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  1. Today Bogummy went at Lotte Hotel for the 2017 Korea Tourism Star awards ceremony "Special Contribution Division" and here he received the award for promoting Korean tourism HERE... Congratulations Bogummy! - cr in pic - He's so happy... - cr logo - - cr in pic - Again about Bogum, here, a face so perfect, for Eider (cr @eider) : And not we forget that the focus of media is also on Kim Yoo Jung (I hope again that KBS invite both, it would be wonderful!): - cr owner -
  2. I never lost! But I awfully miss them ! This weekend happened: Yoo Jung worked... she's beautiful as always! And Bogummy is in the music mod, yesterday is unleashed in the dance at BTS concert, today he's spotted at IU concert (Seoul Jamsil Arena): - cr wu_maggic - Here recently BG acceptance the red carpet fashionista award: Again about Bogummy, so handsome in recent days during Mandarina Duck pictorial shoot : - cr wu_maggic -
  3. Today, two great news: Congrats to all Gurumi team! Yes, now we know the origine the couple name: it is thanks to Bogum ! Now, the other great news: Congrats to Bogummy, I am proud of him, even for his success in Japan, wich we have other testimony: - Japan Magazine with Park Bo Gum - cr @teamgurumi - And on japan magazine cover... Bogumlovejapan (and japanlovebogum )... Note, a special Bogum's answeer (that makes my delulu mind fly ): - cr teamgurumi - Again an interview to Bogum : Sweet dreams (and "hot" with BG's pics) to all... UPDATE 12/08 by you_r_love:
  4. I am proud of her: she was very good and cute! A true goddess, a true star: she presented, distinguishing for elegance and beauty... her prince also will have been proud of her! And on the red carpet (here): I think only one man can be good right side to her and we know who's. ... - I would love to see them together again at KBS... Again, a new award for them and Gurumi (here)... Congratulations!
  5. Bogummy is back safely to Seoul and soon after Yoo Jung left for Hong Kong... Here her arrival at HK International Airport! Boyoo airport fashion (cr logo)...Same day... same style... -cr in pic - - cr in pic - I love next picture (cr logo): Now, the Bogummy's mania in Japan... And to Yoo Jung, good luck for the Mama HK, I hope she spend a meaningful day!
  6. @midorinokerochan Thanks for the sharing! I liked Bogum's interview for Kstyle (here) , thanks to who (here) translated it, and above all mod delulu I enjoyed reading that " He frequently eat out with his Raon"!!! Again in the Kstyle interview, he said that like Lee Young, he is a "One Woman-Man" when he falls in love... Now I would like to talk about Bogummy's great success at Mama in Japan... Already yesterday at the airport left us speechless, wearing a coat TNGT showed all its class, charm and elegance: - cr logo - Today we saw him on the red carpet, like a prince, he still left the mark: - cr logo- And during the show, he has presented twice, performing Japanese fluently and with so much charm... - cr logo - And in a day, YJ also will go on stage alone ... I would have liked to see them side by side, but I'm happy with what we have now, with the certainty that their relationship is alive and the hope that there will be another occasion not too late..
  7. This is my first and only one runners ship... I am very impressed with the work, the ways and the look of Park Bo Gum and I still believe that Yoo Jung is for him the best professional choice and not...If I weren't sure of that , I'd have left the forum a long time ago and I would have decided to keep him all to myself! Apart from this, despite the disappointment of I can not to see them at Mama again, because they will go to different Mama, in Japan (here) and Hong Kong (here), I'm happy they're still wanted more than a year after the end of the drama... http://www.tv-osaka.co.jp/ip4/asi/moonlight/ The trip to Bogum in Japan was a success ... http://tv.naver.com/v/2315585 Another reason of joy has been in these days the testimony that the Gurumi team is still very united, even if she did not appear ... My heart tells me that she was with them too... Again about Bogummy, he is lovely also for TNGT CF... https://m.blog.naver.com/tngtman/221144255184 Good night to all...
  8. Hi, unfortunately we did not have our BoYoo at AAA , no light has illuminated the celebration... but I'm confident there will be other occasions. Meanwhile, I hope so much that MDBC's success in other countries leads them to other awards or events together as couple. Japan is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy some privacy , but now there's more....MDBC has been well received and will soon be broadcast on a national network ... will be a very important event. Bogum in these very days (from 15 to 18) has been in Tokyo just to promote MDBC, since he's already very popular there since Reply 88... I hope this broadcast will be a success and will have a ositive effect also for our BoYoo couple and for their respective next fanmeeting in december and in february. About the trip of Bogummy, the pictures or video that have come to us show our prince in splendid form, fascinating as ever before... Here at the airport: - cr logo - And at the press conference to commemorate the start of the broadcasting of MDBC (he's lovable! ): - cr korepo - In the same days , Yoo Jung updated her official IG and the others... She's very cute! Now, Bogummy in new lovely pics released by G9: he's so beautiful that I do not think I can comment! - cr blog.ebaykorea.com/archives/7184 - - cr blog.ebaykorea.com/archives/7184 - - cr blog.ebaykorea.com/archives/7184 - - cr blog.ebaykorea.com/archives/7184 - 2018 Photo Calendar Voting events underway HERE Goodnight to all... tonight I will dream of eating pizza! UPDATE 11/18 Bogum is back safe to home
  9. Good evening to all, some updates on our BoYoo... Bogummy spent four days in Hokkaido, his interpreter / guide wrote it on social (here), describing him as a very kind and humble person...And when he was back in Seoul, a fan met him (here)... she has been lucky! BG, always handsome, looks happy and rested, surely it was a satisfying holiday / business trip. Japan must be one of his favorite places, and it does well to his spirit and body! - edited picture by @oh_happy_day_parkbogum_ Again on Bogum, I congrats to him for 2017 RED CARPET FASHIONISTA AWARD! here About Yoo Jung, today at the FILA fan sign event in Gwangju ( in live stream), she has had a "great time" (here)...There was a large crowd of fans waiting for her... YJ's look seems very cute and she was so sweet the whole time, so happy to see so many people for her... - cr logo - - cr logo -
  10. Hi, you readed this great news: Yoo Jung will be attending Mama 2017 Honk Kong! HERE But there's not information about what Bogum will do ... We just hope and pray that Bogummy will confirm attendance too... And other news (thanks to Joga), YJ leaved a message for the fans regarding College (HERE)... Again on Yoo Jung, finally she updated her IG (here).. did she visit the Nara Deer Park (Japan)... also we love the deer! About Bogummy, waiting for good news, we can only feast our eyes and enjoy his commercial images and videos (by Eider and Tngt...) : Good dreams with BoYoo:
  11. Sad? Perhaps he was just moved after seeing Yeong and Raon on screen... - cr screenshot by @wu_maggic - Instead, I think that during the awards was proud and happy ... just a little serious ... unlike the smiling face he has when he is with her! Good evening to all... and VOTE Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung at AAA (here the guide to vote) ps: I recommend a visit to this account https://www.instagram.com/tngtagram/
  12. Hi, I think it's just a misunderstanding because it would be the normal procedure: what Bogum did was the compulsory medical check-up, that a young korean man have to do at 19 years and then every five years. In any case, I doubt if Bogum will enlist this soon, since he is currently an "hot" actor and his career is at a top. You know, personally, I would like him to enlist as later as possible, because now I wish that he could devote himself to his career and relationships ... ... and... even, I miss already him immensely... Two day before, our prince received the "Popular Culture and Art Award'". Congrats, again! so proud of him! http://v.entertain.media.daum.net/v/20171103182225066?f=m Indeed, look how wonderful and regal he was... - cr logo - - cr logo - - cr logo - - cr logo - Our guys are every day more beautiful, do not you find ? - cr logo - Remember you: vote for Bo Gum e Yoo Jung at AAA, category "popularity"! HERE
  13. Congrats TO Yoo Jung for her first FM in Tokyo (coincidence: two months after fm of BG in same place)... Congrats also to Bogummy for this important honor as a representative of the culture of artists in Korea! HERE Even about Bogum, thanks to Joga for report of this article: [Thesis]Analysis of Korean actor Park Bo-gum's Vocalization outline only! Analyzed the voice of Bo-gum Park in order to solve the curiosity about the voice of the actor Park Bo-gum voice that appeared in Korean drama 'Gurmigreen Moonlight'. The secret of his popularity was not only his role but also his appearance, but his voice was as charming as he was. According to the production team, he gave his gentle voice as well as a good impression as one reason why Bo-Gum Park was able to adapt to a gentle casting. It has a vocal cord vibration frequency characteristic that can transmit a stable black voice to a viewer, and it has a voice characteristic that speaks with a pronounced and slow speed at each syllable. In addition, he maintains a constant tone at the same sound pressure, and changes the tone of his voice before the rest of the sentence. Especially, the nose due to the big nose added a smooth and soft voice, so that it could appeal to the viewers and fulfill the role as the hero. This study will be the first study to confirm how the fitness of various characters in drama affects the completeness of drama ( http://www.newnonmun.com/article=10775583) I'm agree with the author... Indeed, I find that Bogummy voice is beautiful and hot! Taking a step back, yesterday a strange day, beautiful and ugly at the same time for us Korean drama's lovers: the wedding event of two of the most famous actors who have realized their dream of love ( making dream ourselve that BoYoo could do that in the future), this coincided with the funeral of an actor, who I personally knew and loved for the adult Taek in Reply88, my condolences to friends and families. My dear Bogummy was divided between these two, to pay tribute to his friend's after the wedding ceremony. I can not imagine what he has tried... On an unrelated argument, I would evaluating his magnificent appearance, which has raised admiration: elegant and grey suit, black coat and tie, perfect hair. A real prince of looks and manners. - cr owner - Bg with a child... He would be a perfect dad... - cr owner - In spoiler other commercial pictures of BG for winter olimpic games ...also with here he's handsome! And, finally, am intriguing curiosity... Now, remember you:
  14. @MyHanhNguyen Thanks for the video... He's so handsome...... Yes, today, Bogummy went to SongSong wedding... Congrats to the bride and groom!!! Further updates coming soon...
  15. Happy Halloween to all! The votes were opened... please, VOTE Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung! at AAA (Asia Artist Awards)! HERE a guide for voting... There's a chance to see them sitting close, like this... - cr foreverboyoo - And there is the votation for "fashionista award" here I'm sorry to publish so much, but this forum can not be forgotten, in the hope of seeing them soon recite together... BoYoo fighting! Now, Yoo Jung will have a fansign for Fila in november... - cr @taiwando - And there're new pictures of both... They are very very handsome ... Here Yoo Jung for Fila... And Bogummy for Eider... Sweet dreams with BoYoo...