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  1. IU (아이유)

    Jieuni is so pretty!!! Pallete!
  2. IU (아이유)

    I'M SUPER EXCITED!!! GOSH!!!! * Clear Melon Playlist : Checked * Reload Mobile Data Internet : Checked Waiting for 6 PM KST. Today We'll be so busy.. Good Luck Uaena.., IU fighting!! Jieun-ah fighting!!! Slay slay slay!!!
  3. Just wanna share it guys : https://www.trendrr.net/3890/top-10-famous-richest-korean-k-pop-idols-salary-net-worth-highest-paid-hot/
  4. IU (아이유)

    yeaaayyyyyyy!!! finally!! It's been ages... !!! and tomorrow is the DAY!! Uaenas around the world will be so busy kekekekeke Are U ready guys? Bcs I am totally, completely, definitely READY!!! And I want to share this new article.. it's seem IU ranking's dropped, but still she's in the top 5. And will definitely climb up again with her Comeback, new CFs and probably (hopefully *pray hard*) a new Drama soon? Ohh dont forget she'll appear in Kim Soo Hyun's REAL Movie eventhough as cameo in June.. IU's debut in Big Screen yeah!! https://www.trendrr.net/3890/top-10-famous-richest-korean-k-pop-idols-salary-net-worth-highest-paid-hot/
  5. IU (아이유)

    This song's already being my most fav song in this album... but ofc all the songs are my fav, but this song's special.. IU with ballad is heaven!
  6. IU (아이유)

  7. IU (아이유)

  8. IU (아이유)

    LARGE SCALE PROMOTION???? FAVE u are LIED!!! Uaenas are expecting more for this album coz we're already waiting for so long!!! I hate Fave!!! IU deserve more than it!
  9. IU (아이유)

    The photos were taken by yesterday... she did cut her hair again!! FAVE!! U are cruel!!!!
  10. IU (아이유)

    SONY new CF???
  11. IU (아이유)

    WOW!! MV? handheld? Friday Style? or CF??? I love to see her more expressive whenever she pose for selca/group photos.. kekeke cute!! But yeahh I hope she didnt cut her hair again.. andwe Jieun ah!!
  12. IU (아이유)

    Check this one out guys : Have a nice weekend guys.. can't wait for 4.21 and the full MV of IUxKSH, IUxGD....
  13. IU (아이유)

  14. IU (아이유)

    The magic of IU's voice