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  1. Tomorrow I think two will be the most interesting themes for us BoYoo, the participation of Bogummy at “Hyori’s Homestay 2”(last-minute update: based on this article here it seem that BG has not appeared today, will appear next week, exactly 25 February! ) and the Yoo Jung's fan-meeting in Japan. I will update this post when I have news, convinced as I am that this forum remains a point of reference for all those who not only love the couple, but also intend to support individually Bogum and Yoo Jung in their new projects. But never, and I repeat it strongly, you will find here my support for their new partnerships, like unfortunately it is happening in these days in some Instagram of BoYoo . The reason is simple: I hate to force some kind of romance line into them when it's unnecessary, just so to get high ratings*. The chemistry between two co-stars must evolve naturally, mainly concerning the work **. Only with BoYoo I have made an exception, because I have noticed something special and beautiful in their off-screen interactions!!! And as I said, I will be happy if there will be an official engagement one day, but in any case I will cheer for their happiness... See you later, then... *You admit that neither Bogum nor Yoo Jung nor the production or their agencies have ever focused on their relationship for commercial reasons, indeed they have tried to keep the two floors (public and private) separate, as far as possible ** Remarkable that the PD of "Hyori's Bed & Breakfast" said in an interview ( here ) as he goal of the program isn't to create a love line between Yoona and Park Bo Gum and that the two stars showed great chemistry together because they worked well together. Goodnight...
  2. Today, begins the year of the dog... HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! Sweet greetings from YJ and BG for today's Korean Lunar New Year! Bogummy updated his twitter after a long time (here)... Poetic his caption: "The year of 2018, I hope that it will be an extraordinary year of dreaming. May you receive infinite blessings in the new year"... And from BoYoo (for editing pics thanks to @boyoo_holics)... Happened yesterday... (for this editing thanks to @smile__bogum_yo) I hope you had a good Valentine's Day , specially our BoYoo ... As for me, I really did a binge of video on our BoYoo, which made the day dedicated to lovers even sweeter ... and how will they have spent this day? In spoiler some of vids most beautiful...That being said, enjoy the show! Others news: And "The National Film gifts- Movie Day" on Kakaopage with Bogummy, our prince, so charming...
  3. Bogummy was in Sydney for a commercial shooting... Have a nice trip and go back safely to home! - cr @sdf0926 - He is traveling and guess who updates her IG, once again coinciding with his departure? HERE YJ's caption says: It’s really cold ... be careful with the cold !!! Taking a step back, in this edited pic our BoYoo are showed both in the graduation period, I'm really a beautiful couple, do not you think? - cr sr_ie_09 - There is a channel on YouTube, which I recommend you visit (here), all dedicated to our beloved BoYoo ... The channel is by Dx Namlun and the owner wrote a sentence that I liked a lot and that I share: "They work with whom it does not matter. It will help them grow better.....As long as they trust each other and love each other" Now, again a can't-miss CF of Bogummy for G9: I can not wait to see more Bogum on the screen again ... It would be really nice to see him again in a drama how Winter Sonata, do not you think? Meanwhile, here is another Hyori's Homestay Season 2 Teaser with Bogummy finally arriving to Jeju and the house! HERE on Soompi Do you know someone who loves a man who reads books? HERE Goodnight to all! (cr to owners for the pics) HERE a vid about my fav couple of all time (thanks to @Bogum Bowie)... BoYoo is real!
  4. Happened today... CONGRATULATIONS to Yoo Jung on her graduation... HERE And yesterday, reading the script of her new drama... Fighting YJ! ... I'm sorry, I do not advertise in BoYoo's forum for her new colleagues, but when there will be a picture of her or a video of her acting, alone, I'll insert it here ... Another news in the spoiler ... About Bogummy... For lucky korean fans, Bo Gum will be meeting with his beloved fans on March 31-April 1 at Seoul Kyung Hee University's Grand Peace Palace... and he is the only Korean star invited to the fashion week in Milan... HERE And I am proud of him for this... .... and for this: "Vogue Taiwan" with cover model Park Bo Gum sells out on the day of release... HERE In spoiler again on Bogummy... Even if we can not see any image of this, I'm sure our prince will have brought flowers to his Raon for her graduation (cr in pic)... Goodnight BoYoo lovers...
  5. Today, at Hyori’s Homestay Season 2 on JTBC a glimpse of Bogum, appeared in a preview image, he showed his laundry full of both hands and supporting one leg without falling off (here)... so cutie! And watch this next clip......Only a kind soul like him could apologize to the cat for it! Yesterday, Yoo Jung (waiting first reading the script) updated her IG with newest single, "Monster", of Henri Lau, who thanked her: HERE Again about Yoo Jung, here for Fila (cr owner): And about Bogummy: Now, his last awesome CF for G9 (and in spoiler some very nice edit pics by loveisasongforyou) ... Sweet dream with BoYoo: - cr in pic -
  6. Some news... Today, February 1, open's ceremony of Coca Cola giant vending machine in Hongdae with Bogum..... On Naver: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0002999211 UPDATES NOW: Here the pics of event (cr @coke)... In these days Bogummy has been very active on social media... Yesterday, our Raon-a partecipated to Aritaum Event: In spoiler an other new pic of Yoo Jung... she's always cute... I will struggle to get used to his new hair color : And yesterday, our prince is back safely from Thailand... at airport, a large crowd of fans greeted him... - cr logo - He's looks very handsome e attractive with a simple white t-shirt! (cr in pics) ... And on Vogue Taiwan many awesome pics of Bogum mod very sexy : This's one of my fav pics (cr owner): Others news about Bogummy are in spoiler... Yes, but now BG use the bluetooth... - cr logo - Good night:
  7. Today Jan 28, Bogummy went to Thai for a photo shooting... Here at Incheon airport departing: -cr logo - And here Bogum arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand (cr in pics): At airport, one more fan fell in front of him and you notice, in the next video, the look of real concern of our Bogummy ... the women continue to "fall" down for him... YJ keep vetting him! Again about Bogummy, here: On the same day, as his custom every time he leaves , Yoo Jung has updated his IG (here), maybe she is sending a message to her oppa: "even if you're far away, I am eyeing you"! Sweet dream with BoYoo: - cr logo -
  8. Also waiting the new project of Bogummy... Next to who will he be, what role will he play, do you know who will play a movie or a drama? I miss him... Supporting their careers should not necessarily lead to support for the new couples that will form on screen ... and then, let's say it all, a 100% compatibility like that between them, it is not possible! And I would say the same thing even if she will acted beside the asian god... maybe with Bogummy... We therefore follow their projects also from here, without do not forget our favorite couple ... BoYoo, this is not a goodbye, OK? Fighting!!!
  9. Goodbye Raon-a ... Yoo Jung still did confirm about her next project with JTBC ... Here is her new project finally and, like it or not, marks the farewell to the character from us (and I think also from her) so loved... I agree with you across the board ... I have been perplexed on her project, but I still believe that we have to trust Yoo Jung, she want acting in various dramas this year, some will be good and some not so, trying to grow and improve ... and maybe this in preparation for her return to act in the future with his first love ... The couple Boyoo, as I wrote before, remains for me the queen couple and I believe they really love each other in real life ... everything else is just part of their job ... even this positive attitude, projected toward the study and the devolepment professional, I think is a another point in common between them ... I read in these days the translation of the last interview of Bogummy (here), still spends nice words about her, but in particular I was struck by his clarity in identifying his goals and I think that the love is one of his priorities ... While we waiting their return to the big or small screen together, Bogum will know how to take care of his girlfriend in private ... Good luck to YJ for her next project of transitions one towards a more mature career ... Other ships will be here soon, then will stop, only the BoYoo ship will travel always sent with its wings full of love and hope ... - cr in pic - And now I rest waiting, at this point, also of the next Bogummy's project, which will be great, as well as great and mature has proved to be him, despite his young age... (pic source : @/ haruhana_tvg) Last news: BG is in Italy"! Good night with BoYoo...
  10. Hey, BoYoo lovers, where did you go? Some wonderful photos of our two beautiful guys have been published, these will certainly make the boys and girls who follow them fall in love even more and those who do not follow them yet. In my case it is useless to tell you that I consider lucky the girl who managed to conquer Bogummy and at the same time I believe Yoo Jung, of a fresh and natural beauty, really worthy of the love of her oppa... ps for all pics cr to owners/logo... What awesome couple!!! And now here the new pics: Yoo Jung Bo Gum And their schedule: Goodnight...
  11. Hi, some news yesterday have caught my attention... The first is the confirmation of how our favorite couple has hit people's imaginations ... In a survey conducted on 2040 couples at the entrance of the Mom & Baby Expo and 400 expectant mothers on who want their children to resemble the most has indicated Boyoo couple (Bogum got 37,5 % of the votes thereby ranking 1st among male and Yoo Jung ranked 1st among female stars with 27.5%) ... HERE... So Joga about this news: Secondly, Yoo Jung has updated his IG (here) , interesting the caption "My heart is fresh and comfortable", especially in key delulu and even more interesting the song "You and all the Seasons"by Private Weather she was listening to and that recommended us... it's so sweet! - cr@boyoo_holics- Bogum Magic effect strikes again!! Because of the joining of short-term worker- actor Park Bogum, 'Hyori's Homestay2' have been received 200,000 bookings (here) ... In spoiler other news... Again, our CP looks really beautiful and romantic with its thick ruffled hair... - cr logo - What do you think, it would be nice to see them again as co-stars in a drama or a movie, right? Have sweet dreams...
  12. Hi, today Bo Gum partecipated at the Olympics Torch Relay runner-up.. I am proud of him! Here Bogummy on the Main Entertainment Page of Naver... Here he is posing after delivering the torch (cr @olimpic), the best handsome (here) : Now others vids and pics (cr owner in logo)... he's handsome even if look away (here)! - cr 라이브EN - Again about Bogummy, an interesting interview was published, reading it we found out that he will graduate in february ... and who else graduates next month? Yoo Jung will attend education ceremony on 8 february ... Their life is full of interesting coincidences!!! https://www.soompi.com/2018/01/15/park-bo-gum-talks-graduation-future-plans/ Meanwhile, Yoo Jung has not failed to update her IG with new photos of her vacation of family at Hawaii ... She looks more and more beautiful, right? I wonder if her oppa will have seen these photos and if he will be proud of her... certainly he will be so... UPDATE 17/01: Bogum went at movie ''A Living Being" VIP Premiere... Gorgeous, all dressed in black except for white shoes (cr in logo)!
  13. I do not have much to say about it, because she has not confirmed and I have the feeling that could refuse it. I only say that personally I am not convinced that it is the best possible project for YJ, because of the storyline and also the names that have been made as possible male lead (not idols or rookies please!). Of course, ours BoYoo will have to go on professionally, we can't think that their career can really stop at MDBC, even if it probably represented the most important experience of their lives, but from here to say that the next partnership can overcome the level of sweetness or compatibility of our couple BoYoo, I sincerely think it is not possible ... this does not mean that I will not support them in their individual projects, without prejudice, reserving me the legitimate right to criticize, if it I will think that it is necessary or useful. Although it will not be easy to follow them in others projects, eventually we will do it and will say also good words about their future co-stars if they will deserve it... I want only the best for ours guys, but... I will NEVER support new ships, because I do not believe in changing flags ... I believe BoYoo the best couple ever and forever...and I have a dream, that maybe one day we could see them together again in a movie or a drama!!! - cr to @justnofan - And now some updates... The JTBC rep stated, "Park Bo Gum will appear as a short-term part-timer on 'Hyori's Bed & Breakfast 2'. He begins filming on January 13, for 3 days total ... HERE In spoiler others news about Bogummy... Sweet dreams with BoYoo... TODAY 14/01: It happened today...Another curious coincidence! Yoo Jung update her IG (here) with the caption: "Be careful of cold"... At the same time at Jeju, someone we know well was spotted well covered! LAST HOUR:
  14. @saegukyoin Thanks for your positive message, I agree with you and more I believe that also KBS is approving BoYoo couple too... it's really the more cute couple! I subscribe what you say!!! @yoo-nee & @princessflo It's a fake news, which turns and turns, always the same, without any foundation and repeatedly denied. You do not have to believe whoever insinuates that BoYoo is not real, that she or he loves another. There will always be more from here in the future of similar false news, you must have confidence in them and not give resonance to the words of hatred of those who feel only envy and jealousy!!! BoYoo shippers fighting!
  15. Hi... Thanks to all for the sharing of vids and pics ...We left 2017, a fantastic year for us BoYoo (even if our guys did not make drama or film) and we entered 2018 with a very big bang, we could not hope for something better! we are aware that the opportunities to see them together will be very few, but we have the heart raised by the videos and images that have shown us how they are still united. For now, therefore, we try to keep this forum alive and with the help of everyone, we can do it, waiting that they would give us another surprise or another unforgettable boyoo moment ... and not to forget the year just finished here their vids and their best pics (thanks to owners), I start like this: - cr in pic - 2017 About Bo Gum Bogummy so handsome here... the most great model in 2017 (here)... and so perfect in various events ... an awesome MC, polyhedral artist in FM... ... the first artist to gather ten thousand Japanese fans on Christmas Eve... a real hallyu, as evidenced by the numerous articles (here) of other countries that talk about him... cr in pics: 2017 About Kim Yoo Jung: Yoo Jung is now a wonderful woman and has proven to be a great model, a perfect partner for our Bogum and has seen her popularity grow everywhere, as is shown by the meetings with fans she has had in various countries... cr in pics... And now some updates: Wowwww ... Bogummy awesome in this pics (cr to owner): Here Bo Gum reveals 3 things most important to him in Vogue Taiwan interview: Sweet dreams with BoYoo couple: