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  1. Thank you...same for you&your husband
  2. Yes hahaha Thanks... exprienced jh_hj with more than 20 years marriage hahaha We didnot waste 13 years hahaha
  3. Yes and the funny thing is before doctors when i heard shinhye &krw are going to be partners i thought with myself since krw is much older than shinhye (l have no problem with this coz me &my husband have 10 years age gap & we are ok with that)and he is not flower boy this time we can see their interactions easily but it turn to be completely opposite hahaha
  4. Hi girls For me shinhye not attending in prison primier isnot a big deal im shinhye's long time fan l read &watched a lot of her interviews .she had interviews,photoshoots,fanmeetings with jgs&jyh after "you are beautiful&heartstring "dramas but she distanced herself from them in public afger gaining hate comments from their immature fans .as for lmh even though l liked their chemistry in heirs but i liked chaunsang &yongdo love more after drama i read an interview in lmh facebook that he said shinhye is like a donsang to him and he likes someone more cheerful(dont know it was right translation or not) then chinese media released that they are dating but lmh agancy replied this is %300 untrue &im not surprised since based on their bts i was never minshin shippea although liked their chemistry in for ljs they also had interviews,abroad photoshoots,attending same events after pinocchio until dispatch news they denied the rumors .i remeber shinhye always said ljs is a good friend and after their dispatch news her agancy stated they are very close friends and this status wont change.for me as a shinhye fan i like and respect all her partners and just want her to be for krw even there is no rumors article about them but no imterview no photoshoot no interaction together in public and i wonder why,is there really something going on?who knows. No one knows what future bring to us even many confirmed couple broked up after several years dating and we have nothing in our hands except some smal clues,sweet bts &most imoprtant our sweet feelings toward them.if in future they decide to be together as life partners we are definitley the most happy shippers but if not im still thanks &appriciate both of them for making very good&enjoyable moments in doctors&its bts and for letting me to know many good and lovely people here so lets enjoy the moment chingus Sorry for long post& my poor english Love you all
  5. Of course,at the end we are all innocent
  6. Just for increasing the pages what else ???!!!!hahaha ha Why? I'm not underage &married long time ago
  7. Sorry i was really busy but try to read all post &love them all,yes last night l saw posts about fashion & your lovelable conversations all posts and discussions
  8. Yes dont understimate your abilities hahahaha Also floor,sofa & even air purifier are good objects
  9. W0w page 920!!! Good job girls bravo Recently l've been very busy &could not catch all pages but read them in any opportunity , just drop by to say hi to girls in the most cool&funny shipper thread and thanks all for keeping the thread alive Love you all
  10. okay,then what about the fifth kiss ? professional in BTS too hahahaha
  11. yes .it's shinhye.dont remember the exact time but i think she was 17-18 years old at that award ceremony.
  12. For now they both have fortiny
  13. I read this rumor long time ago in google site but the funny thing was the source itself mentioned later it's a false rumor. i'm not saying it's true or not .As Maria said there is a lot of things we don't know .. whatever the truth is & whatever happen in future i just want them to be happy they deserve that. since i'm shinhye biased my priority is her happiness .i pray for them to be happy together(it's a bonus if will happen) or individually .
  14. oh i see .so what is the exact meaning of pervy in your vocabulary ???hahaha