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  1. Why is his forum here so quiet... Can't wait to discuss the talent he brings to the big screen in BSI.
  2. To Pierce Conran, Bibimbap is probably a jingoistic overstuffed mess as well. this movie sounds controversial across multiple international forums, incites verbal wars between J & K citizens. great actors aside, the movie cohesiveness relies heavily on the directors perspective. I do believe that sometimes Less is more... but I will watch when it's released and make my own judgement.
  3. When stupid MBC messed up your plan and give you premature lemons, what did JK do? He milked it and made lemonade, lemon pie, lemon zest pasta, lemon macarons.... so on and so on... His puppy begging talk is adorably irresistible. Who can possibly give this movie a bad review!! Love love love his positive attitude... he plays the marriage card impeccably. There's really no river wide enough that he cannot cross with his Lover. Adorable!!!! ❤️ melting!
  4. LOL What a goofball... I bet he would do whatever it takes to make sure his woman is well supported .... geezes... we'll pay him to do nothing and just make babies because the world desperately needs as many little Joong Ki and Hye Kyo as we can get. He seriously needs to do comedy film or drama. I can't get enough of that Gag Concert many years ago. (side note: so many stupid/fake news websites posting false news of Kyo's so-called anticipated appearance just to set fans up for disappointment then blame it on, again, so-called falsified last minute change... such self-proclaimed opportunistic trouble makers)
  5. Whatta Man! Joongki might have lost some fans with his public announcement of marriage (which IMO might not be a bad thing bc those are prob angry sasaeng fans... all the true fans are supporting him no matter what) However, he's gaining SSC fans, and with the recent public declarations of love for her, I think he has successfully winnning the hearts of her fan, uniting all their fan bases, which is quite tremendous in number considering their Hallyu status. I think JK has become even more popular now by given up his 'Popularity' for her, and in place, he gains a different kind of popularity, which IMO is more stable, long lasting, admirable, and commercially powerful. They can really build a business empire selling just abt anything, if they want. He really thinks 10 steps ahead LOL...
  6. Oh good lord, I feel so sinful! Kyo, I trust him in your hands! LOL I don't think I'll survive the visual of Oct Wedding!
  7. THIS! Joongki is indeed a natural Diplomat. If he's not acting, I wouldn't be surprise seeing him becoming an Ambassador (please please send him to the U.S.)!!! SongSong is truly a Class of Their Own! Wishing them the best in their journey ahead and it already looks like they're cementing very solid stepping stones toward a bright future as a couple. People often compare them with the young royal couple of England. I find SongSong far more intriguing because they're not born into nobility obligations with dictated responsibilities, yet their noble hearts are guiding them naturally toward honorable virtues and it's so much more beautiful to watch. I am so happy for Kyo, and I am so happy for JoongKi, that they found one another. Each of them is a bright star on their own, but in this life time, we are so blessed that the Universe conspired to let their stars collide, to become a brighter constellation, to be an anomaly that leave us all in awe. I thank them for living their lives so beautifully. Can't wait for October. I'm hooked for life.
  8. Golly, waking up with too much sweetness for breakfast from this side of the globe!!! Thanks for all the postings.. This song came to mind... Have a great day everyone!!!
  9. Pheeeew!!! thanks for looking that one up @Thuy Nguyen Le !! I've gotta learn Korean just for Song Song
  10. 5:07 "after he broke up with his girlfriend and went into the army" huh? What's that about?
  11. US Release - August 4th, 2017 http://www.firstshowing.net/2017/full-us-trailer-for-slave-labor-war-film-battleship-island-from-korea/
  12. Hi @joongkyo1031, what happened last year with MBC? Thought I've been following quite closely but somehow missed this. (Btw, very glad to see you back here again!!! my old nicwas Mrs_L)
  13. If Song Song is the Couple of the Century, then Jo In Sung is Match Maker of the Century! Kamsahamnida!!!