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  1. To BoGum & YooJung... Congratulations on yours Baeksang Arts Popularity Award!! You truly deserved it. And congrats Boyoo shippers! Now, I hope too much that Bogum could win the Best Actor award. I think maybe that it's an too difficult...But then I remember others important result were considered absolutely impossible at the time... for example the rating at 20%, the Acting Award, the Popularity Awards... It's the same reason I hope that Boyoo let's do the red carpet together! Today Yoojung seem really happy and beautiful... My mind says that she's happy with the news... My Delulu mind immagining that behind her happiness there a young man handsome, tall, slim, dark, with a beautiful smile and big brown eyes like this! Sweet dreams boyoo to all...
  2. Yes, we can see a defined arm muscles , indication that he must have practiced to partecipate in Infinity Challenge... or to be at his best for her (by my delulu mind )... It has to be said that although I know that he's good-looking, sometimes he amaze me a lot... In this picture, for example, Bogum is really too sexy to resist him... ... though can seem an angel when he wants to... HERE (a hot gif) and the video... or he has a expression childlike but a little mischievous... The last for the moment, then I'm sure there will be still times when we'll see them together in public because will they have other projects in common (given their chemistry, You want that Boyoo don't work together again? ). And the Baeksang... They are leading, but we must not quit now. Vote Vote Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung! And if viewing of hot Bogum it wasn't too upsetting, the voice of an angel I'm sure it'll bring you a lot of sweet dreams...
  3. She's in love... Today YJ was listening to Hyukoh-Tomboy ... I was always awkward with the love my mom always showed Maybe that’s why, things are always so hard Even inside the greed that I was afraid to lose There is a small beauty I’m happy right now, so I’m nervous Because there’s always the calm before the storm Because I don’t want to be set on fire and burn quickly I’m cheering for love The young us We can’t see our tree rings Our eyes are getting blind from the bright lights Sad adults always only walk backwards You, who just passed your Terrible Twenty, look bored Because we don’t want to be set on fire and burn quickly We’re cheering for love The young us We can’t see our tree rings Our eyes are getting blind from the bright lights Yea, I didn’t know back then Only our differences started to resemble each other After I matured, you fell off first But now, we resemble one another The young us We can’t see our tree rings Our eyes are getting blind from the bright lights Rom: iLyricsBuzz Korean: music naver English: popgasa VOTE VOTE PARK BO GUM & KIM YOO JUNG!!!!!!! BOYOO FIGHTING!!!!!!!!
  4. Please don't forget to vote for them.. 2 more days to go! What do these pictures have in common? HERE We see that's new this week... "Netizens React: Park Bo Gum Melts Hearts with His Beautiful Eyes on 'Infinity Challenge" HERE We think that we know him...but is it true? Let's find out and watching this video: She's pretty funny in this video ... and YJ's a real angel: Bogum on "SPUR" Japanese Magazine (June 2017 Issue)... No comment...
  5. Hello and welcome. I like your analysis. I think that from the beginning there has been something special between them. Attraction? Curiosity? Probably... We know that's how they met before... . Something really weird just happened after the scene of the hole... HERE: That's how Bg explain it ... And we can only speculate as to what really happened...Whatever was said I can only guess what that means for's that the eyes never lie. That said, each is free to vote for those who want, I'm here to support both these guys and I will continue to do so as best I can! In my case, I'm trying points with play... However, with this system is very difficult... BOYOO FIGHTING! Love&Peace for all... Now, look at the new pictures...
  6. I understand your perspective, but my point of view is that both deserve this award... I shall therefore vote which of the two is longer at risk and I think that today is Bogum. I don't forget about her, of course. I think for most Boyoo instead is not indifferent.. ...I need to see them, because their interactions are much cute... but primarily BG and Yj have get on the stage together for to win an award that is the recognition of their hard work, also as the chemistry of the couple. Boyoo deserve a walkway triumphal like others couples famous before, maybe less in tune compared to them. This is my sentiment and my hope.
  7. The easter break is already over... ... I'm really glad that Bogum took the time to be spent with his best friend TY in Jeju... HERE Now, I saw a video from some time ago...HERE... I can't tell you who is the masked man behind her, I don't know, I only thought that I detected a slight similarity with someone...I miss too the Boyoo and it makes me a little confused... I need to see them on stage... I want them to get this award... On that point, BoYoo lovers please keep voting for our BoYoo vitamins! The situation is only apparently quiet and I'm worried for Bogum. ... As can be seen HERE , the others catching up fast... tomorrow the number two might be 1st. In this moment, we need to focus on Bogum, because he's too closely followed...Please, therefore vote Bogummy as most popular tv actor for 53rd Baeksang arts award...HERE... but we do not forget YJ! VOTE BOYOO He's so cute....
  8. Firstly, I wish a Happy Easter to all! Secondly, today I was very happy because I saw Bogum happy : he was smiling and laughing in Infinity Challenge, he was game enough to enjoy the challenge. He was good enough in the bobsled: HERE When they were eating, Bogummy said smiling that he wants to meet a girlfriend... There's something so mischievous in his smile... By boyoo4ever ( here ) Thirdly I got a little angry, because he (Bogum) still be votes down before ... He also deserves so much this "Popularity award" and I wouldn't like that she can get up on the stage alone as at the Yahoo Asia BUZZ Awards 2016 hosted in Hong Kong, because I think she'd be only half a happy... Please, you keep voting also Bogum!!!!!! Total ranking is very important .... BOYOO FIGTING!!! There have been some additional pleasant and unpleasant news and the new photo, par example: About Naver A new Bogummy spot (He's a very handsome teacher) : And a cover which bodes well for the future!
  9. I am consoling you... You're not the only one who has mixed up the two actors... I am a fan of Lee Min Ho (Bof, City Hunter, Personal taste, Heirs, The Legend of the Blue Sea) HERE, but i never knew Min Ho '93... Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho have been happily dating for over two years ...HERE... I hope Boyoo find the same kind of happiness together. BoYoo fighting!!! In this freeze-frame, in addition to his irresistible charm, I like so much the resolute look of Bogum. I don't think he's ever afraid of face a challenge, just as a possible rival... and to tell you the truth, he's not even a real rival, because back then she's was little more than a baby... and... BG is a man really unique...He is lovely man in everything that he does... And YJ is getting more pretty and female... Kim Yoo Jung for ELLE Bogum in Infinity Challenge Bogum with Mandarina Duck On a final note, i want to say: VOTE VOTE VOTE Bogum and Yoo Jung in the Popular TV Actor category.... HERE BG and YJ are both at stake, they're up and down between 1st and 2nd position... it's very stressful, their adversaries are tough, to beat them, we can't give up and we can't back down.
  10. Their are always side by side! I know it's isn't going to be easy, in particular given the number the fans of Shin Hye, but we should do everything that we can to make sure that Yoo Jung and Bogum may have a chance to win the "Popularity Awards"... I don't know which is the best strategy for voting, but I would like that they will walk together on the red carpet... particulary, she deserve another chance to stay close to Bogum and get all the credit for his work. Boyoo fighting! Even if it's difficult: Vote Vote Vote for KIM YOO JUNG & PARK BO GUM! It's good remember but it's best making new memories! That's the news today: Bogum at the movie premiere from "Dad is a daughter"... I'm not crazy about his outfit today, even if I think that he's always fashion! and very handsome! But i adore his look athletic in "Infinity Challenge"... HERE YJ in this photo, the look on her face, her eyes all misty, because she's just surpassed her dreams? Just for now, shh please...
  11. I saw good news about MDBC being nominated in the category of “Best Drama,” and Bogum being nominated in the category of “Best Actor". Congratulation!!! Like all of you said, being nominated with other veteran actors is a great honor for him ... mission impossible? No, he's a great talent... BG fighting! Best Drama: my choice Moonlight drawn by cloudsBest Actor: my choice Park Bo GumBest Actress: my choice Kim Yoo Jung I wasn't going to expect anything from Baeksang. I'm sad there is nothing specifically designated for Yoo Jung but, looking at others nominees, i think that it's all about age, sponsor, high rating and hallyu power...only for the ability and the presence, maybe they certainly deserved a award, but YJ is still young, will have other chances... Now all that we can do is pray the best for Bogum and we hope in any case in "Popularity Award" for these two! VOTE ...VOTE ...VOTE ... for Bogum and Yoo Jung! I really miss ours boyoo! She's really mature for her age. It's too soon for her to start dating with someone and even if her heart already is beating strong for him, she has to wait for 1 or 2 years for to get a date official, because she wants to get it right, seriously. BG feels the same way. It's another weird coincidence. If the love is real, great, in expectation of not vague affair, this relationship will continue to strengthen, increase... Now, she's enjoying eating,laughing a lot and doing, probably with him... BG and YJ look like they were made to be together: I read this: And Bogum is very handsome in this photos : Before you hear what others say, you already know the answer in your heart.
  12. Yours is a long post but so nice to move me... The power of MDBC and of the characters has been to suck us into a story... the ability of the boyoo has been get us a field of dreams... I want to see them happy but at the same time i would like to dream with them... it will happen again at the 53rd Baeksang Awards? I hope so! @ liemkopi @ happysloth ... hip to hip... arm to arm... ... And in the meantime they shall continue to have successful: I've seen the new photos... They're so handsome and good!
  13. It's okay, I will let you! I don't know whether YJ was talking about this particular sequence but yours remains a very important consideration. she must be in a state of empathy with him and he with her ... that is something more than just to play a role, a part.. it suggests they might be closer than you think. It's strange that the absence of someone make the heart grow sad.. that happens just if someone's important to you...And there's more... they take care of each other. It's not like a bond between brothers... Here, Job seekers chose Park bo Gum as the new worker they want to work with! KYJ is in the list: Here , YJ with her girlfriends... Here , another article about Bogum... And a video: I miss them... Goodnight...
  14. I must admit, you had me going there, just for a minute... And, you know, who knows, maybe in a year or so... Well, it might be an April Fool's joke?????? I think fans are currently riding on the comment. Though, I would also love to hear new project from here, but I want something that would showcase HER more.... in the vein of, J-dorama-1 litre of tears or socially relevant HS theme project. Indeed... this post is not true, it's just an aprifools joke! ... But we should expect , that is what will happen sooner or later... Hope that's not a drama and last of all romantic...I just think it's too soon... not because i prefer her with BG, she's a pro, it must do so...but because as long as they got crown prince into your eyes and in the heart, her new leading shall be brought to compare BG and... he'll be crushed! BG is not just a hallyu, he's also the ideal partner for YJ, simply, they are absolutely compatible physically and mentally. @imanneapple @tsarathefirst @joyoflife77 I love yours analysis... When I saw it, I thought the same thing... in the other videos, we can see that they're looking into eyes mutually, here she's more elusive and when he just looks at her, then catches her eye, she looks down and away, making him sad and confused. Maybe, she was afraid to cry crossing his eyes? That's love! I fully subscribe the yours positive words! Now, still speaking of compatibility, they are perfect for each other... ps Bogum, i really like those jeans on you. In other news of the day:
  15. Here, it's 11:25, a good day to everyone! I'm glad to see the forum that's in ferment. MDBC and its protagonists are everywhere and the wave moves along, in all the latitudes. That's real popularity: everyone's talking about them! Yes, these two are like magnets... ... They never did with other, when they're close, they don't know even know anymore a concept called personal space. picture video video