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  1. I know, he had it coming when So Bong counter attacked. He totally deserved it. And the way he grabbed So Bong; it totally looked like he was going to hit her again, good thing that NS3 arrived then. Nam Shin used violence against her so he should also understand that both of them are at fault for what happened and let it go or try to make up. But he's being so insufferable instead and threatening her with hitting her again. Maybe because of his pride being hurt. He's dominated by jealousy right now. And I can understand why. It's very hard to assimilate that you were gone, but they built a robot with your face and everyone is doing pretty well without you and getting attached to the robot, among them even your old enemies, who are now eager to fight you in order to protect that robot from you. LOL, it must be hard to digest. At this point I wonder how much of what we've seen is Nam Shin's outburst of jealousy and abandonment issues, and how much is evil tendencies and twisted personality. He went to Czech Republic to look for Mom but suddenly he spies on her and doesn't trust her? I guess he is that shocked, and I really hope he's being a man-child feeling abandoned and not the villain that sometimes he seems to be. But he also has this creepy side, with those cold smiles when NS3 offers his help, or when he goes around ordering people to sit or kneel...I don't know what to think of him.
  2. That's a very interesting observation. They have already highlighted that NS3 is more fitted to be CEO of the company. What I don't know is how this will result, will grandpa really support NS3? What about Secretary Ji, could he betray NS in that aspect? I don't think NS is interested in being the CEO, but for sure he will not want to be substituted by NS3, so I foresee a big conflict here. On the other hand, staying as the CEO is a way for NS3 to get his happy ending: he does it well and he seems to like it, and this way he would be in control of the server and the kill switch. It would also be easier for him to stay with So Bong without needing to escape to another country or things like this. I think grandpa would approve; he could even approve So Bong if he thinks she helps NS3 to be more focused on the job, haha!! But I don't see how this can be achieved without having NS's agreement. It's going to be tough. And I also agree regarding Ye Na. She wants to marry the CEO of that company. She always looks happy at those company meetings every time that NS seems to achieve something. The first thing she thought when she noticed So Bong's attachment to NS3 was that So Bong liked to be close to a rich guy; of course she would analyse things from her own mindset. Anyway, since she grew up close to NS and I believe she has feelings for him, I cannot predict her development. But at this point I'd bet she will abandon him if he makes clear that he doesn't want the company.
  3. Awww, I wish it was indeed the happy ending. At least it looks like a (very) romantic date!! NSIII is doing his homework well, haha!!
  4. "Kang So Bong is mine alone" wow, I'm dying here. I lufff this couple. I suspect NS will want to team up with Seo. I think he hates grandpa the most...who knows, they might think they have some shared goals...Hope the truth about his father's death is uncovered soon, that might be the turning point for him, and help Mom to get closer. On a more superficial note, last episode left me impressed with the quality of music and cinematography. I love how the ending scene was filmed, the slow motion, the music, so thrilling! Btw, the scene where the two NS meet is also very well done, with NS spying on Roboshin through the window at the beginning, it feels so real and a bit unsettling how NS looks at him. In any case, I like so much those stellar entrances of NS3, catwalk style. I don't mind if they end up every episode with one of those
  5. Unfortunately, it seems that Nam Shin sees Roboshin as a rival. He's jealous of Roboshin, and his pride is hurt because almost everyone seems to prefer the robot. So likely in his head he's thinking of taking his "things" back. And I guess he sees taking So Bong from NSIII's side as a victory. I'm sure he considers So Bong an easy prey because he thinks she would be immediately attracted to him since he's the one made of flesh and blood, ha! So Bong was around him for we don't know how much time and she never was interested in him, she fell for the innocent, sweet and good-hearted Roboshin. But I love that the final scene gave us the opportunity to see the protective side of Roboshin again (and maybe jealous?). Still swooning over that sweet robot. I pity human Nam Shin anyway, but he's so closed right now that is difficult to see how he will be able to heal. But now he's being a total jerk and not sure if he will do evil things. Btw, it seems that Oh Ro Ra does have some love for her robot son in the end. It's just that her guilt weights very heavily. Anyway, grandpa always scared me more, and now Nam Shin, when it comes to NSIII's safety. And thanks reporter Jo for checking on the burning question we all had in our heads.
  6. I'm afraid that NS would try to use Roboshin as a bait at some point. For NS it could be a win-win situation, he could use him to set a trap for Seo or Grandpa and see Roboshin die all together. I wouldn't trust anything that he proposes at this point. But yeah, hopefully something like this doesn't happen, I hope that he reconciles first with Oh Ro Ra and stops all this nonsense.
  7. I love him since he made me cry in Cheese in the Trap, he put his heart in that character too. And looking back it feels so different from the two Nam Shins. Kangjoonie is very talented.
  8. Ohhh, now I'm really scared that human NS wants to use Roboshin in a bad way. I bet he wants to get rid of him.
  9. Ok, now after watching with subs I noticed an scene in the preview: Oh Ro Ra crying over Nam Shin in the hospital and he turning his face, rejecting her. It seems that they brought "Nam Shin" to hospital because of the hand's wound, and she thinks it's her real son, but is he? Because David likely told NSIII about the kill switch, so that scene could be very well Nam Shin III angry at Oh Ro Ra. And all those screencaps we've seen, where So Bong seems to be giving the pendant to a NS in hospital clothes...So the hand-wounded one could be very well Nam Shin III. Awwww, I'm thrilled that NSIII could have heard already So Bong's confession. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to see human Nam Shin out and about.
  10. Not sure when the two NS met. I'd like to think it was in secret before, because that would give NSIII also the opportunity to steal the kill switch...but no, I saw that there is a countdown timer in the kill switch which I bet is meant to provide us more suffering in the future. There were BTS scenes with the two of them talking while Nam Shin was still in bed, so I guess they prepared the exchange together. Now I'm dying to know what they talked about, it is possible that our innocent Roboshin is being fooled by Shin. Maybe he promised to NSIII that he would get freedom or something like this, if they collaborate. Regarding NSI body, I believe that was a distraction manoeuver from Ye Na, in order to keep Seo from discovering coma Shin. She knows her father would be able to kill him in the spot. Maybe she knew where they stored the robots in their lab. But what a cliffhanger, I totally expected the two Shins exchange but the confession caught me off guard, poor So Bong, as if it was not already difficult enough for her. I swear I was pulling my hair because it should have been sweet Roboshin and not Jerk Shin who heard that confession. Anyway, do you guys think it is a possibility that human Nam Shin is really an evil jerk? Would that make the story worse or better? We have been thinking that he had a hard life and was looking for Mom, but we know nothing about him. And the only thing that matters, would it be possible for Nam Shin III to go back to Czech Republic with David so they can continue together with the AI development? Or can they hide from Grandpa? Awwww, the only plot twist that I want is NSIII finding a new server and destroying the kill-switch, so he can be free and not depend on those evil people anymore. Preferably with friend/girlfriend So Bong at his side whatever relationship they decide to have in the end, I will support them.
  11. The poor girl has lost track of her robot. I bet she almost had a heart attack. Because that guy is human Nam Shin for sure (kudos to SKJ's acting here, you can really feel his anger...) Thank you guys for the live recap! This episode looks so exciting I cannot predict what's going to happen, just hope that SB and David will protect NS3...can't wait to watch the episodes tonight!!
  12. Agree that it seems that So Bong will give the heart to Namshin III at some point. So Bong's love will operate the magic to turn the robot into a real boy with a heart. Great, I'm crying now, our baby puppy robot makes me emotional.
  13. 100% agree with this. It is through interactions and new experiences that NSIII is evolving and growing up. He was never treated as a human by Oh Ro Ra, therefore he never developed too much while living with her. Now he's experiencing a whole new world and a new frame for his life, plus someone is treating him as a person, it's logical that he will change and adapt. Anyway, episode 10 was intense. I’m worried now about grandpa’s intentions with NSIII, he said he wanted him to be developed as a product. Nevertheless, I bet he would be happy if NSIII demonstrates that he is better than humans with running the company, and he would be willing to leave it to NSIII. But if anything goes wrong, grandpa might want to get rid of him (or So Bong, if he thinks she's responsible for NSIII "malfunction"). I guess it is possible for NSIII to make a backup copy of his memory, but likely he would not be able to function without the facilities located in grandpa’s building. I'm more worried about grandpa’s twisted personality than Oh Ro Ra’s kill switch. She's just too emotional and maybe when human NS wakes up, she will be more reasonable. And regarding David, I was not expecting him to be funded by grandpa, but I will reserve my judgement for now, he seems to be a kind hearted person, he defended NSIII in front of grandpa and scolded Oh Ro Ra when she was about to use the kill-switch. And it cannot be because of NSIII being a product he wants to sell, since they can just reproduce their technology building a new robot. Although I acknowledge that, like the rest of humans involved in this series, it seems that you cannot fully trust him… Regarding So Bong, the poor girl is already a goner. Her thoughts went to NSIII when she was in the car trunk thinking that she was going to die. Only to be saved later by him, and that tender hug…awwww!! Then later he watches her sleep and says she’s an incredible person, feeds her and jokes around her, and gives her the mini-robot…who could resist all that. You have to be made of stone to not be moved. Now she wishes he was a human because she already knows of her feelings for him, next step will be full acceptance of her love for the robot, haha!! And clearly NSIII is also thinking about how to approach his relationship with So Bong. That 45/55 question was not casual. I wonder how much he's investigating on the web about human relationships and if at some point he will want to be So Bong's boyfriend. For now it seems that he's happy even when she scolds him:
  14. LOL I like how they keep adding people to the loop.
  15. Ok, my thoughts about ep.09: - NSIII missing So Bong is a lost puppy, so hard to witness, my heart aches every time he has that lost gaze. - So Bong wants to run away from danger and complicated feelings, but she keeps going back every time she thinks she can do something to protect NSIII. She luffffs him already more than she's ready to accept. I wish NSIII could read behind her actions, that everything she's doing now is not for her sake, but to protect him. - The scene where she went to pick up NSIII for the date was awesome. How happy was NSIII to see her? And she didn't shy away from being affectionate to him in front of the others, despite her comments to Secretary before, about feeling conflicted and a fool for treating the robot like a person. She doesn't care anymore I guess, her love for him is stronger. And what about David? That look he gave them, he's a NSIII-SB shipper too!! hahaha!! And how cute was NSIII while driving, stressing his desire of being his own robot-person and not an imitation of a human anymore? Certainly he can tell this only to So Bong, he has no one else that will understand or support that. Poor baby. - The date was so sweet and I don't know how she was strong enough to let him go like that. Like, he agreed to go back being a slave only for her. The way he looked at SB after putting the necklace on her, OMG, I melted, that was full of longing, pure robot love. At least she admitted that she couldn't tell him face to face, to go back being a slave. And is "slave" his new nickname now? I feel she changes names for him everytime there is a shift in her feelings. I wonder how she will call him in the future, haha!! - Not sure what happened with the manual control. I guess he put it on willingly since he promised to Mom the day before, but after learning that So Bong was in danger, he likely removed it in order to make sure he could go there and save her. - And, the final scene. That murderous look that he gave to Snake guy. Boy, I died there. Btw, I think it is very interesting that he's changing because he's getting more similar to humans. Now he has things he desires, things he wants to protect, and he can become more selfish, jealous and even dangerous. But aren't we all like that? Shouldn't they teach NSIII how to behave in society instead of suddenly wanting to kill him? I think David said something about them accepting that NSIII could do unpredictable things...he's the only one with some common sense there. Well, now I can't wait for the next episode. I have seen some comments and really hope human Nam Shin will wake up soon. I'm curious about him, and the relationship he will have with NSIII, and somehow I think NSIII will not be so much in danger as he is now, I don't know why. Maybe Oh Ro Ra will be more distracted with the human boy and pay less attention to the robot. And maybe the human and robot boys decide to team up. As Secretary Ji said, they have a lot in common and are being used by everyone around, they should rebel together. And take down that despicable Seo in the process.