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  1. Cant wait for today!!! Her bare face/less make up is so beautiful.. she's indeed naturally beautiful
  2. "Gift 4 U" he forgot the "all" after "U" (if he mean the "U'" is all his fans kkkk) bcs "U" is only for one person.. hhahhaaaaa or actually he mean is for "iU".. :)))))
  3. this is the translation of the article wrote by the reporter... cr to Twitter Owner
  4. Today FAVE & IU will release the 1st teaser at 12 noon KST it's about 30 mins to go!!! Im so excited!!! The Song will be release together with the MV of "Night Letter" in Friday 24th at 6 PM KST (cmiiw). And yess im waiting for the next chapter of You Found Me.. hhehhee
  5. JE isn't an OCD, but she's so perfectionist about her works.. Check this out, u will find that she's always do the best for her works. IU THE DIRECTOR :
  6. We can only hope I think.. at least for now.. Ofc for us as shippers we really wanted if the model is JG oppa kekekeke