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  1. Are they going to Napa Valley next? They 'have' to visit Kyo's favorite wineries...LOL Sorry but Palace doesn't seem like a place I would imagine them staying... maybe just for the brunch/lunch . *Hyatt* is more like it.. the moon is spectacular tonight... wishing them the best of time under the moonlight, if they're still here. Hope they got to shoot some gorgeous poses. Btw, It's like a witch hunt out there on Instagram... I wish people would just stop speculating.. i appreciate the sightings.. but stating the assumptions as if they are facts is pure annoying.
  2. Omg omg omg omg .... are they really in SF?!?!??? Aaaaahhhhh....
  3. The way she pulled up her hair in the new Laneige poster... brings to mind the DOTS commentary video where they were watching that scene of MoYeon sitting by the stairs, after a long cry, thinking abt what kind of dangerous man ShiJin is... then she pulled her hair up... and JoongKi commented that For some reasons Men finds that 'action' attractive.. then Hyekyo said 'really? Thanks for the advice, I'll do it (for you) later'. True to her word, here she is, pulling up her hair, on posters splattered around the world, teasing hubby every where he goes. These two!!!
  4. ☆ Song Joong Ki ☆ 송중기

    Supporting SJK!!! For an afternoon show, it was full house!!!! Yay!!!!
  5. ☆ Song Joong Ki ☆ 송중기

    He's so cute, handsome, trustworthy, adorable, precious... love him like my prettiest favorite tea cup that always bring a refined freshness and warmth with an air of class and intelligent sophistication into my life. Love you and so glad you found your precious other half.
  6. Kim In-Ha brought me to Soompi, even before the great crash of 2005, then I discovered and fell hard for Lee Min-Chul... LBH talent is undeniable (although Iris wasn't my cup of tea tbh, didn't get much feels there) I'm looking forward to this drama. I believe in this Writer/Director team and LBH talent. I haven't watched Single Rider but the feel from just reading the synopsis of that movie intrigued my curiosity of LBH current state of mind and emotion and how that influences him as an actor. I'm sensing a theme of loss and regrets in this drama, and already I'm feeling it, considering the events occurred in his life this past decade. Kim Tae Ri has an innocence, la femme-enfant feels to her, reminding me of Min Su-Yeon. although KTR acting (at least fr the Hand Maiden) is quite different from SHK (sorry for having to do the comparison).. so I am also curious to see how she will portray the character in this drama. .. and LBH English is to swoon for, so yeah, he'll bring justice to the role. (*wave to @rubie I admire your loyalty and dedication to him through thick and thin for more than a decade!!)
  7. Sounds as if my grandma just found a way into Soompi and left a wise-a@@ comment, true Asian style! It's okay chingu ah, to be optimistic and feeling euphoric over their wedding news. it hasn't killed anyone, so far. we've been checking our pulse daily to be sure.. all the SongSong sweetness might have made a few of us passed out here and there but we all came back for more. We all are on cloud 9 and we don't want to come down anytime soon.. so if anyone can't handle feeling elated, please be kind to yourself and others and try to quietly negate your own thoughts so you can lower yourself to your own manageable comfort level, and stay there. Thank You.
  8. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!! Bring it on... Couple CFs pleeeeeease We'll do anything to support your procreation JK ah! Work hard and build a BIG family, ok!
  9. ☆ Song Joong Ki ☆ 송중기

    Why is his forum here so quiet... Can't wait to discuss the talent he brings to the big screen in BSI.
  10. [Movie 2017] Battleship Island 군함도

    To Pierce Conran, Bibimbap is probably a jingoistic overstuffed mess as well. this movie sounds controversial across multiple international forums, incites verbal wars between J & K citizens. great actors aside, the movie cohesiveness relies heavily on the directors perspective. I do believe that sometimes Less is more... but I will watch when it's released and make my own judgement.
  11. When stupid MBC messed up your plan and give you premature lemons, what did JK do? He milked it and made lemonade, lemon pie, lemon zest pasta, lemon macarons.... so on and so on... His puppy begging talk is adorably irresistible. Who can possibly give this movie a bad review!! Love love love his positive attitude... he plays the marriage card impeccably. There's really no river wide enough that he cannot cross with his Lover. Adorable!!!! ❤️ melting!
  12. LOL What a goofball... I bet he would do whatever it takes to make sure his woman is well supported .... geezes... we'll pay him to do nothing and just make babies because the world desperately needs as many little Joong Ki and Hye Kyo as we can get. He seriously needs to do comedy film or drama. I can't get enough of that Gag Concert many years ago. (side note: so many stupid/fake news websites posting false news of Kyo's so-called anticipated appearance just to set fans up for disappointment then blame it on, again, so-called falsified last minute change... such self-proclaimed opportunistic trouble makers)
  13. Whatta Man! Joongki might have lost some fans with his public announcement of marriage (which IMO might not be a bad thing bc those are prob angry sasaeng fans... all the true fans are supporting him no matter what) However, he's gaining SSC fans, and with the recent public declarations of love for her, I think he has successfully winnning the hearts of her fan, uniting all their fan bases, which is quite tremendous in number considering their Hallyu status. I think JK has become even more popular now by given up his 'Popularity' for her, and in place, he gains a different kind of popularity, which IMO is more stable, long lasting, admirable, and commercially powerful. They can really build a business empire selling just abt anything, if they want. He really thinks 10 steps ahead LOL...