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  1. I can't get in either, but if he sets it to private, there's probably a reason for it. I would advise you to private message anyone you know who might be inside, rather than ask so blatantly, though trying to get information from a private account is already in poor taste. You do realize that the crazies have spies who lurk here right? @sooyoungdaebak You're in right? Don't tell me anything about what's inside. If anything drastic has happened the news would've picked up on it.
  2. @lovetifflove I think you've got it mixed up. If the two of them go for Baeksang's together, you can be sure there's definitely SOMETHING going on between them. No sane drama couple would attend any award show together (like same car and walking together like SongSong last year) unless there's something going on. Where did you get that 'public event means no relationship' notion from though? @deadorblack I saw your question up there. Hope this helps!
  3. @JaneyBae RAWR NO ONE MESSES WITH MY BAE! Well you have to handle the proper things though since you're the lawyer. I'll just be your trusty sidekick, your darling, and the Watson to your Holmes. And new members, don't be frightened of us old grumpy ahjummas. We're nice and don't (usually) bite.
  4. -hides under the bed- @angelangie @akinahana89 @LavelyShai We'll be good! Just checking, was that reminder directed at those of us who responded? I apologize if we were a bit angry, but we've been misunderstood quite a few times. #WeLoveYouGuys #SorryForMakingTrouble
  5. @lakesm Do read the following 'essay' carefully, because I am going to provide you with an education on how we work here, and let you know why exactly many people are very unhappy with your post (though they are just too nice to say it to your face, or don't care enough about you to reply to you). In your paragraph about posting things on social media, you mention many things about how not to post any potentially problematic things on social media to avoid causing harm to GY and GE. Now, listen up because I'm going to say this once and for all. We have NEVER EVER done anything like that on social media platforms, and if you have had even half a mind to read this forum, you would have known enough about how we work to not accuse us of such ridiculous acts. Clearly, you haven't, and I am entirely NOT sorry for speaking to you this way, because in all honesty, you deserve every word in this essay for insulting all of us with your baseless words. Next time you see such posts tagging celebrities or being speculative, take a screenshot and come back. We'll tell you exactly who it is that posted those, and if it's one of us, I'll gladly eat my words and give you an apology. Go on and find the proof. You mentioned how we shouldn't be making original content here because there are IG lurkers who like to take our stuff and repost without our permission, so we shouldn't give them the chance to do that? Let me enlighten you on exactly how many mistakes you've made with that sentence. Firstly, I'm sorry, but who are you again? Within the boundaries of the law, no one can tell any of us what to do or not to do. If I want to put my original content up here, I can. I'm a member of this forum for a reason. I'm a human being. I have and know my rights, along with the rest of the members here. Believe me, nowhere in my list of rights does it say that a faceless stranger is allowed to even tell me what I am or am not allowed to do, especially here in our so-called 'home turf'. If I post those things in another shipper thread, or any other thread, that's me asking for trouble. Otherwise, it's YOU who are, for lack of a better word, being a busy-body. Secondly, why haven't you gone to those lurkers and stealers to accuse them of plagiarism and copyright violation? It is supposedly OUR fault for posting OUR content, but they aren't at fault for STEALING our content? Wow, talk about having a twisted set of morals. Or are you just picking on people you think you can bully because the instagrammers can block you and we can't? Thirdly, we haven't even made any content that's speculative or potentially rumor-inducing in the first place. None of the 'they're spotted wearing the same clothes!' posts were ours. Go tell THEM to stop doing it. We don't have the free time to pass on your message. Lastly, please ship quietly? Really? What, have we been holding protests outside the celebrities' houses for them to get together? Soompi has a space for shipping, you know? That kinda means that we're doing things that we're supposed to do? Again, you're talking to the wrong crowd. If by this point you still don't know who are the ones making trouble, and who are the ones trying to keep the peace, then you clearly don't know enough to even have the right to go all self-righteous here. That is for me and the other oldies to do. Don't worry, we do our job just fine. Oh and, thank you for telling us that there's a chance that our couple is not together. I don't think we're that high up on your priority list, considering you can probably find all sorts of shipping threads on Soompi. Go and pick on those more improbable ones and leave us alone. Also, I would advise you to please start thinking of us as hopeless incurable mental people, and stop trying to Mother Theresa us into supposedly decent non-shipping human beings. We don't need your help. P.S. So what if you admire SHK, or question his intentions? Like, is that fact relevant to this thread, apart from the fact that he is KGE's ex-boyfriend? If it makes you feel better, we won't even mention him by name or initials, because that is how relevant he is in our discussions. Our discussions only revolve around GY and GE. Also, what you want KGE to do is your business, but do you really think you have the right to plan how many movies or dramas she should do before she gets married? And does it concern you when she gets married? NO it doesn't. The only one who has any right/business to consider that is GE and GE alone. Again, stick to your own business. Do you not have better things to do in your life than planning random celebrities' private lives or scolding a bunch of strangers on the internet? I'll make this clear, this thread is NOT a welcoming thread. We're fiercely possessive and protective of our own, so outsiders (like you) who try to lecture us on things irrelevant to us are UNWELCOME. If you don't like my tone, too bad. My kind words are reserved for those who deserve it, and my patience is wearing dangerously thin.
  6. Public Service Announcement This is a kind reminder to keep all shipping-related matters to this thread only. What we do here is none of others' business, but the same cannot be said if we do so in other threads. I have given my word that we will not disturb other threads by posting about shipping matter there, and I hope all members (both old and new) can abide by this rule. Thank you.
  7. @princess nour90 Thank you for your words. I will not offer my opinion on anything here, except that we will not mention you guys in our thread unless provoked, and we would be grateful if you could extend the same courtesy. We will make sure that none of our members mention anything irrelevant in this actor thread, or speak in derogatory terms about you all in our thread. In return, we hope that you can refrain from commenting about us as well.
  8. @deadorblack It's just episodes 1-7 and 8-16 (or something like that, I can't remember where the division was)
  9. I've got a question. What happened to the account? I derived my daily dose of dry humor from there. @JaneyBae and @sooyoungdaebak, do I really need to make an account now? Also, I heard Gong Yoo won at HK? Congrats! (If its true. I'm a bit disconnected from the world these days.)
  10. Ooh many newbies around, eh? Let's see if I can get all of you guys down in this welcome message: @neela88 I haven't said hi officially, have I? @Map Nichurt Welcome^^ it's nice to see people from all around the world drop by our thread:) please do stay in the ship, we've got plenty of space for all^^ @reyna123 Your video is AWESOME-POSSUM! @lovetifflove Welcome^^ (Your username reminds me of tiffany's, cos tiffany's is aweshum) @firstsnow29 Welcome^^ @mariexcara Welcome^^ -breaks into hacking coughs- you know what I mean -wriggles eyebrows- @capidto Welcome^^ @aieeze I forgot if I already said hi to you! Sorry! @grgg Welcome^^ @scorpionflowers Welcome^^ @buckweedlove Welcome^^ Why not buckwheat love? (Then again, you aren't Goblin so I understand. Or are you?) @innerchild I can't remember if I've said hi to you yet but I saw your post on the GY thread and loved it! So hi!:):):):):) @measfangirl74 Welcome^^ @myeuntakie Welcome^^ (are you the Goblin too? It's KS's Eun Tak-ie, if you please. Heh.) It's an amazingly happy day today, so I will keep the possible mood-spoilers as short as possible^^ I'm the self-proclaimed deputy captain of this ship, after @JaneyBae, and I'm in charge of welcoming newbies^^ While this thread is nice and fuzzy most of the time, please be reminded to do the necessary backreading, so you don't ask unnecessary questions that have been answered fairly recently^^ The same applies to the existing members:) Backreading is the way of life! See y'all! Real life is calling meh. Boo.
  11. The president of SOOP didn't say that today I think? That was like ages ago for an unrelated matter, or I'm not wrong. It's not uncommon for the other person involved in whatever rumor to clear things up. Nothing is solely anyone's responsibility. I like to think of shipping as a long-term thing. No metronomes or pendulums, please.
  12. Don't you feel sometimes that they say the same thing all the time? Pfffft some creativity is sorely needed.
  13. 748 I've been handling real life stuff, but today is a happy day, so here I am! oh @angelangie was it you I saw in the mod edits over in the shipper thread?
  14. I can't remember who asked about GY choosing to have fan meets in TW and HK. @JaneyBae was it you? Well, China and South Korea are on pretty terrible terms right now, so the Chinese broadcasting authorities have been banning Korean media and merchandise in China. Taiwan and Hong Kong are less regulated so generally the Korean celebrities stick to those places to be safe. Sensitive times after all.