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  1. Stopping by for a bit! Did you guys see this yet? http://www.marieclaire.com.tw/celebrity/story/28396/page_4 Our valentine
  2. Your girl here is behind because of darn academic duties so I've no idea what y'all are transliterating and analyzing! I'm catching up tonight, though!
  3. Yay yay yay! I finally have some time to go through all these posts, thank goodness I didn't miss this!
  4. I haven't watched the new episode yet, so busy this weekend! I still really want the full version of that song! I keep going back to the bus stop scene to listen to it.
  5. A team of pseudo translators and one legitimate translator @kvh8 can provide the literal translations and we can add the flair! I think the Viki team has competition now! Hahaha!
  6. @kvh8 yeah, we're all on that ship, too! Thanks for translations of the behind the scenes. Those are always good! You are like a gift from above!
  7. @kvh8 wow, thanks! Do you know Mandarin? Are we really getting a real translator here?!
  8. Who can resist the package of perfection that is Marcus? Thank goodness it's not a dead fish kind of kiss. Those are so awkward to watch! By the way, welcome to the party!
  9. I've watched the kiss scene for the nth time and, interestingly, the more I watch it, the more intense it seems. I catch myself forgetting to breathe sometimes. It's lethal, guys
  10. @beijinhos working overtime, huh? Your loophole detector is going off frequently these days!
  11. @IamMissBookie hmm, is Youtube not working in your region? The links still work for me. Here's the tracklist. Maybe you can try copying and pasting a title into Google and see if other sites play it? Or if Youtube does work, try copying and pasting it there?
  12. You're right! I shall save it for future use! Also, that look on his face is very appropriate! The perfect reaction to all the shenanigans here! Hahaha!
  13. @beijinhos standing ovation for you, Eagle Eyes! There's too much brilliance here, why does Soompi not have a clapping emoticon? It's so necessary!
  14. Look at you figuring it all out on your own! Filling in the missing scenes and being so sure about it! You are, indeed, the dependable loophole filler! Haha! He has to maintain a certain appearance as an investor, right? His office can't look too barren!