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  1. Hi, have a good beginning of the week everyone. Last week Encounter has left us two more unforgettable episodes... This is the second-last week of Encounter... Bogummy, Fighting! I thank Xuexi_1 and Magrace for their comments, which highlighting a few moments... It's extremely difficult to select my fav scenes ... cr tvN Drama Encounter cr tvN Drama Encounter cr tvN Drama Encounter Wow... I saw a look in that man's eye...I can feel it inside me...The look in his eyes count more than words... says he loves her... cr tvN Drama Encounter @Xuexi_1 Truly, I don't know what expect wait for us about the end... Myself I am afraid of wolf... Jinhyuk & SooHyun ...please be happy together!!! @magrace I do not know if that kiss so passionate can really offend someone, as BoYoo lover I do not feel offended by what is pure and great acting, I want to believe there's any more (BG kisses so well)... But I'm not sure everyone shares that opinion.. Encounter Ost Part 7... Last updates... About CWPFN... Start again Monday evening... Yoo Jung, Fighting! Have a good dreams ...
  2. Hi, finally today the Encounter ep 11 will be on air... from tvN drama Encounter... There are two news reported by tw @ Sword0616 that I found interesting ... the first concerns the book, that Jin Hyuk is reading in the pic above... the second on the primacy reconquered by Encounter as a power index... The new stills of next episode have been released ... JH will meet her father at the first time, here... and other in spoiler... This morning BG updated his Twitter... HERE ... Maybe the shooting for Coca Cola is in progress, which was in his schedule... I am happy that Coca Cola selected again Bo Gum for campaign 2019... HERE ... See you later ..."BOYFRIEND" ...
  3. Some updates... ENCOUNTER will bee regularly aired Wednesday and Thursday... CWPFN and Encounter really have a good soundtrack... Here CWPFN Ost Part 7... And here Encounter OST Part 6... Other news in spoiler... And Bogummy for Kakao Page... So sexyyy ... Now, BG is a really amazon actor... I love his soulful brown eyes, here... from tvN drama Encounter and his dreamy eyes... Goodnight ...
  4. Hello everyone ... the holidays are over and now you start working again ... even for this forum ... What happened last week? As we know, CWPFN has been suspended for the first week of January, while after the Christmas break the ENCOUNTER/ Boyfriend is back ... I must say that the episodes 9 and 10 were wonderful, because the main couple had a crisis from which it is came out, strengthening even more their bond ... In spoiler the recaps from Dramabeans ... My answer to @Xuexi_1 about the kisses in spoiler... Other news... Sweet dreams... Appointment next week to Monday and Tuesday with CWPFN and this week to Wednesday and next Thursday with ENCOUNTER ... cr owner
  5. Hi, tonight (at 9:30 pm on tvN, Viki, ecc) finally ep. 9 of Encounter... fighting! With tvN’s “Encounter” entering its second half, what will become of Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum’s romance? The drama has followed Cha Soo Hyun (Song Hye Kyo) and Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo Gum) on their journey from meeting in Cuba to reuniting at the Dong Hwa Hotel in Korea. The latest episode showed the pair sharing their first romantic kiss, and interest is high to see how their romance will unfold. Here are three things to look for as “Encounter” begins its second half of the story... https://www.soompi.com/article/1286705wpp/3-things-look-forward-second-half-encounter Many people fall in love with this man with a killing look... me too! Well... I'll see you later, Mr. Park / Boyfriend ... Update soon!
  6. The best wishes for a happy new year everyone! May the New Year bring to you warmth of love, and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination...To Bo&Yoo, may you always be surrounded by hope and guided by the stars. The 2019 will be the new beginning of an exciting new page in our lives. Celebrate and rejoice! I wish you happiness in the year to come! But my wish is also that BoYoo can return to work together... It 's sad to see the moon thinking that we will not see them anymore... I loved the clips posted by @magrace, thank you, it was magical to see them get together on that stage... they were so beautiful and happy... who doubted that BoYoo is real he had to change his mind... In these days I could not wait for the new year also because I wanted to enjoy the new episodes of Encounter... I confess it... now I'm addicted... Awesome new stills cut from tvN drama... Why, then Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun return again to Cuba? About YJ, I think she have hard worked as BG in thes holiday days... In fact, from both cast, in the middle of set filming, we received their best wishes for the happy new year... Yoo Jung also did a live chat on December 31st and put her in the history of her IG... The greetings by LANEIGE and EIDER... in spoiler... Thanks again to Eider for that beautiful song... overall more than 10 mil views wow!
  7. Waiting for the start of the new year and the new episodes of CWPFN (let us remember that it will not be broadcast on Monday and next Tuesday) and Encounter ( we will again find it after the Christmas suspension, next Wednesday 2 January) here all the information, interviews l gathered and read about Bo&Yoo this week...
  8. THE BEST REAL VISUAL COUPLE OF THE YEAR... OTHER NEWS... The art imitating life and reminding me that I have lived some scenes of this series. I think I will see the same end: tears and separation. But it's worth seeing the Korean media breaking social paradigms. Let us remember that love has no age. Love is friendship, complicity, chemistry, gentleness, sincerity, and no plausible explanation. It does not explain, it happens (cr Maria de Belém about Encounter). Kim Yoo Jung, Visual+Acting, She Got It All..The representative of Romantic Comedy Female Lead in 20s generation" (cr Kim Joo Ae) The illustration in ep.7 intro of tvN drama "Encounter"... cr owner And for all "real" BoYoo lovers... Have a good dreams... HERE cr logo
  9. Hi, good monday everyone and ... Bogum tw update... by @blossom_entertainment by JTBC I hope you are having a peaceful holiday with your families and/or boyfriends / girlfriends ... How to know, the dramas has been suspended for the Christmas (update: CPFN was broadcast on December 24th so I imagine today will be broadcast at the usual time on Jtbc) and will resume in the next year (we will find again "Encounter" on January 2nd on tvN)... On dramabeans you can see the recaps of the last episodes (in spoiler)... About Encounter and BG other news in spoiler... Yesterday YJ updated her IG with the song "Dream" by Yu Seung Woo (here), author also of "Sleep" (Ost MDBC part 1) and "Oppa"... And again about BG... from tvN Drama @j31717 Hi, the previous captions of BG were not related to the drama but were somehow inspired by the lyrics of some songs... This it could be the poem Happiness of Na Tae-ju... but not being Korean, I am not sure about it ... Bogummy has fun, perhaps, to submit us these puzzles and I really love that he do it with some poems ... I ignore what the ispiration, but most certainly the theme of the last episode was the departure... the caption likely maybe have a hidden meaning, be addressed to someone... As BoYoo maybe I have an idea about whose it is that "someone" who whether waiting for him ... With regards to kisses, in the TV, by my home, I'm used to seeing all kinds of kiss, because from me there are practically only those and not only, so I do not get scandalized easily ... Sometimes, I wish they were of less... Then there are also fake kisses and those too real ... When I am immersed, I don't see the actors but the characters, I can see just the love story... if I am not in involved, I am indifferent... In the case of Encounter or MDBC, I observed that the kisses were perfect and really exciting...I like that in the Encounter everything has been so gradual ... Honestly, I was initially afraid of how I would have reacted to their kiss ... I'm happy in the end, I liked it, it was done tastefully and beautifully... It let me get in there and empathize with the CEO (SHK) ... in the drama, she is an unhappy ex-wife who has lost all hope...that meets a man (BG) who overwhelms her with his life energy... JH's so passionate, but rightly, for the occasion and the person in front, certainly could not take too many liberties like Taek in Reply88 ... I love it was a kiss wanted by both ... It was in the air for a while...BG was really good at acting with his eyes... And I love his hand ... If you ask why, you have not seen him kissing yet ...... And now what will happen? Will JH be able to back home? I look forward to the new year ...
  10. Encounter OST - part 4 ... Too sweet, I would listen to it for hours!!! @Xuexi_1 I have not yet seen the eighth episode, I hope that Viki loads it soon, it seems to have been beautiful ... When I will look at it, I shall endeavour to check the color of the lips . ..I normally linger a lot to look at the beautiful face of BG, but that scene will be so poignant that it I will be overwhelmed ... Anyway, it is quite frequent in the dramas and not only, to see the lips of the actors with more intense coloration, I noticed it for the first time in LTBS ... BG does not need help in this sense, because he has very beautiful lips, but even if it were, I repeat, I probably would not even notice it.. LAST UPDATES:
  11. Hi, a quick update. I have traveled and I am tired... This week, episodes 7 and 8 of CWPFS were broadcast, which remains stable on the charts, and episode 7 of Encounter, also stable with a peak of 9.8... do not forget to watch tonight at 9:30pm on tvN! Tomorrow there will be the great awaited eighth episode of Encounter ... I say that the wait is great view the preview /Have you seen it?, but also because Jin Hyuk is maturing a important decision and they're closer and closer ... The growth of the respective character in the two dramas goes hand in hand with an increasingly intense performance and high performance of our boys, which is getting a lot of admiration ... cr in logo cr tvN "Encounter" (by @parkbogum_pra) cr tvN "Encounter" Other news... Bogummy updates... Poeme by @Bogummy translated verse by @Vatthavara When night falls.. I have a home to go back to When tired..I have someone I really miss When lonely..There is someone who sings me nice lyric song.
  12. No, I'm sorry if I thought it was a negative criticism. In love stories, who would not want their hero to console the heroine in tears? Declaring her his love.... In some ways, Jin Hyuk is like our prince, a knight who fights for his ideals and who only wants to defend his person from the pain of life ... Who would not want a boyfriend so, close to herself? But I'm really anxious that even the next episodes can make me tremble ... Her mother-in-law is very bad and her ex-husband has maneuvered in the shade ... I'd like a good ending! OTHER EPIC SCENE OF ENCOUNTER... And the preview of next episodes of CWPFN and Encounter... Hot dreams ... cr logo by 2019 Season’s Greeting (thanks dor the sharing)
  13. Yet I loved this moment, his gaze ... it melted my heart! The fact is that there is probably nothing that someone haven't already done before... Should we stop seeing films taken from a good novel because we already know the ending? I did not like the ending of the Harry Potter book and yet I saw the movie ... No, what matters is the way in which a story is transposed, because if it is done well and the actors are good, then we are so immersed in story that we try what they feel ... this is the beauty of cinema, is not it? let us forget for a moment who we are and where are to we are to transport us elsewhere... it's movie magic!
  14. Hi, today, at a distance of about an hour or two from each other, our guys have updated their social profiles... with beautiful love songs... I thank them, especially because their music advice are really interesting...and then as a BoYoo I love certain coincidences ... But today my mind is crossed by doubts, but really to speak again of BoYoo can be detrimental to their career? Really the success may depend on the belief that the chemistry between characters extends to that between real people? What do you think, it would be better to let the forum end in oblivion like all the BoYoo moments that have made us so happy?I read something that hurt me on instagram, a fan, referred to a couple on the screen, said it was better than BoYoo ... Why having to do some comparisons at all costs? Let everyone love those who prefer ... I love the BoYoo couple, but I'm fascinated by how, by immersing myself in a story, it's easy to separate love for them from that for a couple of characters... Well, maybe the secret for not doing mistakes is to make this separation in the mind... I will conclude by saying more than ever I'm convinced to move forward updating this forum!!! I'm sorry If I have been a little too long... I'll just let you some updates of which I referred... Now some information about their current drama... Let's take a step back, at the entrance of Bo Gum to the Mama in Japan... Now, have a good dreams... cr owner cr liveenTV.kr (here) Update soon...
  15. Encounter/Boyfriend - Ost Part 3 Update soon...