreciated they to see togheter... and she, after everything she's been through, deserves other moments with her prince !!!!!!!!!
  13. Yesss...Then go back...and think that if he went to Singapore from Thailand would not be many hours of travel... that's ? I think I know why he delayed a day .. watch videos, he has back pain, thats 'all. ... and we remember his picture in front of hospital... I wish you a safe journey home, Bogum... I'm sure she's waiting for you! News report Mathicon Tv on fan meeting:
  14. No, honestly, i don't believe, he will be home tomorrow.