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  1. Thought shippers can help them with a check list: handsome Groom- check Beautiful Bride- check Cute Ring boys - check check check flower girl - check bestmen- check check check check check check check bridemaids- check check check check check check ....................... Bodyguards- check (shared) make up- check stylists - check (shared) flowers decoration - checked (shared) candles decor - checked (shared) drinks - check (shared) venue -check, any where would do . Shippers aren't very picky... ------- gosh... Kyo's latest pic: she's totally feeding materials to shippers... matching sweatshirts and poses.... my heart is skipping beats
  2. The IWC seems to be on his wrist, still. Can't wait for the day when SSC pose like this with their IWCs
  3. I hope this forum is avoided of being turned into a jealousy fest. there are forums dedicated to SJK alone and SHK alone, to post any sightings of them, and then there is this precious forum for anything related to the 2 of them. I really don't understand sometimes why would there be postings of just one of them with other people, being posted here, and not only these postings give no reason to spaz about SSC, it instigates unnecesary inquisition and arouses negativities that as shippers, that type of activity would do us no benefit nor make us look good. if there is sighting of joongki or HyeKyo with other people but s/he has a certain accessory, or the person s/he's with , somehow related to our OTP and their links to each other, then by all means please post it here and let's spaz in a happy positive way. We can def do without the other type of news. Thanks in advance for taking this into consideration. Happy Shipping!
  4. Too cute... Appa of BFFs are hanging out w each other.
  5. I thought UAA is on dormant mode until they quickly responded to the recent rumors regarding SHK's upcoming project. And THAT was ALL they responded to, folks! UAA and Blossom apparently are still alive and kicking, and they can quickly jump to their own defense to straighten out inaccurate rumors. YES!!! My heart is fluttering... a certain happy rumor has been spreading all over Asia regarding their artists, and they don't bother addressing it. I am sailing.... wheeeeee... I'm coming here almost everyday so that my sails can pick up some more winds. this ship has have so many reasons for flying high already... non-believers can't anchor it down. Nuh-uh! ...... From watching the DC BTS (thank you netizens for the translation) and other tidbits here and there, some observations occurred to me. I'm putting this in spoiler, so do skip if you'd rather.
  6. Gosh, I'm so torn... on one hand, I hate to see the media cornering SSC by making "claims" on their relationship... on the other hand... *sigh* my shipper heart is excited beating irregularly at any hint of their relationship... I know I will be very happy if there is, again, NO response or clarification from either involved party. I'd take Silence as a Declaration of Love!
  7. I can see the video on my phone by open it up in the web browser, instead of Instagram App. I have a different opinion... but from the angle of filming, I can understand how people came to their thinking... I tried but couldn't be convinced. Anyway, SSC vibe together is sweet to watch... they have such similar and synchronous synergy.
  8. Joong Ki... You're my Hero! I ship SSC till the end!
  9. Confession time: who look at Her wrist first to see if she's wearing "the" watch ? ... Me!! ...Aack!! Although it's a natural reaction after the recent chains of event... it's a perfect example of the type of reaction /obsession that cause unfavorable distraction to upcoming activities of JK and HK as individual Artist. I wouldn't be surprise if JK stops wearing the watch.. (quietly: but if he does, he's gonna be my Hero!) for the Love of SSC, I'm gonna checking myself into shipper rehab.
  10. Omo, I would need IV for the longer version then.. and this is no DCut, this is PG-13 version. Haha YES, sure did notice the red ear... his sensitive spot (he always touches his ear)... JK can navigate and deflect trouble water like a pro, but he shows feelings like a child. JK is no innocent man in the arena of kissing, but Kyo, dang, you go girl!!! I've been watching her drama since AIMH (skipped the last 2) and her role in DOTS is my fave! One thing for sure: JK is one heck of a special partner to be entrusted with such acting. That truck kiss though, it could had been of epic proportion, like Gone w The Wind legendary level, where the pent up feelings could be shown to burst out like a broken dam... instead of the demure hesitate tempo that was shown. Oh well, It prob fit better w the music and the over setting that was chosen. oh my loss, my loss.. I didn't buy the DVDs bc they said no English sub. Aaargh! I need no English for this type of smacking lips Universal Language!
  11. @Karina Wong Kar Sinn thanks for sharing the video here. I'm having major nosebleeds!!!! And kicking myself for not getting the DC DVDs. If this was on his mind as what he set out to do, No wonder JK said he would need the permission of his (or was it her?!?) Mom. looked like the Mom(s) approved! We shippers approve!!!!
  12. This might be a little obtuse in my understanding, so consider it as Lost In Translation. so here is how I'm digesting the W interview, as HK's jab: "JK-shi, It is NOT my style to have a Male friend... And I DO NOT consider you in the same category as YAI, who is like a brother. There is only one category left. So there, that's my confession. Should I apologize?!??" Oh JK-ah, how do you respond? The world is all ears, and eyes, and thumping hearts... waiting for your turn!!!! Will you be on your knee? That would do... this is such a major cliff hanger, my heart just can't!!! Haha
  13. @ilvkyo Thank you for posting a clear picture of that watch and help put away all doubts. ... Now can you help zooming in on that Rolex she's wearing in the picture with Hyejoo W_Korea, so the whole internet can go on another W(a)tch Hunt?!? We were having so much fun, why stop?!?? just kidding. The two are not the same exact watch, but the fact that they are from the same brand, and shown to the world amidst speculation... as YSJ would had said: "The timing is strange!". I'd say the timing is fabulous for shippers! Wish she would had worn it after the show, but then that would be a little too much and may throw shippers off balance, into the deep end (as if we all havent been in too deep already!) I've been trying to digest the W-interview... the feeling reminds me of that line said by Kang Mo Yeon on the truck right before the epic kiss... The ball is on your court now, JK-shi!
  14. @wen5471 I also think it is.... the size, the style, the croc strap, look more, than not, like the 37mm IWC Portofino, which can be worn by both men/women. JK's watch looks like a 42mm IWC Portuguese, which doesn't come in size 37mm... These are not the typical "couple" watch (btw, IWC doesn't make watch for women). The pairing of these two watches together, albeit its individuality, resonates the same elegance of the Bold and Beautiful! There are suggestion on InsG that perhaps she was wearing burberry watch (the sample picture is showing one that is currently sold for Three hundreds Us dollars!!!) I disagree, on so many levels!